Errols Weekly Music Update.

December 23, 2010

Weekly Update – 12/23/2010


Utopia featuring Todd Rundgren at the Highline Ballroom on Sat. Jan. 29, 2011. Tickets on sale now. $40 ($45 day of show).

Plain White T’s with Parachute at Highline Ballroom on Tues. Feb. 22. Tickets on sale now. $20.

Furthur at Best Buy Theater on Tues. Mar. 15. Tickets on sale Fri. Jan. 14 at 10:00 a.m. $59

Skid Row at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville NJ on Fri. Apr. 15, 2011. Tickets on sale now. $17.50.

John Waite at BB Kings on Wed. Mar. 2. Tickets on sale now $25. ($30 day of show).

En Vogue at BB Kings on May 18, 2011. Tickets on sale now $35 ($40 day of show).

The Outlaws at BB Kings on Wed. Aug. 24, 2011. Tickets on sale now. $35 ($40 day of show).

Sepultura at the Gramercy Theater on Mon. Apr. 25. Tickets on sale next Tues. Dec. 28 at noon. $35.50

Other items:

Say what?—It was just reported that after all these years (more than 40 years mind you) that we all have been pronouncing the Kinks brother’s last name incorrectly. Ray and Dave Davies have stated that they don’t know why there name has been prounced-“Dave- eez” when all along it should have been stated like this-“Davis.” What??? Are you kidding me? C’mon boys this is a little late in the game for a name change now, don’t cha think?

Buckcherry has recorded a Christmas song and it is called-“Christmas is Here”- and I have to tell you that I liked it so much that I bought it. It’s actually a song that I can listen by them that I don’t have to hear any cursing, no nudity and nothing vulgar-can you imagine? It’s weird I’m still mad that some one wrote to me that Buckcherry blew Kiss off the stage the last time I saw Kiss at the Garden. Again, are you kidding me? That is so laughable and I know that I shouldn’t take it out on the band but until they can sell out Madison Square Garden on their own, then I’ll pay attention.

This week’s issue of Rolling Stone magazine with John Lennon on the cover is probably the best issue they have had all year long. The “never before released” interview with Lennon three days before he was murdered has been reproduced and it really is a fascinating read. If you are a Lennon fan this is a must have. (Again maybe stocking stuffer).

R.E.M. has had a track leaked on to the web and the song is called-“It Happened Today”- off of their upcoming album (Mar. 8)-“Collapse Into Now”- and features guest vocals from Eddie Vedder. If you recall, Eddie inducted R.E.M. into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few years back (and I think he is still giving his speech).

Velvet Revolver apparently has their new singer but won’t comment just yet. “We’re just dating now” says drummer Matt Sorum. It is a young dude, so we will see soon.

Rumors of a new live Green Day album may be true as some track listings have appeared on Amazon. It is suppose to be released this coming March.

Back on Dec. 4 a man stole five video systems from a children’s cancer treatment at a medical center in North Carolina. The guy was eventually caught because he didn’t realize there were cameras everywhere but anyway once Nikki Sixx had heard the story he sprung into action and using his syndicated radio show-“Sixx Sense”- he told the story and representatives from Sony, Disney, Activision and Nintendo reached out to him and supplied all the systems that were stolen. A nice holiday ending!!

Have you ever heard the Lemmy Kilmister version of “Run Ruldolph Run” Christmas song made popular by Chuck Berry? Well Lemmy gets help from Dave Grohl (who else?) and Billy Gibbons and the song totally rocks. Now mind you this is “metal” Christmas, so go in with your eyes (and ears) open.


