Errols Weekly Music Update.

April 29, 2011

Weekly Update – 04/29/2011

Dave Matthews Band at Governor’s Island on Aug. 26 – 28. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00. It looks like it’s being sold as a three day pass. $195. Payments will be broken into three parts at $65 each. Payment one is when you purchase tickets. Payments 2 and 3 will be June 15 and July 1. (credit card will be charged).

KISS at the Mt. Laurel Pocono Mountain Performing Arts Center (Bushkill, PA) on Wed. July 13. Tickets on sale now. $66.50, $96.50 and $122.50.

Lynyrd Skynyrd at Jones Beach on Thurs. Aug. 18 and at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sun. Aug. 21. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. Jones: $30 and $107.80; PNC- $26, $58.50, $75 and $107.70

Queensryche at Irving Plaza on Fri. July 29. (30th anniversary tour). Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $52.

Scott Weiland at the Gramercy Theater on Tues. May 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $35.25.

Britney Spears with Nicki Minaj at the Nassau Coliseum on Tues. Aug. 2 and Izod Center on Fri. Aug. 5. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. Nassau:$116.05, $193.40 and $372.75; Izod: $36.80, $70.55, $189.95 and $369.35. (more than $300 for Spears? What am I missing?)

Sara Bareilles at the Rumsey Playfield (Central Park) on Wed. Aug. 31. Tickets on sale today at noon. $38 ($44 day of show).

James Blake at Webster Hall on Wed. July 13. Tickets on sale now. $25 (tickets can only be picked up at the “will call” window).

Kings of Leon at the Comcast Theater in Hartford CT on Sat. Aug. 13. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $33, $39, $52.35 and $74.

Sonic Youth at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Fri. Aug. 12. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $40.15

Dolly Parton at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford CT on Sat. July 30. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $62.35 and $84.25

Lee Dewyze at the Gramercy Theater on Wed. June 29. Tickets on sale today at noon. $27.

Other items:

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Phoebe Snow who passed away on Tuesday from a brain hemorrhage at the young age of 60. This is very sad. Last year, the CBS Sunday Morning show (9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.) did a segment on her and the one thing that I took from it was that she was an unbelievable mother who took care of her disabled daughter (who also passed away in 2007 at 31) with such love and affection. She’s most known for her smash hit-“Poetry Man”- but made so many albums and songs along the way but her daughter was top priority. She had performed with countless other artists through the years and appeared so genuine. May you rest in peace Phoebe.

Well wishes go out to Richie Sambora, guitarist for Bon Jovi, as he has checked himself into rehab for exhaustion and sobriety issues. He has been on tour with Bon Jovi and now needs some time to regroup. Their tour starts up again in Europe in June and the band has stated that they fully support Richie and will do whatever it takes to get him through rehab. Get well Richie!!

The Beastie Boys released a video for their new single-“Make Some Noise”- and it contains many TV stars. I don’t get the breaking into a store by throwing a garbage can through a window but I have to admit that I watched the entire video so it must have grabbed my attention. Their new album-“ Hot Sauce Committee Part. 2” comes out this Tuesday May 3. Check out the video here

Green Day helped close their Broadway play –“American Idiot”- this past Sunday night by playing for an hour for the fans who showed up to the St. James Theater. Tickets sales slipped once Billie Joe Armstrong announced he was leaving the cast back in January. He came back earlier this month but the show had run its course. The actors drank beers with Green Day on stage after they performed.

Steven Tyler will release his first solo single-“Feels So Good”- on May 10 on I-Tunes. You can go to to hear a 30 second sample of the song. It has a “pop” feel to it but I think it just might be the surprise hit of the summer. You can also obtain it this coming Tues. May 3 if you buy his autobiography-“Does the Noise Inside My Head Bother You?”-the song comes with the book.

