Errols Weekly Music Update.

October 14, 2011

Weekly Update – Rocktober 14, 2011

Kid Rock at the Beacon Theater on Sat. Nov. 19. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. $63.15, $73.35 and $106.10.

Sting at the Roseland Ballroom at Tues. Nov. 8. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $93 and $183.50.

Rascal Flatts at the Izod Center on Sat. Feb. 18, 2012. Pre-sale tickets on sale this morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tonight and the password is: Access. General public on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. $36, $57.75, and $81.20.

Jon Anderson at BB Kings on Sat. Mar. 10, 2012. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40.

Other items:

The upcoming Muppets Movie (Nov. 23 release) will have a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana led by Kermit and his buddies and supposedly they re-work the song pretty well. The soundtrack will also include original songs from Paul Simon, Starship, Feist and others.

The Black Keys will release-“El Camino”- on Dec. 6 and supposed influences on this album are The Clash and The Cramps. Two confirmed song titles are –“Little Black Submarine” and “Lonely Boy.”

Scott Weiland will release “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” on Rocktober 24 and is a 13 track Christmas album. You can listen on Amazon to the samples and I have to say he is trying his best to do “Bing” and on some songs he nails it but on others, not so much. He puts a “calypso” spin on “Silent Night” and he sounds like Tony Bennett on “Most Wonderful.” There is a reggae touch on “O Holy Night.”

Lisa Roth, sister of Diamond David Lee Roth, is releasing “Lullaby Renditions of Van Halen” and the songs are beautiful instrumental lullabies of such classics as “Hot For Teacher,” “Panama,” “You really Got Me” and believe it or not-“Eruption.” (This I have to hear) The album will be issued on November 8.

My favorite “old school R&B” song of the week is “Right Back” by Maxine Nightingale. How great is this song? I can’t get enough of it, I could listen to it “25/8”- I saw that somewhere and figured I’d use it. Seriously folks, this is a masterpiece, but you can NOT get the original recording on I-Tunes, do not be fooled. You have to go the old fashioned route- buy a CD!!!

Rocktober Juke-box: “Blues Songs” that Helped Shape Rock and Roll

Juke Box Hits 60 Songs Blues

Since it is “Rocktober” (my most favorite month of the year) I decided to bring back the rock and roll juke-box and the theme this week is brought to you by my oldest son who is totally entrenched in the “blues” and I am talking stuff like my friend John would say-“walking on the rail road tracks with a stick carrying some clothes because one just ran away from home singing the blues” kind of stuff. Folks, I can honestly say that I don’t even know how far back he gone to listen to this genre but I when I hear Robert Johnson blaring from his room, I thinking he has gone all the way back to its roots. So my oldest said that this week’s juke-box should contain blues songs that have shaped rock and roll and I loved it, so without further adieu here is his “blues juke-box” playlist:

“Stormy Monday” – T-Bone Walker – Often called the “Father of Electric Blues” T-Bone Walker practically single handedly created a collection of guitar licks that are still used today in almost every blues or rock song.The man was a true genius on guitar and this song is his greatest masterpiece; it has been covered by almost every blues band ever most famously by the Allman Brothers Band. When you listen to this song it’s hard to believe it came out in 1947 because Walker was so far ahead of his time. Anyone who wants to be a great guitar player start studying this man and you will have an archive of great licks in no time.

Little By Little” – Junior Wells – Junior Wells is most famous for being one of the blues greatest harp players ever. However many people overlook the great voice he had; this phenomenal tune showcases his great singing. He had this sort of “tough guy” attitude whenever he sang or played and it was just the coolest thing.This man has so many amazing songs that you need to check out! By the way Susan Tedeschi does a flawless cover of this song on her debut album “Just Won’t Burn..

