Errols Weekly Music Update.

April 1, 2011

Weekly Update – 04/01/2011

Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow will embark on a National summer tour and will stop at the PNC Arts Center in NJ on Tues. July 12. Ticket information to follow. I do not see Jones Beach on the list- I see Hershey Park in PA and Comcast in CT.

Eddie Vedder at the Beacon Theater on Tues. & Wed. June 21 & 22. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $93.85 (every seat is same price)

Taylor Swift at Madison Square Garden on Mon. & Tues. Nov. 21 & 22. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders begin this Sunday at noon and runs to Thurs. Apr. 7 until 10:00 p.m. General public tickets on sale next Fri. Apr. 8 at 11:00 a.m. $42.90 and $106.10.

Sade with John Legend at the Mohegan Sun on Sun. July 3. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. (open up your wallets) $105.20, $166.60 and $197.30.

Flo Rida at the Hammerstein Ballroom (again I do not recognize the new name) on Fri. May 20. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $52.10 and $78.15.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited and Three Dog Night at the NYCB Theater in Westbury NY on Sun. July 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $62.45

The Beach Boys at the NYCB Theater in Westbury NY on Thurs. Aug. 11. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $71 and $81.25.

Steve Miller Band at the NYCB Theater in Westbury NY on Sat. Aug. 13. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $62.45 and $106.50.

D Generation at Irving Plaza on Sat. Sept. 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $35.25

Zebra at BB Kings on Sat. May 21. Tickets on sale now. $28.50 ($33 day of show).

Uriah Heep at BB Kings on Wed. June 22. Tickets on sale now. $30 ($35 day of show).

Umphrey’s McGee at the Stone Pony Summer stage on Fri. June 3. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $35.25

Moe. at the Stone Pony Summer stage on Fri. July 15. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $39.50.

The Go-Go’s at Irving Plaza on Fri. June 3. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $79.75

Earth Wind & Fire at the Beacon Theater on Tues. & Wed. June 28 & 29. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $64.15, $96.90 , $117.35 and $177.50.

Apocalyptica at Irving Plaza on Sat. May 21. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $30.50

Sully Erna at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Thurs. May 19 performing his solo album. (I am so in). Ticket info to follow. (By the way, Godsmack starts up their 2011 tour on Apr. 30)

Other items:

Did you see the recent ruling on the Eminem court case where his producers sued over the way royalties are calculated for digital use? The Supreme Court refused to see the case, so the ruling from the lower court stands and they stated that when someone purchases one song digitally, it should be considered a “license” transaction as opposed to just a “sale.” This means that he stands to make a whole lot more money because it is much more beneficial for an artist to receive royalties when it is considered a license, than from a sale. The difference is 50% for a license compared to 12% for a sale. Eminen’s producers argued that it should be a license because all the digital companies are doing is taking one song and then duplicating it for sale. There is no production and shipping fees associated like there is (was) when an artist made a new album or CD. The label companies are making millions of dollars with no advertising costs at all because people usually know what they are looking for when they visit I-Tunes and just click to purchase.

This ruling will put more money in the pocket of artists who have not made an album or record in a very long time because up until now if someone purchased their song for a dollar, they only received 12 cents, now they stand to make 50 cents. (Record companies restructured royalties for current artists in the early 2000’s once digital became big). We all know I-Tunes sells so many songs from “artists of long ago,” so they have to be smiling and thanking Eminem. I guess this is sort of a victory for many artists who initially fought the digital world because they valued their “license” of their recording library much more than these downloading entities. (Think “Metallica vs. Napster”). Now they have the court on their side to get back some of the value they lost. I can hear the champagne corks bursting all over the world, especially from the recording “artists of long ago.”

Amazon wants your business when it comes to downloading music and they have created new software called “The Cloud” to compete with Apple. The Cloud allows you to listen to your song anywhere you are as long as you have access to the internet. It is a simple site where your songs are always available and don’t take up space on your phone and/or computer. It sort of looks like I-Tunes and you will have all the conveniences such as shuffle and repeat functions. Amazon offers you free space on-line for up to five gigabytes, which is the equivalent of about 1,200 songs. The charge will then be $1 per gigabyte on an annual basis. There is an “app” for the Android phone as well. Looks like “The Jetsons” space age is almost upon us, what’s next?

