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October 9, 2009

Weekly Update – Rocktober 9, 2009

Bob Dylan at the United Palace on Tues. – Thurs. Nov. 17-19. Tickets on sale today at noon. $59, $89 and $129.

John Fogerty at the Beacon Theater on Tues. Nov. 24. Tickets on sale next Fri. Nov. 16 at 11:00 a.m. $39.50 – $99.50.

Papa Roach and Jet at Nokia Theater on Thurs. Nov. 12. Pre-sale tickets for American Express on sale until noon today. General public tickets on sale today at noon. $35.

Aventura at the Madison Square Garden on Wed. Jan. 20, 2010. Tickets on sale this morning at 9:00 a.m. $64, $84, $114.50 and $129.50.

Anvil at the New York Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Fri. Jan. 15. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event). $20 ($25 day of show).

Il Divo at Beacon Theater on Tues. – Thurs. Dec. 15 – 17. Tickets on sale this coming Mon. Rocktober 12 at 10:00 a.m. $45 – $105. Also appearing at the Mark. G. Etess Arena in Atlantic City on Sat. Dec. 12. Tickets for this show go on sale Sat. Rocktober 24 at noon. (Live Nation Event).

Rain (A Tribute Band to The Beatles) at the Chevrolet Theater in Wallingford CT on Sat. & Sun. Jan. 30 & 31, 2010. Pre-sale tickets for Citi card holders only on now. General public tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $25.50, $45.50, $65.50 and $75.50.

Devendra Banhart at Town Hall on Sun. Nov. 22. Tickets on sale today at noon. $26, $30.

Sonic Youth at Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) on Tues. & Wed. Nov. 24 & 25. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35.

Raphael Saadiq at the Terminal 5 on Fri. Dec. 4. Tickets on sale today at noon. $30 ($35 day of show).

Ray Davies at the Wellmont Theater on Tues. Nov. 24. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35, $55 and $75.

Other items:

Have you seen the latest video by Shinedown yet? (or should I say “The Great Shinedown”). The phenomenal track is “If You Only Knew” and I told you about this song last summer and I still believe that this will do better than “Second Chance.” Check out this awesome song and the video to go along with it at

And if you stay on the same page (vh1 video) you will see the best video out there today and that belongs to Rob Thomas and his song “Someday.” I told you this guy was good and his message is always about bringing people together living in peace and happiness. If this video doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you need to check for a pulse.

I’m assuming the estate of John Denver was behind the release of a double live CD-“Live in the U.S.S.R.-Unplugged” and features 27 songs of his greatest hits. If you are a fan (I am) then you will love this.

Are the days of Aerosmith over again? Joe Perry has released a solo album-“Have Guitar Will Travel”- and in a recent interview has stated that he and Steven Tyler have not collaborated on a song together in over ten years. Perry, frustrated with the state of Aerosmith, has not talked to his band mates since Tyler fell off a stage two months ago. The band is being forced to perform a show in Hawaii (they cancelled a show there a few years ago and they were sued to come back and play there) later this month, so we’ll see what happens. Perry though, seems intent on moving forward with or without Aerosmith, his wife found a singer for his solo album via a You-Tube video and Slash was recently spotted at one of his solo shows and the rumors are flying they will do something together.

This coming Tuesday, Rocktober 13, Hall & Oates will release a box set-“Do What You Want, Be What You Are”- that will contain four CD’s containing 74 songs of which 16 of them were not previously released.You know there will be some real good stuff in this set.

Album Review: “Sonic Boom” by KISS released on Rocktober 6, 2009.