I had a funny feeling that Casey Abrahams was going to be eliminated last night from American Idol and in my opinion it was due to the fact that he was “growling” or “grunting” as Jimmy Iovine pointed out. I still say Jacob Lusk should have been voted off but for some reason he keeps getting through. My prediction is the three left standing will be the two women (Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina) and James Durbin. Mr. Durbin showed everyone on Wednesday night that he is not just a “heavy metal” singer by doing a masterful take on “Will You Still Love Me” written by Carole King.

Have I mentioned how good the new Foo Fighter’s album-“Wasting Light” is? I can’t stop listening to it. The album flows so nicely and every song is good and they just keep getting better. Rolling Stone magazine gave it four stars. Don’t have it yet? What are you waiting for??!!!!

Artist Profile – Marvin Gaye

The Best of Marvin Gaye (Motown Anthology Series)

Today marks the third anniversary of when I started this “blog” (prior to that time I just sent e-mails to a couple of friends for about a year and a half) commencing the urgings of family and friends and as one can tell, I have a passion for music. Even though my younger son thinks I don’t write about “relevant” artists from today’s era, I think I have written about more than a few genres but admittedly one can recognize that I am partial to classic rock and hard rock/ metal. But I am a big fan of classic R&B-not as deep as the “die-hard”-and my first “posting” three years ago included a review of Marvin Gaye’s landmark album-“What’s Going On?” Then a year ago today, I posted my favorite top ten songs by Marvin Gaye. Hence in my mind, I had to continue the tradition of writing about this “once in a lifetime artist.” This year I decided to render an artist profile and look to identify songs that you may already know but is worth repeating because it is never a bad thing to keep Marvin Gaye in the conversation.

The question always remains-“What If?”- can you imagine if Marvin was still around today? What do you think he would be doing? My guess is that he would be collaborating with the “relevant” artists of today which would automatically enhance their career but I believe that he would like to grow as an artist himself, while keeping the essence of Marvin intact. If one looks back on his career, you would be hard pressed to find another who progressed as much as he did. Think about it-he was at the forefront of when that classic R&B sound was coming out of “Hit Town.” (Remember he was a drummer for Smokey). I would say he defined Motown but I recognize there are many others to be included in that conversation. To this day, I can not think of a better duet combination than him and Tammi Terrell. I defy anyone to find any other couple that made better songs. He was devastated for years after she passed away and in my opinion that elevated him to another level as a human more than any music that he would create. By the late 1960’and early 1970’s his music had a significant social impact on millions of people across this nation during those turbulent times. He was a man of character and passion who would not be denied as he held his ground to what he wanted released on his terms. And how that could have been an issue I will never understand. Then during the 1970’s he took R&B to a whole other level while driving women out of their mind with his appeal.

Rolling Stone Magazine released a “special collectors edition” recently which depicted the top 100 artists of all time and Marvin landed at number 18. At this point it doesn’t really matter where he is slated because at least he is closer to one than he is to one hundred. (with no disrespect intended to those listed from 50 onward up). Smokey Robinson wrote a piece on what Marvin meant to him and as usual he comes straight from the heart and soul. He speaks of Marvin always being late for when he was supposed to be in the recording studio but he didn’t mind because some things are worth the wait. Smokey stated that he “Marvinized” the songs they worked on and at the very end of his piece, he said that sadly he is still waiting for Marvin. So is everyone else, right?

There are super talents that we come across in life that astound us to the point where we realize while they are still with us that they are different from all the rest. And sometimes legacies loom larger once they leave this earth but in this case, we all knew how special he was while he was with us. For those of you who are younger and really don’t know his music too much, please make it a priority to let his music permeate within your soul like it does in the rest of us. Here are some songs that I absolutely love by this once in a lifetime artist.

Got to Give It Up, Part 1 – When is the last time you have heard this song? I totally forgot about this track until I heard it on the oldies radio station and immediately went and purchased it. So much going on in this song in the background reminiscent of a summer block party on the streets of NYC, lots of people talking, laughing as the kids play. What a groove, unbelievably infectious as you will begin to clap your hands and “keep on dancing” until the track is over but it is so good, you hit the rewind button.

