Errols Weekly Music Update.

October 7, 2011

Weekly Update – Rocktober 7, 2011

John Fogerty at the Beacon Theater on Thurs. & Fri. Nov. 17 & 18. pre-sale tickets on sale now if you have an American Express card until 10:00 p.m. on Sun. Rocktober 9. General public tickets on sale Mon. Rocktober 10 at 10:00 a.m. $73.35 and $147.80

Chickenfoot at Webster Hall on Sat. Nov. 8. Tickets on sale today at noon. $49.50.

Chris Cornell at Carnegie Hall on Mon. Nov. 21. Tickets on sale this morning at 11:00 a.m. $35, $57.50 and $65.

Robert Randolph & the Family Band at the Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue) on Tues., Wed., Fri., & Sat. Nov. 22, 23, 25 & 26. Tickets on sale now. $15. (went on sale yesterday for some odd reason).

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tues. & Wed. Dec. 6 & 7; Also appearing at the Bowery Ballroom on Tues. & Wed. Dec. 13 & 14. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25.

Other items:

Nickelback released its first single – “When We Stand Together-“ from their upcoming album –“Here and Now”-(issued on Nov. 21). I like the sound, it has a catchy arrangement and the words are inspiring. If you are a fan you will like it, if not, this might not drag you in.

Came across a video on You-Tube from a band called –Eve To Adam– and their song- “Run Your Mouth” and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Check it out.

My favorite “old school R&B” song of the week is “Boogie Nights” by Heat Wave. How great are the vocals in this song, especially when they harmonize. “Got to keep on dancing…keep on dancing” How come songs like this is no longer being created? Awesome tune.

Rocktober Juke-Box

Jive Bunny's Rock 'N' Roll Juke Box

Since it is “Rocktober” (my most favorite month of the year) I decided to bring back the rock and roll juke-box and the theme this week is the artists/bands who have been ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with particular focus on Deep Purple, Rush & Kiss. (Yes I am back on that kick again, I told you I wasn’t going away). The Hall, in my opinion, has “De-Fame-d” itself by not acknowledging Deep Purple and one can not spell “RocK” without Rush or Kiss. I believe each of these bands have just one song and/or just one album that should automatically punch their ticket into the doors at the Cleveland complex that have swung open for their contemporaries and others who are not rock and roll (which I have no issues but with a title like Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…well you get the picture). Ok folks since it is Rocktober, the focus here is rock, so if you are having a party sometime this month, or making a CD for your car ride or for whatever reason-load up on these songs from the Rocktober juke-box:

Smoke on The Water” – Deep Purple – Ok so this song has been played more times than probably any other on classic rock radio and was on my list of tunes that should be banned for the next ten years but if there is any song that is an automatic admission to the hall, then this is it. C’mon you know it, the Hall knows it-think of every garage band that has ever started out-what guitar riff did they all start out with? Call it simple, call what you will but there is denying its fame, again just this song alone gets them in but more importantly this is great rock and roll for your Rocktober juke-box. (From one of their land-mark albums- “Machine Head”- this album alone gets them in).

YYZ” – Rush – Now with Rush there are so many songs to choose from that should get them into the Hall but if I had to pick just one song that automatically gets them in, this is it. This is pure genius and highlights the extreme talents of all three members from the opening “bells” to the crashing ending, their musicianship is a thing of beauty. If I were an owner of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I would vote them in just so that I could have this song playing as the background music as people walk around the Hall, this song would be playing constantly. But until they come to their senses, we will have it for ourselves, so no will mind if this song is played more than once with your quarters for the juke-box. (From one of their land-mark albums- “Moving Pictures”- this album alone gets them in).