One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer” – John Lee Hooker – Most classic rock fans will know this amazing song because of rock/blues guitarist George Thorogood’s magnificent cover of it. Even though I personally prefer his version (yikes did I just say that?!) it’s always important to know your roots and discover the creators of songs. John is the genius behind this great song and the way he plays it is so down to earth which is what makes it so good.

The Things That I Used To Do” – Guitar Slim – Mr. Slim is such an underrated blues guitarist and deserves a lot more credit than he receives. This song is a testament to his great vocals and guitar playing; this song is so smooth that you will be grooving and snapping your fingers to the beat from the second it starts until the end. The song was famously covered by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan whose own rendition kept this great song alive.

Grinning In Your Face” – Son House – Son House was one of the true original delta blues players and if you are a fan of the blues he is a must hear.House has so many great tunes that have phenomenal lyrics and innovative slide guitar techniques. This particular song is one of my favorite of his songs; he sings it in such a menacing way that when he says “But bear this in mind a true friend is hard to find” you can feel the pain he has felt. I think it’s amazing how a song can be this good with just someone singing and clapping their hands; this is one of the most down to earth and personal songs ever made.

As The Years Go Passing By” – Albert King – What is there to say about Mr. Albert King that hasn’t already been said? Albert was one of the coolest electric guitar players that ever lived and authored some of the most famous blues licks ever made. This minor blues song is from his magnum opus “Born Under A Bad Sign” (one of the best blues albums of all time) and is a personal favorite of mine. I’m in another world when I hear this song; Albert puts so much passion in it that it inspires me every time I hear it. This song has great lyrics, singing and guitar playing what more can you ask for? On a side note Santana does a scorching cover of this song that you definitely need to hear because it is just fantastic.

How Blue Can You Get” – B.B. King – Who can honestly say that they don’t like B.B. King? Is it even possible?! Well if you don’t then check out this awesome song and you will immediately fall in love with B.B.’s music. This song oozes with soul from the incredible guitar intro to the powerful vocals and lyrics. I think it’s actually impossible not to crack a smile when B.B. belts out “I gave you seven children and now you wanna give them back.” When you listen to Mr. King all your troubles just melt away which is what makes his music so special.

Have You Ever Loved A Woman” – Freddie King Out of the three Kings (B.B., Albert, and Freddie) I think Freddie is easily the most overlooked, and I can’t understand why. The man was a force of nature on the guitar. He was different from B.B. and Albert in the sense that he literally attacked his guitar; he played with such sheer force, energy, and passion that just watching him play leaves you in awe. This is one of my favorite tunes from him because it showcases his insane playing ability along with that unique voice. Most people know this song because it was covered on the classic album “Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs” but the original is so much rawer. You’ll be screaming and moaning just listening to Freddie wail on his guitar and sing with as much energy as he can.

You Shook Me” – Muddy Waters – Ever wondered where AC/DC got the inspiration for their classic song “You Shook Me All Night Long”? Well search no further because they got it directly from this amazing Muddy Water’s song.This song, about a man who has an affair with another woman, is a slow burner that just makes you want to close your eyes and sing along with Muddy. Muddy’s amazing voice is what I love about this tune; you can feel the passion in his voice and that passion is just infectious. Muddy had such a huge impact on rock and roll and this is just one of his many timeless songs.

It Hurts Me Too” – Elmore James – Often hailed as the “King of the Slide Guitar” Elmore James had a big impact on the guitar world because he was one of the first to introduce the electric slide.James would inspire famous rockers such as Duane Allman and Jimi Hendrix and for good reason too. Even though James may be more famous for tunes like “The Sky is Crying”, “Done Somebody Wrong”, and “Shake Your Moneymaker” one of my personal favorites is this classic love song. Anyone who has ever loved a girl that loves someone else will immediately love this song; between the lyrics and Elmore’s powerful vocals and guitar licks you just won’t be able to resist this great song.