Bret Michaels has filed a lawsuit against CBS Television and the producers of the Tony Awards Show claiming that the prop which fell on his head two years ago was the main factor for his brain hemorrhage. Bret and his lawyer claim that both entities could have delayed the show and not displayed the accident where part of the stage fell on his head, they claim it was done for rating purposes.

Queensryche has released the title for their upcoming 12th studio album to be released later this summer and it is-“Dedicated to Chaos”- through Loud & Proud Records, a new imprint of Roadrunner Records. Their last album “American Soldier” came out in 2009.

I have to say I was kind of disappointed by the interview with Ace Frehley on “That Metal Show” which aired last week on VH1 Classic. I think they may have asked him just a few questions, with none that contained any “meat on the bone.” Ace brought out this silly flute that smokes and the actual expectations from the build-up caused by the promos were not met. Ace has been clean for four years now and counting but after Ozzy he is a very hard man to understand, his response time to answer questions was way too long in my opinion-maybe he didn’t like the questions but at times it appeared he didn’t understand what was going on. Just my take but maybe I’m way off base.

Ozzy will be a guest voice for the Disney Channel show-“Fish Hooks”- which will air next Friday night, Apr. 8, where he plays “Earth Troll” and he will teach the lead character-Milo- about the importance of recycling. After his career with Sabbath, his solo career…it’s just amazing that this man is now a guest voice on the Disney Channel, don’t you think?

In the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine, they will put out a list of the top ten albums made during the 1980’s and U2’s-“Joshua Tree”- landed in the number one position. I have already told you that I think their latest album-“No Line on the Horizon”- is their best album ever but very few agree. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came in third place-I’m sorry-but there is no way that this album should be anywhere but at the top. It is the biggest selling album in the history of music so how could it not be number one? And how does “London Calling” by the Clash make it? Or the Smith’s –“The Queen is Dead?” Oh well, look for it on newsstands.

ZZ Top is reportedly working on their first studio album since 2003 and it is expected to be out by the end of this year. They started this process back in 2006 and it fell by the way side and then in 2008 Rick Rubin joined the picture but again, the project died. Billy Gibbons is convinced it will happen this time. By the way, there will be a tribute album dedicated to the boys and will include artists such as Kid Rock, Foo Fighters (these two are into everything) and Nickelback so far. I will keep you posted on both releases.

Three Doors Down will release their fifth studio album-“The Time of My Life”- on July 19. The first single-“When You’re Young”- is out now and I have to say I like it. The sound is a bit slow but the band says that we shouldn’t judge the whole album based on the release of one single. Even though it is a “ballad” like song, it has an edge to it with an arousing guitar solo, albeit pretty short. Who knows maybe I will jump back on the bandwagon. I like this song, check it out on You-Tube.


Collective Soul

Back in the mid 1990’s I discovered the band-Collective Soul-and I think it might have been due to Howard Stern. You know how everyone plays that “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game? Well in this case it is only three degrees. Back in the 1990’s, The Jerky Boys were pretty big and at the very beginning of their fame, Howard used to play their phone calls on his show all the time. They eventually became “household” names and parlayed it into a movie. On the soundtrack for the movie, Collective Soul had the song-“Gel”-included and if I am not mistaken it was probably the biggest song on that album (with no disrespect to the other artists). Anyway, once I heard that song I went out and purchased-“Collective Soul”- (they have two albums with just that title with the more recent one better known as the “Rabbit” album, so this was the first “Collective Soul” disc). And since you can probably tell, I have an “obsessive” pattern with bands that I discover and at that time I dove headfirst into this fantastic band out of Georgia. Their songs struck a chord with me-their infectious hooks (probably the best since “The Cars”) are legendary and their “slow & softer” songs are some of the best that have ever been recorded-in my opinion.

