Errols Weekly Music Update.

February 18, 2011

Weekly Update – 02/18/2011

Bon Jovi at the Mohegan Sun on Sat. May 7. Tickets on sale now and you are never going to believe how much the tickets are: $151.25 and get this…are you ready…. $524.70 (love the 70 cents added). FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS TO SEE BON JOVI???!!!! (Or anyone else for that matter) DO THEY REALIZE THERE IS A RECESSION?? I HAVE NOW SEEN IT ALL. (I guess he needs more money to buy into the Atlanta Falcon franchise and figures he’ll get it out of the state of CT, would love to see if he would charge that much in his home state at the Prudential or new Meadowlands stadium). If they sell even one ticket for $500, I will need immediate medical attention.

TV on the Radio at Radio City Music Hall on Wed. Apr. 13. Tickets on sale this morning at 11:00 a.m. $40.50. If you are an early riser you can grab pre-sale tickets until 9:00 a.m. and the passcode is: HELIGHT.

Queens of the Stone Age at Terminal 5 on Fri. Mar. 25. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40 ($45 day of show).

PJ Harvey at Terminal 5 on Tues. Apr. 19. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40 ($45 day of show).

David Crosby and Graham Nash at the Town Hall on Sat. May 14. Tickets on sale today at 10:00 a.m. $59.50 and $99.50 (before TM rips you off the website was a pain so the info was limited. I guesses on the time this morning)

Glee at the Izod Center on Thurs. & Fri. June 16 & 17. Pre-sale tickets on sale until 10:00 p.m. tonight if you have an American Express card. General public on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. $64.85 and $105.85

Keith Urban at the Prudential Center on Thurs. July 14. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $37.65 and $91.80

Chelsea Handler at the Beacon Theater on Sat. May 21. Tickets on sale at 10:00 a.m. $101.50 and $111.75

Other items:

Tonight on FUSE TV you can see Linkin Park live from Madison Square Garden beginning at 9:30 p.m. That is pretty cool. This band is great live.

Say It Ain’t True: Mike Starr, former bassist for Alice In Chains and who was recently on that “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”, was supposedly arrested yesterday morning in Utah for possession of a controlled substance. Man, I don’t know what to say except that I hope that he can get clean.

I am not a big fan of watching the Grammy’s or should I say I don’t make it a point that I have to watch it but I did catch some of it last Sunday and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised on how well run the show was and how good the performances were by the various artists. Lady GaGa was not as outrageous as I expected but believe me I had my expectations in overdrive. But I will say that her new song-“Born This Way”- sounds a lot like “Express Yourself” by Madonna which I thought she asked to use but apparently that is not the case. Hey if Georgia Harrison can lose to The Chiffons for taking parts of “So Fine” and supposedly using it on “My Sweet Lord” then Miss GaGa may be in for a fight. (By the way did you catch her interview on “60 Minutes” before the show? Would you or I be in trouble if we admitted to a national audience-filled with law enforcement-that we still smoke an illegal drug?). I thought the tribute to the Queen of Soul was excellent and done with much class. I thought the best performance of the night went to Muse-wow-I was blown away on the sound that was coming out of the three-some and the stage show was phenomenal. My younger son has been singing their praises for some time now and after that performance, they now have my attention. That whole Doo-Wop thing with Bruno Mars was totally awesome. I don’t get Bieber but I’m assuming I’m way too old to get it. By the way, did you hear the band Train thanking “Howard Stern” right before they walked off. Howard had these guys on way before they hit it big and they recognized that-nice job.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently put out a poll and asked people who their favorite rock star was that had passed away. Topping the list was John Lennon, then Hendrix, Cobain, Morrison, Presley, Mercury, Joplin, Harrison, Bonham and Moon. Kind of a weird top ten list but also kind of interesting to view.

Congratulations to Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster who had their second child together earlier this week. That makes it eight children for Stewart, who is 66 years old. I’m almost 46 and I wouldn’t want to start all over, never mind 66.

