Errols Weekly Music Update.

May 14, 2010

Weekly Update – 05/14/2010

Jay-Z and Eminem will tour together this summer and hit their favorite town’s baseball park. They will play at New York Yankees Stadium on Mon. Sept. 12. (Detroit’s Comerica park on Thurs. Sept. 2). Ticket information to follow.

Maroon 5 at Mohegan Sun on Sun. Aug. 1; at Jones Beach on Wed. Aug. 11; at Susquehanna Theater in Camden NJ on Sat. Aug. 14; at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sun. Aug. 15. Mohegan Sun: on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $45-$65. Susquehanna: Pre-sale for Citi card holders available until 10:00 p.m. tonight. General public on sale on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. @25, $45 and $65. Jones and PNC: Pre-sale tickets for Citicard holders go on sale Wed. June 2 at 10:00 a.m. General public tickets on sale Sat. June 5 at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event) Further ticket info to follow.

The Black Crowes at Nokia Theater on Sun. Rocktober 31, Tues. Nov. 2, Thurs. through Sat. Nov. 4-6. Tickets on sale today at noon. $49.50

Christina Aguilera at Jones Beach on Wed. July 28 and at PNC Bank Arts Center on Fri. July 30. Tickets on sale next Fri. May 21 at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event) More information to follow.

Lady GaGa at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Sat. Feb. 19, 2011. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $54.50, $93.50 – $192.50.

Alice In Chains with Mastodon and the Deftones at Mohegan Sun on Mon. Sept. 20 and at Madison Square Garden on Fri. Sept. 24. Tickets on sale next Sat. May 22 at 10:00 a.m. Mohegan: $45; Update: Pre-sale tickets for the Garden on sale Thurs. May 20 at 10:00 a.m. until Fri. May 21 at 10:00 p.m. and the password is HESKYE. General public tickets on sale Sat. May 22 at 10:00 a.m. $39.50 – $75 

American Idols Live at Jones Beach on Wed. July 7; at the Mark Etess Theater in Atlantic City on Sat. July 10; at the Mohegan Sun on Tues. July 13; at the Prudential Center on Tues. July 20 and the Harbor Yard in Bridgeport CT on Mon. Sept. 10. Pre-sale through American Idol .com starts today at 10:00 a.m. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Jones Beach: $50. 50 – $70.50; Mark Etess: (Live Nation); Mohegan: $71 – $91; Prudential: $40.50 – $76; Harbor Yard: $40.50 – $70.50.

Robert Randolph & His Family Band at the Bowery Ballroom on Tues. June 29. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25. (This should be awesome).

Lilith Fair at the PNC Bank Arts Center on Sat. July 31. Pre-sale tickets available now for Citi card holders. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Lawn: $37.75; Terrace: $47.75; Loge: $77.25 – $107.25; Orchestra: $133.25.

Keane with Ingrid Michaelson at the Brooklyn Waterfront in Williamsburg (North 8th street and Kent Avenue) on Fri. Aug. 6. Tickets on sale today at noon. $39.50

Limp Bizkit at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sat. July 3. Pre-sale tickets available now until 10:00 p.m. tonight for Citi card holders. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $26.25 – $55.75.

Natalie Merchant at the Wellmont Theater on Mon. July 12. Tickets on sale today at noon. $45 and $65.

Corrine Bailey Rae at the Beach at Governor’s Island on Fri. Aug. 6. Pre-sale tickets available now until 11:00 a.m. this morning for American Express cardholders only. General public tickets on sale today at noon. $40 (ticket price includes the roundtrip fare for the ferry)

The Cat Empire at the Webster Theater on Fri. July 30. Tickets on sale today at noon. $22 ($25 day of show).

For Parents: The Jonas Brothers at PNC Bank Arts Center on Mon. Aug. 16 and at Jones Beach on Sat. Aug. 21. Pre-sale for Citi card holders begins next Wed. May 19 at 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Fri. May 21. General public tickets on sale Sat. May 22 at 10:00 a.m. PNC: $37.50 – $250;Jones: $47.50 – $97.50.

Leela James at Gramercy Theater on Wed. Aug. 4. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25

Danzig at the Nokia Theater on Fri. June 18. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders until 10:00 a.m. this morning. General public tickets on sale today at noon. $29.50

Other items:

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ms. Lena Horne who passed away earlier this week. I didn’t know too much about her but the first word that come to mind is “class” and she definitely possessed that quality. A legend who impacted many people’s lives, rest in peace Lena.

Ace Frehley is supposedly writing a book on his experiences with Kiss. He recently turned 59 and wants to write it down now before he forgets. It should be an interesting read as he was their in the beginning and again for the first “reunion” and I’m assuming he will give his side of the story on why Gene and Paul let him out his contract. (or kicked him out).

The Dead Weather have already put out a second album-“Sea of Cowards”-this past Tuesday and the average rating on I-Tune readers is 4.5 starts out of 5, so yes it seems they have another “hit” album on their hands. I love the first track on the album-“Blue Blood Blues”- “psychedelic awesomeness.” There seems to be a bit of hip hop influence on many of the songs-just like on the first album. Check out “Hustle and Cuss” if you don’t believe me. Early signs point to this as being in the immortal words of Randy Jackson-“This is Hot!!”

Meatloaf’s new album-“Hang Cool Teddy Bear”- came out this past Tuesday and after listening to the 30 second samples on I-Tunes the first thing I noticed was a lot of guitar sound coming from every angle. Some of the fan reviews on I-Tunes are not so favorable and the one funny one I saw was “Meat-E-Ocre at best.” Oh well if you are a fan, check it out for yourself.

I kind of knew that Michael Lynche was going to be voted off this week from American Idol, as I mentioned the last few weeks I didn’t understand why he kept landing at the bottom so I can’t say that I am surprised. Did I expect him to win? Probably not so it is not so bad for where he finished-fourth- he should be real proud of himself. His solo performance on Tuesday night was not that great but neither was the performance of Lee DeWyze but I guess Lee received a “mulligan” this week. Crystal Bowersox’s powerful rendition of “I’m Alright” was electrifying and has catapulted her back to the top of the fray in my opinion. Casey James’s performance of “Mrs. Robinson” by my new obsession-Simon & Garfunkel- was good but again nothing spectacular. But I will say both “duo’s” were fantastic and the song that Michael & Casey performed-“Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman”- could be a hit on the radio right now-that’s how good it was. And Lee & Crytsal’s song-“Falling Slowly”- was very good but for that was held up by Crystal in my opinion, as Lee seemed to be a little “off” the entire night.It’s anyone’s game right now but in the end I still think Crystal will win out. It’s going to be interesting to see who goes next.