Draw the Line

Ok I admit it. I bought “Draw the Line” by Aerosmith because of the art work on the cover of the album. This is not the only time I have done it but it may have been the first as I think I was only 14 years old or so. I had to have the album because I thought the drawing on the cover was so cool and I also like to draw, so you know I had done hundreds of sketches of this album cover (no I didn’t save any, I know I should have). Then when I put this album on, I think it was like when you see rays of sun light breaking through the clouds in the early morning. It was then I knew that I wanted rock and roll for the rest of my life and I always come back to this album as one of the cornerstones of how my life with rock and roll began, sort of like the cement that is poured for the foundation when building a new home. Now as I mentioned a few months ago when I picked my favorite top ten songs by Aerosmith, this album has been panned by critics and the band as well and I for one can never figure out why that is and I won’t have any of it. Why because they may have been in “other places” when recording it-there have been plenty of other bands that have recorded some of the greatest albums ever and may have been aided by “high”-er substances. Isn’t it ironic that I have never even smoked a cigarette in my entire life and I love this album the best out of all their albums and they were probably in the worst shape in their career due to substance abuses? Maybe music is my drug? Anyway, like I said “Draw The Line” for me is one of the greatest albums that I own and I love it from top to bottom. But I do acknowledge that this is an “acquired taste” and for that reason I will point out the golden nuggets on this album instead of doing an entire album review. Now this goes back a long time (yes I am old now), even before their historic comeback with Run-DMC, so to me this is the “vintage” Aerosmith and probably the Steven Tyler that his legion of fans want to remember him by instead of a judge on the American Idol series. I don’t have a problem with it, if Ozzy can do a futuristic version of “Ozzie and Harriet” on TV, then why can’t Steven do his thing? I get all the questions and frustrations about how he is “selling out” but ever since the NY Mets traded away Tom Seaver in 1977, I knew right then and there that life for me would never be the same, so I don’t let those things get to me. Anyway, here are the golden nuggets from “Draw The Line:”

Milk Cow Blues” – Love this tune, it is a mixture of rock and roll with a twist of blues that will knock your socks off. I can remember bringing this album to my aunt’s house and putting it on their record player because they had the biggest set of headphones out of any family member and I can remember just shutting out the whole world while jamming out of my mind, especially when Steven plays the harmonica. I can listen to this song all day long-love it when Tyler screaches with that high pitch voice of his and the playing by the rest of the band is freakin’ phenomenal. Love the hiccup at the end. This song totally rocks.

Critical Mass” – OK you all know how I feel about this song as this made my all time favorite song by Aerosmith and I think this is the coolest song Aerosmith has ever recorded. A few weeks after posting those top ten songs, my oldest son and I were at Borders and they have this rack of CD’s that sell for less than $9 and one of the CD titles were “Aerosmith Hidden Gems” (or something like that) and guess what song was on there- yes you guessed it- Critical Mass baby!!!! \m/ \m/ Vindication tastes so very good!

Draw The Line” – This is the “rawest” song that I think Aerosmith has ever recorded. It sounds like it was recorded in one take and the overall sound is lower than the rest of the songs on the album. This song has some “giddy-up” as the bass lines are prevalent throughout-this is like controlled chaos going on here. To this day when Steven starts screaming the lyrics after the song slows down and picks up again I still can’t understand one word he is saying. I defy anyone in the universe to write down what he is saying, it can’t be done and maybe since they were all messed up I don’t even think they know what the lyrics were. They probably made them up after the recording. Awesome tune though.

Sight for Sore Eyes” – The groove in this song is unmatched by any other song on the album. Joe Perry is out of his mind on the guitar and Joey Kramer flat out knocks the cover off the ball with his drumming. Again trying to figure out what Steven Tyler is singing is pretty hard and I can picture this song being a selection on the show “Guess the lyrics” where you have to fill in 6 – 13 words or so. I’d have a hard time doing the next three words but the groove is out of sight!!!

I Wanna Know Why” – Rock and Roll the way it was intended to be. Joe Perry is flawless on guitar and Steven sounds like he is singing in a cylo. I love the piano that shadows throughout the entire track, along with the horns. I think Meatloaf took a little from this song when he wrote-“All Revved Up with No Place to Go”- as I can here parts of that song in this track. There is a fast bluesy twist that will make you wonder why you weren’t familiar with this song, you need to know this song as well as all the others mentioned.

Kings and Queens” – This arguably could be the best song on “Draw the Line” and the one thing I remember about this song is that a childhood friend of mine-Vinny (aka as “Rockhead”- I know he hates that nickname, so sorry) loved this song. What’s not to love? The arrangement goes from fast to slow back to fast and with about 1:40 left it really turns into a production as the piano and bass take center stage while Mr. Perry is doing his thing on guitar in the background. Steven does an awesome job on vocals, folks this is good stuff right here!!!