Yes for the second time in the past year I had to buy a rock and roll album from Walmart (that is definitely NOT rock and roll but a sign of the times; yes it is all about the “Benjamins” and since Walmart is right up there at the top for reaching a broad audience, I can see why bands are doing this). But the big difference this time around was the lack of display of the KISS brand name. Last year when I went for the AC/DC album- “Black Ice”- there was a whole section of the store that was totally dedicated to “everything AC/DC.” Posters, billboards, gigantic bold letters displaying AC/DC, so you know I was expecting basically fireworks, workers dressed up like KISS, big bold display’s of Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric (seems weird not to write Ace and Peter) when I walked into Walmart on Tuesday morning (No I was not there when the store opened… I waited a half hour, then went). Yet, there was nothing at the Walmart in Danbury CT. I mean NOTHING, no face makeup on the workers… no visible signs that KISS was in the house… so I had to walk around the store twice and had to ask for help to find “Sonic Boom.” When I asked a worker he said “Who is Kiss?” What??!!! Dude- you are totally killing my buzz…Another “suit” quickly walked over and said “Yes, where is the Kiss display?” OK I’m past the display-just get me the album. They walkie-talkie some other dude and he walks me over to a “wire-metal display” (think your local supermarket where they sell the potato chips) and there it is. (I would have NEVER found it!!) No fireworks, no other person in the store looking for this album but me. Are you kidding me? Then I look at the cover and I’m immediately disappointed because there are too many colors and the KISS logo is highlighted in yellow. (Kind of reminds me of the “Looney Tunes” Logo). But the cool thing is that for $12 I have new work by the boys, a re-recording of some of their classics on another CD and some live performances of their tour on DVD. You can’t beat that, right? Now the real test is when I get back in my car. I slowly peel the plastic off the cover and take the CD out and I see Eric Singer’s face (well Peter’s Cat face but Eric behind the make-up), I slip the CD in- turn the car off but leave the radio on and wait to see if I am going to like the first few notes. BOOM the first song-“Modern Day Delilah” hits you right in the jaw and all the bad vibes that I had trying to buy the album disappears ( I slide down the windows just in case to let some fresh air in the car). I sit there mesmerized as I am curious to see if they can keep it going. I can’t go anywhere (my wife doesn’t even know I left the house to buy the CD) as I am pretty excited about what I am hearing. (and I am not saying this just because I am a Kiss fan). I listen to more than half the CD in the parking lot and decide to start up the car to rush home to do this write-up. KISS Army rejoice!!! If you want the sounds of “Rock and Roll Over” or “Love Gun” (which I love both of those albums) then run, don’t walk, to your nearest Walmart (hopefully those will have the displays) and buy this bad boy. And for the causal fan or even if you say you’re not a fan (ha, ha, ha.. yeah right).. this album is for you. I am totally stunned on how good this album is, it flows nicely and there are no fillers in this 43 minute outstanding piece of work. I don’t know if a band can “reinvent” itself after 35 years but this album is like using a defibrillator to jump start a person back to life and get the blood flowing again. As the album progressed, my juices were revved up and has made the anticipation of seeing them tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden that much greater.

As mentioned the album kicks off with “Modern Day Delilah” and it will definitely conjure up the memories of early Kiss but with a contemporary fell to it. Paul takes the lead vocals and yes he will hit the high notes, especially before the blistering guitar solo by Mr. Thayer as he screeches “a hunter’s prey.” The one thing that I took notice to was the “tightness” of this “new” band-meaning with Tommy and Eric behind the controls of the crucial parts like drums and lead guitar. I think these guys have given new blood to both Paul and Gene, as I think this is the way they (Gene and Paul) intended the band to be in the first place with every one getting a chance to take lead vocals while contributing to the other tracks as well. Paul always talks about the “Kiss family” and it appears that all the drama is now free and clear of this band. They can now get back to what they like best-creating good rock and roll. Gene takes the lead vocals for “Russian Roulette” and again it seems like I have heard this Kiss song before, but I can’t put my finger on which one. The groove is infectious and it changes courses throughout as it gets slower and then faster. Tommy’s solo is flat out electrifying and it is actually weird now how Gene is really a good bass player and singer after watching him for the past few years on his “Family Jewels” show. (you forget that he is the flame, blood spitting devil with the platform boots-he’s back!!). The third track-“Never Enough”- is one of my favorite tracks on the album and yes I know it sounds a little “poppish” but I love it. (To me, it will remind you of Poison’s “Nothing But a Good Time” but according to my good friend Ed, it is a dead ringer for “Flying High Again” by Ozzy). This is a song to have blasting out of you car as you ride down Route 66 or whatever road takes you to the local supermarket, to show the younger generation that yes the old guys from Kiss still know how to rock. “Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)” is my favorite track on the album because it is something that could have been on the first Kiss album; this is rock and roll back to the basics. (And of course there are juvenile lyrics to go along with it-I told you Gene was back-just don’t tell Shannon about the lyrics to this one). Have I mentioned how friggin’ good Tommy Thayer is on guitar? So far that’s four –for four on the solid solos during the middle of each song. Track # 5- “Stand”- will be headed for the radio pretty soon. The arrangement of the song is top notch as both Paul and Gene share the lead vocals while switching verses, there is the usual flair from Paul as the chorus leans towards the arm waving crowd in the front rows of American Idol (especially when Paul screams out “Just look over your shoulder” and “Can you feel it”) but it still rocks out.