Rock and Roll All Nite” – KISS – C’mon now you all know that this song deserves their entry into the Hall. Yes I know, you may become physically sick if you hear it one more time but there are three different versions that you can choose from just to mix things up so you don’t throw-up. Of course, the best version is from “Alive” where Paul says- “Listen, I want to tell Y’all…I want to tell you’ve been a dynamite audience and you deserve to give yourself a round of applause, let’s go…Ahh right…Oh aay…let’s Rock and Roll All Nite and Party every day!!!!” If you don’t want the audience noise (how could you not?), then you could listen to the original recording-where Gene’s vocals are so good-from “Dressed to Kill.” Or if you want an acoustic version, then put on their “MTV-Unplugged” version as “members of the family” each take turns at singing this great song. “Peter!!”- “You say you want to go for a spin.” How come KISS is not in the Hall?

I Want You To Want Me” – Cheap Trick – The live version from Budokan is the only version one needs and again makes me scratch my head so hard I’m bleeding (a “Faganism”) on why Cheap Trick is also not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-just on this song alone, c’mon on now people-stay with me. Why just a few weeks ago on my twice a year visit to the doctor for catching poison ivy (I get it at least 4 times a year), I was waiting in the “big” room to be called in by the nurse (I still don’t like that, it has lasted since I was a kid) and this song came on the radio (yes a “pop” station) and the receptionist was loudly singing the song (although she only knew the chorus). This song transcends all generations and you know you can’t help but singing along. IN!!!

Child In Time” – Deep Purple – During the late 1960’s and most of the 1970’s, artists “revolted” against the system where songs had to be a certain amount of time, preferably three minutes or less so that it could be played on the radio. Well, guess what? The radio changed formats back then for a while and played long, long songs and this is one of those tracks. It takes a while but once you get to the guitar solo, your jaw will be dropping and you will understand the frustration of Deep Purple (and its fans) on how they are not in the Hall-just this guitar solo alone gets them in, are you kidding me? Unbelievable song.

Anthem” – Rush – Put the children to bed, send the dogs (or cats) to the basement and make sure the coast is clear so that you can unload the volume on this bad boy. Or better yet, if you can’t clear the room, then grab yourself a nice set of headphones, make sure your ears are completely covered and then hit play and squeeze tight. Once the guitar solo hits, tell me this isn’t great rock?

Rocket Ride” – KISS – The year that KISS Alive II came out, I received it as a gift for Christmas and basically spent the whole vacation school week in my bedroom listening to it over and over. I was always looking for more KISS and side 4 was not live, it was studio recordings of great tracks (except the “cover”) which I believe often get over-looked by the general masses (but not by the KISS Army!!). From the opening guitar licks join in on the ride and let it take you to any place you want go. “Baby wants a blast, baby wants a blast!!!” Love this song!!! Put it in your Rocktober juke-box!!!

Hotter Than Hell” – KISS –Oh my…this song pumps me up like no other, I have to put the volume up as much as I can take it. “I asked her why she couldn’t make up her mind…she said you don’t understand…” This is good stuff right here folks- I even like the re-recorded version that appears on “Kiss-ology”- I know that’s sac-religious for many but any version will work. Turn up the volume!!!!

The Analog Kid” – Rush – This band is so great, it’s very annoying that the Hall thumbs their nose at one of the best-if not the best- three person band in the history of music. (I know there are others, take a deep breath). Anyway listen to this arrangement on this song, with all the tempo changes and the breath-taking guitar solo. Are you kidding me? Or what about Neil Peart’s drumming? Incredible, isn’t it? But it is his lyrical ability first and foremost that should get the band into the hall, who writes like Rush?

Never Before” – Deep Purple – My goodness, this is so good it is hard to put into words how tight this band is. Folks, this is pure rock and roll right here, how can this not pump you up? I don’t know what else to say? This has to be in your music library-just incredible musicianship, vocals and straight-up no nonsense rock and roll. \m/ \m/

Love Comes A-Tumblin’ Down” – Cheap Trick – The boys from Rockford kick it out on this track and prove that they can rock with the best of ‘em. Check out Rick Nielsen on guitar in this song, flat out blazing. The fast pace is not for the faint of heart so be prepared to head-bang a la Cheap Trick style. “Mr. Bun E Carlos” on drums smashes his way throughout and Zander is Zander-one of the most under-rated rock singers ever. These guys have been rocking since the 1970’s and luckily for us, show no signs of slowing down.