Artists You Are Scared to Admit You Like

Image of Phil Collins

OK for some strange reason Phil Collins is now a “persona non grada” and I for one don’t really understand it. The recent article that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine on how he is being treated like he is some sort of social disease is beyond me and how it has affected his life is very sad. He has stated that he will no longer make music because of the ridicule that seems to grow on a daily basis. Phil, I am here to say : don’t listen to all that nonsense. You are someone who has created some of the most popular songs in the history of music where so many people around the world know them. How many people among us can say that? Do you make pop music? Yes but so what? Folks, say what you will about Genesis but who brought them to a wider audience? Times were changing and the “progressive” genre faded away during the late 1970’s as disco and new wave music ruled the airwaves and here was Collins switching gears and doing songs like “Abacab” and “Land of Confusion” and now he is being treated as if he were Barry Manilow? (Sorry Barry, no offense-hey I wrote about how much I liked your songs last week). (Even Fleetwood Mac started out as a “prog” band and went the popular route). The metal band-Disturbed- did a cover of “Land of Confusion,” does that tell you anything? Yeah so what he does pop songs for Disney? (Hey, Steven Tyler is on American Idol). He recorded one of my favorite songs for the “Tarzan” soundtrack-“ You’ll Be in My Heart”-which I told my wife I wanted that to be our wedding song when we re-new our vows. It’s OK for Elton John to do the soundtrack for the “Lion King” but when Phil does one, there’s a problem? Phil Collins will always be OK in my book as he played percussion and sang background vocals on George Harrison’s masterpiece album-“All Things Must Pass.” How can this gentleman be disrespected so much? Can he help it if radio stations across the universe played “In the Air Tonight” so many times that people grew sick of it? But it’s OK for us to hear “Sweet Home Alabama” or ‘Stairway to Heaven” a zillion more times in the next few weeks? I will firmly tell everyone that I am not embarrassed now or had been at any other point in my life, to admit that I like Phil Collins as a solo artist and of course his work in Genesis. (yeah I know… Peter Gabriel was….blah blah blah.. I’ve heard it a zillion times before). So here are some of my favorite Phil Collins songs:

You’ll Be in My Heart”- I absolutely love this song, can’t get enough of it as it makes me feel good all over. If you love someone-as I do my lovely bride-then you can not help but feel the passion of the lyrics while the arrangement of the song is simply spectacular. If I’m “sappy” then so be it. Thank you Phil for this song for which I will always treasure.

Turn It On Again” – Love this song. What’s wrong with this tune? This brings me back to my teenage years and the good old days when WNEW FM radio was a real radio station and this song was a staple for so many years. “I…I…I…get so lonely when she’s not there…” Someone fill me in on what’s wrong with this track? Solid tune.

No Reply at All”- Is it “pop”-ish? Yeah but so what, some of my all time favorite songs are “pop” songs. What would the majority of this world do without pop radio? We all have our favorite bands that are obscure to many people but just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad. This song has an addictive chorus that you can’t stop singing all day long. “I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me…is there something that I should know?…” C’mon this is a great tune??!!!

Abacab” – I remember hearing this song for the first time, I was being driven home by a friend and co-worker at the time-“Mikey”-after a long hard day of work in a butcher wholesale market in downtown Brooklyn N.Y. I was only 17 and he was channel surfing and I told him to stop on this song. I was intrigued and said that I needed to know who sang this song, so we listened to the entire song-the version with the long ending with the drums and keyboard-so as I could know who performed the song. This is my favorite song by Phil and Genesis.

Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” – “You’re the only one who really knew me at all…so take a look at me now…” C’mon you know you have lip-synced this song in front of a mirror making believe you were holding a microphone and singing to a sold out audience-I know I have. Phil gives it his all in this song and I stand still when I hear this song and don’t move at all. This is a great song-period end of story.

Man on the Corner” – “Who’s the lonely man there on the corner…what he’s waiting for I don’t know…but he waits every day now…” We can all relate to this song, right? I know I have seen my share of “men on a corner” as the homeless plight is amongst us all. I can remember passing this one guy every day in lower Manhattan across from the American Stock Exchange and one winter it was especially cold, I couldn’t take it any more so I brought him to the local coffee shop and bought him a hot chocolate and then gave him my gloves. This song is beautiful and hits me in the gut every time.

Keep It Dark” – I forgot how much I love this song until I went back to look at my Abacab album and listened to this. I love the drumming in this song-hey he sings and plays the drums, not to easy. This song has a lot of “giddy-up” and the keyboards, guitars and drums all work nicely together to make this a top notch tune. Love the percussion in this song.