Soundgarden has confirmed that they will make a new album together and supposedly have been writing and jamming away. They will record “very soon” according to the web site so maybe we will have a new album later this year? Honestly at this point, I will have to see the final product to believe. I am headed to see Cornell on his acoustic solo tour though just in case things don’t work out.

I have to say that I am really liking the new American Idol this season-I didn’t think I was going to like it without Simon on it but it is like he was never there, I have almost completely forgotten about him and you have to hand it to the producers for making the choices they did. Jennifer Lopez is very good and has that same “nurturing” personality that Paula exhibits and Steven Tyler is really good. Both him and Jennifer have taken this gig very seriously and it shows.

Bon Scott fans: Be on the lookout as on Feb. 22 there will be a release of-“Round and Round: The Forgotten Tales”- which will feature 11 songs from Bon before his days spent with AC/DC. He spent ten years prior to AC/DC with various bands and this new album highlights some of those songs. Should be very interesting.

Rev Theory just released their newest album-“Justice”- this past Tuesday and not for nothing I think I am going to pick this up. I really like the sound of “The Fire.” This is what I expected Puddle of Mudd to graduate to. “Say Goodbye” also sounds good. Check it out.

The Drive By Truckers released yet another album-“Go-Go Boots”- whew this band just puts out music, no? I really like the song-“Everybody Needs Love”-and I believe you will as well. Great song. Check it out.


Who Are You

The year is 1978 and I am only 13 years old and the first album that I ever bought by the band called The Who was “Who Are You.” Now of course I had heard their earlier songs on the radio (and have since gone back and now have “Tommy,” “Who’s Next,” etc.) but “Who Are You” was my first real introduction to this legendary band. Unfortunately it was the last studio album with Mr. Keith Moon on drums, he was great wasn’t he? (I think the Muppets had to base their “Animal” drummer character on him, don’t you think?). Now after all these years I still say that this album is very different from all the others that they have ever recorded. There are glimpses of pure perfection and then I have to be honest, there are songs on here that I always wondered how they made it on to the record. (Please no offense meant to the band or their fans). I think I have stated in the past that I tried to do a perfect album side review but there is at least one song on each side that kill the vibe-again in my opinion-so with that fact I have never done a complete album review, hence this album brings me to the “Nuggets” section of this page. Now I know there are fans of this album out there who say it is a classic and I will not argue against that fact because there are more “great” songs than there are “poor” songs. Believe it or not you will not see the title track of this album be put down below and I think that is because I have heard this song way too many times in my lifetime- granted I know that this is the most popular song on the album (and arguably one of their most popular songs ever)-but again you won’t see it below. (just assume it’s a given-I’ll put it down in my mind but won’t write about it, sorry). Anyway, here is a list of the golden nuggets from “Who Are You” in no particular order: (By the way you should buy the whole album).

905 – In my opinion, this is the best song on the album and is so different from anything that the Who has ever done. I love the keyboard that starts off the song sounds like something that should have been on the “Mork & Mindy” show and for some reason I feel like saying “Nanu Nanu.” The groove is a steady head banging psychedelic tune that highlights Pete’s amazing vocal performance. I like when the bridge comes in and Pete sings- “ I had a feeling deep inside that something is missing…it’s a feeling in my soul…”-and the musicianship that follows is super solid. Again, this is unlike any Who song that I can think of.

Trick of the Light – This is that classic Who sound that we all came to love as Moon is all over the place with his excellent drumming skills and Mr. Daltrey sings the story well. With a great set of headphones the guitar part will have you shaking your head up and down and all around in a nice slow pace. “Was I alright?…was I al-reye-it?” The background vocals from Pete are spot on and very addictive. There are lots of keyboards/synthesizers all over this album (that was “in” at the time the album was released) and almost dominant at points in this song. If you follow along Pete’s guitar playing is excellent, especially towards the end of the song. “Was I alright?”- I’d say so- a most excellent song.

