Errols Weekly Music Update.

October 21, 2011

Weekly Update – Rocktober 21, 2011

Peter Frampton at the Beacon Theater on Sat. Feb. 18, 2012. Pre-sale tickets on sale now if you have an American Express card. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $63.40, $89.50 and $117.10.

Twisted Sister at Best Buy Theater for their annual Twisted Christmas show on Sat. Dec. 17. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35 – $40.

Corey Taylor at Highline Ballroom (431 W 16th street NY between 9th and 10th avenue) on Mon. Dec. 5. Features acoustic performance, spoken word and Q&A. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25 ($30 day of show).

They Might Be Giants at Terminal 5 on Sat. Mar. 10, 2012. Tickets on sale today at noon. $26.50 ($30 day of show). It states specifically that no one under 14 years old will be allowed to see their show.

Wu Tang Clan at Best Buy Theater on Sun. Dec. 18. Tickets on sale today at noon. $55

Thirty Seconds To Mars at Hammerstein Ballroom on Wed. Dec. 7. Pre-sale tickets on sale now until 10:00 p.m. tonight if you have an American Express card. General public tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. $37.20 and $59.65.

Robert Earl Keen at Irving Plaza on Fri. Jan. 20, 2012. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $42.

Other items:

Have you seen the Honda commercial where the family in a minivan (Pilot) start to sing “Crazy Train”by Ozzy “a capella” style as each member of the family take turns performing the different sounds of the beginning of the song? I have to hand it to them, the commercial in ingenious and infectious, I love it.

The Cult are working on their ninth studio album and it is expected to be released in April 2012. It is said to been recorded with the influence of the Mighty Led Zeppelin and The Stooges. This band is solid.

Megadeth will be on the “Jimmy Kimmel” show on Halloween night (early Nov. 1) performing a new song from their new album-“ Th1rt3en” – which also comes out on Nov. 1. Most likely song will be “Public Enemy No. 1.”

On Nov. 21, Rush will release a 15 disc package that will contain every recording with Mercury Records. Can’t imagine how much that is going to cost but now is your chance to get it all in one shot.

My favorite “new thrash metal” song of the week is “The Devil You Know” by Anthrax from their new album – “Worship Music.” After seeing them at Yankee Stadium for the Big Four show it was only a matter of time before I started to dive into their music. Do you see how great it is to discover music? These guys have been around for 30 years and I’m just getting it. Good stuff right here folks!! \m/ \m/

My favorite “old school hard rock” song of the week is “Sinner’s Swing” by Van Halen. How friggin’ great is this song? “All right you sinner’s swing…danger in the rear view mirror…” Man this is when they were at the very top of their game. I will not let my oldest son’s face ruin my groove when I mentioned to him how great this song is.

Mick Jones of Foreigner has not performed with the band since Aug. 20 due to an undisclosed illness. The band’s publicist is stating that he is making a full recovery and should be back soon. Even though I don’t follow them without Lou, I hope Mick gets better to get back out on the road again with the band he loves. Best wishes Mick.

Mick Fleetwood teamed up with Jonny Lang and Stephen Tyler to record ZZ Top’s –“Sharped Dressed Man”- for the upcoming tribute album to ZZ Top- and Mick states that he may just want to keep this new “super group” thing going. Have to wait and see, can’t wait for the tribute album to come out.

Rocktober Juke-box: Double Barrel Tours

Since it is “Rocktober” (my most favorite month of the year) I decided to bring back the rock and roll juke-box and the theme this week is concerts that I have attended that contained some of the best “one, two punches”-meaning the opening band and the headliner were equally fantastic, in my opinion, on their respective tours together: Now there are so many tours that I have missed like the legendary bands Van Halen and Black Sabbath, where Diamond Dave and the boys opened for Ozzy and the boys. Or how about KISS opening for Sabbath- the list are endless and depending on your taste in music, you will have very different ones that I can remember. Now the key here is to think of tours right away-what comes to mind first-trying not to think too hard about it, cause if you do then it probably wasn’t the most memorable of shows, right? So here is a list of Rocktober juke box songs from my most memorable shows- (try not too laugh):

Image of Billy Squier

Queen 2

Billy Squier/Queen Tour 1982 (July)– I will never forget this night as Mr. McGregor took me, his son Brian and my “brother”-Slats- in his van to the legendary Madison Square Garden in July 1982 to see these two “power-houses”-again in my opinion- and the result was one of the best concert moments I have ever had. Both Billy and Queen tore up the stage. Sadly we lost touch with the McGregor’s since they moved to Arizona shortly after that night. And by the way what is “Rocktober” without Queen? Are you kidding me??!!