Leave My Girl Alone” – Buddy Guy – When listening to Mr. Buddy Guy you just have to lay back and smile while Buddy makes his guitar squeal and sings with all the passion in the world.Guy has always been an unorthodox guitar player because of his love for distortion and crazy string bending techniques (Things that Jimi Hendrix would later adopt). This is one of the best songs from Buddy’s career at Chess Records and really showcases his amazing voice. I lose it when Buddy starts screaming “Lord, right before I get evil man!” he has got some voice.This is a classic Buddy Guy tune that everybody should have.

Just Your Fool” – Little Walter – Probably the most important harp player to ever live, has so many great tunes but I wanted to pick a less popular song from his catalogue because he does have other songs besides “Juke” and “My Babe.” This short upbeat blues song has such a swing to it you won’t be able to stop dancing and singing along while Little Walter’s voice takes you away. In regards to his superb harmonica playing what is there to say that hasn’t already been said? The man was an innovator of the instrument and has so many great songs that need to be heard so give this one a listen as soon as you can!

Moaning at Midnight” – Howlin’ Wolf – This song literally blows my mind every time I hear it.This is the first song the Wolf ever released and personally I don’t think he ever topped it.He kills it on vocals; he had one of the most unique and powerful voices ever. So between the Wolf singing and playing some great harmonica and the band providing such great music this song is a knock out. This is easily one of the best blues songs ever recorded so if you want to get into the blues start right here.

Kind Hearted Woman” – Robert Johnson – Even though the legendary Robert Johnson is widely known for authoring songs like “Cross Road Blues”, “Sweet Home Chicago”, and “Come On in My Kitchen” this is one of my favorite songs from him.I’m in awe every time I listen to this song; his slide guitar techniques are just amazing. This song also showcases his vocals; I love when he goes into his falsetto and sings “Oh baby, my life don’t feel the same.It breaks my heart when you call Mr. so-and-so’s name.” This song is a perfect example of how talented Mr. Johnson really was so if you’re not familiar with his music check this song out.

Bring It On Home” – Sonny Boy Williamson II All Zeppelin fans pay attention because you will recognize this tune immediately as it was covered on the classic “Led Zeppelin II.”If you love Zeppelin’s version and haven’t heard the original do yourself a favor and listen to it immediately. Sonny Boy sings this song perfectly and his harmonica playing is even better especially when he imitates his own voice yelling “Baaabbby” with the harp. Overall a classic song from one the best blues harp players ever.



Ok I don’t mean to keep going with this theme of artist’s who have been ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but it has to be a sign. Many times during this week when I put my I-Pod on shuffle, I kept getting songs from the debut album from KISS, so I took it as a sign that I should just keep spreading the word that KISS deserves its entrance into the hall. The funny thing about KISS is that they didn’t get popular until the word started to spread about their live shows and “Alive” is often credited as saving their career despite the fact that they had put out a few albums before “Alive” was released. It was like the songs on “Alive” were being issued for the first time but in reality they were more than a few years old and much that appears on “Alive” came from their KISS debut album. Now I know that many of the KISS brethren would point to “Destroyer” as the ultimate body of work and just on that album alone, they feel that KISS should be in the Hall of Fame (I forgot to mention that last week when I profiled them in the Rock and Roll juke box). I can’t really disagree with that notion as I love all KISS albums done with the original four. (No I am not getting into that, you already know how I feel about that- Peter and Ace should have worked harder so as to not lose their jobs).

Anyway, I have always felt that KISS was looked upon as some sort of novelty and to a degree I can see how that notion can be derived because of the make-up and stage antics but they really have made some quality albums over the years. Are they the greatest musicians? No-but they are no slouches when it comes to their craft. I believe Gene and Ace were revered by many who came after them. Are they the best song writers? Probably not, but there are many other bands that are popular that are in the same category. But KISS has it. That’s right- they had “it!!!” They made it work despite of all the negativity that surrounded them; they put the blinders on and created their version of rock and roll music that millions of fans across the world have come to love. (and it’s not just for one song). Hey, there is a KISS tribute album so in my book it means that they are held in high regard by some pretty big names in the rock business, again proving the fact that they should be in the fame.