Sister Disco – The main thing that sticks out in my mind every time I hear this song is how good a bass player that John Entwistle was, his pulsating bass thumps are prominent throughout the song. (follow him throughout the song and you’ll hear how talented the man was). Now in 1979, this was the coolest song to me because the chorus says-“Goodbye Sister Disco”- and remember I was the “rocker” back then full force and had no room for disco. I wouldn’t have gone as far as the Chicago White Sox did when they held a “break a disco album” day but I was in that category of not liking disco. (even though I listened to the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack every time I went my Aunt & Uncle’s house in Staten Island-hey there is still a lot of Brooklyn in me). Admittedly I am not so crazy about the part where Pete breaks in and does his “opera-etic”- “Goodbye…goodbye sister disco…now I go…”-part but it’s not that bad.

New Song – This was the song that made me buy the album. I remember it used to get a lot of air-time on the WNEW-FM 102.7 radio station when they had the likes of Pat St. John (now on WCBS FM), Carol Miller (now on Q104) and Richard Neer (now a sports talk analyst on “The Fan”). The blazing guitar introduction is what caught my immediate interest as well as Roger’s vocals. I love the lyrics-“I write the same old songs with a few new lines…and everyone wants to cheer it…”-interesting isn’t it? Not saying too much about us fans but you know what? He is right. Most of the general public wants the same formula and don’t you dare veer off the track (ask the “Coke” family about that one). The Who have a flair for the dramatic and the song slows down where it sounds like there are crickets in the background but as Roger begins to sing-“Let it rain…let it rain… let it raaaiiiiinnnn…ahhhhhhhh”- you know the huge production is coming as Pete cuts the song like a knife with his guitar riff that is short and simple but gets the job done. Great song!!!

Had Enough – Roger Daltrey is the key to this song as his vocals are stupendous and again Entwistle’s bass playing is incredible-listen carefully to his powerful bass lines throughout the song. Keith’s drumming adds the spice to this song as the sweeps and rolls up and down are just so good it makes me want to take drumming lessons right now. Love when Roger sings-“if you slap one cheek well I ain’t gonna turn the other”- and when Pete provides the well rounded background vocals as he sings along to the keyboards, it adds to the “sweetness” (think Walter Payton sweetness) of the tune and then Roger’s raspy voice takes it from there and exclaims-“here comes the end…the end of the world.” This is another song that I believe is so different from what they did in the early 1970’s and I for one, really like it. Perfect composition.

Artists You Are Scared To Admit You Like

Image of John Denver

Recently I have been on a kick of watching re-runs of “The Walton’s” (I found it channel surfing and it’s on “The Inspiration” station at 8:00 p.m. EST) which I consider to be one of the best, if not the best, TV shows in American history. There is something so righteous about the show, it bleeds with honesty, goodness, tradition and a real sense of family-which leads me to Mr. John Denver-an artist you are probably scared to admit you like but I am not because whenever I hear songs by him I get that same warm feeling because his music is very righteous. His music was everywhere in the 1970’s and was a big part of my childhood. I don’t know about you but whenever I hear his songs it brings me back to a simpler time- a time with no cell phones as I struggle everyday to avoid the person around me on the train just talking the whole one hour trip (like no one else is around); a time when people actually talked to each other face to face (instead of texting or tweeting), a place where people paid attention to where they were going instead of trying to multi-task while they are walking (can we put down the blackberry phones for one day? Or how about one minute?). His songs put me at peace and are very calming-better than chameleon tea. His death was tragic and a huge loss for his family & friends as well as his legion of fans. I can’t imagine a world without John Denver songs and here are some of my favorites:

Thank God I’m a Country Boy”- Wow how much do I love this song? This song will forever remind me of my mother as I can picture her clapping her hands together along with the audience who John was performing this song for. How great is the fiddle playing? My wife and kids roll their eyes whenever I blast this around the house. I clap, slap my knees and look for a large kettle (I don’t know why but I do) when this song is being played. I could be a country boy because I do just like the song says (for those who know me)-“early to rise…early in the sack…” and my lifelong dream has to work on a farm-maybe that is why I also love this song so much because in my mind, I identify with it-even though I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y.-go figure? I can listen to this song all day long.