“Hot and Cold” highlights Eric’s nice drum playing as Gene again takes the lead vocals and it really seems like Gene is in his twenties again as the enthusiasm protruding through your speakers will make you stand up and pay attention. This is the new electrified Kiss screaming out to your ears and like Gene says in the song “If it’s too loud.. You’re too old!!!” Play it LOUD!!! Track # 7-“All for the Glory”- will have you trying to clear your ears as you will think that it is Peter Criss behind the mike but it is Eric Singer taking the lead vocals. (Hey if he looks like Peter, he might as well sound like him). And this is no sappy song done by the drummer, this song rocks out as well. Wait until you hear Tommy’s solo-I’m not going to say anymore-you have to hear it for yourself. I can definitely see this as a fan favorite at their live shows. Hey based on this album, they’ll need do a 40th KISS tour because they should be busy making more albums like this in the coming years. “Danger Us” is my second favorite track on the disc, it starts off slowly but then quickly kicks into a head-banging motion as Thayer’s guitar licks will have you bouncing up and down. The highlight of this song is the background harmonized vocals of all the members of the band as well as Thayer’s blistering guitar work. I’m telling you- you are not going to believe how freakin’ good this song (as well as the album) is. I’m hoping they do a lot of the songs from this album at the show tomorrow night. (now how many people are hoping that comes true?). “I’m An Animal” is a slow trodden guitar laced song that make you feel like you are in the middle of a “twister” as all the different instruments are flying all round your ears while you constantly wave your head around in a circular motion. Gene’s vocals are incredible on this track. “When Lightning Strikes” has the “cowbell” effect and the slick driving guitar notes will get you moving. Tommy sings the lead but again you will be trying to clean your ears as you will swear it is Gene. This is Tommy’s baby as he applies a nice guitar solo to go along with the cool voice. “When lightning strikes, I howl in the rain and thunder..” (Ok so maybe you might feel the twister on this one). The album ends with “Say Yeah” and yes the lyrics deal with… well you know what. But that is what the “Starman” for the band Kiss is suppose to do, right? That’s rock and roll, right? Towards the end of the song you actually hear an acoustic guitar and it makes you realize that the whole album (except that part obviously) packs a solid punch as far as the electric guitar sound goes.

I know this has been said many times before… but KISS is BACK!! “Sonic Boom” is as enjoyable to listen to as it seems like the boys had in recording this album. They seem like a “tight knit” team again and the result is a blazing, hard hitting rock and roll album that is sure to satisfy the Kiss Army. Not only did they record new songs but they went and re-recorded 15 of Kiss classics, it seems effortless- can you imagine before Tommy and Eric how long it would have taken them to record 26 songs for a release? Even the “old” Kiss songs sound revitalized. KISS IS BACK and I for one am so glad that I will be seeing them tomorrow night. “Sonic Boom” deserves a place in your musical library, don’t wait to see what others might say-I’m telling you- THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!! \m/ \m/


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine e-mailed me back and gave me a list of performers that he wanted to see my favorite top ten songs by those artists, so this week I am going to go with his very good suggestion of Tom Petty. (Thanks Charlie). Now it’s perfect because since this is Rocktober, who better than Tom Petty? He’s been making music since the 1970’s and continues to be true to himself, the music just bleeds out of him. He’s not looking for popular, just plain good music. So here are my top ten songs from Mr. Petty (it can include his solo stuff, Wilbury’s as well as the Torpedo’s):

10.     I Need To Know– How friggin’ great is this song? This is from his second album “You’re Gonna Get It” in 1978 It’s a short, sweet and rocking song that will blow the doors off the hinges when it comes to the blazing guitar solo in the middle. Perfect exercise song for Spin and/or boot camp classes.