By the way, the performance by Fantasia on Wednesday night was a little off key as well and I could just picture Simon critiquing it as it ended. I don’t know but for me Daughtry seems to have fallen into the “pop” zone too much for my liking (again I love pop) and he has become “like everyone else” on the radio. I thought his career was going to be a bit different, he’s good but something has slipped-who knows maybe it’s me. And the same goes for Bon Jovi– I hate to say it cause I love these guys but they have become so bland recently. It’s like they are playing but that “energy” is gone. Many of the newer songs really sound very similar to each other. Again who am I to say but both Daughtry and Bon Jovi need some “smelling salts” in my opinion. Again I like both artists, I usually keep it positive on this page but I have to be honest. Maybe both had an off night, who knows.

On June 8th there will be a box set release of nearly 60 songs by the legendary Steve Winwood. The package-“Revolutions” contain tracks that were personally selected by Mr. Winwood from his days with the Spencer Davis group, Traffic and Blind Faith.

Former Warrant front man, Jani Lane, was reportedly arrested again on the suspicion of drunk driving in Woodlands CA. Ironic part is that is was the same police officer that cuffed him again last week and he supposedly crashing into a parked car and failing a sobriety test at the scene.

Dee Snider has joined the ranks of Ozzy and Gene Simmons and will be a reality star as “Growing Up Twisted” will spotlight life in the Snider household with his wife and four children. The show will be on the cable channel “A&E.” No word on when the show will air but they are currently filming now.

Korn’s new single-“Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” is out now and is the opening track off of their ninth studio album-“Korn III-Remember Who You Are” to be released via Roadrunner Records on July 13. The song has that distinctive Korn sound and it turns out they tapped Ross Robinson to produce as he was behind the controls on “Life is Peachy”-one of their best albums.

The heavy metal site “” has given a rating of 8 (out of ten) for Ratt’s latest album-“Infestation”- and unbelievably the listeners gave it an 8.1. Usually this site slams the “glam” bands but here you have it folks this says it all in my book. “Infestation” must be real good. \m/ \m/

Album Review: “The Oracle” by Godsmack released on May 4, 2010

The Oracle

As I mentioned in last week’s blog I had picked up the fifth studio album by the boys from Boston that go by the name of Godsmack. “The Oracle” is complete with bone crunching riffs, bass lines that will make your chest pulsate and wailing drums which will keep you “head-banging” throughout. And of course there is that distinctive vocal style of Mr. Sully Erna and in my opinion he has one of the best “metal” voices out there. As mentioned, if you are a fan of these guys, I believe this album represents their continued rise into becoming a potential metal icon. (Now I know many of the “haters” out there will scoff at this notion but I can’t understand why these guys, in my opinion, don’t receive the respect they deserve-they have put in their dues and should now reap the benefits) Have they reached their pinnacle with “The Oracle?” No I still believe they are still growing but I have to say that this is their most complete album to date. This is better than “IV” and you all know that I absolutely loved that album. What stands out to me on this album is a feeling of these guys finally feeling comfortable with who they are and what they play. They seem very relaxed (even though obviously their music is not something you can relax to-just the opposite) and the musicianship is tighter as their talents shine through in many different songs. I will also state that I really like the way they set up this album with the order of the songs-admittedly you have to be prepared for an onslaught of “heavy” music throughout but the flow gives you a chance to breath before you get hit with that next blow. Godsmack seems to fly under the radar but for their legion of fans this album was well worth the wait and I am already looking forward to the tour to hear these powerful songs.

The album starts off with the intense (this has to be the perfect way to describe this band, no?)-“Cryin’ Like a Bitch!!”- which immediately gets you in the “head-banging” zone as there is no build up. This is like going down that first hill on the Cyclone rollercoaster in Coney Island-hold on to the ride and don’t cry because this ride will not stop. Obviously when you have metal there is usually anger and Sully is pissed off at some one as he explains to them why they are so not welcomed. He also exclaims that he is tough and will *itch slap you, if you get out of line. This is not your 100 mph songs but it’s up there, I would say this is going at a pace near 75 mph. Perfect way to kick start your heart. Track #2-“Saints and Sinners” starts off with just the bass sort of like when one bee flies out of a nest but you know there are many to follow as the drums and guitar explode the song into a frenzy. Just picture disturbing a hanging bees nest as they all fly out to protect the Queen Bee. I guarantee that this song will be among the fan favorites at the shows as the mosh pits will break out everywhere and then everyone will stop and sing the chorus while raising their arms above their heads and sing in unison-“…I shake my fists up to the sky… just keeping my dreams alive… I’m one part saint and two parts sinners..” The guitar solos are crisp and clean and demonstrate their improved skills. “War and Peace” is a three minute explosion of thrash metal that should conjure up thoughts of Metallica or Megadeth. And they use that “metal” thing where they have a crowd in the background cheering as some guy is speaking through a bull horn. This is a complete knockout of a tune and just like that it is three-for-three.

As you catch your breath a little, track # 4-“Love-Hate-Sex-Pain”- takes the pace down a bit but not by much. But the cool thing about this song is that it is the perfect sing along song. I found myself singing out loud in my car as I was blasting it-“Love-Hate-Sex-Pain its complicating me sometimes.” There are not too many Godsmack songs where you can sing along to but this one could be their best. No doubt this will be another fan favorite and has to rank up there as one of the best songs on this album. They sort of do this “Faith No More” thing where they have a piano ending the song like the classic “Epic” tune. And then it keeps getting better with “What If?” and admittedly I had to give this song a couple of turns before the light bulb went on and this could be the finest track on the disc. The song has this almost “bongo” like vibe as the constant drum beat-think Santana but heavier-keeps you hooked in for the entire six minutes or so. And when the guitar riff surrounds your ears-(you have to listen with a great set of headphones)- you will hear what I am talking about-their maturity, their “relaxed” style but with explosive results. This song is “epic-like” and should make you stand up and pay attention. My hats off to you boys!!! \m/ \m/

“Devils Swing” has a funky groove almost bluesy heavy metal-if there is such a thing. This definitely reminds me of Metallica’s-“Devil’s Dance” but a bit faster. It’s weird the titles are almost the same and to me it they sound similar and Godsmack even throws in the harmonica, a la Steven Tyler. This track is different from the first six and you see what I’m talking about the flow? Track #8-“Good Day to Die” has Megadeth’s influence written all over this one. The beginning guitar riff sounds exactly like Mustaine helped them out with this one. The guitar has this way of making you feel like you have a blender that keeps spinning around in a circle as the milk shake you are making is spilling over the top but you lick up the vanilla that is falling down the side of the glass because it’s that good and you don’t want to waste any of it. “Forever Shamed” just may be the only “filler” on this album as you might think that you already heard this before. (Yes but many bands have similar sound so why knock these guys?). It is a fast paced song that again will knock your socks off, maybe it’s that I’m old and need that “breather” to come in to take me down a bit. By the way, the guitar solo is awesome on this track. Track #9 starts off real low and builds to a heavy fast paced song (there was that little break that I needed) and this time I was ready for it. As you listen to this track you can identify each of the four guys in the band as their parts clearly stand out when they are in the “verse” section of the arrangement. The bass is thumping your chest out, while the guitar again puts you into a frenzy as well at the drumming and Sully vocals are something that surrounds you, lifts you and knocks you out. I can picture “Nascar” using this song as the cars race around the track at 200 mph.