For those of you who do not know, this band went through some really tough times with their former record company for a very long time and their perseverance is really something to behold & admire. I’m not sure if there are many bands that could have survived what they went through but I think the struggle made them stronger and for the most part the band still contains most of the original members. There is no looking back now because they now have their own record company; can do things on their terms and continue to make great music for their fan base. Now the “Collective Soul” album is fantastic in my opinion and I can listen to the entire album but recognize that if you are not a “die-hard” there are probably some songs that you may skip over, so that is why this album lands in the “Nuggets” section this week. I can’t say this is my most favorite album by them-that distinction goes to “Dosage.” (I listened to that album so many times, it has to be up there as one of my most listened CD’s, that I think it became part of my being-at that time I made a big move by leaving S&P and heading to MBIA and “Dosage” was there for me). But I will state that I think the “Collective Soul” album has the most “hits” from any one album, which includes some of their best known songs ever. These songs alone are worth the price of the album and in time you will grow to love the rest of the album(s) just like I have. So here are the “nuggets” from the “Collective Soul” album, in no particular order:

She Gathers Rain – Remember that infectious hook I was talking about? The opening licks reel you right in, “hook-line-and sinker” as you slowly trudge you’re head up and down to the rocking groove. Their musicianship is under-rated in my opinion and songs like this one blow the theory that they are a “pop” band right out of the water. These guys have always been able to rock with the best of them and then turn it down to another level that other bands can’t match. How good is Ed Roland as a vocalist? He is one of the best singers out there today, in my opinion, and has progressed as a song writer with each new album. There is a nice lead guitar solo with about 1:40 left in the song. Overall, the song has a very nice production with an addictive chorus.

Simple – Starts off very low and almost like a rap song as the “hip” vibe is there and then boom- the heavy guitar hook-almost like being in a kaleidoscope as it sounds circular. This is “funk-a-fied” rock with that familiar “catchy” groove for which we are all familiar with when it comes to Collective Soul songs. There is a lot going on in this song and if you listen carefully you will hear all the “added” effects in the track that give it that extra “kick.” Just as the song is going to end, the tempo kicks into fifth gear, almost like when you are near the end of a race and you can see the finish line, so you give it that one last burst of energy to get you there. This band has lots of energy. Awesome way to start off the album.

December – After the song- “Shine”- I would say that this is their second most popular song that they have recorded to date. I have been to many a Collective Soul show and the crowd usually goes wild once they hear the opening guitar notes. Fans can’t wait for the chorus to help Ed sing along- “Don’t scream aloud…don’t think aloud…turn your head now baby just spit me out.” Love the “bongo” effect as the tempo slows down-in all the years of listening to this song I can never nail down the drum part-I’m always off for some reason-until the part where is goes-rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat. And that cool guitar part where it almost sounds like it is talking-“wa-na-na-na-na-na-na-na” The audience then likes to pick what part of the song they are going to sing as the background vocals each pick a line and sing it without trying to listen what the other folks are singing (think the end of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf when he and the woman each sing a different verse and try not to run into each other).

Gel – Wow does this song bring back great memories of the boot camp class that we took every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. at MBIA from 2002 through 2005. This song was a staple at many of those great classes with Dave, Taxter, CIC , Doreen and Nick. It is a fast moving song with a “head-banging” groove that is perfect for your next work-out. I can remember Dave throwing me that medicine ball while trying to do sit-ups and the thing that kept me going was the pace of the song-it psyches me up so much. Oh and by the way, the only way to listen to this song is LOUD!!! Best song on the “Jerky Boys” soundtrack.

Untitled – Yes that is that is the name of the song, it may be untitled but it is one of the best songs on the album. Again lots going on in this song, many “stops & go’s” with electric and acoustic guitar along with “rap” style vocals from Ed. This is a very slick song and when it slows down to when the bongos come in it makes the song that much better. The guitar solo is “off the hook.” The background vocals are phenomenal and this band may be the best background vocal band since Van Halen. This arguably could be the best song on the album as you can feel it hunger, energy and “rawness.” Rock on my friends. \m/ \m/

The World I Know – I know many fans out there are saying that this is their most popular song after “Shine” and you will get no argument out of me. This is one of their best songs, I love the string section, it makes me sway back and forth. Who doesn’t like to sing along to the chorus?-“so I walk upon high…and I step to the edge…to see my world below…and I laugh at myself, while the tears roll down, cause it’s the world I know…well it’s the world I know…” This puts the crowd in a sentimental mood as people sway back and forth while putting their arms around each other while singing out loud with Ed and the boys. Great song, one of their best ever.