The KISS debut is loaded with some of their best classics and I can always listen to both sides-front to back- without picking up the needle to skip over a song but I recognize that there may be some “fillers” in the minds of the general public. So it pains me a little to put this album in the classic “nugget” section but I have to be honest with myself instead of just automatically saying it’s great. (If I can do that, then you can open your mind and ears to KISS). So folks, here are some more songs from the band from New York called KISS that you can sink your teeth into in no particular order from their 1974 debut:

Cold Gin – C’mon tell me this song isn’t good? The opening lick from Ace grabs you buy the throat and doesn’t let go and listen to the young Gene vocals filled with the determination to become the “hottest band in the world.” The funny thing about this song is that supposedly Gene doesn’t drink and never really has- but it’s the rock and roll thing to sing about alcohol, right? I guess… “My heater’s broke and I’m so tired…I need some fuel to build a fire…” My friend Ed says he knew I was OK when I was singing this song word for word when we went to see them at Madison Square Garden many moons ago. Very cool song!!!

Deuce – Wow this song is friggin’ phenomenal and there’s nothing you can say to the contrary. It doesn’t matter how many times I have heard this track, it still sounds “fresh” as when it was first released over 35 years ago. Ace’s guitar work is super nice and the beat is kept moving with Peter on the drums. Again, Gene’s vocals are something to be impressed by and songs like this prove he is no novelty act. I can listen to this over and over. \m/ \m/

100,000 Years – Now I know this was immortalized on “Alive” and since it’s like two to three times longer than the original recording, I have to give it the nod (especially with the drum solo- I remember thinking as a kid that drum solo was the best ever-now maybe not so much). But when you go back and listen to the original you realize how good this song really is, especially Peter’s drumming (you see I gave one back). This was always my best man’s favorite KISS song- he would always scream-“I’m sorry to have taken so long…I must have been a bitch while I was gone…”- and couldn’t wait for Peter’s drum solo as his intensity would take over as he was ready to “air-drum” his way into being a rock star. Hey I was right there with him. I like the “bridge” where the tempo changes a bit and Paul sings-“and baby won’t you let me…I think I’m going out of my head”-while Ace awaits his turn to blast into his solo. This leads to the big drum solo but again that is for the live album-there is a shortened version on this original studio recording but just as cool.

Nothing To Lose –Boy is this version raw or what? I feel like I am opening a brand new pack of baseball cards back in the 1970’s (when you used to get that really cardboard hard chalky piece of bubble gum inside the pack). Again I have to say that Gene’s vocals are so good and Peter has that “gruff” that supplies the raucous part of the song. The recording sounds so “old school,” almost like you could play it on one of those “vic-troll-as” that your grandparents used to own. Peter is having a grand ole time with this, almost like he has nothing to lose. When KISS had their reunion party in 1996 at the MTV studio and did the unplugged show, this was the song that “members of the family” were brought out to play and the reunion has been going on ever since- Yes I know that Eddie Trunk does not recognize KISS now that Ace and Peter are out of the band. But think about it- this was the one song they chose to jam together out of all the songs in their library-had to be a reason, right? Why? Because this song rocks!!! \m/ \m/

Strutter – Not a bad song to start a career off with, no? Yes technically this is the first song that KISS gave to the general public and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off. Frehley’s guitar solo is righteous; you have to turn it up louder. “I know a thing or two about her…I know she’ll only make you cry…”-how identifiable are those words? How can one not sing along to this song? The groove is rocking and Paul rips through this song like he wanted a rock and roll career. “Everybody says she’s looking good…and the lady knows its understood…Strutter!!!” C’mon people…everyone on three…one…two…three…KISS belongs in the rock and roll hall of fame!!!