The title track of this album is an instrumental and I’d have to say that this is my favorite song. Now how can I say this after complimenting Sully on his vocals? This song in my opinion demonstrates how far this band has come and they have honed their skills to the point where people have to say that this is as good as a Metallica track-and I think these guys would tell you that Metallica was a band they idolized and I’m assuming that they would consider this a great compliment. This is worthy of your attention and will almost remind you of “Rush” as well because they are also one of the “masters” when it comes to instrumentals. Real impressive and worth the price of admission. “Whiskey Hangover” was released as a single late last year and appears near the end of the album. Now most people usually associate the songs at the end of the album as sort as not as good as the beginners but in this case it could have led off the album because of the intensity as well as the musicianship. This is “metal” in the old western movies where the swinging doors lead right to the bar where the whiskey waits for you. The last track (before the additional track)-“I Blame You”- is a three minute song that ends the album the same way it was started-with a blast full of metal mixture of deep bass lines, crashing cymbals, demonic vocals with a tantalizing guitar solo. Eat it up folks, it’s that good.

The “bonus” track is a “Sully”only song called-“The Departed” and features a female vocalist who fits in nicely with Mr. Erna as this psychedelic track will remind you a little of “Vodoo” off of their debut album. I picture myself on a magic carpet ride sort of like the movie- Aladdin. Again Sully vocals are real impressive and the woman is also very good. So there you have it folks, for those who don’t know Godsmack too well this just may be the album to get you started. For the fan, this is a “must have” as they really are starting to come into their own. Nice job gentlemen and we look forward to the tour. (By the way, this Godsmack album is their third to land at the number one spot on the top 200 albums on Billboard). \m/ \m/


Image of Stone Temple Pilots

Since the new Stone Temple Pilots album is due to come out on Tues. May 25 I figured that I might as well name their top ten best songs before the start of their second career. Not too many bands make a comeback after so many years but there are a few that quickly come to mind-obviously Aerosmith had a re-birth in the 1980’s after dismantling in the 1970’s. Tesla made a huge comeback (c’mon did you not think that I was not going to use the word-“huge?”) in the 21st Century after they too broke apart in the 20th Century. Now I know many people consider “STP” a cheap rip-off of Pearl Jam, especially when they first came on the scene in 1992 with their debut-“Core.” Yes I will admit that “Plush” sounded an awful lot like Mr. Vedder but I don’t see why that should matter because their entire library is a different sound than that of Pearl Jam. Yes I will admit again that their first album could easily be mistaken for Pearl Jam. But as their career progressed, their sound was very distinct and I always thought that these guys like to “rock and roll” a little more than the other grunge bands of that era.

Now my oldest son so easily dismisses them as a grunge band and won’t even listen to me when I put them in the same category as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Nirvana. He says those bands come are far superior to STP and that they shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. Now I know there are lots of people who probably feel that way but I also know that STP has its legion of fans who would say that they are right up there with the big four. I absolutely love STP and have every album they have made and look forward to the new sound on the 25th. Another thing that kind of separates me from the rest of the STP pack is that my favorite album from them is “Shangri-La Dee Da” and I know most will point the finger to their debut album. Most people lambasted “Shangri” but I honestly can say that I listen to every song when I put that album on. I can’t say that for the rest of their albums, dare I say that I don’t even have every song on my I-Pod from their debut-I know-“Sac-religious.” People’s lives change as they grow older and singers/band members are also considered people, so when their sound changes, it’s not always bad. We all know Mr. Weiland has had a whirlwind of a life but he has managed to still remain relevant while adding a family. That has to change you and his song for his first born son-“A Song for Sleeping” is one of my favorites and I’m not ashamed to admit it, is it “STP” like? No but it is still part of what was inside of them at that moment. As a parent I can so relate to that song and it makes me think of my boys when they were in a high-chair eating their Gerber veggies. The brothers-Robert and Dean DeLeo are, in my opinion, the most over-looked double tandem of guitarists in this era who have created some of the best rhythm riffs in the history of “grunge” music or any music period. These guys know how to play and can rock out with the best of them. And Eric Kretz on drums keeps the train called STP moving along at a crisp pace and hasn’t been late to any station stop since they started. So I am on an island and have been told that I can only have ten songs by the Stone Temple Pilots, “These are Them:”

10.     Plush (Acoustic Version)I thought I use to like the original version but when the acoustic version was released on “Thank You” –greatest hits collection-I was blown away. Now for me this version does not sound like Pearl Jam-so there-no seriously this song has to be considered one of their best songs ever. It’s just Scott’s vocals with an acoustic guitar and it was astonishing for me when I first heard it, it gripped me like none other and immediately became the version of choice for me. Despite all the troubles that Mr. Weiland experiences every day, the man can sing and this could be his best vocals ever.

9.     Vasoline In my opinion this has one of the coolest openings of any song in the history of music, it rises up to an awesome crescendo highlighted by that amazingly seemingly simple guitar riff which is so addictive- the DeLeo Brothers own it on this track. I know I can completely nail this song at the next karaoke party and oh by the way I received a 100% on the vocals on Rock Band 2, OK it was on “medium” but the next time I play with my boys (they don’t like my singing so they ask me once in a while) I will be on expert and will predict that I will get at least a 95%.

