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October 23, 2009

Weekly Update – Rocktober 23, 2009

Z-100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Fri. Dec. 11. Tickets on sale Tues. Nov. 3 at 4:00 p.m. $51, $91, $211, $251 and $351. Virtually impossible to get tickets for this show. If you get through to Ticketmaster then you are the Master. Every year this show sells out in “nano” seconds. Taylor Swift is this year’s star attraction.

Taylor Swift at the Prudential Center on Wed. May 15 and the Nassau Coliseum on Fri. May 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. The “Rock”: $28 – $72.50; The Coliseum: $25 – $69.50.

Bon Jovi will be at the “new” Meadowlands Stadium (future home of the NY Jets and NY Giants) for the first concert ever there on Wed. & Thurs. May 26 & 27. Pre-sale tickets for this show go on sale this Monday Rocktober 26 at 10:00 a.m. for American Express Cardholders only. Pre-sale tickets for fan club on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. General public tickets go on sale Sat. Rocktober 31 at 10:00 a.m. $39.50, $69, $99 and $153. (Ouch on the $153!!)

Evanesence at Grand Ballroom @ Manhattan Center on Wed. Nov. 4. Tickets on sale today at noon. $28.50 ($35 day of show) This is a “paperless” ticketing show. You must bring your credit card to show to “swipe” to get in.

Switchfoot at the New York Fillmore on Tues. Dec. 8. Tickets on sale at tomorrow at noon. (Live Nation Event).

Gregg Allman at the Wellmont Theater on Tues. Jan. 6. Tickets on sale today at noon. $45 and $60.

David Archuleta at Wellmont Theater on Sun. Dec. 13. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. $25, $35 and $50. Also appearing at the Capital One Bank Theater on Sun. Dec. 20. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. (Live Nation Event).

Artic Monkeys at Terminal 5 on Fri. Dec. 11. Tickets on sale today at noon. $34.50 ($39.50 day of show).

Gaslight Anthem at the Wellmont Theater on Fri. Dec. 11. Tickets on sale today at noon. $20.

John Mayer at the Beacon Theater on Tues. Nov. 17. Tickets on sale now. $80.

Darius Rucker at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie NY on Sun. Nov. 29. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00. $36.50

Dion at Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood NJ on Tues. July 27, 2010. Tickets on sale now. $29, $39, $49, $66 and $89.

Other items:

Rolling Stone Magazine will put out a total Michael Jackson issue -“In words and pictures as only Rolling Stone could”- it will feature tributes by Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Will.I.Am, Quincy Jones and Sheryl Crow. It will go on sale Tuesday November 3 wherever books are sold. This should be a collectors item and I for one can’t wait to get it.

A very cool remake of Midnight’s Oil “Beds Are Burning” is now available for free download and it’s for Kofi Annan’s “Tck Tck Tck” campaign aims to raise awareness of climate change. The song can be heard here at It features a whole slew of artists including The Scorpions, Fergie, Duran Duran and many others. The site says that it is available for free on I-Tunes but I went to do it and the song is available for free only in France via I-Tunes.

Has anyone else noticed that the new I-Tunes 9.0 is real slow? Or maybe is it just my computer? They constantly upgrade and change the look and it’s actually very nice but it has been extremely slow & frustrating.

On the other hand, there are some very cool things happening on I-Tunes as some of your favorite bands-including Deep Purple- have released “videos” of their classic tunes. Obviously they are not MTV videos but footage taken in their early days at concerts and it’s freaking unbelievable. You have to download the video for “Smoke On the Water” and see what the 1970’s wardrobe is all about. The music is unreal. This is an early Christmas present.

I have to say this week’s issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Madonna on the cover is a must have for her fans as well as the fans of Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead-I shouldn’t have to tell you). The interview with Madonna is spectacular and the article on Lemmy will no longer have you wondering how Keith Richards or Ozzy have made it this far in life after all the booze and drugs they put into their system. These guys are like “Opie” from the Andy Griffith show when compared to Lemmy.

Them Crooked Vultures debut album will be out on Nov. 17. The new single “New Fang” will be released on the airwaves beginning this Monday. The entire track list was revealed and there are 13 new songs.

Adam Lambert’s new single- “Time for Miracles”- is out and I have to say that I’m surprised (well not that much) that it is a “love ballad.” I thought for sure he was going down the “rock” avenue but I have to admit it sounds pretty good and his fans will no doubt love it.