Where The River Flows – Another “Wow” moment. How friggin’ great is this song? Lots of people would point to this song as their best ever. Songs (and music) usually reminds you of something or someone, right? Well I will always remember that my uncle’s son Andrew used to love this song when he was around 13 or 14 years old-always stuck with me. Even my youngest son (who makes fun of the stuff I listen to- it was inevitable, right??!!) loves this song-whenever I put this song in the car, I can see his head start to go up and down with some velocity. This is head-banging Collective Soul style. These guys rock!! \m/ \m/

Smashing Young Man – Talk about rocking out? I love this song as well. The constant guitar riff is so addictive and listen carefully to all the little percussion additions throughout the song. (it songs like the “triangle” that you used to play in band when you were in grade school). The vocals are stupendous, especially the background which could be the best on any song they have recorded. Love the way that Ed sings along to the guitar solo-pure perfection. Another awesome song!!!

Artists You Are Scared To Admit You Like

Definitive Collection

As you probably can tell my taste in music is all over the place. I love metal, rock, rock & roll, pop, blues, southern, jam, country, classic R&B, doo wop, folk and who knows how much more. I love “cheesy” songs (see “Songs You Are Scared to Admit You Like”) and like I have said many times my I-Pod contains songs from Dean Martin to Megadeth. (So you know at a party I can not just put my I-pod on “shuffle,” I need to make a set list because I have seen evidence of people getting annoyed at the shuffle-I have tried it and it doesn’t work with the public-only me!). Now this next artist, I’m not so sure he belongs in this category because I know there is a whole generation who loves the way he sings and still go to see him when he tours around the States (and still sells out) but I’m pretty sure my friends and those younger than me, do not have Tony Orlando & Dawn in their musical library (or I-Pod). Hey say what you will be he has had some monster hits and he has a great voice, so I am not afraid to admit that I like Tony Orlando & Dawn as his songs take me back to an easier time (because I was younger) and the number one thing about his songs- you have to sing along to them, how can you not? (I don’t even think it is allowed, I’m pretty sure that there was a law created a while back that states a $50 fine will be assessed if you are caught not singing along to a Tony Orlando & Dawn song). He has been a staple for his friend Jerry Lewis as he is always on the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon every year from start to finish. I recently saw him on a “Time Life” commercial hawking the greatest hits from the 1960’s and 1970’s (I think) for them-which of course includes some of his classics. (By the way his birthday is this Sunday Apr. 3).He had a weekly television show for four years-no small feat-from 1974 -1977 where he had the biggest stars in show business come on each week including his idols-Jerry Lewis and Jackie Gleason. His career started in 1961 as he began with a “doo-wop” group called The Five Gents. This man has had a stellar career and can still knock the cover off the ball with his vocals, the next time he comes around, who is in? He will be in Atlantic City on May 14. So here are some of his greatest hits in no particular order:

Candida”- This was the song that ignited it this week as it landed in my ears when I put the I-Pod on shuffle. I friggin’ love this song. How can you not sing along to this song? It’s impossible. “Oh my Candida… we could make it together…the further from here the better…where the air is fresh and cleeeaan…” It has that big band flavor with the string section, horns, guitars and of course the great drumming. “Stars won’t come out, if they know that you’re about…because they couldn’t match the glow of your eyes”-C’mon folks this is classic stuff right here. Just a fantastic song.

Knock Three Times – Has to rank up there as one of the best songs of the 1970’s and it was recorded in 1970. This single went on to sell more than 9 million copies-c’mon how many other people can claim that they sold one song to more than 9 million people? (Remember back in those days “.45’s” were sold with an “A” and “B” side-this was the “A” and Candida was the “B.”). I can listen to this song all day long, all week long and all year long, it’s like I can’t enough of it. I love the “twice on the pipes” sound effect of someone knocking on some apartment building pipes. This is the song where I think it became illegal to not sing along and if I am ever at a party and you’re not singing-you will need to deposit $50 (into a “slush” fund) before leaving that party. And what about “Dawn’s” background vocals? Pure excellence. “Hey girl what cha doing down there?”

