Errols Weekly Music Update.

December 30, 2010

Weekly Update – 12/30/2010


Aaron Neville at BB Kings on Wed. Mar. 30. Tickets on sale next Tues. Jan. 4 at noon. $38.50

Robin Trower at BB Kings on Thurs. June 16. Tickets on sale this Mon. Jan. 3 at 1:00 p.m. $45.

Ice Cube at BB Kings on Tues. Mar. 8. Tickets on sale now. $27 ($32 day of show).

Other items:

Hopefully you were all able to watch the fantastic-“The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors”- show this past Tuesday on CBS-TV. If you did miss it, well… see if you can find clips on line because there were some spectacular moments and possibly one of the best performances that I have ever seen on television in a long time. And no I am not talking about the great Mr. Steven Tyler, nor the “he is everywhere” Mr. Dave Grohl or one of my personal favorites Mr. Kid Rock. No, I am talking about Miss Jennifer Hudson. She came out and performed for Oprah Winfrey and her version of “I’m Here” from the “Color Purple” play was probably the greatest performance I have seen vocally, probably since Whitney Houston sang our national anthem many years ago. Miss Hudson was electrifying and sang that song totally possessed with passion like you have never experienced before. I have read blogs that stated that she was screaming-it may have sounded that way but to me, it was just her passion in a very special moment in front of so many people including the President of the United States- I don’t understand the criticism. Believe me folks she was phenomenal and when the Tennessee chorus came in towards the end of the song to assist; it then became “an event.”

Now as you all know my focus here is the music (so no offense to Oprah, Jerry Herman and Bill T. Jones-the other honorees) and I couldn’t wait for the tribute to Merle Haggard and Paul McCartney. Mr. Haggard is a fascinating figure in my opinion, here is a guy who spent time behind bars and most of his songs were written about his life experiences and I don’t care if you say you don’t like Country music because once you saw those musicians from today get up on the stage and perform his songs-you know you had to admit that they were great songs. Vince Gill and Brad Paisley completely nailed-“Working Man Blues”- and I admittedly don’t know too much about these guys but they appear to be very talented, great job boys!!! The legendary Kris Kristofferson and Miranda Lambert serenaded the audience with “The Hag” and every time I see Kris I am amazed on what a talent he is-friggin’ phenomenal. The American Treasure-Mr. Willie Nelson came out with Sheryl Crow (what is she waiting for already-she needs to become a country star right now-she may be already and she just doesn’t know it) and did a beautiful rendition of “Today I Started Loving You Again.” Willie, he is just…the Man!!! His status grows every day and when I get to see him it is a real treat. Willie brought out his friends (and no it wasn’t Kris, Johnny or Merle) but his other friends including the dynamic Kid Rock and the new star you don’t know about yet (but you will soon enough) Mr. Jamey Johnson and they all sang –“Ramblin’ Fever”- and then everyone came back out to make this another “event” and I for one did not want it to end. Phenomenal!!!

Then it was on to Sir Paul McCartney, after a very fun introduction by Alec Baldwin (he’s the best actor on TV today) the rejuvenated No Doubt did a nice job with “Hello Goodbye” and “Penny Lane.” I really liked the way they did “Penny.” When Dave Grohl and Norah Jones came out together (my oldest wonders when those two are going to make an entire album together) I knew it was going to be special. Say what you want about Dave’s propensity to scream but this man can sing. Did you hear how he opened with “Maybe I’m Amazed?” and then when Norah came in I knew instantly that I wanted to buy the song on I-Tunes. Dave did beautifully on the guitar solo. Folks this was pure perfection. I didn’t want the song to end and was wondering how that was going to be topped. But then it happens- the legendary Steven Tyler comes out (Paul specifically asked for him) and jumps into “She Came in through the Bathroom Window” and I got the chills. He was so freaking amazing. Then it’s on to “Golden Slumbers” and when the spotlight on Tyler hit him, I was thinking this is another “event.” The entire audience was on its feet as he laced into “Carry That Weight” and did his “Scatting.” My youngest son was disappointed there wasn’t the massive guitar solo but Steven showed everyone who thinks his career is over to think again. He was Spectacular. Again I got chills down my spine.