I love the new single by One Republic –“Everybody Love Me”- it has a funky groove and sort of reminds me of something that Maroon 5 would do. Cool song. Buy it now.

“And 5, now this is most important, Rat…comes down to making out… whenever possible.. put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV

Side 2 of “Some Girls” by the Rolling Stones released on June 8, 1978.

I was 13 years old when this album came out and this was definitely the “rock” album that I would bring into Mr. Goldberg’s music class at Pershing Junior High School when I was in the 8th and 9th grades. Mr. Goldberg loved the song “When the Whip Comes Down”-which is on side one-now don’t get me wrong, the entire album is great but side two is “perfect.” This was the album that I would put up against any disco album that was brought in because at that time in my life I was totally against disco and wanted nothing but rock. (Even though secretly, I loved the soundtrack for “Saturday Night Fever”). Now of course, the first track on side one-“Miss You”- was The Stones entry into the disco sound and probably is the most popular song on the album. This album has it all-disco, rock and roll, blues and country. This is by far their best album during the “second phase” of their career and the best since the 1972 classic- “Exile on Mainstreet.” This band has made some unbelievable songs during their career which will last generations, side two is something to focus in on.

Side two starts off with the “sitting around the campfire” country tune-“Far Away Eyes”- Mick Jagger’s vocals are so phenomenal you’d think that he was from the south east portion of the U.S. instead of from “across the pond.” Last year around the holidays, our family went over to a friend’s house and there were a bunch of us having some holiday cheer when this song came on. Now Donna took over the lead vocals and was staunchly supported by Bob as we all looked in amazement as they knew every word as all of us swayed from side to side around the table trying to match Donna & Bob’s fervor. “So if you’re down on your luck..I know you all sympathize.. Find a girl with far away eyes..” This is one of their most under-rated songs. Track # 2-“Respectable” totally changes gears and rips right into one of their most rockin’ songs. I can remember lying down in front of my stereo of my bedroom in my parents house on 53rd street and 8th avenue in Brooklyn rocking back and forth with my pillow as my ears were being scorched by Keith’s guitars and Charlie’s drums screaming out of speakers. “She’s so respectable, she’s so delectable…” How great is Mr. Richard’s guitar solo punctuated by the bouncing of the skins by Mr. Watts? There is no other way to listen to this song but LOUD. This is rock and roll the way it ought to be. “Before They Make Me Run” is in my opinion- the best song that Mr. Richards has ever sung with the Stones. It’s almost like Ozzy in the sense that it is hard to believe how these guys get through the day-much less their career after all they have done to their bodies-which seems to have affected their speaking ability but when they sing, it’s like magic. And the reason for that is due to the fact that the music is in them and it comes from the heart. When Keith slips that strap around his neck he is home and the music emanates from every orifice in his body.

The last two songs on side two could “arguably” be two of the best songs that the Rolling Stones have ever recorded. My youngest son, who is 12, loves the Rolling Stones as I turned him on to them about a year ago and I believe these two songs are in his top ten favorite songs by the Stones. (By the way he is gathering his list of top ten songs by the Stones and we will compare our list and share with you on next week’s page). “Shattered” is one of the best arranged songs ever in the history of music-that’s right, that’s what I’m saying. A few months ago, this song came on my I-Tunes shuffle and my youngest son came running into the room as we both took turns lip syncing the song in front of my wife and my oldest son. We were putting on a show and I have to say my youngest was feeling it a whole lot more than me and I was blown away that at the age of 12 he knows the entire song word for word, note for note and all the little things that Mick does. (ex- “what say?”). “My friends they come around flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter…” The last song-“Beast of Burden”- is a phenomenal rock slow song that deserves all the accolades it gets. This is another “sing-a-long” song that everyone can enjoy. Can Mick get any better than the effort he puts forth in this track? Keith’s guitar is so sweet just like the syrup that you put on your pancakes for breakfast.This song came on the other day on I-95 rock and roll radio station up here in CT and my youngest again knew every word and sang it with the same passion as Mick. (I had tears in my eyes- can it get any better for me now?-both my sons now love some of the same music I do).