Pride and Joy – Is this Motown or what? Wow what a song!! Love the background vocals from the ladies as Marvin does his “Marvin-ism” and completely nails this track with his extraordinary voice. This is a finger snapping tune that never loses its appeal-it sounds like it was recorded last week. My only complaint is that it is too short.

His Eyes Are On The Sparrow – Marvin could sing any type of genre of music and as Smokey points out, Marvin used to say that the music was from God and he was his instrument to “tell the world” all about him. In this gospel classic, he will bring you to your knees as you might have an outer body experience due to his angelic vocals. Angelic but powerful as the build-up is incredible. The piano work again is something to behold. Stunning song and nothing short of an epic.

You – Unbelievable track-listen to his passion as he makes you feel like you are on top of a mountain in the pouring rain as you plead for that someone special to realize that you need them more than anything else in this world. If you feel it then it must be real, right? Marvin had this way of pulling you into every picture he was drawing with his lyrics, he put you right where he was and there is no turning back. What a great song!!! “You…You I see…in my mirror in the morning…staring to see me…”

Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Listen to the lyrics and tell me this isn’t one of the greatest love songs ever written. The lyrics speak to a true devotion to that someone special in your life-your soul mate. Marvin puts his soul into this effort so if you want to tell that someone special how you feel-learn the words, put this track on and lip sync with the fervor that he puts into it. If that doesn’t impress, then I don’t know what will. Awesome tune.

Flying High (In the Friendly Sky) – Talk about angelic? Marvin told Smokey that “What’s Going On” was God’s words through him serving as an instrument and I think this song epitomizes that thought. Even though the lyrics state that he never leaves the ground, you just might because if you let the song take you away, the drifting will begin in no time. When something means so much to you the result is what you have here-something that can never be matched-listen to his voice. No one can teach that…it’s just Marvin.

Let’s Get It On – The opening notes to this song is so recognizable, I would bet that 99% of the population knows this song. Now it deals with an adult subject that I usually don’t like to write about but I can not ignore this song, it really is a masterpiece. The arrangement is spectacular and no one sings it like him. This should be one of those songs that should never be re-recorded by anyone. I remember when I worked with my uncle in a meat warehouse in Brooklyn when I was a teenager and this song would come on WBLS; all the butchers would stop what they were doing and in unison take their long knives as make believe microphones and sing in front of the entire store-“I’ve been really trying baby…trying to hold back these feelings for so long…” Those were the days!!!

Your Precious Love – This reminds me of the old “doo wop” type of songs that I was raised on. Like I stated up above, there is no duo that sing songs like Marvin & Tammi and in my opinion no one has ever or will ever come close. There is a certain magic between the two of them that is hard to describe-they were made to sing with each other. When you see the clips of them singing these songs together it brings a tear to the eye. Nothing comes close, spectacular duo.

If This World Were Mine – Keeping with the same theme between the both of them, this song is breathtaking. One can hear the pureness, the “simple-ness” and the overall greatness. It really is stunning to go back and listen to these wonderful songs. You need to own these.

What You Gave Me – I think I could go on and on with the spectacular songs that Tammi did with Marvin. Their harmonization is second to none. They just had this way of putting a smile on your face, seems like everything they did just turned to gold and that was no accident. Folks these songs can never be replicated and need to be in your musical library.