Black Diamond – I know I put this song down in the category of having one of the worst endings to a song…but before it gets to that point, this is arguably one of the most revered songs by the KISS army. “Out on the street for a living…hit it!!!!” Paul does a nice job on the intro but when Peter bursts in with his scratchy like vocals, it defines the song. The thing with KISS is that they did “spread the wealth” as far as singing parts (yes I know many of you out there wanted more Ace songs but…)- many of their songs contain Peter, Paul and Gene taking parts of a song and their harmonizing vocals were nothing to sneeze at, OK maybe not as stellar as Van Halen backing vocals but none-the-less, good enough. “Oooohhhh Black Diamond!!!” Now keep in mind with the ending…well it was the 1970’s and it played well when they performed this song live and stretching songs out to the max was the way things were back then…that’s all I got.

Let Me Know – It’s funny but every time I play this song around the house, my youngest son immediately says-“this has to be KISS…I can tell by that sound.” Do you know how great that makes me feel?-that he knows that it is KISS? How many other 14-year-olds today know “Let Me Know” by KISS? (Hopefully many because I have faith in the KISS army and their commitment to pass it on down to their kids). C’mon folks you can get behind this grooving rock and roll song, I know you can-this is “old school” rock and roll-in the vain of Chuck Berry. I love the way Gene and Paul trade verses on vocals and Ace is all over this track. Ace’s work on this album is not as publicized as some of the other KISS albums but he is real good and with about 42 seconds left in the song, the tempo changes and Ace blazes in with another nice solo that takes the song to its fade out ending. Love it!!!

Firehouse – Just like “100,000 Years” this song is more popular on “Alive” and just like “Nothing to Lose” one can feel the rawness of this original recording- again it sounds so crisp and clean as I would guess that Gene and Paul had many takes on this one just to make sure that it came out as perfect as it did. Ace is “controlled” with his solo. Have to admit there are a few too many –“wooh hoos”- but other than that get ready for Gene to breath fire when the firehouse alarm sounds. “Get the Firehouse…cause she sets my soul on Fye-yah…”

Top Ten

Image of Maroon 5

This week’s I-Pod shuffle landed on “Give a Little More” by Maroon 5 and it had me thinking-“can I do a top ten list from a band that has only three albums?” And the answer is yes in my mind because there are at least 30 songs to choose from. In addition, I feel this band slipping away from me because it seems clear that they are on the “Z-100” highway and destined for pop stardom for the rest of their career. (As you can probably tell, I need a little rock). Even though I have matured over the years I have to be honest with myself because after their third album-“Hands All Over”- I know there is still a bit of my teenage stubbornness in me to realize that I can’t listen to pure pop albums from start to finish-maybe a few- but I think you know what I am talking about. The weird thing is I find myself still liking their “mainstream” songs but clearly favor the first two albums, hey I even like that “Move like Jagger” song that Adam just did with Christina. (Actually I can’t get that tune out of my head).