Top Ten


AC/DC….AC/DC….I’ll say it again….AC/DC….Has there been any other band in the history of music that has had the success they have had and with two very different singers? (I can’t think of any. No not Aerosmith-yes they had two careers, just like AC/DC but with the same singer. Van Halen you say? Well you know I love both the Diamond Dave and the Red Rocker eras but they fall short a bit when compared to Scott and Williams-just my opinion. Black Sabbath? Maybe…had Dio made as many albums with them as Ozzy did but that did not happen). Then came “Back in Black” with Mr. Brian Johnson after the beloved Mr. Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott had passed away and could there have been a better pick than Mr. Johnson? He has always shown the love and respect for Bon’s work and knew going in that at some point he was going to pay homage to Bon at every live show that AC/DC would ever do. He was nervous about filling such big shoes but he was also a fan of Bon’s work with AC/DC (and was hired immediately after auditioning the song “Whole Lotta Rosie”) and that in my opinion is the one of the most important reasons why he has flourished with the fans because again he treats those songs with such respect and care. But along the way, Brian has also recorded some of the best and most known songs in the history of hard rock and 31 years later lo and behold they are still going strong by releasing a solid album a few short years ago-“Black Ice”-while seemingly on tour since 2008 or so. I will say it again-if you have never been to an AC/DC show- it is the equivalent never seeing “The Wizard of Oz” or not believing in Santa Claus when you were four years old. There is a gap in your life that you probably don’t realize but everyone else who has seen “Oz” and still believes in Santa (me) knows what you are missing.

Anyway, since AC/DC has had “two lives” (three if you count the original lead singer-Mark Evans- who lasted only a year) the focus for today’s discussion will be on the first life of AC/DC with Bon Scott. Now for those die hard fans of Bon’s work, please know that I caught on to Bon’s work with his last recording-“Highway to Hell”- as I was only 14-years old when that came out in 1979. So again just as with Thin Lizzy, I do not to profess to know everything about the Bon Scott era but I did go back and do my homework by diving into the albums made before “Highway.” First off there are two people that immediately come to mind when I think of AC/DC. The first person is Jack McGlade, an old friend of my uncle Gary, when he lived with my grandparents in Otisville N.Y. during the 1970’s. I can remember how psyched Jack would get when the conversation of AC/DC came up, he was a freak of a fan for these guys and he definitely was the main reason why I jumped into this great band. So Jack if you are reading this somewhere-thanks!!! The other person is a guy that I didn’t know too well, all I know is that his name was Richie and he had the “rocker” look as his long blond hair rested on his shoulders but he had this look of being the toughest guy in the neighborhood. It was the mid 1980’s and every time I would walk up to my girlfriend’s house at that time, I had to walk by his house and he was always sitting on the stoop with his boom box and of course Bon’s voice would be booming out of those speakers. Brian Johnson was well on his way of making the second phase of AC/DC even more popular (in my opinion) because a larger audience had seemingly caught on to this legendary band but here was this guy who would not let Bon go away, I never heard the Brian Johnson AC/DC when I walked by his house. (who knows maybe he still to this day doesn’t recognize the “new” AC/DC and there may be a whole lot more people who feel this way, I don’t know). Anyway, somehow I ended up in his house as the girl I was dating knew his sister and here we are in his living room. I felt like Macaulay Culkin (or “Kevin McAllister”) when he sat next to his “scary” neighbor in church in the movie “Home Alone.” But I knew how to break the ice, I immediately said that I was a big fan of AC/DC-yes of course I said the Bon Scott AC/DC (I’m not stupid) but I also loved the Brian Williams AC/DC. (No I didn’t tell him that). From that point onward, I would always “air-guitar” my way past his house or bang my head up and down to the blasting music, all because of Bon Scott-who grew up in a world away in Australia-here we are in Sunset Park Brooklyn and you see the affect he had on our lives-just like so many others around the world. Richie would say hello and I didn’t fear walking by his house any longer. Do yourself a favor folks, there is an AC/DC DVD that has many early videos of Bon’s days with the band that you need to own. The energy that comes through (even on video) is hard to describe-I can’t even imagine being in the audience (remember back in those days it was “real” videos before the “staged” videos that made MTV) when they filmed these. This is pure raucous rock and roll that I know they did not invent but I defy anyone to find a band who did it better.