Workout Songs

Spin Coach (Coached Spinning / Cycling Workout Music Mix) (Interval-based Hill Ride With Master Instructor Gregg Cook)

For the last two weeks I have given you songs that I think are useful for boot camp classes or if you are working out alone and need some motivation in the form of music to get you moving. This week I will focus on tunes that I have utilized for Spin classes. As I have mentioned numerous times, Chris, our MBIA instructor for more than a couple of years, was nice enough to let me create some set lists for his class. And before him, I did the same thing for Meagan. As a matter of fact, Meagan has many of the discs that I created for her spin classes when she moved on from MBIA. And like I said a few weeks ago when my old computer died, I lost all my Spin class collections. So for this week I will try and create a set list that I think could be used for a 45 minute or 60 minute class. (take a song or two out for the 45 minute class). I typically like to start it off with some speed so that one can climb that hill and then come down but then head back up that mountain again. So here is a set list that I think can be useful for your next Spin workout.

Price Tag – Jessie J – I need to thank my younger son who is the “pop” connoisseur in our family and when he played this song on a recent road trip I was immediately impressed. And even though I haven’t done a Spin class in a long time, I said to myself that this is a perfect song to start off a Spin class because it has a nice groove that will make the stretching lots of fun as “everyone look to the left…everybody look to the right.” It is a nice easy beat to get the legs moving and if there is a nice stereo system in the room I think everyone will like this song. (3:42)

Born This Way – Lady Gaga – Again thanks to my younger son because he introduces the rest of us to the latest stuff out there that makes everyone move and since there really is no “salty” language that I can pick out, I think this is a good song to start out the long bike ride, not too fast but not that slow-almost continuing that warm-up phase but as an instructor you can get your class to pick it up at any point so jump off that bike like Chris and get your class moving. (4:20)

Instant ReplayDan Hartman – Ok by now the juices should be flowing and with this song one can really pick up the pace while still be enjoying the ride-but don’t sing out loud because that will be an indication to the instructor that you are not giving it your all and he or she will turn up the resistance while still imploring you to keep up that pace you were on with the lower resistance. C’mon pick up the pace and the resistance-don’t cheat yourself!!! (5:20)

I Stole Your LoveKiss – Ok so we are not going at break-neck speed yet (that comes later on in the class) but this song has some giddy-up as one can see the hill coming up which is about three minutes away so you need to pick up the pace so that you can get up the beginning of the hill with no problem before the resistance really starts to limit your mobility. By the way- I love this song!!! (3:05)

The Jean GenieDavid Bowie – The instructor can have some real fun with this song as the pace starts to slow down-but not by much- and he or she could make the class get up and do those “up & down” exercises where you want to scream out for them to make up their mind-“Do you want us in the seat or up off the seat??!!!” This is my all-time favorite Bowie song-so great. (4:08)

Victim of LoveThe Eagles – Ok now it is time to start to turn that resistance to a real seven and make this a hill climb that is worthy of your time and energy. By now you are really starting to sweat but the tunes are so good (well I think so) it becomes your lifeline as you know the next song is going to be even slower. This is one of the Eagles “hidden” classics that never really gets talked about in my opinion. (4:10)

Life’s Been GoodJoe Walsh- Ok get ready for a long mountain climb for over eight minutes but again the instructor can have some fun with this track as well because they can make you get out of your seat as many times as they want as you struggle up that hill/mountain and everyone can sing along-“life’s been good to me so far!!!” The cool thing about this song is that at certain points it becomes so slow and you can have the resistance up to a real 10 as you can see the top of the mountain while you are dripping in sweat. Instructor’s get off your bike and turn up their resistance now!!! (8:04)

On The FloorJennifer Lopez – Ok the groove starts to open up as you want to get off your bike and start to dance but don’t do that-stay on the bike and start to pedal down the hill at a nice pace. Instructors, you can still keep the class at a six or seven but if you want to give them a break, you could use this song for a five or four resistance. Jennifer has revitalized her career by turning around American Idol (along with Steven and Randy) and this song is a continuation of her comeback. Peddle away!! (3:50)