9.     Ankle Deep– Beautiful track from his 2006 solo album “Highway Companion.” This is pure Tom Petty, he pours his heart and soul into this song. This is a perfect song for just hanging out with friends. If you play acoustic guitar and take requests (like a few friends I know), please take my suggestion and learn how to play and sing this song.

8.     Inside Out One of my top five songs by the Traveling Wilbury’s and this is off of the “Volume 3” album. I know that Dylan and Harrison share the vocal leads but it’s Petty’s distinctive voice that takes it home as he sings “When your outside’s in…” For me, this is a Petty song with others helping him, it’s an addictive chorus.

7.     Anything That’s Rock and Roll – Classic tune from his very first album, you can hear the “rawness” of Petty’s voice and Petty’s band and how can you beat the title? This is like the syrup that you would pour on your pancakes, pure sweetness. (sorry Walter Payton to use your title but it fits this tune).

6.     Don’t Do Me Like That –Wow this song really takes me back. It came out in 1979-one of my favorite years- back to the days in Pershing Junior high (back then it was 7-9 grades) and I can clearly remember seeing the older dudes in the neighborhood hanging out “in the well” with their boom boxes as this song would eventually be played on WNEW FM radio. Playing handball, softball , stick-ball (double wall) and even basketball. Aahh those were the days-just grab my glove and play centerfield on the concrete baseball diamond. “I was talking with a friend of mine…”

5.     The Same Old You-This is what rock and roll was intended to be. If you still have the 33 LP (or album), slide the needle over to this tune with the “crackles and all” and tell me this is not a GREAT Petty song??!!! The guitar solo is freakin’ phenomenal. I love the part where Petty sings “Live life like a young Polly-Atich-Ian (politician)” as he stretches out the word “politician.”

4.     Free Fallin’-On the night before I was married, my best man-John- slept over my parent’s house and needless to say we didn’t get any sleep (as we knew we wouldn’t) and John kept asking me to play this song over and over. I can clearly remember my mom, dad, my younger brother, John and I sitting around the table while John tried to match Petty’s fervor as he belted out “Now I’m FRRREEEEEEEEEE… FREE FALLIN’… Yeah I’m FRRRREEEEEEE…” Does it get any better? I think not.

3.     You Don’t Know How It Feels – Now you know that I have never taken a drug in my life and never even smoked a cigarette or cigar-so I was not a big fan a the main lyric in this song –“Let’s roll another joint”- but like I have always said “It’s about the music” and the groove in this song is something that I could literally listen to all day long. This song takes me away and I don’t need the “joint” to get me there.

2.     Mary Jane’s Last Dance-Love the opening guitar licks and obviously the entire track. There is no other way to listen to this song but very LOUDLY. (Again my wife and kids are yelling for me to turn it down). I think this is Petty’s vocal performance on any song that he has done. I love the whole verse as I try to emulate his “twang” when he sings “I don’t know.. you never slow down.. tired of this town… can’t stay long.” I think that is my favorite lines in any song in the history of music. Mr. Petty I bow to your greatness on this song.

1.     Wreck Me – Man does this song move or what? I can’t get enough of this tune. I’m “air-guitaring” and singing karaoke as I try to match the excitement of this song. This is the perfect song for the month of Rocktober and if it doesn’t get you out of your seat, then there is no blood flowing through your veins. I am dancing around wildly, jumping all around and trying anything else to move to this fantastic track. This is another perfect exercise song.


Since ROCKTOBER is my favorite month of the year I decided to try and come up with something different especially for this month only. I’m thinking a “Rock and Roll Juke Box” with some of the best rock songs for your next party or I-Pod playlist. This week’s list is what I would call the “Lady Rockers”; a list of tracks from some of “Rock’s” female performers. So here goes in no particular order:

1.     “Magic Man”- Heart-Where would rock and roll be without Heart? These ladies took aim at the classic “men” bands in the 1970’s and stood toe-to-toe, looked ‘em in the eye and said “Hello? I ain’t going anywhere!!” We all need to bow to Ann and Nancy as “we are not worthy.”