Night Spots” – The Cars – That’s right!! That’s what I am saying- yes the Cars belong in the hall as well. This lesser-known classic from Candy-O, except to the real fans, is one of their best recordings ever. Yes it incorporates the keyboards/synthesizers but it is still great rock and roll. You can almost feel Ric Ocasek unbuttoning that top one that holds his tie, especially when Mr. Easton wails away on guitar. I friggin’ love this song-“Ooh how you shake me up and down…when we hit the night spots on the town!!!” Ready all together- “It’s just an automatic line…it’s just an automatic line.”

Massacre” – Thin Lizzy – How is Phil Lynott not in the rock and roll hall of fame? Ask my friend John if Thin Lizzy should be in the hall? To those people who think that it’s just “The Boys Are Back in Town”…well I will be nice and say that you need to educate yourself. If you need any schooling I will put you in touch with John. Now I don’t claim to even know a tenth of what John knows but I do know great rock and roll songs when I hear them and for me it doesn’t get too much better than this unbelievable classic from their “Johnny The Fox” album. This band is SO under-rated. Lynott deserves his spot in the hall and his contemporaries would tell you the same thing.

Victim of Changes” – Judas Priest – How many great songs and albums did Judas Priest make? This legendary metal band took the genre to another level, they weren’t the first, not the last but their impact will be felt for the rest of time. Their musicianship is stellar and what else can be said about Rob Halford? Classic metal dude all the way- he loves his profession and it shows. (A tip of the hat to Ripper as well after Rob left). Anyway, just listen to this power house of a song and tell me you are not a fan? Judas Priest has already knocked down the doors in my opinion. \m/ \m/

It’s Up to You” – The Moody Blues – My friends-Jon and Diana- think that this is the biggest band that has been ignored by the Hall and they get just as upset (if not more) as I do when I think about Deep Purple not being in the Hall, both bands have the “fame” and the Moody Blues’ resume speaks for itself. It’s weird how bands that basically took their sound from the Moody Blues (and Deep Purple) and they are in but…Anyway check out this song from this very talented band.

Roundabout” – Yes – If there ever was just one song that should give an automatic entry slip to the rock and roll hall of fame, isn’t it this one? I don’t want to take away from the rest of their catalog because these guys are so talented, arguably the greatest musicians at their craft. There are two memories I have of Yes-1) Mr. Principe on 46th street in Sunset Park Brooklyn was a huge fan of Yes and played this album (along with their others) all the time and used to tout their professional prowess on guitar, drums, keyboards and of course- the vocals. 2) Again my friend Jon knows all there is about to know about Yes (and he is younger than I am-how great is that). He could school you on the greatness of Yes and would convince the nominators in the Hall to take away their “No” sign. Yes!! , it is. Totally awesome song and for the month of Rocktober- are you kidding me? It should be played every day of this month!!!

High Priest of Rhythmic Noise ” – Cheap Trick – This song is the best!!! I can honestly listen to this song at any point of the day or night. If someone woke me up at 2:00 a.m. and put this on, I would automatically start head-banging and try to drum away like “Mr. Bun E Carlos.” This is psychedelic and “futuristic” but the bottom line is that it rocks its ass off. Cheap Trick for the Hall, are you with me???!!!

Candy-O” – The Cars – Again, are you kidding me? Put this song on and tell me this doesn’t rock? Holy macro, this is so good. Easton’s guitar solo is righteous and what else can be said about Benjamin Orr? We miss you so much Ben and wish you were here to be back with The Cars. Misconceptions about a bands’ style which leads to a label really bums me out, bottom line is The Cars made their impact on rock and roll, albeit if it was named “new wave” or “alternative” or whatever-this song rocks!!! \m/ \m/

Space Trucking” – Deep Purple – I couldn’t leave this song out of the Rocktober juke-box because in my opinion it is one of the greatest rock songs ever created on this planet and in space because that is where I usually head when I hear this unbelievable track. They should be in just on this song alone. “Yeah…Yeah…Yeah…they got music in the solar system.” Put a set of Bose headphones on and squeeze tight and tell me this isn’t one of the absolute best songs you have ever heard in your life. The drumming is out of this world and the guitar work is flawless. Shame on the Hall.