He Don’t Love You Like I Love You” – This is one of those songs that can be played on a nice spring afternoon while you are taking a walk in the park-it is cool and refreshing. I hate to be a broken record but how can you not sing along to this song? “He don’t love you (and he never will) like I love you…if he did he wouldn’t break your heart…he’s tryyy inn’ to tear us apart.” This is quality “old school” stuff right here and has to be in your musical library.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” – Probably his most popular song ever and this would have to land in the top ten songs of the 1970’s, no?? It reached another peak of infamy in the early 1980’s during the Iranian hostage crisis as there were “yellow ribbons” wrapped around thousands of trees around the U.S. It has been calculated that this song has been played more than 3 million times since its release and could take up 17 consecutive years of airplay. I don’t care how many more times I hear because I absolutely love it, how can you not love it? For those who have family in the military (or had) this song has to hit home and bring a tear to the eyes. “Now the whole damn bus is cheering…and I can’t believe I’ve seen…a hundred yellow ribbons round the ole oak tree.” Great song!!!

Say Has Anybody Seen My Gypsy Rose”- I think this is my favorite song by Tony & Dawn. It has that “ragtime” flair to it. The song starts off very dramatically with just Tony’s vocals and the piano as he laments why his wife has left him to join a burlesque. I can sing this song for days, I love the trombones as they accent the background vocals of Dawn. I can remember this song being played on WCBS FM radio all the time as a kid growing up on 46th street in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. Those were the days.

Stepping Out (Gonna Boogie Tonight)” – For some reason I always think of Tony Randall when I hear this song because he did a song very similar to this in his role as Felix on the Odd Couple, I forget which episode it was but he was singing an upbeat song (no, not “Happy & Peppy”) and then he whistled in it as well and it had that “ragtime” feel to it. . “Don’t worry about me mom.” Again love the trombone and trumpet in this track. Tony really started to get into that “ragtime” feel to his songs and may have burned out on it just a bit but overall a fun song to sing along to.

Top Ten

Image of Billy Joel

Last week at dinner time during our conversations, my oldest son asked me to do my top ten list of Billy Joel songs. Now for those of you, who know me a long time, know that I was (am) not the biggest fan of Mr. Joel. (That title goes to Mr. Loprete). But I obviously like many of his songs and of course respect the massive contribution he has made to the world of music. He is a living Icon and his music will live on forever. And most of you, by now, know that the only “full” Billy Joel album (because of I-Tunes I have lots of “single” songs) that I have ever owned is “Glass Houses” which was released in 1980. I bought the album when it came out because it was more “rocking” than his other albums. Now you have to remember when I was 15, I was into bands like KISS, Van Halen, Foreigner, and the Cars but not into Springsteen or Joel. But with Billy, “Glass Houses” pulled me in a bit (I do not own a full Springsteen album-only the “We Shall Overcome” CD where he performs American classics) and I listened to that album obsessively when it came out and still to this day, love it from top to bottom. I’m pretty sure my friend Cathy liked this album very much and also our ex-schoolmate named Andrew-who absolutely loved the song-“All for Leyna.” (Weird how I remember certain things). Anyway, my oldest said that since I recently did my top ten songs for U2 for whom he said I wasn’t the biggest fan, he said that I could easily do Billy Joel. As I looked over my I-Tunes library I have more than 10 songs, so I figured he was right. By the way, my oldest is a huge Billy Joel fan and it’s because of him buying CD’s that have allowed me to put more songs into my I-Tunes library. I do not profess to know this legend’s career inside out-again obviously-but we all know songs by this incredibly talented musician and song-writer. As I mentioned, Mr. Loprete, takes that honor-I have never met someone who is so into Billy Joel, it is actually amazing and pumps me up because again I love it when music (or musicians) affects the life of a person-so I couldn’t come close to the songs or knowledge that he knows. But maybe, just maybe, there might be a song or two that is my top ten list that would actually crack his top ten list. (And the same thing can be said for my oldest son as he is also a huge fan and hopefully there is a song or two that would have made his top ten list). So here I am on an island and have been informed that I can only have ten songs from the artist known as Billy Joel, “These Are Them:”

10.     Allentown– I have always loved this song, love the piano, love the sound of the “rolling mill” noises that gives it the flavor for all the folks that worked at Bethlehem Steel Company which sadly closed in the mid 1990’s. Billy Joel has always been a “blue collar” type of guy and I think one of the reasons why he is so popular because he seems like he is “one of us.” The lyrics hit home for so many of us out there whose mom, dads and grandparents work(ed) a hard life and “spent their weekends at the jersey shore.” Like all the little grunts and sounds from Billy. This is a totally “feel good” song even though it tells a sad story of a part of America that changed forever.