8.     Heavens & Hot RodsThis blazing track appears on “4” and most people point to “Down”-which I also love but I only can fit ten here-but for me this is the “bomb.”Eric Kretz’s drumming hits you right over the head (and chest) and he keeps the head banging groove at a fever pitch while Robert’s bass will be thumping on your chest and of course Dean’s lead guitar “makes it easy to move your feet” –his solo is short but packs a punch. STP can turn up the pace and volume on many tracks, including this one but then can also flip on the dime to a nice soft song which is something I love. This song rocks folks, check it out. \m/ \m/

7.     Piece of PieNow I know everyone out there is looking for “Sex Type Thing” on my list but for me the lesser known tracks on their debut has always grabbed my attention more than the “hits” and I’ll point right to this song. This track will knock you right off your feet, it is so freaking good. It has a little bit of everything-the bridge before the amazing guitar solo will have you floating in the air but let’s get back to Dean’s guitar solo. How amazing is it? I’m doing the Wayne’s World bow right now as I write the review for this song. I love all the “stops & starts” throughout and if Scott’s singing doesn’t want to make you become a rock star, then I don’t know what will. “I broke the bread line…nobody knows…I walked the frontline…still got far to go..” This song is too cool.

6.     Dead & BloatedThis also could be one of the best beginnings to a song ever, when I hear Scott sounding like he is 100 miles away singing-“I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me…” I just lose it. The volume has to be cranked up to a “1,000” and the walls need to shake. The groove is slow and trudging but there is something about it that keeps me coming back for more. For those who think this is a Pearl Jam rip-off, I just don’t see it (or hear it)-to me this does not sound like PJ. It has that “heavy” guitar that has to make you pound your head up and down but not at a “break-neck” speed, which is good on the “wear & tear” of your neck and head, right? Before you know it, the five minutes and ten seconds are over just like that and to me this is a sign of a great song.

5.     Days of the WeekGo ahead and laugh me out of the room or never read my blog again but I absolutely love this song. Call it “pop” or “bubble gum” music but like I have always said- you need bubble gum in your life every once in a while because life can’t be all vegetables and potatoes. I have to be honest with myself and I could not push this song off my top ten list, not only that but it has landed at number 5. As you know- “Shangri”- is my favorite STP album so I have to have songs from the album right? C’mon you know you love it but won’t admit it because it’s not “heavy” or “STP” like. I can listen to this song all day long. “…where can she be?Cause days of the week…”

4.     Sour GirlOk this is the “soft” side of the Stone Temple Pilots and these are also the songs that dragged me in and made me love this group. The one thing that I notice is that I have more than a few songs on my list that appears on “Thank You” which is a compilation of their greatest hits but I guess it is a testament that they (or the record company) know which songs are the best. I will state that this song has the best harmonizing vocals on any STP song and I get completely mesmerized by their great vocals together. This appears on “4”-which is a super solid album. This song makes me want to take singing lessons.

3.     A Song for SleepingAgain go ahead and make fun of me-bang your head on your computer in disgust but again for me I have to pick the ten songs that I would want and I have to be honest with myself and not be subject to peer pressure to pick “Sex Type Thing” or songs like that. (I love those songs, don’t get me wrong). But this song gives me the chills as well as puts a huge smile on my face. I think back to when my boys were babies as they sat in their “high-chairs” eating their baby food. Do you remember when your child “first smiled” at you? It has to be one of the greatest feelings ever in the world. This brings tears to my eyes as I now see my sons all grown up and now being teenagers, this song takes me back to the days when they were little and the lyrics in this song I believe is what every father wanted to write.

2.     CrackermanThis used to be my all time favorite by STP but it has slipped down one notch to number two. This is one of the best “mash-pit” songs and I remember the first time I saw STP live and Scott took out the megaphone while singing the words-“…Get away.. gotta get away…”- well I thought that was the coolest thing that I had ever seen at a show. (I know it’s not the first time it’s been used). This song rocks and Dean’s blistering solo is “head-banging” rock at its best. This is their best “heavy” song ever recorded.

1.     WonderfulI remember hearing this song for the first time and I instantly knew that this would forever be my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song. Call it sappy, call it melancholy but you have to admit to its greatness. The opening lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks-“…If I were to die this morning… would you tell me things that you wouldn’t have… would you be my navigator…would you take me to a place we could hide…”- it makes you think, no? I often wonder if we would tell our loved ones certain things… if we knew… well you know. It’s a somber topic but getting back to the music, the arrangement is the best they have ever had on a song and it is so “wonderful” to sing to. You can feel the passion in Mr. Weiland’s vocals and hands down this is by far the best song they have ever recorded. And there is no way I can just listen to it once, I immediately hit the replay button and wander off. I saw them perform this at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York and I will never forget it. They were close to breaking up and I had so desperately wanted to hear them perform this live and my wish was granted. I can’t wait for the new stuff.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Hey Jude

2.     Miles Davis

3.     Little Richard

4.     Sadly it was Linda McCartney’s memorial

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     In which city did the Beatles play their last live performance?

2.     From 1977 to 1979, the Bee Gees had how many consecutive number 1 hits?

3.     Bill and Hillary Clinto named their daughter Chelsea after what song?

4.     What were the Beach Boys originally called? What was their first band name?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week: (Nice job again Tricia)

1.     “It’s So Nice to Be With You”- Gallery

2.     “Alone Again Naturally”-Gilbert O’Sullivan

3.     “Dragging The Line”-Tommy James

4.     “Hot Rod Lincoln” –Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…when I feel cold, you warm me…And when I feel like I can’t go on, you come and hold me…It’s you…and me forever…”

2.     “…Just say you will, say you will…(say you will)…Say you will (say you will)…Hey, Hey (Say you will)…my heart is fine, fine…”

3.     “…so many days you passed me by…see the tears standing in my eyes…you wouldn’t stop to make me feel better…by giving me a card or a letter …”

4.      “…I’ve been really trying, baby…trying to hold back this feelin’ for so long…and if you feel like I feel baby…then come on, oh come on…”

Back on this Day

Sadly back on this day in 1998, Frank Sinatra passed away from a heart attack at the age of 82. This man was an American legend and his music and films will never be forgotten.

Sadly back on this day in 1976, Keith Relf, former lead singer of The Yardbirds, was killed at the young age of 33 while tuning his guitar in a bathtub and was electrocuted.

Back on this day in 1956, Buddy Holly decided to forgo contact lenses (he was fitted for them on this day) and stay with his trade-mark glasses look.

Back on this day in 1968, John Lennon and Paul McCartney appeared on the Tonight Show and announced the formation of Apple Records. This was just after they returned from India while meditating. They would start working on the White album shortly after. 

Back on this day in 1969, Neil Young released his second solo album-“Everybody Knows This is Nowhere”- and his first with his backing band-Crazy Horse.

Back on this day in 1970, Crosby, Stills Nash & Young released “Ohio,” ten days after the shooting of four students at Kent State which inspired the song.

Back on this day in 1988, the surviving members of the Mighty Led Zeppelin plus utilizing Jason Bonham (son of John) on drums, performed together at Madison Square Garden for the celebration of Atlantic Records making it to 40 years of existence.