Rocktober Juke Box (Contd.) – Emergence


As you can tell I love Rocktober and I was trying to come up with a new category of something to write about. (If anyone has suggestions just let me know). As I was listening to the “shuffle” on my I-Pod, I heard a Foo Fighters song and thought to myself-“look how Dave Grohl has emerged”- and it hit me- why not come up with a list of songs- keeping the juke-box theme going (I know I could have done it next week but I wanted to do it)- of artists who have either emerged from the shadow of another, or was kicked out, or quit and either formed a new band or went on to a stellar solo career. Now there are probably many that I am going to leave off this list, so forgive me if I offend the artist or group that you easily think about. The focus here is rock, with no disrespect to the other genres who have experienced the thing. Yes, artists that are no longer with us can be included in this juke-box of hits- So here goes, in no particular order:

Wattershed” – Foo Fighters – You know Dave Grohl has to ask himself the same question that many of us ask- “What if?”- you all know what I am talking about. Since that time, he has emerged to an already legendary status and is easily an automatic entrant into the rock and roll hall of fame on his first year of eligibility. The best thing about Dave, in my opinion, is his unbridled enthusiasm for rock and other genres of music- he is a fan first and displays so much respect for people and bands which have shaped his musical life-it is a joy to see. And how talented is he? It’s obvious he works hard at his craft but also possesses a natural gift which can not be taught- the great ones always have this, right? I wonder what it is like to be Dave Grohl- I bet he has a lot of fun. Anyway- Wattershed- this short track packs a powerful punch and is perfect for those of you performing in the garage as we speak- this rips the cover right off the ball. Check it out from their first album.

Kick The Chair” – Megadeth – Ok I know they are now in each other’s good graces, especially with the “Big Four” tour and I don’t want to lift up the rug to let any dust out but credit has to be given to Dave Mustaine to form a “mega” force of a band (albeit with endless personnel changes, although it has been more consistent recently) and will go down in the history of metal as one of the most influential bands of this genre. (Metal is a form of rock in my mind, so don’t even go there). Talk about an all-out frenzy. The beginning of this song sounds like 15 drummers at the same time or hundreds of pianos falling down the steps and puts you on heightened alert that this is not for the faint of heart.

Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World” – Neil Young – How rocking is this song and who knew that Neil Young had it in him to play “head-banging” music? For the younger fans, Neil used to play with Buffalo Springfield and then decided to go out on his own and has created some of the best music in American history. I will always picture him rocking out with Pearl Jam and I believe just recently they jammed together and did like a 10 minute version. Does is it rock any better than this?

Ride This River” – Eric Clapton (with J.J. Cale) – Now you are probably asking- does he really count? I’d say yes- he was in the Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, and has played with just about everybody. And there are so many songs to choose from but if you need a break from the pounding songs that I have been giving you- check this one out- still rocks but not as loud. The pace is nice, this is a sweet song.

Diary of A Madman” – Ozzy – C’mon when you are as big as Ozzy then you only need one name, right? Now it could be argued that Black Sabbath had reached the end of its life by the time Ozzy was asked to leave, so you know it had to be tough for him as he was part of one of the biggest bands and now was out on his own. So what does he do?- Creates-“Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary of a Madman” as his first two solo albums and to this day these works are considered some of the best metal/rock ever created. There will never be another Ozzy- the man is a legend.

One and The Same” – Audioslave – Even though I am not one of the biggest fans of this mega-conglomerate band, I have to admit they had some really great songs and this one get the juices flowing. I have always loved Cornell and admittedly I like his solo stuff the best (and when he is acoustic) but there is no denying the man can rock with the best of them. And what else can one say about Morello’s guitar skills, the man has made sounds that I have never heard from anyone else on the planet. Great song.