Rock Me Tonite” – Billy Squier – I get steamed when I hear people scoff at the library of work that Squier has put forth for us to enjoy. This guy was so huge during the early 1980’s that I would say that he ruled the “rock” world for at least two straight years-yes I know that MTV kind of killed his career-but that was later on in the 1980’s. Like I said for a period of time, he was a “King” and produced some of the coolest rock songs on the planet. Put this song on and tell me this doesn’t rock-it even has “rock” for Rocktober- in its title.

Fight From the Inside” – Queen – How great was this band in their prime? Hard to put into words, right? So freaking phenomenal in every aspect of their game. This rocking song hails from their “News of the World” album and it is actually contains Roger Taylor on vocals as Freddie sat this one out. There are many songs with Roger at the helm singing and almost every one he made was good. The bass lines, the lead guitar and the drumming is too much to take. Turn it up LOUD and rock on my friends. Put it in your juke-box.

Don’t Say You Love Me” – Billy Squier – This has to be in your Rocktober juke-box because this song totally rocks. This was my number one Billy Squier song and I can literally listen to this tune every day for the rest of my life (and beyond). The man made some quality tracks and even though this was after the days when he ruled the world, it gives you a glimpse into what he still had in him. This song pumps me up like no other-you have to own this track-it’s a crime if you don’t. Friggin’ phenomenal.

Brighton Rock” – Queen – This is my friend George’s favorite Queen song and I agree that this is a total classic. Brian May’s guitar work is jaw-dropping and Freddie is all over this song with his stellar vocals. I think I have said this before but Queen had the best harmonizing vocals of any rock band (do not e-mail about CSN&Y-different kind of rock). May’s guitar licks really pick up mid way through the song and then basically shuts down with “bolts of lightning” the rest of the way. Classic Queen my friends-another band that ruled the world and for longer than two years (with no disrespect intended for my friend Billy). The last riff that takes out the song is “killer.”

All Night Long” – Billy Squier – The echoing sound of the guitar heart-beat is the prelude to getting so psyched up before the lead guitar lick blasts you into orbit. (how cool is that sound??!!!) “I get up…run through the world like a fire…heat it up…swim in the flames of desire”- even the lyrics are smoking, are you kidding me? Tell me this guy isn’t great? How can anyone not like this? Is it a little polished? Ok yes but the bottom line is it rocks your socks off. ‘Nuff said! \m/ \m/

Son and Daughter” – Queen – In my opinion Queen is doing its best impression of Aerosmith, early Aerosmith remember-I could see Tyler singing this bad-ass song while ripping the cover off the ball just like Freddie nails it. I can not say enough about howremarkable this band was. They didn’t know it at the time but when they were writing songs like this at the early stage of their career, they were putting themselves into the rock and roll hall of fame instantly.

I Need You” – Billy Squier – “I rise at the break of day…your smile sets me on my way I need you…see the lights shining in your eyes”- C’mon everyone- “I am alone…my odds are long…it’s all I can do…I need you!!” Are you familiar with this song? It’s an absolute stunner. The bass line/guitar riff that climbs up and down the stairs is so addictive and once the road comes to cross the bridge and the groove switches gears at the 2:19 mark when Billy exclaims-“well I forget all my sorrows, I forget all my pain”- it makes me reach for the skies as I am lifted off the ground because of its sweetness. Whew…Billy Squier has made some real quality tunes and this is near the top of the pile.