The next “event” was “Let It Be” which was kicked off by another American Legend-Mr. James Taylor-he was then joined by Mavis Staples and she brought down the house. Talk about the best song ever for audience participation- the “Nah, Nah, Nah’s” was absolutely fantastic. (sorry forgot to mention that they switched to “Hey Jude” for that part). When everyone came out to sing the song, I again had chills going up the back of my spine. Here is Tyler, Taylor and Grohl on the same stage together as the audience had these “lights” that they were waving back and forth-it was too much for me to take. To see the President and his lovely bride along with Oprah and Paul singing and dancing together was enough to bring tears to your eyes. Folks this was the best “Kennedy Honors” show that I have ever seen. Simply Spectacular.

My favorite “old school” song of the week goes to “Young Girl” by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap. I was watching an episode of “Glee” and the main guy (I think) mixed this song in with “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police and I loved it. I forgot how much I love that song and immediately downloaded it off of I-Tunes. Good stuff right here folks.

The buzz created by Kayne West on his latest album-“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”- is “off the charts” and even has caught the attention of my oldest son. Every where you look it has been written that this is a complete masterpiece, so I know I’m probably a bit late with this but apparently this may be the best album of 2010. I would have to listen to the “clean” version because I can’t take all the cursing.

There is a free single on I-Tunes this week from The Decemberists-“Down By the Water”- and it eerily sounds like “The One I Love” by R.E.M. Who knows maybe it is just me but the guitar in the background makes me want to sing “This one goes out to…”

My favorite “classic rock” song of the week is “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” by The Police. I don’t know why but recently I have heard this song every where I go. Yes it’s a pop song but remember it is on “Zenyatta Mondatta” and that was the last studio album I purchased by the Police, so in my mind, they didn’t sell out until “Synchronicity.”



Ok I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this “nugget” edition as many of you out there probably think that the entire album deserves recognition, especially my oldest son as he is probably banging his head on his PC and screaming “Nooooo!” But I have to tell it from my view and this is my opinion, I think the album “Dirt” is probably Alice-In-Chains best work (and most popular at the same time-usually not the case) but I can NOT listen to the album in its entirety. I skip over the majority of Layne Staley’s songs-sorry but I have to be honest. So I couldn’t come up with a perfect album side (as this was made in the era of CD’s) nor could I review the entire album. Now admittedly, there are way more songs that appear on this list than what I put down on all my other nugget lists, it’s essentially almost the whole album but again I can’t listen from top to bottom. Staley’s songs are way too strange for me, so without any further comments to irritate you, I will put down the nuggets from the album “Dirt” by Alice-In-Chains:

Would?– Arguably one of the best songs that AIC has ever written and performed. I would stack this song up to most any hard rock song there is and most likely this would come out the winner. The bass line is pulsating while Layne’s vocals are top notch- he squeals, claws and scratches throughout while Jerry Cantrell supplies a most excellent riff. ’m/ ’m/

Down in a Hole – Again another song that could arguably be one of their best efforts ever. The song is slow driven and melancholy but has some heavy guitar parts where Jerry lifts the song up while Layne’s vocals pick up the pitch and then it comes down nicely. “But my wings have been so denied…” The lyrics are hard hitting as most of their songs are- it’s weird I was never one to follow along to lyrics that much because as you all know by now that it has always been about the music for me but there’s no ignoring the “to the point” lyrics that this band has put forth. This is a slow hand wave above your head ( a la American Idol ) and maybe for some-an acquired taste.

Them Bones – This song always takes me back to the old Giants stadium when Jerry Cantrell opened for Metallica as a solo artist but blew the doors off the exits with this bad boy. I can picture about 40,000 people head-banging along to this song while of course “air-guitaring.”The “one-two” punch that kicks off Dirt could arguably be one of the best two songs to start off an album in the hard rock genre.

Dam That River – This is the “two” punch I was mentioning in “Them Bones.” Whew does this song rock or what? Love the drums, bass and guitar that creates this “kick ass” groove. Now I will warn those parents out there wondering what their kids are listening to (yes me included)-there are some really “bad” lyrics-for example- “I kicked you in the face…you stared at me so hollow…got to keep that killing pace…” Admittedly I have to be in the mood to hear these songs but when I am in the mood, I really just concentrate on the music. I can remember when this album first came out and I bought the CD, I played it for a co-worker at S&P and his face said it all. From that point onwards, I kept my music taste to myself…unless I knew you were into it.