The Dream Is Over” – Van Halen – Ok so I know what you’re thinking- they kicked out Diamond Dave and what about Dave? Well except for maybe his first solo album, I would have to think that the Van Haggar era was a bit more successful. (pains me to say that but I loved the Sammie era as well). This song rocks and in my opinion, they were at the top of their game on Carnal knowledge. Sweet guitar work on this track.

Top Ten

AC/DC - Box Set


Ok, is there a better way to start off the month of Rocktober by trying to decide which are the top ten songs by one of the greatest rock bands in history- AC/DC? I think not. The focus this time around is the Brian Johnson era, which began in 1980 after the tragic death of Mr. Bon Scott, and is still going strong. (Earlier this year, I voted on my top ten songs with Bon Scott at the helm). Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see AC/DC with Bon Scott but I have had the honor of attending many shows with Brian Johnson. Being present at an AC/DC show is the closest you will come to having an outer body experience. It’s like attending the greatest New Year’s Eve party ever-every time they perform-or if you don’t like New Year’s parties, then it’s like your team winning a championship- you know that feeling I am talking about. It is a grand event that can bring a tear to your eye because of the unbelievable energy that both the crowd and band exudes while feeding off each other to bring it to a level where very few bands (or acts) can reach. (You know what I am talking about if you have ever been to one of their shows). Brian Johnson is a big part of that energy as of course their “show-stopper”- Angus Young- is, along with the rest of the engine that ignites this legendary band from Australia.

Brian Johnson had huge shoes to fill but right off the bat he set out on his own course, not trying to replicate or become Bon Scott (who could do that?… No one). To this day, he treats the Scott era songs with such loyalty and respect because he is a fan of what the band did before he won the gig as their “new” lead singer (Ok it’s been more than 30 years but you know what I mean). And oh by the way, he sings some of the most revolutionary songs in rock and roll history. He fit the band just like your favorite old pair of blue jeans do-with ease and comfort. The transition was so seamless, it was like he had been in the band from the very beginning and was then asked to start singing lead vocals.

“Back in Black” is arguably the greatest rock album ever recorded and right now I can honestly say that my top ten songs could easily be the ten that appear on this landmark album. From the opening bell on “Hells Bells” to the “funk-i-fied” groove on “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,” the feverish pace is thing of beauty-this is the “Mona Lisa” or one of “Beethoven’s” masterpieces or “Shakespeare.” This is Brando in the “Godfather.” This album leaves you speechless every time you listen, right? One has to listen from top to bottom- there is no skipping over any song- do not lift the needle off the record for any reason or I will have to call the authorities. And don’t give me any of that-“I don’t like his voice”- crap, stop the nonsense and savor the greatness that has been recorded for your listening pleasure.

I have so many fond memories of seeing this band over the past three decades and I try to make sure that I take family and/or friends to each show so they can feel the experience. I have taken my best man-Johnny-although unbelievably he fell asleep at their show-that is until the cannon blasts went off on “For Those About to Rock.” A few summers, I took my youngest son (my oldest is in denial) to Giants Stadium and he is still talking about that show and hopefully he will forever remember. (I was there with my son-does it get any better than that?). One not so fond memory is when I took my bride to MSG with Sal and Anthony and the atmosphere was so out of control that she ended up being in flames as some one threw a cigarette which burned her shirt while being close to her hair. I still refused to leave after that (hey we put the fire out, right?) and as M-80’s exploded throughout the night, splitting sections of people like the parting of the red sea, I still convinced them to stay-hey did I mention this was AC/DC? Then with 18,000 seats in the arena, guess who comes and sits back behind my bride-yes that’s right-an incapacitated dude who was so wasted he may just have sobered up the other day (I think the show was in 1988, that gives you an idea how gone he was). Anyway, you know when “drunk” people can’t really balance themselves and they always look like they are going to “topple” over? Well that is exactly what happened and as he started to fall my peripheral vision sprang into action and with one arm I shoved him back and he landed hard into the chair behind them. And just like all those classic “E.F. Hutton” commercials-all of his buddies stopped in their tracks to see who threw their friend. Anthony sprung into action and said he would take the first guy and hang him over the “balcony” if anyone decided to do anything. They knew their friend was gone so they didn’t pursue it further. But by now with us sitting on edge (because the guy did not leave), the music at a piercing level and with fireworks exploding all around the Garden, I was the only one who wanted to stay. (Hey I was prepared). Then it happened- a bottle of beer whizzed by Anthony’s head and crashed into the wall and exploded into hundreds of pieces, he stood up and said-“I’m out”- Sal and my bride agreed- and by this time I knew it was the end. It was like I was a kid being dragged out of Toys R Us-my heart was being broke but I understood.