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with the late great Bobby Darin, Jack Bruce (Cream, did I need to tell you that?), David Byrne (Talking Heads), Tom Cochrane, Mike Inez (bassist for Alice in Chains and Heart), C.C. DeVille (Poison) and Ian Astbury (The Cult).


March 12, 2010

Weekly Update – 03/12/2010

Black Eyed Peas at the Prudential Center on Wed. Aug. 4. Pre-sale starts this morning at 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tonight and password is TBEP312. General public on sale tomorrow at noon. $49.50 – $94. There is a 4 ticket limit per purchaser.

Tom Petty & Heartbreakers at the Madison Square Garden on Wed. July 28 and also at the Izod Center on Tues. Aug. 24. Pre-sale tickets for Citicard holders only (542418-thanks Chris!) on sale now until Sunday at 10:00 p.m. General public on sale this Mon. Mar. 15 at 10:00 a.m. Garden: $54, $79.50, $103.50 and $134.50. Izod: $49.50, $75 and $125. (“My Morning Jacket” will be opener at Izod, now word on opener for the Garden yet)Also there are “presale” passwords- Garden: HEPETTY; Izod: ACCESS. In addition Tom will be playing at the Comcast Theater (Hartford CT) on Tues. Aug. 17. Tickets on sale this Mon. March 15 at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event).

Maxwell and Jill Scott at Madison Square Garden on Fri. June 25. Pre-sale tickets for Citicard holders only on sale now until 10:00 p.m. tonight. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $41.50, $71.50, $91.50, $106.50, $156.50 and $256.50. (The $256.50 is out of control, c’mon are you kidding me?) Pre-sale password for MSG: HEMAX

Sting with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Mohegan Sun on Tues. July 6 and also appearing at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on Fri. July. 30. Mohegan: Pre-sale for American Express cardholders on now until Tues. Mar. 16 at 10:00 p.m. General public tickets on sale Mon. Mar. 22 at 10:00 a.m. Mohegan: $86 and $116; Bethel: Tickets on sale this Mon. Mar. 15 at 10:00 a.m. $42.10 (lawn) $70.70 (rear orchestra) $91.15-$162.80 (middle orchestra) $162.80-$193.50 (front orchestra).

Carole King and James Taylor have added another date at Madison Square Garden on Wed. June 30. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders on now until 9:00 p.m. on Sun. Mar. 14. General public tickets on sale Mon. Mar. 15 at 9:00 a.m. $39.50, $89.50 and $154.50. Also appearing at the Prudential Center (The “Rock”) on Fri. June 25. Everything is the same as far as on sale and price information as The Garden.

Franki Valli & The Four Seasons at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park NJ on Sat. May 29. Tickets on sale now. $49-$249. (Benefit for The Boys & Girls Clubs)

Iron Maiden at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sun. July 11. Tickets on sale next Sat. Mar. 20 at 10:00 a.m.(Live Nation Event).

Slash at the Music Box at The Borgata on Sat. May 22. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event)

Faith No More (reunited) will perform at the Williamsburg waterfront (North 8 street and Kent Avenue in Brooklyn) on Mon. July 5. Tickets on sale at noon on Fri. Mar. 19.

Jacob Dylan at the Town Hall on Wed. Apr. 21. Tickets on sale today at noon $40 and $65.

Hole at Terminal 5 on Tues. Apr. 27. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35 ($40 day of show).

Hot Chip at the Central Park Summer Stage on Wed. Aug. 4. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35.

Echo & The Bunnymen at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza on Sun. May 2. Tickets on tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event)

Other items:

Is there anyone else who misses seeing Paula Abdul on American Idol? Call me crazy but the show is not the same without her. Yes she did some goofy things and yes she said things where you would scratch your head while saying “what??!!” But you know something- I would rather hear her opinion than Ellen’s. No offense, I like Ellen as a talk show host and a comedian but she adds nothing to the show. How many times has she used the word “great” so far in her comments back to the contestants? Can she say anything else? She actually appears like a “deer in headlights” many times and it’s so unusual to see her that way, she always appears to be comfortable in her own skin (outside of “Idol”) but when she is asked for her opinion first-watch for that “look.” And now there seems to be a “wall” up between the judges, where lately it has pitted Randy & Ellen vs. Simon & Kara. Now Paula during her tenure “seemed” to be on Randy’s side most of the time and we all know she had her battles with Simon but she also agreed with Simon many times as well. But maybe my attention has shifted to the judges since, in my opinion, there has yet to be one competitor that stands out this year. (Ok except for the amazing performance of Michael Lynche on Wednesday night on his stellar cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” that had every one thinking Maxwell was “in the house.” It brought tears to Kara). Maybe Paula knew something………what’s going to happen once Simon leaves?

I was channel surfing last weekend and came across the show-“Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew on VH1 where the episode focused on Mike Starr, the former bassist for Alice-In-Chains, who still feels lots of guilt for not calling the police when his former band mate Layne Staley (former lead singer for AIC) was sick and eventually was found dead from a drug overdose. Mike was the last person to see Layne and told the gut retching story of how Layne did not want him to call “911” for help. Apparently they had been on a bender and Mike left without calling police and said that he crashed at his mother’s place for two weeks without even knowing what had happened to his best friend. Layne’s mother, Nancy McCallum, came on the show and it was the first time he had seen her in 8 years; he did not want to face her because of the guilt. She informed him that it was not his fault and pleaded with the entire group of people on the show that if they didn’t come clean they would end up like Layne. I could feel her pain of losing a child seep into my entire body and it was very hard to watch and to a certain degree I agree with Jerry Cantrell (lead guitarist for AIC) who has blasted VH1 for putting a show like this on TV. I couldn’t totally agree because I watched it. Stories like those of Layne (the man had so much talent) intrigue me to no end, it’s such a shame what happened to him as well as countless others around the world. I hope and pray those affected can get better. In the future I will not be watching the show, it was too disturbing.

Grateful Dead fans now have two places to visit (one in New York and one in California) as a new exhibition about the band has just opened at the New York Historical Society and a much larger scale of public viewing of artifacts collected over the years will be displayed at the University of California in Santa Cruz. The NY exhibit will run until July 4.

Meatloaf’s new album-“Hang Cool Teddy Bear”- is due out on May 11. He has grabbed Steve Vai and Brian May to help him out on a few songs. Kara DioGuardi of American Idol fame has co-wrote and sings on “If I Can’t Have You.” Jack Black does a duet with Meat and he has also enlisted Justin Hakes (“The Darkness”) to write a few songs. Sounds pretty interesting, I just may have to check it out.