Sunshine on My Shoulders” – I think this song cracks my top 100 songs of all time. It is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, it stops me right in my tracks and I have to sit and let the music take me away. “If I had a day that I could give you…I’d give you a day just like today…” I love the way he holds the notes on “shoulders” and “cry”-c’mon is that not mesmerizing? The arrangement is spectacular as the musicianship is subtle but so good. I would say that this has to be one of the best songs recorded in the 1970’s. Love this song.

Take Me Home Country Roads” – Another great sing along song that can be sung by everyone in the family-yes even John Boy and the rest of the Walton family. I can picture both Grandma Walton and Grandpa Walton singing along to this wonderful song.“Country roads…take me home…to the place… I beloooong…West Virginia…mountain mama…take me home…country roads…” This song is so pure, like the winter’s first snow fall. C’mon folks you know this is a classic tune and there would be a void in our lives if we didn’t have this song. Pure perfection.

Annie’s Song”- C’mon, all together now- “You fill up my senses like a night in the forest…like the mountains in spring time…like a walk in the rain…” You forget how much you miss songs like this once you hear it again and I am determined to make sure that it remains part of my rotation (somehow I have to figure out how to fix my I-Pod shuffle so that this song comes up at least once a month) for the rest of my life. This could be John’s best vocal performance ever- love the way he extends the words throughout the song. If you listen carefully there’s even humming going on with the background vocals-find me another song that does that? Spectacular song.

Rocky Mountain High” – I don’t know about you but when I hear this song it makes me feel like an American Eagle that is flying high above the Grand Canyon- (hey I know it is the Colorado mountains but I’m letting you know what it does to me) with the wind beneath my wings (hey another song) on a beautiful sunny day in the spring time with a brisk wind and I just fly around in long circles with my headphones on listening to this great song. Boy do I remember this song being played on WABC radio during my summers in Otisville NY and again I am taken back to my childhood with those great summers spent with my grandmother and uncle. Mr. Denver had a knack for holding his notes really long and this song is no exception. I would love to sing this song around a campfire, hey we’ll invite the Waltons.

Back Home Again” – This definitely sounds like a song that Willie Nelson has either written or performed as John does his best impersonation of Willie. This is so “country” and I love it. You know my mom and Dad were “Donny & Marie” before the Osmond duo because my dad was “a little (a lot) bit rock and roll” and my mother was “a little (a lot) bit country” and I will always be grateful for my mother introducing me to this genre. Now granted I am not the biggest country fan but I do love many songs and artists and this song epitomizes the country genre in my opinion. I feel like sitting on a huge rock with a blade of grass sticking out of my mouth when I listen to this song. “They don’t make songs like this anymore.”- so true.

Top Ten

Image of Elton John

Maybe it is because he is featured on the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine or maybe it is because in less than a month for the first time ever our entire family unit (yes my wife and two boys) will all be attending his “Hits” tour that lands at Madison Square Garden but I felt like this week’s Top Ten list should be associated with Sir Elton John. Now the focus here will be just like his upcoming tour-“Hits”- as I do not profess to know this man’s entire library as it is so extensive; but he is always around us-think about it. There is probably not a day in our lives that we don’t hear a song by this living legend. I’d say he is like water- you don’t really focus on it because luckily for us it is always around us. You take it for granted but then when you think about how important it is in your life, you realize just how special it is. Yes, in my opinion Elton John’s music is the same thing, you get so used to hearing it all the time that you just take it for granted but when you sit down and really think about just how many songs he has written (along with his buddy Bernie Taupin), you realize that he has been a part of your life-in some way shape of form- for the past five decades, including the current one we are in now. Just like water, right?

There was a point in my life, when I was around 15-17 years old, and my friend Cathy would always play his song-“Funeral for a Friend”- over and over. We’d play backgammon while her tape player was stuck on “Groundhog Day” because if we heard that song once, we heard it a million times. She knew every word and sung it with such fervor. Another “Elton” moment for me was after John Lennon was killed and Elton recorded a moving tribute for him-“Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)-to this day I get chills down the back of my spine as you can feel the pain in Elton’s voice. “And I’ve been knocking…but no one answers…and I’ve been callin’ oh hey, hey Johnny…can’t you come out to play?”-heart crushing lyrics-but I digress.