Ok folks, “Some Girls” needs to be in your music library-the entire album- and take heed to side two which is a “most excellent” collection of some of their greatest songs they ever recorded. Do you need anymore words for my excitement? Run out and buy it if you don’t have it (don’t tell me though that you didn’t have it) or listen again to this masterpiece.


My oldest son is really starting to branch out with his music appreciation and recently he has really started to get a whiff of Jack White and the White Stripes. The aroma has made him dig in for second and third helpings, so since I love the Stripes as well I asked him to name their best ten songs. I would then do the same, now I didn’t know what songs he put down until after I picked mine. So here are my favorites (in blue) as well as his (in red):

10.     Conquest– I remember playing this song for my wife & kids when the album first came out and how much they all disliked it very much. They thought the song was a goof, they didn’t think it was serious but that is Jack White’s style. I love the guitar solo and have a craving for waving a towel at a bull. Cool song.

10.     Instinct Blues – This is one of the few songs on “Get Behind Me Satan” that’s has guitar in it. This is what drew me into this song; the guitar is so cool and bluesy. I could listen to Jack play his guitar all day it’s extremely entertaining.

9.     Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground-Hard to believe this song was made by just two people. Mr. White has this way of putting up this wall of sound that just blows you away. His guitar work is masterful on this track and his voice is crystal clear. This song is for all the rockers out there as this will conjure up images of Sabbath, Zeppelin and even Priest.

9.     It’s True That We Love Each Other – This was the first song on “Elephant” that I memorized all the lyrics to, this song always makes me laugh. I always laugh when Meg sings “Jack really bugs me”, this song just brings a smile to my face.

8.     As Ugly As I Seem Actually the beginning sort of reminds me of Melissa Etheridge, believe it or not, because I am use to her with just the acoustic guitar and using her hand to hit the guitar like a drum. This song highlights Jack’s ability as a song writer and the song is basically flawless. Shout this out to the next guy-or gal- at your local pub that has a acoustic guitar and is taking requests from the audience and sing along to this “most excellent” tune.

8.     Blue Orchid – From the helicopter sound at the beginning to the abrupt end this song is awesome. I didn’t like this song the first time I heard it (or the album for that matter) but the song and the album quickly grew on me. I love the guitar combined with Meg’s signature drumming sound. Whenever I hear this song I’ll be singing “Get behind me, get behind me now anyway.”

7.     We’re Going to Be Friends – This was the last song performed on the Conan O’Brien show when he ended his 12:30 a.m. show before going to the Tonight show. Another spectacular song with just Jack and his guitar. He has this way of drawing you in and not letting you go until you listen to every thing he does.

7.     Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine – This song always makes me get up and jump around; it’s such a great upbeat song. One thing that stands out in this song is the short little guitar parts where Jack just plays rips on the guitar, it always amazes me.

6.     The Hardest Button to Button – Very simple song (like many of theirs) but it has an addictive bass/bass drum beat that hooks you in before the guitar whips in and grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.There is no other way to play this song but LOUD. When Jack comes back with the guitar it’s really lights out.

6.     My Doorbell – Before I got into The White Stripes I used to tell my dad about how horrible this song is.Then after I was enlightened and started liking the Stripes I realized this song is great!! What makes this song great is that it’s so much fun; it just makes you feel happy! Plus I love the music video to this song; it’s so cool when Jack is playing for all the little kids. It just makes you feel good. All music should be like this.

5.     I Want to Be The Boy to Warm Your Mother’s Heart– Also love the songs where Jack plays the piano and on this one he actually adds the guitar in as well and the result is a perfect blend of blues, “rockabilly” and straight forward rock and roll. This man’s talents are extreme and we all need to stand up and take notice. Look to the song to see what I’m talking about.

5.     The Nurse – This is probably the most unique song the Stripes have ever made. When I first heard it I was like “Is this music?!?” but soon I began to like the song and then it became one of my favorites. I love the random drum smashing sound that occurs throughout the song, the guitar that plays in the middle of the song, and the piano that plays along with it. I laugh every time I hear the guitar and piano part; you have to listen to it to understand.

4.     Icky Thump– This is the best!! Listen to that guitar hook and tell me this is not one of the greatest ever in the history of rock. Love the way Meg jams in with the drums. “La, la, la la la la la la la la, la, la…” Folks this could be the song for the first decade of the 2000. I’m having a hard time thinking of a cooler song.