9.     Vienna – Thanks to my oldest son-who purchased “The Stranger” album, he turned me on to this song. Hey like I have always maintained-you are never too old to discover music-and yes you can get this information from someone younger than you. (Hey I told you about Jon last week with respect to Black Sabbath). Anyway, what a song?!! Talk about drifting off into another atmosphere-this is perfect if you are just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon, on the deck on a nice spring day as you look up to the blue skies and then close your eyes and let this song lift you up with the birds. Billy’s vocals are spectacular and the arrangement is top notch. I know the Billy Joel fan knows of this song but for those who don’t know him as well (like me) you won’t be disappointed with this track. Absolutely beautiful.

8.     Leave A Tender Moment Alone –I have always loved to sing along to this song-Billy pours his heart out and you can feel his passion. He makes you feel it. “Undeniablllleeee reee-eeee-eeaallll…so leave a tender moment alone…” He has made so many classics and this is no exception, I would call this a masterpiece. He conjures up memories of the way songs used to be sung-it has that feeling of guys singing under a street lamp during the 1950’s. Totally awesome song.

7.     Sleeping With The Television On – The beginning of this song is so “me” in the sense that I have always fallen asleep with the television on-all of my life not just now. And years ago, television was different and channels used to go off the air for an hour or two and there would be no television (Gasp!!!) but with just a consistent noise (almost like an alarm-like at the beginning of the song). Anyway, I could do this song at a karaoke bar and would totally nail it, I still know all the words. “This isn’t easy for me to say Diane…I know you don’t need anybody’s protection…” The drumming in this song is so infectious. “But my attitude is boy don’t waste your time…”Great sing along song!! You need to own this song.

6.     She’s Got A Way – Wow what a song. It just pours with passion and emotion. This is a totally stunning song where I can’t even move when I hear it. I’m not sure who he wrote this song for but whoever it wasfor, you can feel the love. “She comes to me when I’m feeling down…I get turned around.” This is so good that it brings a tear to the eye. Absolutely stunning song.

5.     Only The Good Die Young – From the opening piano lyrics I was immediately hooked but just like many radio stations refused to play this song back in the day, the lyrics make me squirm just a bit. I’m not going to preach but I have to admit that the topic is a bit tough as I attend mass every Sunday and you know what lyrics I am talking about. But the groove is so infectious that I am torn. I just hope when I get to the pearly gates, liking this song will not stop me from getting my ticket punched.

4.     Honesty –Another song where I don’t move when I hear it. “Honesty is such a lonely word…everyone is so untrue”- those lyrics make you think, right? Seems like everywhere you go, people lie or are dishonest or just want things for themselves without taking into account other people’s feelings or to just do the right thing. But like he says- he needs it most from you. I tell my kids all the time to tell the truth. Billy is so emphatic when he sings this song almost like he is pleading for everyone to be honest. It’s a call from his heart that makes its way to his beautiful vocal style that is nothing short of amazing. This is another masterpiece

3.     Close to The Borderline –Ok this is the Billy Joel I wanted more from, this is the “heavy metal” Billy that absolutely blew me away when I first heard it back in 1980 and to this day it remains one of my all-time favorite song. Can someone tell me how much is “a buck three-eighty” is worth? I love that line!!! The guitar riff in this song is so “huge” and totally engulfs me. I always wondered how he could do one song like this and then never do anything like it again. So many great lyrics to this song, it kills me-“I got remote control and color TV…I don’t change channels so they must change me…” or “I’d start a revolution but I don’t have time.” This is the “grimy” Billy as he gets down and dirty with surprisingly fantastic results-love the guitar solo. C’mon a guitar solo being the highlight in a Billy Joel song??!!! And the lyrics still hit home today as I believe most are “close to the borderline.”