Angry Chair – Yes OK this is a Layne Staley song I know and I do love it. I would never say he wasn’t an unbelievable singer-which he was-but many of his songs are way too psychedelic for me. (“Godsmack” for instance). Anyway Angry Chair has this really addictive groove that you can’t get out of your head and I love the way Layne sings this song. He sounds possessed but I love the way he accentuates certain words in the song.(“Hey…Awww”). The arrangement is a work of art as the stop and go motions of the song works beautifully and when Cantrell breaks out into his solo, well I just have to hit the volume. This psychedelic tune I can deal with. My younger son is always playing the riffs from this song on his guitar and as I walk to my bedroom I always start to sing-“Sitting on my angry chair…” This song works for me.

Rooster – Now I would be remiss if I didn’t put this song down but I have to be honest and say that I have heard it so many times and I really have to be in the mood to hear it. You know like “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Stairway?” This is a super solid song but is a little too long for me and just a little too down trodden as well.

Artists You Are Scared to Admit You Like

Image of Bread

I can remember when I first started working for MBIA back in 1999 and we were located in the “lip-stick” building in midtown Manhattan and since my commute has always been a minimum of 1.5 hours each way (now 2 hours and 10 minutes each way) I need my music to get me through many a night. (and yes you guessed it-a lot of what is written here is done while I am on the train). Anyway I usually go through “kicks” with certain artists or bands and this one particular instance I was in a full mode of listening to Bread and couldn’t stop for what seemed like a few months. My friends and co-workers at the time-Paul and Sal-wanted to know what I was listening to and admittedly I was hesitant to say “Bread”-I almost was going to say “Marilyn Manson”-(Oh wait I did that already a few weeks ago). But I went with “Bread” and they both looked at me like someone had squirted lemon juice in their eyes. I held steady and freely admitted that David Gates and Bread have always been one of my favorites. Why they are responsible for one of the greatest songs ever recorded and written-“If”- come on it is IMPOSSIBLE to not like this song. I can’t listen to this song just once, I have to hit the rewind button at least three times as I completely go into a trance and don’t want to leave. This was my Aunt Mary and Uncle Gary’s wedding song-c’mon people this is a super phenomenal song that I will never tire to listen to.

I also can’t mention Bread without bringing up probably the biggest fan that I know of and his name is John and every time we get together with the Carlson’s, he always plays Bread songs as I think he took up guitar lessons just because of Bread. Even my boys know of Bread because of John. So I am here to say that I can listen to Bread songs at any moment of the day and if you need to grab my attention just play “If” and I will stop dead in my tracks. So here are some of my favorite Bread songs:

If”- What else can I say about this national treasure of a song? If you don’t like this song, then you just don’t like music. Period end of story.

Everything I Own” – This is another one of those songs that just puts me into another stratosphere. It is a beautifully poignant song that David wrote for his father (thanks Chris I remembered) and if you listen to the words, you may just shed a tear like I am doing now. Don’t squint like you have lemon juice in your eyes, I am just being real. Hey even the rock band Tesla covered this-so how do you like me now?

The Guitar Man” – this is probably the “heaviest” song they ever recorded. Hey don’t kid yourself-listen to the guitar work in this song and tell me it is not great? David has this way of blending beautiful melodies with his pleasant voice. I am sorry but Bread is one of the best American bands we have ever witnessed and it is because of songs like these. It’s such a shame that Jimmy Griffin and Mike Botts are no longer with us to maybe have another reunion.

Lost Without Your Love” – “Wow”- that is the first word that comes to my mind when I hear songs like these. I want to cry but I can’t turn the song off, many of their songs are “sad-like” but yet so enchanting that it makes you say that these are some of the greatest songs this world has ever seen (heard).

It Don’t Matter to Me” – Their songs have a way of just stopping me in my tracks and listen in wonder and awe. This is one of their best songs about a man who is looking for a second chance. I’m sorry but this is pure perfection folks-it don’t get much better than this.

Make It With You” – This song takes me back to my childhood days growing up on 46th street in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn N.Y. Back to seemingly easier times (at least for me as I was a kid) and this song was always being played on either WABC-AM or WCBS-FM radio stations. Their songs have this way of making you feel good and if you listen to the lyrics they are still relevant today as they were back in the 1970’s. Fantastic song.