Let me head back to the “hits” as some of you may not know “Empty Garden” (I’m not sure why not but hey…) or “Funeral for a Friend.” Now admittedly he probably “farmed his best in younger years” with some of the most recognizable songs ever recorded but there is a lot to be said for the “roots that grew stronger” which resulted in songs that were just as special as the younger years. If you are old enough you know how much of his songs were played on the radio during the 1970’s…then again in the 1980’s…then the 1990’s. He has recorded songs with so many artists that the list is probably beyond comprehension, including with one of my favorite bands-Collective Soul-and created one of my all time favorite Collective Soul songs-“Perfect Day.” He has resurrected the career of his idol and mentor-Leon Russell. Again the list goes on and on.

So I am on an island and have been informed that I can only have ten “hit” songs from the unbelievably talented living legend, Sir Elton John. “These Are Them:”

10.     Candle in the Wind– Elton has this way of playing the piano that tells a story even before he starts to sing and even though the beginning of this song has a short piano part, you know that it is going to touch your heart. Then once he breaks in with “Goodbye Norma Jean” you are fully entranced listening to his every word as he describes his reflections on the never ending legend of Marilyn Monroe. The song is melancholy and makes you think of loved ones in your life that have passed on, I know it definitely makes me think of my mother. I believe the re-recorded version for Princess Diana after she was killed is the biggest selling single besides “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby (if I am not mistaken). Unbelievable song.

9.     Tiny Dancer – The first two songs on this list had a lot of competition and every time I thought it was going to be another song here at these spots, these two kept winning out. There is something about this song that keeps me coming back. I say it is like a chicken pot pie on a cold winter’s day-“comfort food”- yes that is what this song is like-comfort food for your soul. It is a long and telling story but just like a book that you can’t put down, you want more and then you scream out-“hold me closer tiny dance-sirs…count the headlights on the highway…” His piano playing is flawless as is the arrangement of this song.

8.     Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me – I can picture the entire Madison Square Garden crowd putting their arms around the person sitting next to them and forming one giant football huddle and everyone will do their best karaoke imitation of Elton as I know he will not even have to sing the song because the audience will take over-“Don’t let the sun go down on me…although I search myself…it’s always someone else I see…to want be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” Such an unbelievable song and I can’t wait for the experience on March 16. “Ladies and Gentlemen…Mr. Elton John!!!!”

7.     Your Song – This song will forever remind me of Otisville N.Y. as I remember this song always being played on WABC radio (on your AM dial) when I spent my summers as a pre-teen with my grandmother, grandfather and uncle. And this will always remind me especially of my grandmother-I can picture her beautiful face while making those Norweigan pancakes for me every Sunday morning, holding my hand, along with my brother Rich’s hand, as she took us to those great “Penny Social’s” where everyone in the town knew her-that’s how special she was. Or I recall walking with her for at least 3.5 miles to her job, usually on the hottest summer days, because Pop was nowhere to be found. She always took care of us with such love and caring and like I said-this song will forever remind me of her. Rest in peace Ma.

6.     Rocket Man (I Think it’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time)– Talk about your “arena anthem?” Can you imagine the Garden when he starts to play this song. “She packed my bags last night…” Everyone will be out of their seats and again the huge huddle will start as people will think about where they were in their lives when this song was released-it will take me back again to Otisville NY where I would swim in the local “beach” there-not a real beach to the city folk-more like a body of water that doesn’t move surrounded by sand that was thrown over the underlying grass. I know I say this all the time but this could be one of the best sing along songs and thinking about it, he may have the most sing along songs that brings out so much passion. “Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids…” –that is an interesting line because people who really know me, they know that I have said that I would volunteer to take my family there. Anyway, back to this song-an incredible piece and song writing and arrangement, no?