Back and ForthFoo Fighters – The Foo Fighter’s new album-“Wasting Light”- is fantastic and you really can’t go wrong with any track as far as a workout song-this tune has some “giddy-up” and the chorus is very addictive as the legs start turning a little faster waiting for that all out sprint coming up soon. Again this song can be used as a six or seven for resistance or at a four or five to start picking up the pace. The Foo’s are great and you will realize that as you spin along. (3:52)

All I WantThe Offspring – Ok here it is, the all out sprint. For less than two minutes you need to turn those legs as fast as you can to match the fervor of this blazing song. I know its tough but you can do it. Sprint- go!!! This is a crazy song but I know you can do it…breath you are almost there…yes now you can catch your breath as you start the climb again. (1:54)

SecretsOne Republic – The beginning gives you some time to catch your breath as you start to catch some air as the pace comes down but not to the point where you think the class is over (although to some this may be a “cool down” song). I think this gives you the breathing room you were looking for but again you are starting to climb back up the hill again. Great song. (3:44)

Silver SpringsFleetwood Mac – I remember some instructor using this at a class in Danbury CT and I was thinking that it was not a good song at all but he turned into such a mountain climb that by the end of the track, it convinced me that this is one of the best “hill climbs” ever. If you give this song a chance, I believe you will feel the same way. This is a “nine” or “ten” resistance for the entire five minutes plus. The dramatic build-up is fantastic. (5:24)

Mr. Big StuffJean Knight – Ahh the cool down song. You were waiting for it and now it is here, so just shake those legs out and start the stretching process. And if you can sing along to it, please do-you have earned it!!! “Oh Oh Yeah!!!” “Who do you think you are??!!” (2:44)

Smoke Gets in Your EyesThe Platters – For those who need some more time to wind down and stretch next to your bike, what better way to do it than with this ever lasting classic that everyone should know and love. How does he sing this song like he does? (2:37)

Marry MeTrain – Wow as you wipe down your bike and yourself, you will listen to this beautiful song and ask why haven’t I heard this more often? This band is now longer a one hit wonder-they make some of the most beautiful songs out there. This is the ultimate cool down song. (3:25)

Top Ten


This week’s I-pod shuffle landed on “In and Out of Love” by The Supremes and it had me thinking about the importance of this unbelievable “girl” group that emerged during the 1960’s (along with so many other girl groups) and I told myself that it was about time to pay homage to one of the most influential women’s acts of all-time. Now of course we all know about the legendary Diana Ross but my focus today is on the Supremes as a total unit as opposed to just focusing on Diana. I believe that there is (was) still some “hard feelings” between the original and succeeding members of the Supremes and my assumption is these sentiments rose to the surface due to the group being referred to as “Diana Ross & The Supremes,” instead of just “The Supremes.” I have always had a soft spot for the “Andy Summers” and “Stuart Copeland’s” of the music world who were kind of left behind as the “I” in team became the focus for St-“I”-ng to make his departure. (I shouldn’t be so crude for I do not know what really happened with the break-up of the Police). The same applies here, I don’t know what really has transpired between the members but suffice to say I do lean towards Mary Wilson’s side but I can’t ignore one of the most recognizable voices in all of rhythm & blues, Ms. Diana Ross.

Anyway, I am here to focus on the positive side of things which is their beautiful harmonies that created some of the most memorable songs in the history of music. Think about the revolution that these girl groups started during the 1960’s? Remove any thoughts of any type of replication because this massive explosion of creativity amongst these legendary woman groups was a “once in a lifetime” phenomenon and The Supremes have to be considered as one of the elite members of this movement.