One of the fondest memories of a show occurred while I was out of work and on the unemployment line just a few short years ago and I knew AC/DC was making their triumphant return to the Mecca- Madison Square Garden. But how could I justify going to a concert when I did not have employment? But then it happened- my “brother”-Slats- gave me a call and said he had an extra ticket to the show. I told him that I could not go because I didn’t want to buy a ticket- he then said- “who said you had to give me money, it’s on me.” Chills went down the back of my spine first off due to him making that unbelievable gesture (it is something I will never forget) and then realizing that I was going to see AC/DC. Did you get that? I was going to see AC/DC. Folks, realize this- I will continue to attend their shows every time they decide to come to the Tri-state area (although I prefer the “Mecca”). There is nothing like an AC/DC show and if you have never attended one, you don’t know what you are missing.

Now just like with the Bon Scott era, how does one narrow down the choices of songs to ten? This is tough but I am on an island and have been informed that I can only have ten songs by AC/DC with Brian Johnson at the helm-“These Are Them:” \m/ \m/

10.     Rock N Roll Train-Ahh the masters of “three chords”- do we really need more? Not when it is the Rock and Roll like this. There is something about hearing the opening riff by Angus that just sets the wheels in motion to make you so pumped up that I immediately have to bang my head up and down and dance around the room in circles. I know I have said this a few times but when Brian starts to dance at the shows it reminds me of that Uncle everyone has, who is the old school tough guy who never danced when they were younger, but at every wedding they attend now they get up there with their fists clenched and do the old “row boat” move where their elbows are bent and they extend it behind their back and come back to their sides. I fall on the floor but I love that they are having fun and that’s what it is all about. AC/DC is pure fun and pure rock and roll.

9.       Shake A Leg –Like I said I could have all the songs from “Back In Black” on this list but if I have to choose, then this next to last song on side two beat out some very “stiff” competition (that reference is to their “Stiff Upper Lip” album- get your mind out of the gutter) from this classic album. I guess if I had to choose the reason why it beat out some of the competition is because of the guitar solo by Angus-it is flat out blazing. Whenever the wife and boys are out of the house, I usually throw this CD into the turner and have the walls shaking as I am sure the neighbors can see me go from one end of the house to the other as it looks like I have been shot out of a cannon. By the time the song is over, my clothes are usually drenched in sweat. “Shake A Leg!!!…Shake It… C’monnnnnn…Yeaaahhhh”

8.       Inject The Venom –I love when AC/DC takes down the pace and have that heavy “blues” effect-which sometimes psyches me up more than some of their other fast paced songs. Brian’s vocals are at an all-time high pitch and there’s no way he can reach that level these days (I think). Love the way he says “pl-eeeeee-zzzz.” Angus is right there to hit you between the eyes (I mean ears) with his heavy riff and once his guitar solo takes off, I am in another stratosphere. The beginning is so powerful and it is accentuated by the “pause” where you hear nothing but you know the riff is coming. “No mercy for the bad if they want it…no mercy for the bad if they plead…no mercy for the bad if they need it…Oohhh no mercy from me…” This is rock and roll at its best. V…E…NOM!!! Rock on my friends. \m/ \m/

7.       That’s The Way I Wanna Rock and Roll – How can anyone not like this song? When they play this song live – watch out. There goes Brian with the arm bent at the elbow violently swinging back as he dances around like your uncle does at a wedding. Angus guitar work is a thing of beauty and this is a perfect “stadium” song as everyone loses it as the head-banging is at an all-time breakneck speed. Everyone- “roll, roll, roll…roll, roll, roll…Blow up my video…shut down my radio…told boss man where to go…turned off my brain control..”-c’mon even the lyrics make you lose it. This is so great!!!!!