A new Paul Rodgers collection of greatest hits from his time with Free, Bad Company and The Firm as well as some other songs will be released on March 29. I-Tunes will carry this 26 song disc.

Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels? Yes it’s true, the Poison front man has recorded a duet with Miley and the song is called “Nothing to Lose.” Miley asked to join Bret in the studio as he was re-working “Every Rose Has its Thorns” and he wanted to know if Miley wanted to hear some of his new songs. She heard this song and fell in love with it and asked Bret if she could sing it with him and he said yes. Look for it on You-Tube.

I know I’m a little late on this one but I like the new Ratt single-“Best of Me”-I have to give it to them they stayed true to their sound and if you close your eyes while you listen to it you would think that it’s 1988 all over again.

My favorite old school song of the week is “Everybody Loves a Clown” by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Have to give it to Jerry’s son, this is a quality song. “They” don’t make songs like these anymore.

Album Review: “Valleys of Neptune” by Jimi Hendrix released on Mar. 9, 2010

Valleys Of Neptune

Ok finally it is now the tenth week of the “new” year (2010 for those paying attention) and I actually bought a “new” CD, albeit from someone who passed away in 1970. Yes it is songs that you probably are familiar with but with a different “spin” on the songs. If you are a “die-hard” Jimi Hendrix fan you probably have all these tracks in some way shape or form but according to his estate there are songs that have never been released before (don’t ask me I’m not which ones those are). If you want to complain about the estate releasing “demos” of songs go right ahead but I for one am completely and utterly intrigued by the rawness of this album-“Valleys of Neptune”- and it takes me to a place that a “polished” song can’t do, a place where you can hear the unbelievable talent of this individual. I am not a guitar aficionado by any stretch of the imagination but this album makes me stand up and agree with the countless others who have stated that Jimi Hendrix is/was the greatest guitarist this world has ever seen. Take a listen to “Lover Man” and let it blow you away-this song alone is worth the price of admission for the entire album- its mind numbing stuff. If you love “guitar rock” you will absolutely love this album and if you don’t I’ll refund your money. He does a blistering cover of “Sunshine of Your Love”- (“Cream”) which will knock your socks off and you will like this song again (meaning this version will make you appreciate this song after hearing the original 5 zillion times on the radio for the past 25 years or so). And as I listen to the entire album all I have to say is “OMG this is Grr8!!!” So even though this is not a new artist or a new album for 2010 it is by far the best recording released this year to date and I doubt anything will come close for the rest of the century (unless his estate finds some more recordings that we haven’t heard).

This scorching album starts off with a totally different approach to “Stone Free” that I dare say that you will not recognize the song until the chorus. It’s almost “jazzed up” a little bit and seems a bit faster than the original. (It also doesn’t have the “cow-bell” effect you hear on the original). If this is a “demo” than I want to hear every one of his takes on all his songs. There is a “sophistication” feel to it as you will snap your fingers and try to decide if you like this version better than the original. Also you can hear his every note as well as the bass and every crack of the drums along the crash of the cymbals. The title track of the album has been all over the “classic rock “ radio formats across the country including here in NY at Q104.3 and I for one had not heard this song before and I was immediately struck on how “contemporary” it felt. It has that classic Jimi feel to it and you will swear that you know it as you sway your head back and forth to the gripping groove that evokes memories of the late 1960’s when it seemed like the greatest music of every genre was recorded. This is good stuff people. Track # 3-“Bleeding Heart”-starts off with Jimi singing with his guitar before he actually starts using his voice- the music exudes from every part of his being. The track has some “giddy-up” to it and you will be “air-guitaring” to this bad boy for the entire six minutes or so. Yes this has a “hippie” feel to it as you might think you are back in the country muddy fields in New York in August of 1969. Listen to his numerous solos and you can begin your “Wayne’s World” bows at any time and I’ll use a “Visa” commercial word- “Priceless.” The next song-“Hear My Train a Comin’”- is a psychedelic blues trip and I can say that Van Halen was listening to this track when they recorded “Fools” as the beginning of this track from “Women & Children First” sounds eerily similar to this song. (although since it was never released before.. but anyway you get my drift). OK I must say that I now know where Led Zeppelin received their claim to fame by having their infamous sound where Robert Plant sings alongside Jimmy Page’s guitar except Jimi Hendrix does it all by himself in one package. Listen to the unbelievable way his guitar follows his voice and vice-versa, truly a spectacular thing to listen to. His guitar sears with such a passion it’s almost like the guitar is alive- similar to all those entertainers who perform with as a ventriloquist. “Mr. Bad Luck” is almost Chuck Berry like and has a “Fire” feel to it as well. As Jimi takes off with his guitar solo you are thinking to yourself that this album is only a “quarter” over and if they only released these five songs it is worth the money.

But you know it’s only going to get better right? As mentioned above the cover of “Sunshine of Your Love” begins and right out of the gate it seems like Jimi is telling Eric-here…this is how you play it (no offense to Clapton as I totally recognize his mastery on guitar) as he immediately takes over the song with his guitar and before you know it two minutes have passed by and as the song trends into a “Steppenwolf” feel to it (think the long psychedelic version of “Magic Carpet Ride”) as the same verse is seemingly repeated over and over but you don’t seem to mind because you want more because you can’t wait to hear what is next. As a matter of fact the almost seven minute song will go by and you won’t even realize that he doesn’t even sing on the track-oh wait- his guitar does, I told you it was alive. The aforementioned “Lover Man” is the best song on the album in my opinion. There is no other way to listen to this song but VERY LOUDLY!!! This scorching number will make you forget all about the winter as again you will be taken back to that great summer of 1969. Music is meant to move you and if this song doesn’t move you, well then you need to check yourself at the door. This is FREAKIN’ PHENOMENAL!!! Like I said if this is the demo, then give me more. “Ships passing through the Night” makes you realize why artists such as the late Stevie Ray Vaughn and contemporary artist like John Mayer must have listened to songs like this from Jimi because some of their sound emulates the vibe in this track. I would go as far as saying this is the type of song that created the “jam band”-think of every current band that you know to be a jam band- and just like I realized with the Mighty Zep-it started with Hendrix, there’s no denying it. “Fire” sounds almost the same as the original-it doesn’t have the “big” sound that the version on “Are You Experienced” has and the one thing that clearly stands out for me are the background vocals (Noel Redding?) which seem to creep along side the big sound from Jimi’s guitar and voice. By the way, Mitch Mitchell is all over the place on the drums, if you want to take up drumming listen to him jam away on this tune and you will want to start taking lessons tomorrow. “Red House”- (also from “Experienced”) will put you in a “blues bar” in no time as you will pucker your upper lip as you air-guitar (remember he’s a “lefty” so turn it around) and feel that sweet sensation enter your body as you become as possessed as Jimi was when he recorded it. This is about five minutes longer than the original version but you won’t notice because you will be totally engulfed and mesmerized by Jimi- he could have made lots of money being a “hypnotist.”You get the feeling that this was all Jimi wanted to do was play guitar and jam with his buddies.