Dead On Time” – Queen – The label that Queen was just an “opera-etic” band is hogwash-they made so many rocking songs and their real fans know the score. How could they not with Brian May on guitar-he makes his guitar come to life and on this track it sounds larger than life. This is a fast moving song and the louder you listen to it, the better it becomes. There are the unbelievable harmonizing vocals again and it’s more amazing to listen to this song with headphones on but don’t be selfish-blast it for everyone around you. Queen rocks Rocktober!!!!

Image of Godsmack

Image of Metallica

Godsmack/Metallica 2004 Tour (Rocktober)– It wasn’t that long ago when me, my brother Rich, & Sal drove over to the Izod Center on a Friday night in Rocktober to witness one of the heaviest “one-two” punches in recent memory. (again keep the perspective that there are different types of metal, so when I say “heavy” don’t scoff-I’m not talking “Slayer” heavy). Anyway despite the fact that the Izod Center always seems “hollow” with no “buzz” at all both Godsmack and Metallica blew up the stage with their unbelievable performances. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Godsmack, you really need to give them a chance. I recently took my “brother” –Slats- to see them as a headliner at the Hammerstein Ballroom and he loved the show. These guys rock. What else can be said about Metallica? The band that single handily put metal on the map across the universe and continues to do so. Here are some Rocktober juke-box tunes:

Get Up, Get Out” – Godsmack – I will put this song here and “prove” to all the folks out there who say that this band was an extension of Alice-In-Chains that it is true…Not. Yeah Ok, so they took the name of one of AIC’s songs for their band name and yes Sully sounds an awful lot like Layne Staley-especially at the beginning of the tune-but the same could be said that Layne tried to sound like Vedder and Cornell and so on. Anyway I am not here to argue- just want to make you aware that Godsmack is a kick-ass band and this is one of many examples.

The Frayed Ends Of Sanity” – Metallica – Yes the “Wizard of Oz” song-how can one not get totally psyched up once they hear- “Oh- wee-Oh?” Now admittedly this may not be for all at your party but sometimes you need to stretch the limits, to open people’s minds and let it all sink in. Once they see you become possessed as the music is injected into your system and you can’t control yourself it just may make them realize that they need a jolt just like you. Rock on my friends. \m/ \m/

No Rest for The Wicked” – Godsmack – Want to talk about getting pumped up or psyched up to the point where you may just join that mosh-pit-Ok-yes you can ask your wife and kids to form your own mosh-pit so that you don’t end up in the hospital but make sure you don’t hurt the wife and kiddies. (I am only joking I don’t encourage violence) If you have been procrastinating about something-anything-just put this song on and I’ll guarantee this song will get you off the snide and you’ll get it done because there is “No Rest for The Wicked” Baby!!!!

Whiplash” – Metallica – Ok now it’s a “Thrash” party and you will try to stop yourself from banging your head up and down at break-neck speeds but you won’t be able to. You will conform to the hypnotism that is surrounding you. Be careful at your age you might get dizzy. Slow down-no wait-“Here we go!!!!”- now do your best impersonation of Kirk as you air-guitar away. By the time the song ends, you will be out of breath. Whew..great stuff.

Shadow of a Soul” – Godsmack – How cool is Sully Erna? He has developed into a great “pro” and is, in my opinion, the best lead man out there today. He displays such calm and coolness but in the next second he can rip it out of the park on songs like this (and so many others). He has all the tatoo’s, all the metal stuff going on around him but he is a father and a real intelligent person-I don’t know why I find that so interesting but I do. Sully and the boys are at the top of their game and in my opinion eventually they will get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yes folks, they are that good!!

Dirty Window” – Metallica – I know I am going to be lambasted for putting this song here but hear it (me) out. I know there are like nine people on the planet that like “St. Anger” and I guess I would be the tenth but admittedly it has taken a few years after its release to find some quality in the songs-not all- but this one rocks. If you can get over the fact that Kirk has no solos and the complaint that it sounds like Lars is playing on the tops of garbage cans-then this song is for you. We all know they hung on to Bob Rock for way too long but some of the songs on “Anger” went back to the basics. Mr. Rock still tried to give it that sound and overall on this track it works- you can feel James anger throughout.

