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February 8, 2008

Weekly Update – 02/08/08

Billy Joel at Shea Stadium on Wed. July 16. Tickets for this show will go on sale next Saturday Feb. 16 at 9:00 a.m. at http://www.507tixx.comNo price info yet.

Jethro Tull and Peter Frampton at Jones Beach on Sat. Aug. 9th. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 am. $25-$79.50

Beastie Boys at Terminal 5 on Tues. Mar. 4 for a benefit for the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function. Tickets on sale today at noon. No price info.

Van Morrison at the United Palace Theater on Sat. Mar. 15. Tickets on sale this coming Monday at 10:00 am. $79-$304.

Jay-Z and Mary J Blige at Nassau Coliseum and Izod Center on Thurs. Mar. 27 and Fri. Mar. 28 for their “Heart of the City Tour.” Pre-sale is next Thursday Feb. 14 at 10:00 am for CITI card holders only. General public is next Saturday Feb. 16 at noon. $76.75- $347.

Ace Frehley at Nokia Theater on Friday Apr. 4. Tickets on sale today at noon. $30-$34.

Widepread Panic at the United Palace Theater on Fr. & Sat. Apr. 4 and 5th. Tickets on sale next Sat. Feb. 16 at 10:00 am. $33.

Lotus at the Fillmore New York on Sat. Apr. 5. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. $18.50.

Feist at Hammerstein on Tues. April 29. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 am. $31.

Vince Gill & Friends at Northfork Theater on Thurs. May. 29. Tickets on sale on Sat. Mar. 1 at 12:30 p.m.

Other items:

Album review: “It’s Time for a Love Revolution” – Lenny Kravitz released Feb. 5, 2008:  Fantastic; Instant Classic; His Best Work Ever; I wish the World would follow his Words; Lenny for President!! Do you think I like this CD? You need to run out and purchase this album immediately!!

It has everything- groove, heart, soul, electric guitars, sitars and piano. And he even plays the drums. It’s hard and soft. It’s fast and slow. The best thing about this CD is his positive message of peace and love. “If You Want It” states that you (we together) can change the world. Such a great song and I love the “gospel” type background vocals towards the end of the song- a nice touch. 

The album starts off with a kick with “Love Revolution” and then goes into the Zep like “Bring It On” (put this one on in your car and crank it up). The third track definitely has a Beatle influence with “Good Morning” (perfect wake up song for those who need an alarm clock)  a bluesy rock song. “Love, Love, Love” has a Chili Pepper feel to it and with the lyrics “There ain’t nothing you can give me I’m already there, I got love”- how can you beat that?

Like many of his other CD’s, he writes beautiful slow songs. Right about the time his last CD, “Baptism” came out- my mother had passed away and he wrote a song for his mother (whom also passed away) called “Calling All Angels” and although its a tough song for me to listen to- I feel the connection. On this album, he writes a song for his dad-whom just passed away- “A Long and Sad Goodbye.” For the majority of Lenny’s life he did not speak to his father but they mended fences right around the time he was sick and before he died. Just listen to the lyrics.

I think my favorite song is “Will You Marry Me” (tough to pick because there are so many to choose from). Again his lyrics are solid- “You are my life and passion and that never goes out of fashion”- that’s the way I feel about my wife!!!

Throughout, there are songs for wanting the war to end. “I Want to Go Home” is just phenomenal. Heartfelt pain for the men & women over in Iraq. “When I take a Life, does that make peace?”- Powerful words. “I’ll Be Waiting” is also another cool song.

This man has passion-so much of it- that it pours off his heart. If you don’t like this album- I’ll reimburse you the money for it……

This week on my I-POD shuffle I came across Dusty Springfield. Wow-this woman had such a great voice and her songs will last forever. Such a shame the world lost her in 1999 to breast cancer. Pick up her greatest hits or “Dusty in Memphis.”  “You Don’t Have to say you love Me” is right up there for me as an all-time favorite. Remember keep the classics going- play them around your kids so they know!! Pound it into them.

By the way, how cool was Tom Petty at half-time of the Superbowl?

Twisted Sister and Stryper will be participating in a benefit concert to mark the upcoming fifth anniversary of The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island that killed 100 people.Twisted Singer frontman Dee Snider will serve as host of the event, which will raise money for The Station Family Fund, a nonprofit group that assists survivors with the costs of rehabilitation and treatment. More than 200 people were injured in the blaze and many continue to require medical care. The concert will feature an eclectic lineup, including several country artists. Snider says the members of Great White continue to be devastated by the tragedy, and that the band would perform at the concert in a heartbeat, but emotions are still too raw — “I just can’t let them near it,” Snider said. The benefit concert is set for February 25th at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, five days after the 5th anniversary of the fire.

Back on this day in 1969 Blind Faith formed after Traffic and Cream parted ways. Clapton, Winwood along with Rick Grech and Ginger Baker made one album and parted before 1969 ended. Clapton and Winwood are reunited at the end of this month at the Garden. “Well Alright”!!!

Grammy’s this Sunday!!

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