“Lullaby for Summer” picks up the pace again as Jimi appears to be very focused in nailing down the arrangement of this track. I betcha Joe Satriani or Steve Vai must have been listening to this sort of track while they were growing up because again-Jimi started it all and did it all- the “Babe Ruth” of guitar land. Welcome to the land of Jimi were admission is free (Ok.. ten bucks) but the ride will take you to a place where you’ve never been and no there will not be that guy there to turn the ride off, so lock yourself in and enjoy. Again before you know it, the song is over and it was only the guitar that sang. “Crying Blue Rain” is a slow trudging blues fest that again if you are not careful you will be totally hypnotized. With almost two minutes left in the track he really picks up the pace and is off to the races. Another song ends with out him singing a word (he hums in this song but no words). Now admittedly there are no words sung from “Lullaby for Summer” onwards and if you can not listen to just guitar for 4 straight songs, it might be monotonous for you. (Think of Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album where the second side has at least 40 minutes of just guitar riffs and solos-again if you can listen to songs with no words then you will have no issues, especially if you love to listen to the guitar-who better than Jimi?) The last two tracks-“Slow Version” and “Trash Man”- are just straight out knockout displays of his awesome talents, perfect for a summer night out on the deck listening with people who love heavy guitar work.

“Valleys of Neptune” has fourteen tracks and the first eleven flew by for me as the mixture of Jimi with his voice and guitar (along with the drums and bass-how can I leave those guys out?) coupled with the “new takes” on songs that I was pretty familiar with, left me with this feeling of wanting more. Now the last three songs kind of made me feel like I was at Woodstock-even though I wasn’t- and as with George Harrison’s “Pass” album I know I will really have to be in the mood to listen to almost 20 minutes of just straight guitar. (Do you know what I’m saying?). In no way am I saying it’s not good-just the opposite-his playing is unbelievable and when he gets in that zone forget it, you will be reeled in “hook, line and sinker!!!” It’s just hard for me to be in that zone unless I see the artist live as opposed to listening in my car or on the train. Anyways, the guitar aficionado will absolutely love this album and even the most die-hard Jimi fan (who has every Jimi song there is) will be glad they purchased this. This album is a “buy!!”


My I-Pod shuffle this week kept playing songs from two artists that I like very much, so I decided to take these two entities-The Guess Who and Eddie Money– and put down my favorite five songs each to create this week’s top ten. Now there is no rhyme or reason for putting these two together, it really was just that I kept hearing songs from both on the shuffle. Now if there is one similarity, these two bands, in my mind, represent the “underdog” in the sense that neither get the “full” recognition that they deserve. I am not going to sit here and say they were the greatest bands ever but each has put their stamp on the rock music world in their own way and made some pretty awesome songs along the way. As I have always maintained on this page, The Guess Who were (are) a very talented band that created some of the best tunes during the late 1960’s/early 1970’s but for some reason it seems to slip everyone’s mind when it comes to naming the best songs of that era. (I acknowledge that there were “zillions” of songs to choose from in that time period). I will say that two of my favorite artists-Lenny Kravitz and Telsa- did not forget and paid homage to them by performing “American Woman” (for all you youngsters out there- Lenny was not the first) and “Hand Me Down World” and both were done with respect along with brilliance, in my opinion. It’s a shame that the tandem of Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman could not stay together because their fusion was awesome but their differences led to Randy leaving to form Bachman Turner Overdrive, or “BTO.” Eddie Money to me is the “blue collar” rock and roll guy who just seemed (seems) to have a blast making his music and make no mistake his song “Baby Hold On” blasted him on to the scene in the late 1970’s and he held the attention of many fans well into the 1980’s. Actually he is still touring today and like I said, this stuff just comes natural to him-this is what he was born to do. So here goes again- this time I’m on the same island and am told that I can have ten songs but has to be split in half between Eddie and The Guess Who- “these are the five” from each”

Eddie Money

Image of Eddie Money

5.     We Should Be Sleeping-Check out the beginning of this song and if you are a Van Halen fan you would think that the beginning riffs were part of Eddie’s repertoire- as a matter of fact I would say that it sounds very similar to “In N Out” from the Hagar years, now again- just the beginning. Not for nothing but this song rocks and is pretty heavy, almost “head-bang” like as it is pretty hard not to snap your head up and down to this tune. (And of course it has the obligatory “hand claps” throughout, no cowbell but the claps). The keyboards are also a mainstay of Eddie’s music and it follows the guitar beautifully in the background while the hammering drums have to get you off your feet. Mr. Money is on the money with this tune.

4.     Shakin’ –You know how with certain songs, you hear it and you are immediately reminded of where you were at a particular time and place. Well when I hear this song I am riding in a car with a friend Steve (back in the early 1980’s) as we were helping my uncle Gary move from the Bronx to Middletown NY. I remember thinking that this guy-Eddie Money- really has some good songs and I needed to pay attention to him because he had that “something.” He knows how to rock, he knows how to roll and just flat out have a good time. The funky groove in this song has to make your body gyrate, how can it not? “She was shakin’.. snapping her fingers.. that girl was shakin’..” I love the “stop and go” parts that lead up to the “shakin’.” Don’t kid yourself folks, there is some nice guitar work on this piece. “I love that little girl and I just can’t get enough.. shakin’.. snapping her fingers..” The only way to listen to this song is LOUD!!!

3.     Think I’m In Love– “Ooh something’s got a hold on me now..” Boy do I love this track. This song moves and is a perfect track for your next workout, especially a Spin class-this will get you out of your seat as you blaze up the hills or on a breakaway. The guitar solo is righteous and you need to have a great set of headphones to feel this one- you want to get closer to the tune, so if you squeeze it into your ears it will have a shorter trip to your heart as it will pump faster push into your blood stream. That’s what happens to me when I listen to it.