Re-Align” – Godsmack – Wow how good is this band? Folks I’m telling you these guys hold the current title of being the best “metal” band out there today (again for all the death metal-ers out there take a deep breath-I am not talking about that type of metal). I have to give this band a lot of credit, they stuck it out through all the criticism (AIC, etc.), patiently waited in the wings of bands like Metallica and have persevered to become a super solid institution that continues to get better with each new album. Oh by the way-this song is great!!! \m/ \m/

Don’t Tread On Me” – Metallica – I absolutely love this song and always couldn’t wait for the last song on side one of the “Black” album to come on. Some people may see it as…well however they see it (or hear it I should say, right?)…but this song friggin’ rocks the rock right out of “Rocktober.” Don’t you just love the pulsating beats that just knock you out? If I am ever in a pub that has the “Black Album” in its juke-box, this is the first song I pick. Lars is a beast on this track. Rock on my friends!!!


Leave a Whisper

Ok right off the bat it kills me to put this album in this section but I have to be honest with myself and admit that there are some songs that I skip over-there I said it-but it does not take away the absolute and unconditional love that I have for the band named –“Shinedown.” For those of you out there who only know them through the song-“Second Chance”- you are totally missing out if you think they are some sort of “pop” band. Take it from me, these guys rock and should always be heavily invested in the month of Rocktober. Their debut-“Leave A Whisper”- starts off such a force that even Mother Nature is looking down and saying-“wow, I thought I could create a storm of force.” Now I know my youngest son will probably not speak to me for putting this album here because he thinks (knows) that every single song is a knock out and maintains that this album is their best. I will not argue with that point, I can’t because I even find myself listening to the songs that I had typically skipped over-either way, this band is phenomenal with a capital “P” and like I said a while back-they are part of my blood stream. For those of you who know me I always have maintained that I “bleed green” for my unconditional love of the N.Y. Jets, well this band is in the same category. I love this band and couldn’t live without their music, there is something so electrifying about them whenever I hear their songs. The energy they give me could charge one of those electric cars in a moment’s time. So without harping on what songs I may skip over, here are some of their golden “nuggets,” in no particular order, from their powerful debut-“Leave A Whisper.”

Stranger Inside – For those of you out there who think “Second Chance” is what defines this band-think again- put this song on and wipe away those “pop” ideas and rock out with the rest of the Shinedown brethren. How great is Brent Smith as a vocalist? He is all about passion- you can feel it just like when Shaquille O’Neal starts to sweat during one of his games- you know what I am talking about? This band is so real, they pour every ounce of energy into all their songs-can’t say enough about this band-stupendous. Love the way Brent stretches out the word “breath.”

Left Out – Sort of reminds me of Saliva as I could picture them doing this song (actually Brent did a song with them on their last album) it sort of has that “rap/metal” thing going on. The guitar riff is so hard that you just may need to wear a helmet to protect yourself. How can this song not psyche you up?-especially when he sounds like he is singing into a bull-horn. Shinedown rules!!! What are you waiting for?

45 – For many fans, this is considered their best song ever and you will not get an argument from me. This is a staple of their shows and I don’t think they will ever remove it from their setlist. I love both versions of this song (acoustic as well)-this is a perfect example of the passion and fervor that Brent gives to us and I’m not sure there is any other person on the planet that can close to matching him-freaking phenomenal. If you let this band take you away you will know exactly what I am talking about- Shinedown rules!! \m/ \m/

Burning Bright – Folks I’m telling you right now to make quality songs like this one on your first album is an accomplishment that will never go un-noticed by the “people in the know.” These songs affect your life like none other-it puts you on “Shinedown planet” with the hopes of never leaving- I would pick up and take my family to that planet any time. Are you with me?

Fly From The Inside – I couldn’t think of a better song to introduce the world to Shinedown-this song is flat out spectacular and has to be considered a jewel of their musical library. Folks what are you waiting for? Get in right now before they release their fourth studio album (which they are currently working on) so that you can join in on the fun once they tour again to promote the upcoming album- there is a good chance you will hear this classic on the set-list. So many songs to choose from, it’s just sick. \m/ \m/

No More Love – Again I can’t say enough about the passion of this band. Brent is “off the hook” with his vocals on this track. “despite the writing on the wall…my future’s bleak and rather small”- not the brightest lyrics but you won’t be able to stop singing this part before the chorus-“There’s no more love”- take my word- put this track on and see (hear) what I mean.