2.     Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) – I have always loved this song but the recent funeral for Christina Taylor Green has brought this song to a whole new level for me. It is so painful to listen to now because the tears just stream down my face as the song is written from a parent’s point of view when your child is born. Listening to the words tells the story of every single parent’s obligation to their children. You want to tell them so many things, protect them from everything but as we all found out, we can’t be there all times to do that. Billy’s vocals are so mesmerizing that I am put into a trance. This song is so personal and really hits you right in the heart. I can’t stop crying so I have to go to the next song.

1.     I Don’t Want to Be Alone – This is the best Billy Joel song ever!! Ok so I know you are saying “What??!!!” But remember this is from “Glass Houses” and the first time I heard this song I knew it was forever going to be my all time favorite Billy Joel song. Love the funky offbeat groove that makes you move like an octopus with all the “stops” and “go’s.” “Wear a jacket and a tie ee eye…and when she sees me she busts out laughing…you’re a sad sight honey but you look so cute and I don’t want to be alone anymore.” Billy puts his whole soul into this song and sings it so great and is totally the coolest song he has ever recorded. What about the super cool saxophone solo? Can it get any better? Again I could nail this song down on karaoke night. Every time I am at a karaoke night, the DJ never has this song-I guess I will have to bring it myself the next time. Thanks Billy, this is such a great gift!!

Trivia Questions

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1.     Rage Against The Machine

2.     Tesla

3.     White Stripes

4.     Rush

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     Most people think we were a one hit wonder band because we had an epic hit but for those fans who were with us from the beginning know that we make some good music. After a long layoff, our band “reunion-ized” last year and played many dates around the States. We ask ourselves “what is it” with all those who think we were a one hit wonder? Who are we?

2.     We are another band where folks think we only had one hit, although this song really was the biggest of our career. We are a band from Georgia and our song is taken off the shelf and is constantly played on classic rock radio. Who are we?

3.     We have always been one of the biggest bands in the history of music and our claim to fame is that we never played the same set twice when we toured. We have a massive following where our fans follow(ed) us all around to see us play. Our fans play the live bootleg shows more than our studio albums, we lost our leader a while ago but the other band members are still carrying the torch with other bands who are still touring today. Who are we?

4.     We are an under-rated band that hails from Canada. We made some awesome songs during our “short” career before some of us formed other bands that had success as well. Our biggest hit was about an American. We recently “reunion-ized” and toured last year. Who are we?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Side Show – Blue Magic

2.    Bus Stop – The Hollies

3.     The Beat Goes On – Sonny & Cher

4.     Bulls On Parade- Rage Against The Machine

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1     “…whenever I…whenever I am away from you…I want to die…but you know I want to stay with you…”

2.     “…lately he’s been over heard in Mayfair…you better stay away from Jim…he’ll rip your lungs out…hey I’d like to meet his tailor…”

3.     “…meet me in the crowd…people…people…throw your love around…love me…love me…take it into town……”

4.     “…now you ask me if I’m sincere…that’s the question that I always fear…the first seven is never clear…but I tell you what you want to hear…”

Back on this Day

Tragically and sadly back on this day in 1984, Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father after an argument. His father passed away in 1998.

Back on this day in 1969, The Beach Boys filed a lawsuit against Capital Records for $2 million in unpaid royalties and other fees for Brian Wilson

Back on this day in 1985, Diamond David Lee Roth left Van Halen to pursue a solo career. The Diamond is now back home where he belongs.

Back on this day in 1991, Elton John came out in drag and sat on the lap of Rod Stewart during a concert in London, Rod was expecting his wife at the time, Rachel Hunter.

Back on this day in 1992, Billy Idol received a fine of $2,000 after pleading no contest to hitting a woman in the face the prior October while leaving a restaurant.

Back on this day in 2003, Pearl Jam kicked off an American tour after three years in Denver. Mr. Vedder wore a mask of George Bush and sung a song called “Bushleaguer”-causing some fans to walk out.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Ronnie Lane, (Faces) Jeff Porcaro (drummer for Toto).


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