Now of course how can I write about AC/DC and not mention the Young brothers? Angus is electrifying, always has been, always will be. Find me someone who puts in a better effort while performing live? He is like a “Transformer”- before hitting the stage he is someone you would have a cup of tea with and maybe discuss the economy or something like that but when he hits the stage, he transforms into this rock and roll machine that never stops. Have you ever not seen him saturated with sweat at the end of his shows? I think not. If Angus is the “flare” gun of AC/DC then his brother-Malcolm- is the gas that keeps the rock and roll train moving at a breakneck speed, he is so consistent and all he wants to do is play rhythm guitar in this band called AC/DC-I see nothing wrong with that, do you? Phil Rudd has been with the band a long time after a stint where someone else sat in on drums. I’m still amazed on how he can smoke while playing the drums, amazing. And Cliff Williams has been on board since the “Powerage” album playing his pulsating bass for a very long time.

Speaking of “Powerage”-this album alone could have 9 out of the 10 top songs in the Bon Scott era as this album is arguably the best piece of work that they ever recorded (including “Back in Black”) and has to be considered in the top ten hard rock albums of all time. This was the last album that Angus and Malcolm’s older brother-George- produced for the band before “Mutt” Lange came on board as they exploded into the limelight with “Highway.” Now trying to come up with ten songs is as hard as it was when I tried to name my favorite ten songs by the Mighty Led Zeppelin. There are so many great songs to choose from but I followed the same formula: first-immediately name the songs that come to mind; second-look through their library; third- identify the songs I know are in my top ten and fourth-have a “battle” of the songs as I put each up against one another and decide which ones I like best. Again this is so hard but here goes, I am on an island and have been informed that I can have ten songs from the Bon Scott era of AC/DC-“These Are Them:”

10.     What’s Next to the Moon– The more you listen to “Powerage” you will realize that this is a masterpiece from top to bottom and every song is great. This song had to fight off a lot of competition from so many other songs, including from “Powerage” but at the end of the day this has to be in my top ten. I guess it is the addicting chorus-“It’s your love that I want…it’s your love that I need…what’s next to the moon”-that makes me choose it. I also love the beginning with Cliff’s chest thumping bass lines as Angus awaits in the background to slide in nicely and when it is his turn, the guitar solo is short but packs a wallop. Bon’s vocals are righteous-“…all right officer I confess…everything’s coming back…”- and his style has never been replicated.

9.       Ain’t No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire) – Talk about your head-banging tunes-no not as fast as you might think but it is a steady stream of your head rocking up and down at a nice pace as Angus and Malcolm make you want to dance around the room with this knock out of a groove. Rock and Roll has to get into your blood stream and you have to feel this song enter your system as the bluesy twist can not be ignored as you begin to float away-at least that it is what it does to me. I love the part where Bon laments-“…I got holes in my shoes…I got holes in my teeth…I got holes in my socks…can’t get no sleep…I’m trying to make a million…”- as he sounds so natural it’s as if he was born to sing the rock and roll blues-which he was. The pace picks up for the last two minutes of the song and it makes it that much better. Incredible tune.

8.       Rocker-I love this friggin’ tune. It makes me feel as if I have stuck my hand in an electric socket and being shocked with AC/DC currents that makes me want to run around in crazy circles at breakneck speeds-it’s almost too much too take. This song is too short and I always have to hit the rewind button, I love the way Angus plays the guitar on this song and Phil Rudd is out of his mind on drums. I can remember putting this song on for my boys when they were younger and they watched me transform (you see Angus is not the only one) into an out of control parent running around the living room making believe I am playing guitar-it’s those moments that a child never forgets right? (seeing their parents out of control). Then another time I remember throwing this tune on to a disc that I created for Chris at one of his Spin classes at MBIA and I can picture him laughing at my reaction to this song-if this song doesn’t move you (and I know I have said this plenty of times before but this time I mean it) then you may want to check if you have a pulse right now!!!