All I Ever Wanted– Again folks this a song from a debut album-are you kidding me? This is stuff that should have been made by a band that had been around for years. They know how to take it down and of course they know how to knock it out of the park-this song contains both parts. Folks, you need to run out and get these songs or the entire album- you can’t go wrong. Shinedown rules Rocktober!!!

Top Ten

This week’s I-Pod shuffle kept landing on songs by The Steve Miller Band and Fleetwood Mac, two bands who I am familiar with but don’t know the history like their die-hard fans would, so I thought I would put down my top five songs from each while acknowledging that they have more than enough material to have their own top ten list but again I am going by what I know. Fleetwood Mac actually started out as a “prog” band in the same era with bands like Genesis and both bands made a quick right turn down the pop-rock genre and never really looked back. Fleetwood Mac obviously made one of the most historic albums in rock history with-“Rumors”- that will forever hold them in high regard with rock royalty. I believe they tried for the rest of their career to recreate the magic from Rumors but just like so many other artists (see Guns & Roses, Meatloaf) who tried to climb back to the mountain-top, the pressure was too much too handle and despite making some quality albums afterwards, they never reached that “status.” Now don’t get me wrong- I am not criticizing them, after all they are still together and sell out in nano seconds wherever they play. It’s near impossible for any band to create masterpieces one after the other, I get it and sometimes even hard to create just one masterpiece-they did it!!!

With respect to the Steve Miller Band, let me ask something- who doesn’t own-“The Greatest Hits 1974-78?” Even if you don’t own it, you know somebody who does. How many house parties have you attended where you saw the album, tape or CD with the familiar “horses’ head” with the blue-sky background? It’s almost a requirement that every household in America should have this album in its possession and if not, the sale of your home will not pass inspection. I find it almost impossible for anyone not to like at least one song from this legendary band who many also believe that they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Yes, I am back on that kick again). My favorite album from this band is “Book of Dreams” and I spent many of my teenage days in my bedroom laying on the hardwood floor with my head between the tall speakers, with the volume way up, drifting off into another stratosphere with his brand of psychedelic rock and roll. (The album sleeve is busted wide open and the only way it stays in place is due to the album cover). The Steve Miller Band is also still going strong as they just released an album earlier this year and he is always fun to see live during the summer months when he makes his annual trek to either Long Island or New Jersey.

So here it is, I am on an island and due to my own misgivings, I have been informed that I can only have five songs from Fleetwood Mac and The Steve Miller Band-“These Are Them:”

Fleetwood Mac

Image of Fleetwood Mac

5.     Gold Dust Woman-It’s weird thing about this song as it used to be the one song that I would not listen to whenever I would flop down the two sides of this legendary “Rumors” album as a teenager in my bedroom. But more recently, this song has grown on me to the point where I now consider it one of their best tracks ever-I now can’t seem to get enough of it. I have always recognized Stevie Nicks as one of the most prolific women “rockers” of our time and this song really cements that fact for me. (I know what you’re thinking- well what about “Landslide?”). The arrangement of this song is remarkable, almost sounds like it is disappearing throughout the entire five minutes-if there is one word I would use to describe this song it would have to be-“meditative.” I can now listen to this song all day long.

4.     Never Going Back Again –I don’t know why but I could easily see the Foo Fighters covering this song, this is right up their alley (especially when you think back to the second CD from their “In Your Honor” release back in 2005) and you know Grohl would treat it with the respect it deserves. Buckingham was at his absolute best on this album and this song is one of the highlights of his career. Sorry to keep “singling” out individuals in the band as I know it is a group effort but I guess I am referring to his unbelievable vocals. The song is simple but again sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring the sweetest moments to our existence, pure perfection!!!!

