Errols Weekly Music Update.

September 17, 2010

Weekly Update – 09/17/2010

Ozzy Osbourne at Madison Square Garden on Wed. Dec. 1 and at the Izod Center on Fri. Dec. 3. Rob Halford is the opener. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Garden: $55 – $89.50;  Izod:$46.50 – $65.40 – $96.15.

Levon Helm at the Beacon Theater on Fri. & Sat. Nov. 26 & 27. Tickets on sale today at 11:00 a.m.. $50, $60, $85.50 and $99.50.

An acoustic evening with Shinedown at NYCB Theater in Westbury (another name change for this venue) on Thurs. Nov. 18 and also at the Wellmont Theater on Fri. Nov. 19. Pre-sale tickets for Westbury show begins 10:00 a.m. this morning until 10:00 p.m. tonight and the password is: magnet. General public on sale tomorrow at noon. $41.50, $46.70 and $52. Tickets for Wellmont on sale today at noon. $35.

Macy Gray at the Gramercy Theater on Tues. Rocktober 5. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35.25

Trans Siberian Orchestra at Mohegan Sun on Wed. Nov. 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $63.75 and $73.75

Ben Folds at Wellmont Theater on Thurs. Nov. 18. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40

The Hendrix Experience at Beacon Theater on Wed. Nov. 10. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35, $75 and $99.50.

Rufus Wainwright at Carneige Hall on Mon. Dec. 6. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35, $57.50 and $65.

Robert Earl Keen at Terminal 5 on Thurs. Nov. 11. Tickets on sale today at noon. $32.50 ($35 day of show).

Other items:

My youngest son turned me on to an amazing video and song-“All the Same”- performed by the Sick Puppies and it is part of the “Free Hugs” campaign. As my son rightly states- this is an amazing song as well as the video. You want to be inspired? I mean really inspired-if you let yourself then you have to watch this video. I was blown away by both the video and song. Buy it now.

Linkin Park released their new album-“A Thousand Suns”- and according to many listeners on I-Tunes-not a very good album. I can’t say too much because I have only listened to the 30 second samples and it doesn’t sound like the LP I know. It’s a quandary you see because I always point out that a band should be allowed to veer off the well ridden path to explore a different route and they clearly have. But then on the other hand, I have stated-“why change the formula?-especially if it works??!!”-so I guess I am on the fence on this one. Who knows they may be at the “Load” (Metallica) intersection of their career and may head back to the same block they grew up on and hit the “heavy metal rap” scene all over again. I know many of their earlier fan base is very eager for that to happen again.

Weezer has released “Hurley” (The character from the TV series “Lost”) and my oldest son has purchased it. Early indications from him are that Weezer has headed back to some of the same sounds from their classic-‘Pinkerton.” This band has been very busy in the past few years with more than a few releases, sounds like this could be the best of the bunch so far. Check it out.

Rihanna has released a new single-“Only Girl (In the World)”- and I have to say I like it. Very forceful kind of tune-I know what does that mean, right? Honestly I don’t know but that is what comes to my mind. Check it out.

Jamey Johnson has released a “double” studio album-“The Guitar Song”- in the Country genre. (Has that ever been done before?) There is a “vibe” following this guy and my guess is that he is going to be a superstar before long. To me, he has been the “biggest buzz” to come along in 2010. The two parts are the “black” and “white” albums. He is the real deal. Check out this album, if you are a country fan this has to be in your library.

The Kings of Leon have released their first single-“Radioactive”- off of their next release-“Come Around Sundown”- which hits on Tues. Rocktober 19 (Happy Birthday Michele!). The sound sort of reminds me of The Killers, see what you think.

Speaking of The Killers, Brandon Flowers has released a solo album-“Flamingo”-and it has received very positive reviews from his fan base. I especially like the song-“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.”the song-“Only the Young” is destined for stardom. If you are a fan of the Killers, this is a must have.

My favorite “old school doo wop” song of the week is “Two People in the World” by Little Anthony and the Imperials. Like I have said many times my entire childhood was filled with a healthy diet of doo-wop. This song brings back so many memories, of course my Dad but also of my mother and Aunt Carol who are both no longer with us today. I can picture all three of them sitting around the kitchen table singing the various parts to this classic.

My other favorite “old school doo wop” song of the week is ‘I Want You to Be My Girl” by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. Man what a talent this guy was, huh? Friggin’ phenomenal and such a shame he passed away at such a young age. This song has one of the best saxophone solos ever. Check it out.

My favorite new song of the week is “Hold On” by All That Remains and it is the first single off of their upcoming album-“For We Are Many.” Sort of reminds me of Evanescence but with a male singer. It’s pretty heavy and very good.

Bret Michaels is going to have his own reality show-“Life as I Know It”-premiers on VH1 on Monday Rocktober 18 at 10:00 p.m. The show gives a behind the scene look at this man’s hectic life life while trying to balance his family life. His girlfriend and two daughters will appear on the show. He has really bounced back from his near death experience.