Mother Freedom” – Wow who says Bread can’t rock out? Take a listen to this bad boy and tell me this isn’t some good rock and roll? The song starts off with the “heavy” guitar lick and just gets keep getting better. The guitar solo is friggin’ awesome and has to be played LOUD-this is the rough side of Bread-you know like the first or last piece that is in your loaf of bread that nobody wants but that is usually my favorite piece-just like this rocking tune. I’ll say it again-“Wow.”

Aubrey” – OK it is back to the picturesque Bread and this is a perfect song to play for a small child while trying to get them to relax if it is the “witching” hour (you know what I am talking about if you are a parent). This is the potion that calms the soothing beast. (or is it “seething” beast) Either way, this is a most delightful song and makes me wish I knew someone named Aubrey.

Top Ten

Image of ZZ Top

The last few weeks I have really been on a “classic rock” binge (Thin Lizzy, AC/DC) and now I have to write about my favorite top ten songs from the band called ZZ Top. This band from Houston Texas is still going strong and the three guys-Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard-have been rocking us out since 1970 with no signs of slowing down. Now again I do not profess to know all there is about this band, I am coming at this from a fan perspective. I admit that I jumped on to their bandwagon with their popular- “Eliminator”- which was released in 1983- but so did millions of other people-shows you how good the album was. Of course it spawned classics such as “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” and “Legs” and they were right there when MTV hit it big but many know them as this blues hard rockin’ band that are legitimate rock and roll hall of famers (class of 2004). At the height of their career they were selling out places like Madison Square Garden but I still say seeing them in smaller venues (like Beacon) or even in clubs is the best way to feel their energetic rock and roll display which will make you stand up and pay attention to this very talented three-some.

This talented three-some includes the incredible guitar playing of Billy Gibbons-who seems to have digested music from Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Duane Allman as one can easily hear the influence from those great guitarists’. When the relevant artists of today are asked who are some of the best guitarists’ in the business today and Billy’s name is always mentioned and that may be a surprise to you (as it is the “general” public) but for those of us “in the know”- we know…Billy is flippin’ phenomenal. Now this band wouldn’t be complete without the thumping bass guitar lines from Dusty Hill with matching beats from the drummer-Frank Beard and both of them are the coal in the furnace that keeps the ZZ train running at full speed. Folks if you have never seen these guys in concert-you are truly missing out.

There are two stories that stand out in my mind and it relates to seeing these guys in concert. The first one was I couldn’t wait for my younger brother to come of age where I could take him to his first concerts and I was so pumped up because I bought tickets to see ZZ Top at Madison Square Garden during the early 1990’s and this would be his first concert ever. How cool is that- ZZ Top being your first concert? Well I guess it must have been exciting for me because my younger brother did not enjoy it. I could tell that he wasn’t into it as I was trying too hard to get him to like it-I learned from that but lost even more of him as I married and moved out of the house and he ventured down a different path of music. He likes rock and roll but he still scratches his head on much of my musical taste. I blame myself, if I hadn’t moved out I would have been able to convince him further of the greatness of bands like ZZ Top. Maybe this piece will get him to go and explore the many songs and albums of ZZ Top. The other story was when I was working at MBIA and there was a mortgage conference and the guest band playing that night was none other than ZZ Top. The boys-Martin, Sal and Paul- decided to call me up at home (as I was not on this trip) and rub it in that they were sitting right in front of ZZ Top as their music was blaring into my phone and I was green with envy. Now I know what you are thinking- ZZ Top at a mortgage conference? That is like playing at “Six Flags” but I think not. Unfortunately there was a lot of money flowing and that is the reason they were hired. C’mon it was like having ZZ Top playing at a wedding-does it get any cooler than that?

Now my kids don’t these guys are cool but again maybe after reading this and taking the time to give their catalog a listen, hopefully they will see the light. Folks make no mistake about it-ZZ Top kicks some big booty and are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so you know they have done something right. Ok here I am on an island and have been informed I can only have ten songs by ZZ Top- “These are Them:”

10.     Francene– This song sounds like a Texas style version of Chuck Berry. I can picture Chuck playing this bad boy up on the stage with ZZ Top jamming away and making this three minute song into one of those Allman Brother type songs where the solos never end and it turns into a whole album side. This is raw ZZ Top with a nice guitar solo by Gibbons that will make you wish you played guitar. This song rocks!!-just listen to Frank Beard blast away on drums. Good stuff.