5.     Goodbye Yellow Brick Road– “And the hits just keep coming” – to borrow a phrase that the WCBS FM radio utilizes for their format. Of course this song is played on this “oldies” station. It’s weird because I am now at a stage in my life where I have become the guy listening to the “oldies” station. I never thought that day would come, that was always for my father, right? But the funny thing is now my Dad does not listen to WCBS anymore because it is not “oldies” enough-you see they now play hits from the 1960’s through the 1990’s-and like I have said a million times before-he is still stuck in the 1950’s. I get crazy thinking about it, he was 26 years old when Woodstock occurred but…oh well I digress, back to the yellow brick road- this song will have you singing the chorus all day long- “Beyond the yellow brick ro-oh-oh-oad” Can you imagine how many dogs that live around Madison Square Garden will be hollowing as the 18,000 plus people there will be trying to singing “Ahhh Ahhh. Ahhhhhhh and ro-oh-oh-oh-oad?

4.     Someone Saved My Life Tonight – Wow what this song does to me. I automatically freeze and can’t move. I think of my childhood- P.S.169, then moving to Otisville NY, then less than a year we moved back to Brooklyn. Playing handball in Pershing Junior High school yard, living next door to Carl who thought I was the fastest kid he had ever seen as he would set up races with every one he knew and I would beat them until I met Slats, meeting the 48th street boys for the first time (Joe C., “Cribbs” “Paulie” “Flip”), playing football with the Outlaws at Dyker Park, playing tackle football in the snow with Jay Sellers on 48th and 7th Avenue, hanging out at Izzy’s, playing baseball with Slats on the Flynn Celtics and then being introduced to my “brothers” that are still a very important part of my life; working at Dan’s Supermarket with all my neighborhood friends (Scott, Kathy, Mary- I can remember spilling at least thirty gallons of milk down the aisle as the hand-truck I tried to use lifted but the middle crate of milk split out like a “pez dispenser” and a title wave of milk rolled down the aisle as the customers ran for cover and Pete was there at the end of the aisle to tell me that was coming out of my paycheck). Unloading the massive trucks that would deliver food to Dan’s Supermarket and having “can” fights with Pep; “loading up” the freezer downstairs; working with my uncle in a meat warehouse in downtown Brooklyn; one time my uncle and I were riding down 39th street in Brooklyn towards 5th avenue in a snowstorm and his car was sliding all over the place as I thought my life was going to be over as it would not stop and for sure I was convinced we were heading through two way traffic on 5th avenue. Looking over at my uncle from the front passenger seat I said-“John, what are we going to do? We are going to crash into all those cars going back and forth.” He didn’t answer so I figured OK I have to jump out-so I went to open the door to jump out and all of a sudden this long arm grabbed me and in one fell swoop he yanked me back into the seat and nailed the door shut, all in one motion. He managed to steer the car up on the sidewalk as we slid gently into one of those “old fire alarms” that used to be all over Brooklyn at many corners throughout the borough. You see someone did save my life but it wasn’t at night, it was like 5:30 in the morning. Thanks Uncle John!!!

3.     Levon – Ok I have to admit that the scene in “Almost Famous” is what really did it for me with this song. I never realized what a great sing along song it was until I saw that movie. As you can probably guess, that movie is something I can relate to very much, I wanted to be Mr. Crowe-I still do. I wish that I could write for a music publication and follow an up and coming band. (or any band for that matter). Can you imagine that for Cameron it was the Allman Brothers? Anyway I digress, back to this monumental song. Elton’s piano playing (as usual) is flawless (listen carefully to the background piano notes) and his vocals on this song could arguably be his best ever. The chorus is so addictive and you know you can’t stop singing this song once you hear the opening notes, no matter how many times you have heard this song, you don’t even think of turning the dial-it is that good. One of his best songs ever.