7.       Touch Too Much-This is the more “polished” AC/DC (thanks to Mutt’s production) but there has always been something about this song that keeps me coming back for more. I know it is Angus guitar work as well as Bon’s great vocals. Was he the greatest “bar” rock and roll singer ever or what? The thing that Mutt did was highlight the bands great ability to sing background vocals and this song has them, the chorus is so addicting-“…seems like a touch…a touch too much…too much for my body… too much for my brain…this damn woman is gonna drive me insane…” For me, this is a great sing along song and again that guitar lick makes me wish I could play guitar.

6.       There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’ – Do these guys know how to rock or what? I can listen to songs like these 24 hours a day and never tire. For some reason I can picture my mother moving her shoulders up and down while shaking her right wrist (that was always the sign of approval in my mind on what songs she liked). This is rock and roll at its best and you can’t help but move a part of your body-any part-even if it is just your fingers-to TURN UP THE VOLUME!!! I can’t tell you how much this song psyches me up, it is almost too much too take. I have rewound the song three times already; I may not be able to finish the rest of this list……

5.       Down Payment Blues – This is the raw AC/DC with the unbelievable riffs and grooves that produces some of the finest rock and roll that has ever been made. Folks I’m telling you it is hard to find a band that poured all its heart and soul into the words we call Rock and Roll better than these guys did. “…I’ve got holes in my shoes…and I’m way over due…down payment blues…” Think of some of the greats signature albums that made an impact on the world-“Dark Side of the Moon,” “Sgt. Pepper’s,” “Pet Sounds” and now think “Powerage”- this is their best work ever (yes including “Back in Black”) and it is due to songs like this. You know how people say you haven’t tasted a Mojito unless you are in Miami (yes people say that) then you haven’t tasted rock and roll if you don’t own “Powerage,” so make your down payment on this bad boy. I love the way the song ends in that slow blues style, -icing on the cake!!!

4.       Sin City – In my opinion, this song epitomizes what Bon Scott and AC/DC were all about. C’mon- “Sin City”- even if you have never heard the song (which is a sin) you know by the title that no one but Bon and AC/DC should record a song like Sin City. How many times has this song been covered? Too many times to count. Angus is out of his mind with that ridiculous solo midway through the song and the best part of the song is right after the solo as the tempo slows down and Bon takes over with his righteous vocals-“…ain’t got a hope in hell…that’s my belief…” (On Twisted Sister’s cover they change it to-that’s Bon Scott’s belief). This could be the best song that Bon has ever recorded just based on his vocals. This is so good it is hard to describe. You need to have it inject into your blood stream-that is the only way!!!

3.       The Jack – I know my oldest son is screaming right now at his computer because I know he thinks this song should not be on my list but I will stick to my guns till the very end and let everyone know that I friggin’ love this song. Do they repeat the same thing over and over-yes-“She’s got the Jack…She’s got the Jack…Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack…” C’mon who makes (made) songs like these? No one, this is blues mixed in with rock and roll that keeps my head bouncing up and down at a beautifully consistent pace that it causes me to have an outer body experience. I remember taking my friend Johnny to see AC/DC back in the 1980’s-he didn’t know any of their songs- and even he was singing to this song, how could he not? The words aren’t too hard to figure out. I was laughing my ass off. This is a staple at their live shows and something I look forward to every time I see them. I love the ending of the song where the crowd starts booing and hissing while Bon just continues to thank them for coming. Awesome.

2.       If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) –Ok folks go find your best set of headphones…make sure no one else is around because you can’t have any distractions…take your hands and squeeze the headphones tightly into your ears so that there is no air that is getting in… are you ready?…are you sure?…OK hit play…do you hear Angus’ intro on the guitar? Are you not psyched yet? Or how about Phil’s drumming? Are you jumping out of your seat yet? Then Bon blasts in with his perfect rock and roll voice as you wonder where this song has been all of your life…just sitting there waiting for you to experience one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever. This song has it all-an addictive chorus, a driving beat where you can bang your head feverishly, a bass line that shadows in the background like a scary monster in one of your dreams. Get ready for Angus’ solo as it will blow you away-if you weren’t having an outer body experience just yet-wait Angus will put you there…here goes…oh man am I air-guitaring now-pure ecstasy-this is unbelieveable. Can it get any better than this? “Blood in the sky…blood in the seats…if you want blood you got it…” as Bon voice echoes out into the distance. Could be the best produced song AC/DC has ever recorded. Phew… I have to listen again…\m/ \m/