6.      Put The Finger On You – I can remember the first time I heard this song as I laid on my bedroom floor with my head right in front of the speakers with the volume as loud as I could take it as a teenager in my parent’s home, it was like I discovered gold. I always love to be surprised by great songs from a new album by my favorite bands and this blew me right out of the water. I think this track has one of the best beginnings to a song, highlighted by the phenomenal drumming by Mr. Rudd and of course the diesel team- the Young brothers- as the guitar work makes you move your head at breakneck speed. This is “hard-rock head-banging” at its best and again Brian’s vocals are at a fever pitch. Wow what a sound with a great set of headphones, if this doesn’t move you, then there is no hope, I’m sorry. Great tune!!!

5.     Shoot To Thrill – Tell me you don’t –“air-drum” whenever you hear this song? C’mon you know you are lying. You can’t help it because it is so addictive, especially towards the end of the song where it is just Angus, Phil and Brian playing and singing. “All you women…who want a man of the street…and don’t know which way you want to turn…” C’mon everybody sing along-“Shoot to thrill…play to kill…too many women…with too many pills…cause I shoot to thrill…” If you have ever seen them perform it live then you know everyone in the seats, excuse me- I meant standing on their feet- is “air-guitaring” to Agnus’s solo. And then once the “bridge” comes in where Brian is basically screaming- “shoot ya…shoot ya…shoot you…Ahhh…Ahhh….Ahhh”- you can feel the raw energy of the crowd lift you up in the air the way the scent of the carrot would pull Bugs Bunny out of his hole and right into the barrel of Elmer Fudd’s rifle. There’s no killing here, just pure hard rock. This is an “event” at their shows- a beautiful spectacle, sight to behold.

4.       Who Made Who – Oh man how psyched do I get when I hear this song. Love the driving beat of the drums and when Angus kicks in with the two notes constantly, wow. But when he starts shuffling the notes like a swarm of bees, well I just lose it- the volume has to go up. There are songs that make you feel good all over and this song definintely does it for me- don’t know what else to say but I love this song. Is it simple? Is it three chords? – Yes but no one does it like AC/DC- never did-never will. These guys are the best. \m/ \m/

3.       Hells BellsIs there a better song that starts off an album in the history of music? I think not. The ringing of the bell signals the end of an era as you bow your head in honor of the late great Bon Scott and once Angus starts his riff, the darkness starts to fade little by little. As Mr. Rudd makes his way in by gently tapping his cymbals, the rays of sun are breaking through and then when he hits his bass drum, the clouds are splitting fast apart and once Brian introduces himself at the 1:29 mark- a new day had dawned and the forecast was again pure rock and roll for decades to come. “I’m a rolling thunder, pouring rain…I’m coming on like a hurricane…”-how great are those lyrics? And that’s exactly what they did- a hurricane of straight up three chord rock and roll that have managed to gain more fans every generation especially once the little ones hear that riff for the first time-it’s like being plugged in. I know I have said this time and time again but everyone in the world at some point needs to see them perform this song live. Better yet you can perform a search on You Tube for what I believe is a performance in Spain-just type in “Hells Bells” by AC/DC- and see what I am talking about. The prop of the huge bell is a sight to behold and when Brian (or Agnus) swings on the rope from side to side as the bell sounds…well…you have to experience it once, even if it is in front of your computer. I bet you can feel the energy through your lap top. \m/ \m/

2.      Thunderstruck – Talk about riling up the masses…I think that maybe bees have taken this song as their calling card to get everyone on alert either to work on building a massive nest for the queen or to protect the queen from the ugly human being. Again folks if you see this live, it might just change your life- to see and feel the energy of 40,000 fans screaming-“Thunder…Thunder”- while raising their arms in unison to the beats is something to behold. There is no other way to listen to this song but LOUD!!!! If you listen to just Angus’s part you will be swooped up and taken into another world- you just might be hypnotized the way I get whenever I hear this song. “Yeah it’s alright…we’re doing fine…yeah it’s alright…we’re doing fine…”- the background vocals by Malcolm are phenomenal-listen closely. How can this song not get you pumped up- you need this for your next workout-could work for boxing or running, especially when the drums kick in. This is pure euphoria, I’m sorry-I can never get enough of this song!!