9.       My Head’s in Mississippi – Every time I went to take this song off of this list, it just kept coming back-there is something that hooks me in and I think it is Billy’s vocals-they are so raw it almost sounds like he has a cold or something. No I have it- can’t you picture Redd Foxx (or Fred Sanford) singing this song-especially when the song starts off. By no means is this an insult, it is just what it sounds like to me and I love it. “I keep thinking ‘bout the night in Memphis…Lord I thought I was in heaven…” This is such a good mix of rock and roll with the blues. “What was I doing out there?…” The guitar work is righteous.

8.       Tube Snake Boogie-This song reminds me of Carol Miller when she was the DJ on WNEW-FM when it was WNEW (She is now on Q104.3) because she used to play this song on her set all the time. This is pure rock and roll with a twist of blues boogie. I love the groove in this song-it is simple but it rocks. Hey I bought my son a cool pair of headphones for Christmas and I have been using them myself and how cool does this song sound in those headphones? Almost too much to take, you need to have this in your library. “…I got a girl she lives on the hill…she won’t do it but her sister will…blow your top…blow your top.” This is kick ass rock and roll.

7.       I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide-This song gets into my bloodstream from the opening note-it’s like I am getting a needle of great rock and roll as it pours into my veins and for the next five minutes I am transformed into a ZZ Top. Can it get any better? Billy Gibbons is out of sight on the guitar as well as the very cool vocals, they kind of echo-don’t you love that effect? Or how about that acoustic slide that slows it down as you bounce your head up and down and then Gibbons takes over with a crystal clear guitar solo that is just jaw dropping. Friggin’ awesome tune!!! “Well I was movin’ down the road in my V-8 Ford…I had a shine on my boots, I had my side burns lowered…”

6.       Have You Heard? – Do these guys know how to “blues out” or what? For some reason I can just picture Jimi Hendrix jammin’ with the Doobie Brothers on this track. This is raw baby and so good just like a white Christmas (well we were off by a day or two and probably have too much snow now, you think?). It conjures up so many other who have done the blues right and one has to throw ZZ Top’s name in there on doing the blues the right way. Hey don’t kid yourself I can picture BB or Buddy jamming away with Billy & the boys on this bad boy. This song rocks!!!

5.       Got Me Under Pressure – Say what you want but this song gets me all the time, I love the fast pace and I need to take a break to air-guitar-hold on….Ok I’m back…how can this song land here you say? Again this is my list and I have to have it here. This song for me will forever be known as the song with the rolling drums by Frank Beard-every time I hear that part I have to rewind it again just to hear it and wish I were the drummer. It reminds me of the drum part in “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen-don’t ask me why-it just does. Again love the guitar work by Billy and Dusty’s bass lines will thump your chest. Great stuff right here boys and girls.

4.      Arrested for Driving Blind – I’d put this song up to any rock and roll song that you want to go head to head. There is a good chance that you will say Ok I will put my song back because it can’t beat this track. There is the most righteous guitar solo you will ever hear and could be one of the best “guitar” songs ever recorded. The groove is so infectious and again the solo is almost too much to handle as you will definitely be “air-guitaring” it is almost impossible not to. It has a southern flavor to it- the best BBQ rock and roll that Texas has to offer. This is “knock the cover off the ball” style rock and roll. ‘Nuff said.

3.       Waitin’ for the Bus – The bass lines will blow your ears off while the thumping in your chest you make you feel like your heart is in your throat. And Billy’s guitar following alongside the bass line just makes the song that much better. “Have mercy” Billy states and yes have mercy because this song just flat out makes a mark in your body and soul. Billy’s guitar solo will take you to another stratosphere and as the infectious groove comes back after the solo, you will wish that you can see these guys perform this live. The only problem I have with the song is that it is way too short.