My first encounter with Maroon 5 was through the song-“Harder to Breathe”- and I don’t know about you but sometimes I hear a tune and then don’t hear it again for a long time. In addition, the radio station that just played the song doesn’t tell the audience what the title track is nor does it identify the band or artist. Can someone help here? So for a few months, I was wandering aimlessly, sifting through every outlet that I am familiar with (radio, MTV, VH1, FUSE, etc.) because I have to come across the song, right? After a while, I had given up hope…and then it happened-the video for the song was on MTV (early in the morning), so I knew they had to display the band’s name at the end of the song- and there it was, Maroon 5. I know I say this about many songs but “Harder to Breathe” was something different- it grabbed my attention like no other song has in the last ten years-don’t ask me why- it just did. I had to have it and didn’t care if the rest of the album was no good (remember I was late to every new toy with music, so no I didn’t have an I-Pod back then and didn’t even know what it was). Now that I owned-“Songs for Jane”- I had to spread the news about this “funk-i-fied, rock, pop” band all rolled into one- I immediately made a CD for boot camp class at MBIA with Dave and threw on “Harder to Breathe.” I remember trying to make believe I was working at my station (probably push-ups because Dave always knew I hated those and he would chide me into starting there) but looking up to see the other gym rats reaction to the song-“C’mon they have to be hooked in by the guitar riff, no?”- and just like many other songs that I put on, the feedback was…well feeble. (except for “Son of Detroit” by Kid Rock- that received an immediate ovation). Oh well…but I wasn’t done yet, I brought the CD in for Megan and she played it more than a few times for the people “on the floor” and she loved it. She then proceeded to say –“this doesn’t seem like something you’d like, you usually gravitate to the heavier stuff”- and that was probably a correct statement but there was something about their sound that grabbed me. It was like a fusion of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Police and the more I listened, the more I liked. Eventually as time went on, many selections from “Jane” hit the airwaves and then family and friends were like- “I like this band.” Ok now you like them because they are on the radio, what about when I told you about them like six months ago? Anyway I was glad they were growing in popularity.

When there sophomoric effort-“It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”- was released there was initial unfavorable reviews (I think people automatically say negative things because it’s a “second” album and every band is supposed to have a terrible follow-up to the grandiose debut) and I couldn’t understand it. I will defend this album forever. Yes I acknowledge that the turn down the “pop highway” was in higher definition but when I can listen to every song (on any album) that is an indication of credibility, in my opinion. Even after I was shouting from the roof tops about this band and the album I could not get anyone of my family (my oldest came around but is not out because they are too “pop”-sound familiar? And the ironic thing is I think my youngest son likes them better now because of the pop stardom) or friends to attend their show at Madison Square Garden. I was not going to be denied and went by myself. Ok yes I was surrounded by “soccer moms” and “Z-100” cohorts but who cares, these guys are talented musicians. (I guess I know why I was going by myself). Anyway, the show was amazing and even though they had only two albums it was a “hit-fest” with the audience singing along to every song. (When Kayne came out to help them on a song it was one of the loudest explosions of cheer that I have ever heard at the Garden).

Enter Robert-“Mutt”- Lange into the picture as he is named the producer for “Hands All Over” and I’m thinking- “AC/DC and Def Leppard”- this is going to be amazing, he is going to get them back to their “Police” roots, they are going to rock out…well, not so much. “Hands” turns out to be the most “pop” album I have ever bought (excluding “greatest hits” because I have Madonna’s best). It’s like that candy that we used to eat when we were kids (who knows it may still be around), you know the one, the sour stick that one used to put in the sweet powder that made your face squint but you kept eating it anyway? After a while though, you start to question why you are eating it and realize that it is no good for you, so you put it down. That is the best analogy I can come up with. I started out loving this band and now I find myself skipping over songs on “Hands” as I never thought Mutt would make them more “polished pop” than what they were. I wonder what has happened but it doesn’t mean I am totally out just yet-there’s always a chance they return to their “roots” but much is expected of them moving forward so I doubt that songs like “Harder to Breathe” are on its way back. Anyway, I am stuck on an island and have been informed that I can only have ten songs by Maroon 5, “These Are Them:”

10.     Wake Up Call-Have you ever sang a song where you don’t even know the words and unless you read the lyrics, you will never know the lyrics? I make up lyrics each time I hear this song, the only consistent words I use are “Six foot tall” and “I don’t think feel so bad” – every thing else is a blur. The groove in this song is so infectious; it just might be the most contagious beat I have ever heard. I love the “Jamaican” flavor that gives it that extra kick in the pants. I can listen to this track for hours upon a time. Love this song.