3.     The Chain –Side two starts off with this amazing song and of course you know I am going to have a zany “best part of the song” that I can not live without and it comes at the 1:30 mark of the tune when Mick Fleetwood hits the “high hat” as he clamps down on the cymbals to give that “zzz-iiiii-pppppp” sound. Boy how I love that part-whenever I play the song around the house I always tell my wife and kids to be quiet at that moment I feel it coming and I have to make believe I am a drummer and “air-drum” that part only. They all just shake their heads and walk away. Or what about with 1:10 left in the song, the tempo picks up as Mick pounds away while Lindsey wails away on guitar? Almost too much to take. This has to go down in rock history as one of the best songs ever written and recorded, love it.

2.     Silver Springs (Live Version) – This is another song that in just a few short years has catapulted its way up to the top of my all-time favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac. I was taking a Spin class at the NY Sports club in Danbury CT a few years back and the instructor put this song on his list and I was blown away on how great this song was-I had never heard it before but I knew from the vocals that it was Stevie Nicks. He worked it as a hill climb and the build-up towards the end of the song was perfect for that resistance that was up to an “8 or 9”-yes a real “8 or 9”-as I spun my wheels I was thinking this was the greatest song I had ever heard. After the class, I immediately went home and downloaded it off of I-Tunes and the rest they say is history. This is a majestic song that deserves your attention; it caught mine and then some.

1.     Songbird – Christie McVie has such an angelic voice and she hypnotizes me every time I hear this song. If there was ever one song that I wanted to see performed live, it would be this one (there’s no chance since Christie has ruled out a return to the reunion of Fleetwood Mac). This song makes me drift off to a place high above the clouds and I can picture all the family and friends that have left this earth. As I fly through the air, I meet my mother-“Jane,” my grandmother-“Ma,” my aunt-“Carol,” my great aunt-“Sarah,” Mr. Fagan (true gentleman); and “Uncle Lenny” (another true gentleman) and just like the words say-“cause I feel like when I’m with you…it’s alright…I know it’s right…” And then “I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before.” This is an earth shattering song right here and I can’t say enough on how beautiful it is and I know I say this all the time but this has to rank up in my top ten songs of all-time.

Steve Miller Band


5.     Winter Time – The beginning of this song really makes you feel like there is a blizzard outside and that you are stuck in the house just watching a blur of white swirl around your windows as some drifts approach heights you thought were unattainable. Sounds like the winter of 2010/2011, right? Last winter was unbelievable in the northeast and contained the most snow that I can ever remember. Steve Miller has this way of lulling you into another dimension and this song solidifies this opinion. On almost every song that he has created, people sing along with him and this tune is no exception-“I’m calling…hear me calling…hear me call-ah-all-ling.” There is even a nice short guitar solo, so sit back with your hot chocolate and let this song take you away.

4.     Serenade – Over the years this song has grown on me to the point where it is now one of my all-time favorites (hey there are only so many times one can listen to “Take the Money and Run,” right?). It is so hard not to sing along to this song-“did you see the lights…as they fell all Aay-round you…did you hear the music of serenade from the stars…”-love the way he brushes his words into more syllables than how the rest of society would speak them. (Aay-round instead of around). Hard not to like this song.

3.     The StakeI remember back in 1978 or so when I would put the “Book of Dreams” album on in my room, I couldn’t wait to turn over to side two to hear-“The Stake.” At that time, I thought it was the coolest, most heaviest song that I had heard. (heavy for Steve Miller, take a deep breath). It has this cool slow blues-like hook that grabs you in a head-lock and doesn’t let go-I’ll call it-“psychedelic blues”-yeah that will work. Anyway, I have always love the parts in the song where Steve will sing-“Nobody loves you…like the way I do”- and then the guitar would play the same exact part where you would think the guitar was singing. (sort of like Plant/Page but not at the same time like they did-well it does happen towards the end of the song but you get the picture). And don’t kid yourself there is a sweet guitar solo in the middle of the tune that continues on until the end of the song which will make you do the “Wayne’s World-We Are Not Worthy Bow.” Classic, classic tune! \m/ \m/