1.      For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)-This song is a show stopper, it is usually the epic ending to their shows-cause how does anyone come back to the stage after the “21 gun salute?” The beginning chords are so slick and so identifiable and at their shows it is like when someone steps on a hole in the ground that is housing some bees nest and one by one you see each bee fly out and start to circle the wagons looking for action-do you get the picture. Fans start to become possessed, it’s like 40,000 people have been injected with a lightning bolt of rock and it over takes their system as Brian could easily have all of us under his power. My favorite part of the song is when he accentuates the word- “blue”-right around the 2:09 mark- “like a bomb right out of the bluuu-ewe…” As I mentioned up top, I took my best man Johnny to see them and he didn’t know any songs (hey I was trying to educate him, it wasn’t like I was taking him to see Slayer-I’m still affected by that Yankee Stadium performance) so unbelievably he fell asleep mid-way through the show. Literally it was like falling asleep on the streets of Brooklyn on a hot 4th of July night (and if you are from Brooklyn- you know exactly what I am talking about). As the raucousness of the entire scene complete with an intense decibel level for your listening pleasure, explosions from the stage (and the seats), and rabid fans- here is Johnny soundly sleeping as his neck is hurting but not from head-banging, more like when Homer Simpson falls asleep as the head is bent over with drool starting to come out. Everyone around us was amazed that he was sleeping-that is until this song. Once the first cannon exploded-he thought Madison Square Garden was under attack and awoke from a dead sleep holding his chest as his heart was now at the same pace as the rest of us. The juices were flowing and once the pace at the end of the song starts to pick up-well it is pure euphoria- “For Those About to Rock…We Salute You!!!” The last time I saw them-which was at Giants Stadium a few years ago-my youngest son was amazed on how loud the cannons were and still talks about it to this day. We both held our chests as the shots fired out one by one. Thank you AC/DC for more than 30 years of great rock and roll- “We Salute You!!!”- no really, we salute you. \m/ \m/

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     The Byrds

2.     True, but only appeared with Tull for one live appearance.

3.     Little Richard

4.     False, he asked Richard Marx

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     What song did George Harrison have to pay royalties for because of losing a court case that said he copied part of the arrangement from another song? Name his song, the song he is said to have copied and the artist that did that song.

2.     True or False: Corey Taylor auditioned for the role of lead singer for Velvet Revolver.

3.     True or False: Kid Rock and Eminem have recorded a song together.

4.     What song did the White Stripes perform on the last Conan O’Brien show on NBC?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin

2.     I’d Like to teach the World to Sing – New Seekers

3.     I Honestly Love You- Olivia Newton John

4.     Creeque Alley – The Mama’s and Papa’s

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…good morning America how are you…said don’t you know me…I’m your native son…”

2.     “…if you are confused…check with the sun…carry a compass to help you along…your feet are going to be on the ground…”

3.     “…now if you feel that you can’t go on…because all of your hope is gone…and life’s filled with much confusion…”

4.     “…Leaving home out on the road…I’ve been down before…riding along…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1975, John Lennon received the good news that he was able to stay in the U.S. after his 1968 arrest for possession. Had to be a big relief.

Back on this day in 1978, Boston’s single-“Don’t Look Back” peaked at number 4 on the Billboard top 100 singles. Ahh, those were the days!!

Back on this day in 1978, The Rolling Stones were the musical guest as Saturday Night Live kicked off its 4th season.

Back on this day in 1978, Heart released its fourth album- “Dog & Butterfly.” Again, those were the days!!!

Back in the day in 2004, Mick Mars underwent hip surgery. Remember all the talk of replacing him? Thank goodness he is still with the band.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with John Mellencamp, Tico Torres, (Bon Jovi) and Dave Hope (Kansas).


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