9.       Give A Little More –Even though it’s the “poppy-est” of pop I can’t get enough of this song- this could be in the category of “Songs that you are scared to admit you like,” right? Ok but I am not scared- “give a little more…baby…until I get a little more from you”- how do you like them apples? I wish I could dance because I would do the “John Travolta” thing where he takes the dance floor by storm in one of the greatest “Brooklyn” movies ever-“Saturday Night Fever.” I am doing it in my mind, This is “polished pop” at its best. Listen to each instrument real careful and realize how good these guys are-that’s why I am not giving up totally yet- I can live with songs like this-it’s too good.

8.       If I Never See Your Face Again –I thought that this was the perfect song to kick off their sophomore album and one can not help but move some part of your body-whether it’s just your head bopping up and down (like me), arms, belly, legs or any other part that you can move. This song is so good some might be able to wiggle their ears. “Cause you keep me calling back for more…and I feel a little better than I did before”-c’mon how can you not sing along to this song? This groove is so funky and yes I love the version with Rihanna as well-how could you not? Put a great set of headphones and squeeze with all your might and tell me this song doesn’t kick some butt? So polished but so good.

7.       Back At Your Door – I thought this was the perfect song to end their sophomore album. Every time I hear this song I think back to the Spin class at MBIA and I put this on one of my CD’s as a “cool-down” song and I could see Taxter drift off into another world-that’s what this tune does to you-simply spectacular. Every time I hear this song I stop dead in my tracks and have to listen with such intensity because it is so good. Adam’s vocal performance could be one of the best he has ever done on any recording- yes folks, it’s that good. “Three more days ‘till I see your face, I’m afraid it’s far too much.” I can listen to this song all day long.

6.       Better That We Break – I have always had a soft spot for “sappy” songs and you may be surprised that this song is where it is but if you have been following along for the past few years then you can’t be too shocked because I do love slow “ballad” tracks. I think this could be Adam’s best vocal performance on any recording. When I hear it, I can picture a couple walking in a park where the leaves are falling from the trees during a crisp fall day. Songs like these put this band at another level.

5.       She Will Be Loved – For a relatively new band they have made some real stellar songs that will last a lifetime and in my opinion were instant classics. I would go as far to say that this could arguably their best song ever recorded and could be in the top ten songs for the decade of 2000. The arrangement and groove to this song is incredible and in my opinion is impossible not to like. My wife says she doesn’t like Adam’s voice-she says it has too high of a pitch-so there are probably people out there who do not like Maroon 5 but I have to believe there are more people that like this song than not. What about you? Are you like me and consider it a classic?.

4.     I Can’t Lie – This has become my most favorite song on “Hands All Over” and quickly has landed in the top five of my all time Maroon 5 songs, I love the piano part in the beginning and the infectious groove throughout and once the bridge comes in where the tempo changes, well it puts the song into another stratosphere. Wow this song is so good-if they make songs like this in the future, I can see me hanging on for a little longer and if they make an a whole album with songs like this, then I am back on the band-wagon.

3.       Won’t Go Home Without You“I asked her to stay…but she wouldn’t listen…she left before I had the chance to say…”- words that have to hit home for many of us out there, right? This is right out of the textbook for the Police’s- “Every Breath You Take”- and even though I was done with the Police once that song came out, I admit I like that song but I absolutely love this track. I always thought that this was going to be their biggest song but it never really did make the big time. I am totally confused to why that happened. This is one of the best “power ballads” ever made-period end of story.

2.       This Love – After “Harder to Breathe” hit me over the head, this song started to grow and grow in stature and once it was a big hit on the radio, again all my family and friends were saying-“hey that song is good”- really? I didn’t know that. Anyway, think about the quality of this song from a debut album- pretty impressive, no? The thing that gets me is how musically talented this band is and when I saw them at Madison Square Garden I was blown away by the solos and how they stretched the songs out-not as long as the Allman’s- but long enough to keep you guessing- are they a pop band or rock band? The one word that comes to mind whenever I think of Maroon 5 is “polished.” If one were to look up this word in a musical dictionary, this song should be listed as the meaning. Awesome tune!!!