2.     Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting –This is one of the best rock and roll songs ever recorded in the history of rock and roll and I for one will take no arguments against this fact, that’s right-fact. From the opening drum beats and that awesome guitar lick I am instantly polarized and start to shadow box almost immediately. Of course this song was utilized so many times for our Boot Camp class at MBIA from 2002 – 2005 and I would run over to the stereo and hit the volume up to the max. There is nothing better when you are working up a sweat, start to get winded and then have this song come on to keep you going, to make you stronger and to give you that extra kick in the behind. Just listening to this song now I could picture the five to six of us at each one of the 12 stations set up within the gym room (everyone stayed at least two stations-in each direction-away from me because I sweat like I am getting sprayed with a water hose). C’mon how many times have you sung the part-“it’s 7:00 a clock and I wanna rock…wanna get a belly full of beer?” Has to be at a million times for me, what about you? Love this tune.

1.     Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters – Ok I know what you are thinking- is this a “hit?” And my response would be “Yes it is his best one ever!!!!” Folks, of all the songs that Elton has ever made (and there are many that I do not know) this is my most favorite ever (including the ones I don’t know). This is a complete masterpiece, this song should win a Grammy every year-yes that is right, every year- I don’t know maybe there can be a different category added each year to somehow recognize the greatness of this song. If he does play this song at the Garden when we go to see him, then I think at that point I would have to say that moment would probably be the “pinnacle” of my concert going career (which is pretty extensive). At that point, I don’t think there would be much left to see as I believe I have seen most every artist I wanted to but of course that won’t stop me from exploring new music (or old). If it does happen, I will look to the skies (yes through the Garden roof) and will see the sun beams from heaven and say hello to my mother. This is the best 5:00 minute song ever recorded

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Alice Cooper

2.     Bob Seger

3.     Adam Lambert

4.     Amy Winehouse

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I usually say what I need to say and don’t really care what others might think. My lyrics usually drip with sarcasm. I am a drummer for one of the most popular bands ever in rock music but I do also have a very successful solo career. Until the very end, I will not go quietly, who am I?

2.     My band is on a hiatus and it is mainly due to me as my other band-mates just recently completed an album on their own under a new name. We fought a heavy public battle during the “W” years with President Bush at the helm and I was amazed at the viciousness I received from people who didn’t even know me. Who am I and what is the name of our band?

3.     Our band is still around as we enter our fifth decade of playing some of the best hard-rock ever created. The author of this page (hey I’m like Deion now talking about myself in the third party) thinks it is a travesty that we have not been selected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Our line-up has changed a lot over the years but the focus has always been the music and we also agree with the author- “What’s going on here?” Who are we?

4.     We formed a “hair-band” during the late 1980’s and it was one of the stranger line-up’s in hair-band history as we already had made it big with our own separate bands and were not some up and coming kids trying to hit the big time. No one was sure if we would hit it high enough but we lasted more than a few years? Who are we?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Baby Come Back –Player

2.     Legs – ZZ Top

3.     I Dare YouShinedown

4.     Dangerous Type – The Cars

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…some folks were born made to wave the flag…oohhh they’re red, white and blue…”

2.     “…tell me did you sail across the sun…did you make it to the milky way to see the light’s all fading…”

3.     “…I…hate the rain and sunny weather…and I…I hate the beach and mountains too…and I …”

4.     “…I’d like to see you…but then again…that doesn’t mean you mean that much to me…so if I call you…don’t make a fuss…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1968, David Gilmore replaced the erratic Syd Barrett as the singer and guitarist for Pink Floyd.

Back on this day in 1973, the long running “King Biscuit Flower Hour” had its premier which featured Bruce Springsteen and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Back on this day in 1974, Kiss released its debut album on Casablanca Records. (what a great day, huh??!!!) To this day, their concerts have at least 5 songs on their set list from this album.

Back on this day in 2003, Styx released its first album-“Cyclorama”- without one of its founding members-Dennis DeYoung (ironic for him that it was released on his birth date-wonder if that was done on purpose?) and featured guest appearances by Brian Wilson and John Waite.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Yoko Ono, Dennis DeYoung (formerly of Styx), Robbie Bachman, (BTO), and John Travolta (Grease).


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