1.       Let There Be Rock– Oh my…this bad boy starts off in 5th gear-there is no warm-up-as soon as you put the needle on the record, you are off and running. “In the beginning…back in 1955…man didn’t know ‘bout a rock and roll show…and all that jive…” I can’t even begin to describe the live experience when you see AC/DC perform this electrifying song. By this time, Angus is usually possessed and you can see, feel and smell the rock and roll just pouring out of every part of his body-most of all his heart. You don’t make this type of song by not loving every second of what you are playing. The surrounding bandmates are also at the top of their game giving every bit of effort as their fearless leader. Bon’s vocals are just out of this world and I can imagine him in the recording studio when they recorded this, he was probably head-banging harder than anyone else in the room. Watching Brian Johnson perform this song now is also incredible, it’s like they all know that they are involved in one of the greatest songs that has ever been recorded on this earth. (And who knows Bon may just be jamming up in heaven with a litany of all the lost rock legends-I can picture Bonham playing the drums on this one-can you imagine that combo? Oooh Faaa!!!). My youngest son will forever remember this song at the old Meadowlands stadium when we saw them as Angus was rolling on the floor in circles while his hand was bleeding. A jaw dropping moment in our rock and roll life together. I say we all do the “Wayne’s World We Are Not Worthy” bow right now. I know I do it every time I listen to this track. \m/ \m/

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Michael Buble

2.     Michael McDonald

3.     Michael Bolton (nice job Charlie!)

4.     Michael Anthony

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I am the aunt to one of the greatest female singers in the history of music who is trying to make a comeback after stumbling for more than a couple of years. I am also a legend who vowed to never fall in love again. Who am I?

2.     I made my start back in the 1960’s with a man who if it was not for him, maybe my career does not take off. We did a TV show together in the 1970’s. My solo career took off in the mid to late 1970’s. I started to make movies in the 1980’s and recently did a movie with a diva from today. Who am I?

3.     I come from a family where my brothers were huge as an act in the 1970’s. I couldn’t join the group because it was all boys but one of my brothers’ decided that I was good enough and he and I became one. We have doing shows for decades and recently set up shop in Las Vegas and actually for the holiday season, we are now in New York. Who am I?

4.     My father was a legend for at least four decades and his music is still selling like crazy even 10 years since he passed away. I began my career in the 1960’s with my Dad helping out a little bit. I am still touring and since it is winter you may see me in my boots and hopefully I don’t say something stupid. Who am I?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix

2.     Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz

3.     At Last Etta James

4.     At Seventeen – Janis Ian

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…romantic lady…single baby…sophisticated mama…come on you disco lady…”

2.     “…Friday night arrives without a suitcase…Sunday morning creeping like a nun…Monday’s child has learned to tie his boot lace…”

3.     “…won’t you come and save me…save me…feed my eyes… can you sew them shut…”

4.     “…if only I could find a way…I feel like I am the man you believe I am…its getting harder every day for me…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1959, Chuck Berry was arrested for taking a 14 year old girl across state lines and received a five year jail sentence but didn’t have to serve it after the judge made racist statements, Berry was freed.

Back on this day in 1964, Brian Wilson had a nervous breakdown on a flight to Houston for a concert. Wilson remained with the band but did not tour with them ever again.

Back on this day in 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Islam.

Back on this day in 1978, The Cars second single from their debut-“My Best Friend’s Girl”-peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Back on this day in 1999, an unemployed musician, Cristin Keleher, made her self comfortable after breaking into the home of George Harrison in Hawaii. She ordered pizza, did laundry and called home to her mother in New Jersey. She was arrested and served four months in jail.

Back on this day in 2009, Metallica’s self titled album (otherwise known as the “Black Album”) became the biggest selling album of the Soundscan era since Nielsen Soundscan began tracking album sales for Billboard 200. It has sold over 15.5 million copies since its release in Aug. 1991.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Eddie Vedder, Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Luther Grosvenor (Spooky Tooth, Mott the Hoople), Ron Bushy, (Iron Butterfly), Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane)


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  1. 1. Dionne Warwick
    2. Cher – outstanding performance in Burlesque!
    3. Marie Osmond
    4. Nancy Sinatra

    1. Ladies Night-Kool & the Gang
    2. Lady Madonna – Beatles
    3. No clue
    4. No clue


    Comment by ttaxter — December 23, 2010 @ 11:12 am

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