2.       Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers –Folks if you don’t know this song well then plain and simple-there is a void in your life so do yourself and plug that little hole by purchasing this song (as well as the album it comes from-‘Tres Hombres”) and put on those headphones and let ZZ Top take you away to a place where one can picture an old western saloon with brusiers and hell raisers walking through those swinging doors as the smoke is so thick as well as the tension because you know at any point something is going to happen. And it does-when Gibbons blasts through with his blazing solo you realize that everyone has just become friends and are “air-guitaring” away while buying another round and hoping this ZZ Top song can last into the wee hours of the night. Perfect song on your playlist for New Year’s Eve tonight!!!

1.       Jesus Just Left Chicago– I just can’t get enough of this song, I am addicted to this groove so much that I feel like I could pick up the guitar and play it because it would just ooze out of my fingers as easily it does Billy’s. Dusty’s bass line is so phenomenal that it keeps the train rolling along-just follow his bass line once when you listen to this track multiple times and see (or listen) to what I am talking about. And when Frank jams in with the “high-hat” as Billy takes off on another one of his amazin’ solos, well this is how rock and roll is supposed to be. Muddy Waters has to be smiling because of this track, this is right up his alley. Folks pure and simple-this is GREAT rock and roll.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week: (Nice job Michele and Tricia)

1.     Dionne Warwick

2.     Cher

3.     Marie Osmond

4.     Nancy Sinatra

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I almost became the lead singer for the Mighty Led Zeppelin before Robert Plant and I was also good friends with Keith Richards and was considered to come aboard the Stones gig after Mick Taylor left the band in 1975 but Mick Jagger blocked that idea. I played with Frampton before he came alive on his own. Who am I ?

2.     I was the lead singer for the Jeff Beck group and then Ronnie Wood and I left and replaced two members of Small Faces. I eventually went out on my own and became one of the most successful recording artists of all time. I now remake all these “old” classics and my original rock and roll brethren roll their eyes when they hear my great American songbook. Who am I?

3.     I replaced one of the wildest and greatest drummers of all-time in 1979 after he passed away. I kind of slipped in the back door without much fanfare but remained a steady force for about ten years until Roger Daltrey gave the ultimatum- “Either he goes or I go!” Who am I?

4.     I am in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have six Grammy awards in my career. I am a poet and also have hosted “Saturday Night Live” six times over the last few decades. I had a romance with Penny Marshall during the 1980’s but am probably best known for my partner in music as we have split and been back together so many times over the years. We had a huge reunion concert in Central Park a long time ago. Who am I?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week: (nice job Tricia-I was going for the “lady” “man” thing)

1.     Ladies Night – Kool & the Gang

2.     Lady Madonna – The Beatles

3.     Man in the BoxAlice In Chains

4.     A Man I’ll Never Be – Boston

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…Look at them go…look at them kick…makes you wonder how the other half live…”

2.     “…just give me another chance…for our romance…come on and tell me you will return…cause every day that you’ve been gone away…”

3.     “…gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive…trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive…In sixty-nine I was twenty-one…”

4.     “…nah I ain’t passed the bar but I know a little bit…enough that you won’t illegally search my s**t…we’ll see how smart you are when the K-9 come…”

Back on this Day

Sadly back on this day in 1998, Johnny Moore, (The Drifters) passed away from respiratory trouble in London.

Back on this day in 1972, Bruce Springsteen opened up for Brownsville Station and Sha Na Na at the Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio.

Back on this day in 1980, Cheap Trick received a gold record for their fifth studio album-“All Shook Up”- (a great album in my opinion) which was produced by the legendary George Martin (who had worked with the Beatles).

Back on this day in 1992, ZZ Top filed a $115 million lawsuit against Mitsubishi Motor and Gray Advertising alleging that those companies used the song-“La Grange”- without their permission to advertise car sales. I think they settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Back on this day in 1999, Mark Knopfler, was given an award from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music-it was The Order of the British Empire.

Back on this day in 1999, George Harrison was stabbed by an intruder into his house in the UK, his wife-Olivia-hit the intruder over the head with a lamp and George’s son-Dhani- held the guy down until police arrived. George would sustain a collapsed lung but eventually recovered

Back on this day in 2002, Diana Ross was arrested for “extreme” DUI while driving in Arizona.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with the late Bo Diddley , the late Felix Pappalardi (Mountain) and the late Del Shannon, Patti Smith, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Davey Jones and Mike Nesmith (The Monkees)


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