4.     The Hardest Button to Button – I used to sing this song all day long, it is so addicting. While this is a pretty simple song I start bobbing my head the second Jack sings “We started living in an old house.” The thing that stands out to me in this song are the lyrics, it shows what an interesting song writer Jack White is.

3.     You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You’re Told) –The second track off of “Icky Thump” and I was immediately impressed by the whole arrangement of this tune. This is a perfect recording and I can imagine being in the studio when they finished this one, they must have all did high fives because that’s what I want to do when the song ends, find anyone close buy run and jump at the same time while smashing our hands high.

3.     I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself – Jack White sings this song, originally sung by Dusty Springfield, with pure perfection. This is one of those songs where Jack shines on vocals.I love when he sings “I need your sweet love.” Just listen to the song!

2.     The Denial Twist-How friggin’ cool is this song? Most of this song is piano and the groove is so funky that it will make you dance around the room. I love the part where Jack says “denying the truth and the it’s hidden in the wisdom in the back of your toooootttth…You need to spit it out..” How many songs that you know have the tambourine in it? Check it out.

2.     I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) – As the closing track to “Get Behind Me Satan” this piano ballad has always been my favorite track from the record. A lot of people will say that Jack White can’t make a nice ballad type song but here is proof that he can. This song is so fantastic with just Jack singing and him playing piano. I could listen to this song all day, every day. I was so close to making this my #1 song but I will stick by my number one pick.

1.     I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself –Ms. Springfield please forgive me for saying this but this is one of the very few “cover” songs that I think that is better than the original. I still love you Dusty but when I heard this version of your song I was blown away and when I heard Jack do this at Madison Square Garden I was in my glory. Now to cover an Icon’s song you need to have passion and Jack’s fervor is most impressive. You can tell he wanted Dusty to like it as he showed her great respect with this fantastic cover. It’s a masterpiece.

1.     Ball And Biscuit – This is without a doubt my favorite White Stripes song ever. Just ask my brother how many times a played this song, I played it endlessly! One time I played this song to my mother and my godmother and they both looked at me and said “What are you listening to?!?” Despite that I love this song so much, I air guitar this song when no one is looking all the time. This song shows us that Jack White has got skills on guitar!! (How cool would it be if Jack White and John Mayer had a guitar showdown?!?) It amazes me how great Jack White is as a musician, it’s extraordinary.

So there you go folks, we actually have two songs that are our favorites this time around (one more than the Foo Fighters), so now you have 16 songs to go out and sample to see if you like this band. Now I’m telling you right now this man is a “first ballot” hall of famer if you don’t jump on the band wagon now you will be lying to your kids (when he is in “Icon Stature”) if you tell them that you use to listen to him when he was current. Don’t lie to your kids, that’s not nice.


Since ROCKTOBER is my favorite month of the year I decided to try and come up with something different especially for this month only. I’m thinking a “Rock and Roll Juke Box” with some of the best rock songs for your next party or I-Pod playlist. This week’s list is what I would call the “British Invasion”; a list of tracks from some of the best from “Across The Pond.” So here goes in no particular order:

1.     “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”-(The Mighty) Led Zeppelin-One of the ultimate bands to emerge from England. So many songs to pick from but if you are having a party (with fellow rockers of course) there is nothing better to get the party started with this flat out, knock out, stop & go classic. And who doesn’t love to do the Plant imitation “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Nobody’s Fault!!”

2.     “Bad Boy” – The Beatles – One of my favorite “early” Beatle cover tune. This song flat out rocks, rolls, twists and the guitar work is flawless. John’s vocals are so friggin’ good, it is scary. Another great song to keep the party flowing. Very obscure song but rock solid.

3.     “Stray Cat Blues”- Rolling Stones– I know another obscure song but this blues laden rocking track from “Beggars Banquet” is so good it will leave you speechless. Think about these bands making some of the greatest music ever recorded, makes you wonder if it will ever happen again. This is when The Stones were The Stones.

4.     “1921” – The Who- Was there ever a better concept album than the masterful “Tommy?”This song will slow down the party a little but it’s OK because sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy this bands’ extreme talents.

5.     “Queen Bitch”- David Bowie- This classic from “Hunky Dory” will make you take notice that Bowie deserves all the accolades he has been given over the years. A national treasure.