2.     Walk on Water-This came up on the I-Pod shuffle while we were all cleaning the house and I was like “wow this guy is good.” (Of course I had to rewind it to hear it again) and that is what set me off on the Eddie Money kick- that’s all it took, so you know I love the I-Pod shuffle. The drums really stand out in this song as well as the hand-claps to accentuate the driving beat and the guitar work is not too shabby if I say myself. Now one thing I have not mentioned is the vocals of Mr. Money- he has a perfect voice for these songs- it is very distinctive. It’s a passionate cry to make that someone special believe in his love for them, you can feel it pour out of him as he pleads for forgiveness. He really makes some fun songs and this one shines brightly as you can not help but sing and dance all over the place.

1.     Baby Hold On– In my opinion, this is one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written. It doesn’t matter how many times I have heard throughout the years, any time I hear the opening notes I know I am going to enjoy the next three minutes and thirty two seconds. C’mon you know you have “air-drummed” to this song, don’t deny it. “..Baby what’s these things you’ve been saying about me behind my back?” You can’t help but sing along to this song it’s so addictive. The groove is infectious while the arrangement is of top quality. When the part of the song comes when it’s just Eddie and the drums well, is there anything cooler? “I said Ugh.. hold on.. Ugh hold to me tighter.. whatever will be will be..” This is so sweet and deserves to be mentioned as one of the best songs of the 1970’s. \m/ \m/

The Guess Who

Image of The Guess Who

5.     Undun This reminds me of a smoky jazz bar for some reason, the music sounds very sophisticated and the vocals by Mr. Cummings are phenomenal. This definitely has that “’’60’s” feel to it especially when the flute breaks in, takes me back to Woodstock-Ok I wasn’t at Woodstock- but you know what I mean. This also has a “Blood Sweat and Tears” feel to it so again I can picture the beatniks in the back of a dark smoky bar room just groovin’ to this powerful arrangement. Fantastic song.

4.     American Woman-Now I refuse to listen to the “radio” version where they cut out the first minute and fifteen seconds of the song which sounds totally different from what you are all use to listening to. The bluesy beginning where Burton spells out “ I say A.. I say M..”- I love that part. Now for a Canadian band to write this song it really was a slap in the face to the American woman but yet we all sing it with the same fervor as he does; why? Because the song rocks!!! This is probably their most popular song and with no offense to Lenny (who I also love to listen to) –the original version of this song is still the best.

3.     Hand Me Down World– After Randy Bachman left the group, Burton brought in two guitarists-Greg Leskiw and Kurt Winter – and Mr. Winter assisted Mr. Cummings in the writing of this fantastic song. Talk about a sing-along song? I can sing the chorus over and over- “Don’t give no hand me down shoes.. don’t give me no hand me down love..”- Burton has some voice and the “sliding” guitar sound is the signature in this song. If you listen closely you can hear almost every drum beat by Garry Peterson, the recording is excellent. As I mentioned Tesla covered this on their “Real to Reel” album and does an awesome rendition but again I have to stay with the original. Great tune.

2.     No Time– This song first appeared on their “Canned Wheat” album which was released in 1969 but was redone for its placement on their classic “American Woman” album in 1970 and had much more success. Either way, this track was very progressive and ahead of its time in my opinion. Again Mr. Peterson’s drumming skills stands out as he keeps the pace of the tune in check and how about the vocals and background vocals on this track? This may be their best song ever recorded. I love the guitar work by Bachman and again Burton does a phenomenal job with his voice as you can hear his passion shine brightly. This song has both a “rock” appeal as well as a “pop” sound that landed its way onto popular radio and has never looked back. You can hear this song on an “oldies” station as well as a “classic” rock station. This has to be in your music library.

1.     No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature– Bachman actually wrote the “No Sugar Tonight” part while Burton had chalked up the “New Mother Nature”-they did it separately and then mixed in the two songs because their record company thought the “No Sugar” was too short, so since they had both written in the key of F#-they merged the songs. Now the story behind “No Sugar” was Bachman was walking down a street in California and was soon confronted by three “tough guys” but out of the blue a car pulled up to the men as a woman screamed out the window at one of the men. Two of them scampered away as the third guy slinked into the woman’s car, Randy said the last thing he heard her say was “And there will be no sugar for you tonight!!!” The record company forced him to change the lyrics to “in my coffee” and “in my tea” so as to make the sexual innuendos less noticeable. Anyways the “bridge” from “No Sugar” to “New” is nothing short of spectacular and in my opinion turned into their ultimate masterpiece. Not for nothing but Burton has to be considered way up there in terms of being one of the best rock and roll singers of the 1960’s and 1970’s, his vocals along with the immensely talented musicianship makes this their best song ever. (I said “American Woman” may be their most popular song but this is their best song). I can listen to this all day long.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     To blast the press which took a false story about Ann and Nancy and ran with it.

2.     False it was another “Guns” guitarist-Gilbey Clarke

3.     Ten

4.     Johhny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson

This week’s trivia (Eddie Money, Guess Who)-

1.     Name two televison sitcoms that Eddie Money appeared as himself.

2.     True or False: Eddie Money plays the saxophone.

3.     What popular movie has both versions of American Woman in it? (Guess Who and Lenny Kravitz versions).

4.     What DJ did The Guess Who pay homage to by writing a song about him? (Hint: He also appeared on an episode of “The Odd Couple” TV show).

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     “On the Road Again”- Willie Nelson

2.     “The Old Man Down the Road”-John Fogerty

3.      “Roadhouse Blues”-The Doors

4.     “The Long and Winding Road”- The Beatles

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.“ can dance.. you can jive.. having the time of your life.. see that girl… watch that scene…”

2.“..automatic.. systematic.. full of color self contained.. tuned and gentle to your vibes.. captivating.. stimulating…”

3.“..everybody here is out of sight.. they don’t bark and they don’t bite.. they keep things loose.. they keep it tight…”

4.“..crazy ways are evident.. in the way that you’re wearing your clothes.. sippin’ booze is precedent.. as the evening starts to glow…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1974, John Lennon and Harry Nilsson were both ejected from the popular Troubadour club in Los Angeles for being drunk and causing a disturbance during a performance by Tom Smothers.

Back on this day in 1969, Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at the Marylebone Registry Office in London. John, George and Ringo did not attend. Has to be a tough day for Paul.

Back on this day in 1975, Alex Lifeson married his longtime girlfriend Charlene and they are celebrating their 35 anniversary. Congrats to both.

Back on this day in 2003, the Chinese government ordered the Rolling Stones not to play such classics as “Brown Sugar,” “Beast of Burden,” “Let’s Spend the Night Together” and “Honky Tonk Woman” for their upcoming concerts. These shows were cancelled anyway due to the breakout of SARS.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with James Taylor, Paul Katner (Jefferson Airplane), Mike Gibbins (Badfinger) and Steve Harris (Iron Maiden).

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