2.     The Joker – Despite the fact that this song should have made the list of tunes that should be banned from classic rock radio, I can’t get enough of it. This could arguably be his most popular song-it’s been played everywhere. Remember when Homer Simpson sang it so slickly on an episode of “The Simpsons?” I loved that scene. I bet this song has reached more ears around the world than any other song (or is at least up there near the top). A few years ago I was on the Sales side of S&P and there was this offsite where we would learn during the day and then at night there would be some fun. One night there was a karaoke theme going on and I was new to the group and decided to show my colleagues that I could get up there and belt out a tune (no I did not have any drinks in me). I wanted the next song on my list to sing but the DJ didn’t have it, so I went right to this song. I remember seeing nothing but the screen with the lyrics and that was it and I tried my best to match Steve’s fervor-I’m not sure if there were dogs howling nearby but I gave it my best shot. It is impossible to not sing along to this song, you know you do.

1.     True Fine Love-From the moment I heard this song I forever knew that this would always be my most favorite Steve Miller tune. How great is the groove in this track? My only complaint is how short the song is. (but I guess if it were any different it wouldn’t hold the same magic, right?). I could nail this song on any karaoke night and I wouldn’t need the screen with the lyrics. It is simple and takes me back to the music that I grew up on-“doo-wop” but this had an added bonus of a slick guitar riff that is the substitute for the harmonizing vocals. I love to sing along to this track-“I ain’t complaining but I sure like to find me a true fine-al love”- again he stretches out the words and makes “fine” sound like “final.” So c’mon get your rocks off because Steve will knock your socks off with this throw-back classic, love it!!!!

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Scott Stapp – Creed

2.     Snoop Dogg

3.     Donnie Van Zant – .38 Special

4.     Norman Greenbaum – “Spirit in the Sky”

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     True or False: After the death of Curt Cobain, Neil Young asked Dave Grohl to be the drummer for his band?

2.     What song did Tina Turner win the grammy for “song of the year” in 1985?.

3.     Who was the lead singer of one of the first “super groups”- Power Station?

4.     Our band has been around for a while now since 1988 and we are from Pennsylvania. We have seven studio albums with the last one coming in 2006. Most know us from throwing copper, who are we?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Y.M.C.A. – The Village People

2.     Groove Is In the Heart – Deee-Lite

3.     Julia – The Beatles

4.     Never Can Say Goodbye – The Jackson 5

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…has he lost his mind…can he see or is he blind…can he walk at all …”

2.     “…you’re every thought…you’re everything…you’re every song I ever sing…summer, winter…”

3.     “…I may get around…I may laugh a lot…now you’d think that I’d be happy with the life I’ve got…”

4.     “…sail on silver girl…sale on by…your time has come to shine…all your dreams are on their way…”

Back on this Day

Sadly back on this day in 1995, Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) passed away at the young age of 28. Sixteen years already, unbelievable.

Back on this day in 1957, Elvis’s movie – “Jailhouse Rock”- premiered in the U.S.

Back on this day in 1972, Chuck Berry scored his only number one hit with “My Ding-a-Ling.” Very sad in my opinion because this song doesn’t compare to his “classics.”

Back on this day in 1976, The Who performed their last concert with Keith Moon in North America with a show in Toronto, Canada.

Back on this day in 1985, Carl Perkins was joined an a stage in London by George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and Dave Edmunds to help perform a rendition of Carl’s “Blue Suede Shoes” which had been a hit for him 30 years prior.

Back on this day in 1993, The Ramones made a guest appearance on “The Simpsons” and to this day it is said to be one of the best Simpson episodes with a musical guest. Marky Ramone said it was one of the highlights of their career.

Back in the day in 1997, Diamond David Lee Roth released his autobiography-“Crazy from the Heat” which featured stories from his days with Van Halen and as a solo artist.

Back on this day in 1998, Alice Cooper sued KISS, stating that their song-“Dreamin’”-from “Psycho Circus” sounded just like his first single- “I’m 18.” A year later it was settled out of court. I have to agree with Alice and I’m assuming KISS paid a nice sum out of court.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Manfred Mann, Steve Lukather (Toto) and Brent Mydland (Grateful Dead).


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