6.     “Rock and Roll Madonna” – Elton John– So may songs to choose from and basically anything from his early days is acceptable. Trying to stay in the vibe of rock and roll, what better song to add than “Rock and Roll Madonna.” Elton can rock out as well, listen to his great piano solo on this tune and tell me this ain’t rock and roll?

7.     “Mellow Yellow” – Donovan – I love this song, when is the last time you have heard this track? Don’t kid yourself, Donovan was big “back in the day.”

8.     “Here Comes My Baby” – The Tremeloes– Talk about a song that will really get the party going? Look no further than this Tremeloe classic. It’s also an excellent exercise song. It really moves.

9.     “Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)” – The Hollies –As I mentioned this band should be in the Hall and this song is one of the many reasons they should be in. How great is this song?

10.     “I Only Want to Be With You” – Dusty Springfield- One of my favorite all time female singers, she is fantastic, phenomenal and any other word that expresses what greatness is all about.

11.    “My Love” – Petula Clark –Another fantastic talent from across the pond. This is an upbeat moving song that will have everyone saying “Hey I remember that song!! I love that song!!!”

12.     “Well Respected Man” – The Kinks- A band that doesn’t seem to get the respect it deserves and just based on this song they should be considered “Well Respected Men.” This song sounds so fresh today it’s like it was recorded this past summer.

13.     “Question” – The Moody Blues– A very talented band that is still going strong. Love this track, especially the way it changes gears by starting off fast then slowing down and then it picks up again. “I’m looking for someone to change my life… a miracle in my life…”

14.     “She’s Not There” – The Zombies –Another under-rated band in my opinion and these guys are still going strong. I love the way the singer sings this song as he tries to catch his breath, this is a “most excellent” song. Boy the organ was the most “funk a delic” instrument back in the ‘60’s, right?

15.     “When I Was Young” – The Animals- People forget that this band was putting out this quality music at the same time the Beatles were at their height. This is part of the reason why I think that the 1960’s are right at the top of the ladder when it comes to the best music ever recorded.

16.     “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat” – Herman’s Hermits– OK go ahead and make fun but these guys were actually very good and you have to have some of their songs in your music library. Why not start with this one?

17.     “A World Without Love” – Peter and Gordon– “They” don’t make songs like this anymore. Classic song that puts you in a daze, this is “priceless” music.

18.      “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” – Gerry & The Pacemakers. Managed by Brian Epstein, these guys had three consecutive number one singles released in a row- a feat that wasn’t matched until the 1980’s. Great song.

19.     “Comfortably Numb” – Pink Floyd. As some of you may know, I was never a big fan of Floyd (I know, how can that be?) but do respect their place in rock music history and obviously one of the best bands to ever come out of England. I do actually own “The Wall” (yes I know how can I not own “Dark Side”) and this is my favorite track by these guys.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Foo Fighters-Dave Grohl

2.     “Sad But True”

3.     “Rape Me”

4.     Bob Seger

This week’s trivia (Rolling Stones and White Stripes)

1.     True or False? Simon Kirke (drummer for Bad Co. and Free) assisted in the recording of the Rolling Stones “Some Girls” album.

2.     True or False? Meg White and Jack White are siblings?

3.     What number is Jack White obsessed with?

4.     What is the only White Stripes album not to be released on vinyl (yes bands still do that today)?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     “Crocodile Rock ”- Elton John

2.     “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)”-Edison Lighthouse

3.     “September”-Earth Wind & Fire

4.     “Wishin’ & Hopin’”- Dusty Springfield

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “Things are OK with me these days…got a good job, got a good office.. ”

2.     “My brother.. sit me right down and he talked to me… he told me that I ought not.”

3.     “I drove for miles and miles.. and wound up at your door.. I’ve had you so many times…”

4.     “I break into a lyrical freestyle.. grab the mic, look into the crowd and see smiles..”

Sadly back on this day in 1969, Tommy Edwards died of a brain aneurism. He sang the beautiful song “It’s All in the Game.”

Back on this day in 1978, Neil Young’s house in Zuma Beach CA burned to the ground from a brush fire.

Back on this day in 1999, Santana had his first number one hit with “Smooth” featuring Rob Thomas on vocals. The song stayed on top for 12 consecutive weeks and was the longest # 1 single for 1999.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Greg Ridley (bassist for “Humble Pie”- this band is really good, I have been getting into them a lot recently).


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