Now of course I have to thank my father and mother for bringing the music of the Supremes into my life (as well as so many other artists, genres, etc.) as I had an almost daily dose of their melodic tunes. There is something so special about their songs, (not just because they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they could compete with the boys), which brings me back to memories of “the good old days.” I think back to the holidays spent with family members that have been gone for sometime now or just a period where times seemed more pure and innocent-even though the 1960’s were so turbulent. As with Simon & Garfunkel, the Supremes music had this way of making you “escape” from all the hard times that were going on in the world. And even though these songs were made some time ago, one can hear the sparkle in their songs as if they were just recorded this past year. So here it is I am on an island and have been informed that I can only have ten songs by The Supremes-“These are Them:”

10.     Stop! In the Name of Love – This almost didn’t make my top ten list but as I battled the other songs in contention, it kept winning out. I know I have heard this song probably as much as any other recorded song in the history of music but again that is what happens when greatness occurs. If you listen closely you can hear the bass guitar throughout thumping its way through very subtly but the song wouldn’t be the same without it. Ms. Ross lead vocals are angelic and the background vocals are heavenly as well. This song was a staple at many parties that my parents through and I can picture my Aunt Carol singing with such passion. Think about how many times you have heard this song performed by other artists or done by a television sitcom series. Love the way Diana says the word “where.”

9.       Love is Here and Now You’re Gone – You know AC/DC gets ridiculed because of having the word “rock” in various forms for many of their song titles (rock and roll, rocking, rocker, etc.) but they are not the only band/artists to do this. I would venture that approximately 60%-70% of the song titles from The Supremes contain the word “love” and there would be nothing wrong with that. Many songs speak of heartache and this song epitomizes this sentiment. Love when there is just the talking part-“You close the door to your heart and you turned the key, locked your love away from me.” C’mon folks “they don’t write/sing songs like this anymore”-this is pure gold. Great song.

8.       The Happening – They had me on the opening lyrics-“hey life, look at me, I can see the reality, it shook me and took me out of my world”-and the melody is so infectious. This is a “hand clapping” or “dance around the room” type of song that you can not get enough of. I was singing, humming and whistling this song all day long this past Tuesday-“it happened to me and it can happen to you.” Again even though it is an upbeat song it speaks to how love was there one day and the next day it was gone but as we all know, we grow from the experience. “I saw the light!!”

7.       Love Child – For some reason whenever I hear this song I always think that it is a Marvin Gaye song because the melody sounds like something that he would have performed. This is pure R&B with a real story line that affected many of us out there. Don’t you just love the background vocals that “shout” out words like “scorned” or “different from?” It is very hard not to sing along to their songs, I would say close to near impossible. The guitar work on this song flows nicely and gives it the flavor as the women make the rest of the song very sweet-as usual.

6.       Baby Love – Just like the promo for CBS FM radio states-“And the hits just keep on coming”-so true for this group as this is probably one of their most popular songs. Again one can not help but sing along to these great songs. If you listen to the very beginning of the tune I am convinced that Amy Winehouse “sampled” it for her title track on “Back to Black”-sounds eerily similar. This song reminds me of my Aunt Carol when she would sit with my mom at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and belting out tunes like this. Classic tune!!

5.       Back in My Arms Again – Don’t you just love the opening vocal note-“Oooohhh?” Ahh the “bee-hive” hairdo’s-weren’t they the best? Before you snicker or make fun, my mom and two Aunts utilized this look and made it work. Love the background vocals on this tune as the consistent finger snapping tune has to make you want to dance with your significant other. Great house party song!!!

4.      Reflections – Love the beginning of this song-it’s like “psychedelic R&B”-again reminiscent of Marvin Gaye (the “later in his career” Marvin). This is a perfect song as even the lyrics take you back in time-“reflections of…the way life used to be”-although in my context I think of happier times as opposed to the hurt that is expressed by Diana from a “love that used to be.”The chorus is addictive and I am surprised that the contestants on American Idol don’t perform more songs by The Supremes, this would be a nice song to try and replicate. Songs that make you “reflect” are the songs that I like best.

3.      Where Did Our Love Go – If I had to pick songs that defined the 1960’s, this would definitely land in the top 25 songs of that unbelievable decade of music. “Baby, don’t leave me…ooh please don’t leave me all by myself..” C’mon-everyone-“Where did our love go? Don’t you want me no more?” The arrangement of this song is priceless and this could be one of the best vocal performances by any girl group. Where does this song take you? If you are old enough-where were you in your life when it was released? Brings back some good memories, right?!