1.       Harder to Breathe-If I make the statement that there has been no other song that has grabbed my attention in the last ten years like this one has (did), then it has to be number one, right? On one hand, I consider it a brilliant move by their marketing team because the “rock” sound inclusive of the “massive” guitar riff completely knocked me off my seat and made me instantly want more from this band (in the “Rocktober” sense). But on the other hand, I regard it a stunt because this was/is their only real “Rocktober” song and I was led in under false pretenses. Now don’t get me wrong, there are nine other songs on this list (that beat out some other stellar songs) so obviously I like this band but the tease of this song is sort of cruel in the sense that it leaves you wanting more “rock” songs like this but it never really happened. If we played that game, like the one they play on “Sesame Street” where they ask you-“which one of these things is not like the others?” and the screen would be split into four sections, this Maroon 5 song would totally be the one that is not like the others. It’s weird, this was the song that they decided to inject into everyone’s system and they had to know that they didn’t have any more like this in their bag of goodies. But again, how great is this song? My only complaint is that it is way too short but it wallops one solid punch, doesn’t it? This has to be the coolest song made in the last decade or so. Thanks Maroon 5 for pulling me and making me a fan of the band, let’s see what happens down the line.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     My Sweet Lord, “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons

2.     True

3.     True- they collaborated on a song on “Devil Without a Cause.”

4.     “We’re Going to Be Friends”

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I was brought up in a strict religious home and eventually the band that I was the lead singer for caught the label of “Christian Rock” and we exploded onto the scene. The fame and fortune eventually caught up to me and I started to “act out” and it was the downfall of our band. After nearly a decade apart, we are now back together but with less fan fare than we were used to. Who am I and wat band am I apart of?

2.     I am one of the biggest rap stars of all time and if a “Rap Hall of Fame” ever opened, I’d have to be considered a “first ballot” hall of famer. I have crossed every sector of entertainment- I will never lose “street cred” and can hang with Martha Stewart. Who am I?.

3.     I am the brother to one of the biggest Southern rock bands in the history of music and I am part of a band that has had a very consistent career. I do sing with this band but the majority of hits you hear on the radio are with my buddy- Don Barnes- on vocals. Who am I and what band am I part of?

4.     I am the author of one of the biggest “one-hit” wonders in the history of music. I had to go to court to get the rights of the song that I wrote and it took me years to win it back. My song has been featured in so many big movies and most people thought it was a Christian song but I am Jewish. Who am I and what was the song I wrote?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     City of New Orleans – Arlo Guthrie

2.     Stand – R.E.M.

3.    Reach Out, I’ll Be There – The Four Tops

4.    Jet Airliner – Steve Miller Band

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…young man, I was once in your shoes…I was…down and out with the blues…I felt no man…”

2.     “…dig…the chills that you spill off my back…keep me filled with satisfaction…when we’re done…satisfaction of what’s to come…”

3.     “…her hair of floating sky is shimmering…glimmering…in the sun…”

4.     “…every time I think I’ve had enough and start heading for the door…there’s a very strange vibration…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1964, Charlie Watts married his girlfriend, Shirley Shepherd, and they are still togther today. Congratulations on 47 years!!!

Back on this day in 1967, The Who released “I Can See for Miles” which went on to be their only number one hit in the U.S (and their only top ten-can you believe that?). My bride doesn’t like “I Can See for Miles”- she immediately hits the “off” button whenever it comes on.

Back on this day in 1972, Joe Cocker and his band mates were arrested in Australia after police discovered marijuana and heroin in their dressing rooms.

Back on this day in 1976, Aerosmith kicked off their first Eurpoean tour with a show in Liverpool, U.K.

Back in the day in 2004, Eric Clapton was banned from driving in France after being caught driving 134 mph (53 miles above speed limit) in his Porsche 911 near Mereuli.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Justin Hayward (Moody Blues).


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