2.     “Mystery Achievement” – The Pretenders – my all time favorite song from Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders. She made her statement in rock music and is still going strong.

3.     “Edge of Seventeen”- Stevie Nicks– Talk about someone who has stuck to her guns. Again I ask, where would rock and roll be without Stevie Nicks? She has had a magnificent career that is still burning strong. Love this track.

4.     “All Fired Up” – Pat Benatar- Crank this “Bad boy” Uhh I mean “Bad Girl” UP!!! This song gets me psyched like none other. Pat Benatar has always rocked out with the best of ‘em, she takes no prisoners on this track. \m/ \m/

5.     “It’s on The Rocks”- The Donnas- These women can flat out knock you out with their head banging rock and roll. I love this friggin’ band as well as this track. \m/ \m/

6.     “Seether” – Veruca Salt– This band has been around since 1993 and Louise Post is one of the most unsung women of rock & roll. This song will get the party moving.

7.     “Bring Me Some Water” – Melissa Etheridge – Talked about her a few weeks ago, Melissa is one of the best female performers of all time. This song rocks!!!

8.     “Move Over” – Janis Joplin– This woman had rock, soul and blues in her blood stream. When you listen to her songs, you get goose bumps. A star was taken from us long before she should have been.

9.     “I Believe I’m In Love With You” – Bonnie Raitt –What else can you say about Bonnie Raitt that hasn’t been said already? She is fantastic, phenomenal and a pioneer of rock and roll. Put this song on and try not to dance, it’s impossible.

10.     “Soldier Boy” – The Shirelles- Part of the 1960’s invasion of the “girl groups” and this group was at the forefront of rock and roll.

11.     “He’s So Fine” – The Chiffons –Ditto for this band as well. “They” do not make music like this anymore. This is classic and ultimate rock and roll-don’t even try to say it’s not.

12.     “Be My Baby” – The Ronettes- This could be one of the best songs ever recorded by a “girl band.” Definitely puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

13.     “(Love is Like A) Heatwave” – Martha & The Vandellas– Someone was upset that this song did not make my top 20 summer songs so here it is now on the list of women in rock and roll. Again this is another elite girl band.

14.     “Where Did Our Love Go” – The Supremes –So many songs to choose from by this legendary girl group from the 1960’s. So hard to pick but I love this song and brings back memories of my childhood as my parents always had the doo wop and 1950’s and 1960’s bands playing all the time.

15.     “Goodbye to You” – Scandal- One of my favorite songs from Patty Smyth. This could be the song of the 1980’s. When’s the last time you have heard this track? Pure fun.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.      Humble Pie

2.     Fred(“Rerun”) Berry (I know-“Huggy Bear” – Mr. Antonio Vargas was in it as well).

3.     Soul Train

4.     The Band

This week’s trivia (Kiss and Tom Petty)

1.     In what animated show did Tom Petty lend his voice for a recurring character?

2.     What is Gene Simmons real name?

3.     Gene Simmons appears in another band’s video in 2007. Name the band and video?”

4.     What was the name of the first band that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were in?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     “Feels Like The First Time”- Foreigner

2.     “Jesus Take The Wheel”-Carrie Underwood

3.     If I Can’t Have YouYvonne Elliman

4.     “It Don’t Matter To Me”- Bread

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “When the works all done and the sun settlin low.. I pull out my fiddle and rosin up the bow.. ”

2.     “The beat was going strong.. playing my favorite song”

3.     “I was trying to catch your eyes.. thought that you were trying to hide…”

4.     “You know we’ve got to find a way.. to bring some lovin’ here today..”

Back on this day in 1973, Elvis divorce from Priscilla became final.

On this day back in 1966, John Lennon first met Yoko Ono at a London Art Gallery Exhibition.

Back on this day in 1974, Rush made its American television debut on the Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. They didn’t appear on American TV again until 2008 when they appeared on the Colbert Report.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with the late great John Lennon (who would’ve been 69- even though it’s been 29 years it still seems like it was yesterday when he was taken from us- in some ways it seems as if time has stood still from that tragic moment) and also his son Sean who was born in 1975, as well as the late John Entwistle (The Who- I shouldn’t have to tell you) and Jackson Browne.


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