2.       I’m Livin’ in Shame – Listen to these lyrics to this song-it gets to me every time I hear it as it conjures up feelings of embarrassment, sorrow, pride, love and disbelief. The disbelief for me is how one could feel embarrassed by their mother? From the story told, her mother worked her fingers to the bone to make a better life for her daughter but because of the way she dressed fear set in that her uptown friends would see her. It’s sad but my reasoning she felt that way about her mother was because she was young and didn’t know better. As I have been saying for some time on this page, I made many “mistakes” because of my young age and as I grow older I see things in a different light. I know she loved her mom but she didn’t get to see her before she died and now she is living in shame and asking for forgiveness. Heartbreaking tale to an unbelievable song.

1.       Someday We’ll Be Together – This has to be considered one of the best songs ever created. I listen in complete awe when this song comes on the radio or my I-pod shuffle. This is far and above my most favorite Supremes song and you can probably guess why. Yes because I am convinced that someday I will be together again with my mother and when that day comes I am going to hug her and not let go. And then I think of others that I will see-my grandmother’s, my Aunt Carol, my great aunt Sarah, Mr. Fagan and Uncle Lenny. I consider this one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded and it’s definitely in my all time top ten songs. Brings tears to the eyes.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Meatloaf

2.     Cheap Trick (Nice job Chris)

3.     Harry Connick Jr.

4.     The Donnas

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I am an extraordinary guitarist who has produced many quality albums that were all instrumental but I did provide my own vocals on an album that I released in 1989. It has just been announced that I will be the opener for Metallica when they crash Quebec City. Who am I?

2.     I was probably the most influential woman vocalist for the genre of Country music but died at a very young age from a plane crash. Who am I?

3.     I recorded a one hit wonder during the 1970’s for which the song is still well known throughout the world even today. My name is very close-as far as the lettering- to the man who always dressed in black. Who am I?

4.     We were a popular band in the 1980’s and we did have some hits but most people would probably say we had one “monster” hit. This song is always played at weddings and anyone in the 40’s will run to the dance floor once they hear it, while the younger generation will roll their eyes. All of the 40 year olds will be dancing in a circle yelling “Hey!!” What is the name of our band and what song is referenced?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Moving In Stereo – The Cars

2.     Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues

3.     We Got The Beat – The Go Go’s

4.     Grazing in the Grass – The Friends of Distinction

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…woke up this morning feelin’ fine…there’s something special on my mind…last night I met a new girl in the neighborhood…”

2.     “…bye bye baby it’s been sweet love…yeah yeah…oh this feeling I can’t change….but please don’t take it so badly…”

3.     “…I remember standing on the corner at midnight…trying to get my courage up…there was this long lovely dancer…”

4.     “…Wohohhh…here it comes…that funny feeling again winding me up inside…every time we touch…hey I don’t know…”

Back on this Day

Sadly back on this day in 1993, Mick Ronson, guitarist for David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Ian Hunter passed away at the young age of 46 from liver cancer.

Back on this day in 1972, John Lennon & Yoko Ono received support from then NY Mayor-John Lindsay- to stay in the U.S.

Back on this day in 1976, Bruce Springsteen was caught by guards at Graceland, home of his idol-Elvis- as he was trying to climb the fence to get in.

Back on this day in 1988, Eric Clapton was served with divorce papers from Patti Boyd as she accused him of infidelity with an Italian actress.

Back on this day in 1989, Jon Bon Jovi married his high school sweetheart-Dorothy Hurley- and today marks 22 years. Congratulations Jon and Dorothy!

Back on this day in 1993, Gilby Clarke broke his wrist in a motorcycle accident and Guns & Roses had to postpone four shows.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Tommy James.


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