Album Review: “Avalon” by Sully Erna released on Sept. 14, 2010


Sully Erna, the lead vocalist for Godsmack, in my opinion, has been a man of determination and he continues to expand his horizons in music (and I’m assuming his life). I can remember at least 10 years ago going to more than a few “metal” shows and always seeing guys handing out information on cards about the band Godsmack. At first, most probably tossed them into the nearest garbage can (hey who am I kidding, they probably threw them right into the ground and littered the street) and I admit that I tossed it to the side because I didn’t know them. But once I heard the song-“Whatever”-off of their debut album, I was immediately hooked and knew I would be seeing these guys live. And then when Godsmack released ‘The Other Side” where they played their songs acoustically, I was blown away on how good they sounded, especially Sully. It was that-“Oh he can sing”- moment, that caught my attention and I was really impressed that at a young age (for the band Godsmack) that they could turn a corner and put out an acoustic album. (Most metal bands don’t go there). Once they made it, Godsmack seems to have done it their way. Now most would say that their sound hasn’t changed much since their debut and for the most part I would agree but there were changes in their sound as they approached “IV” and now with their latest-“The Oracle” –albeit small steps but you can now hear some blues, along with melodic tunes that aren’t just “metal.” (Again if you listen closely you’ll know what I am talking about).

In his autobiography, (“The Paths We Choose”) he details the struggle to finally “making it” when they scored a record contract. It was a long time coming for him and his band mates and even though they are now in the upper echelon (again my opinion) of the metal scene, he is not sitting on his laurels. His determination and drive has him veering off onto another path of music-(with no intention of leaving Godsmack)- which he has created from his heart and soul. This may attract a whole new legion of fans for him and many may not necessarily enjoy his work with Godsmack. And that’s OK, I think this music had to come out of him as these songs were written while playing his piano and doesn’t fit Godsmack.(Hey I love metal as much as the next person but one can not rock out all the time, there has to be some “down” time). The result is a splendid mix of really nice melodies accompanied by instrumentation that is not part of a metal band, (cello’s) along with beautiful vocals from Lisa Guyer who assisted on the album. If you liked the song “Hollow” from their “IV” album, I think you will like his solo album.

The album starts off with the title track and it sounds like a blowing wind in the beginning and quickly I picture a cold winter night with that familiar whistle like sound created by the wind on the high drift snow outside your log cabin. This is the “zen” type of music as I would say that it could be used for your next Yoga class. It puts you into a nice zone where you drift off and Sully gets help from Ms. Guyer whose background vocals are mesmerizing. I love the percussion sound and it definitely has a “middle eastern” flavor to it. I can also picture someone belly dancing to this song. “7 Years” starts offwith an electric guitar and you’re thinking OK I thought this was not going to get rough. And it doesn’t. Sully’s vocals are extraordinary as the vibe is quiet and calming. Then for some reason I think of George Harrison as the guitar gets louder but I sort of hear a sitar with an Indian flavor as Lisa jumps into the fray and brings the song to a slight boil. “Life is but the memories we created…” There are some deep and meaningful lyrics throughout this album (as well as this song). As the song heats up I am completely blown away already on how good this album has started off-again Sully’s voice is perfect. The bongos are a nice touch and there is an awesome guitar solo to take the song to its end. “Broken Road” is a piano driven song (yes Sully plays it) and it may conjure up memories of Billy or Elton as I can picture Sully in a bar with a nice piano playing and singing this moving song. This is Sully like you have never heard him before (unless you are a family member of close friend) and I have to tell you this is most impressive as his passion shines through on this spectacular arrangement. Wow another mesmerizing song with words that tear your heart out. Amazing. “Sinner’s Prayer”- starts almost like a rap song but then quickly turns into sort of this “tribe” like sound where I can picture American Native Indians dancing around a campfire of sorts. (Or think the theme song from the reality show-“Survivor”). The sound is majestic and again Lisa Guyer hits the ball out of the park with her phenomenal vocal style. Their blend of vocals is simply sweet music to your ears. As the song progresses you will really feel like you are on American Native Indian territory- Sully really creates so many different visions on this album and this song might be the most vivid of those mental pictures. “My Light” takes it back down a bit as the acoustic guitar shines brightly but again the story is Sully’s vocals. Is this the same guy who screams as the lead singer of Godsmack? This is an eye opener (or ear opener) as if you played this for someone who has never heard Godsmack before, they would say that it is a nice voice. The tempo changes a bit as there is hand clapping that conjures up memories of sitting around the campfire as the male background vocals really make this sound like a life lifting song. Then she enters again and helps out the boys- “You’ve become my life”- this could possibly be sung at your next mass. This is totally different from anything he has ever done-another “a ha” moment. “The Rise” starts off eerily as the bongos become louder and there is a sense of chaos breaking out all around you and then the soothing voice of Lisa seems to calm things down but you can still feel the background music being a bit unsettled. You can’t but help playing the bongos yourself as the groove is very addicting. This sort of reminds me of something that Soundgarden would have put on “Superunknown” if they had a female singer. I guess Sully is the producer of this song as he does not sing (except some background vocals)-he may be playing percussion as he is an excellent drummer. There are animal noises throughout the song and I feel like I am in a forest running and can’t find my way out and the only thing keeping me calm is her voice.

“Until Then” is a mesmerizing song that will tug at your heart strings and just may be the best song on the disc. Sully’s vocals are captivating and the string work is so soothing that at certain parts you will feel like you are in a theater watching a love story from the “porch” section and the dress code is “black tie.” Wow this is simply amazing, I don’t know what else to say-ok- “exquisite.” (Miss Irina Chirkova lends a beautiful hand on this track). Track # 8 – “The Departed”- appears like it could be the first “single” to be released from the album and I would say that this song could appear on a Godsmack album. If you are familiar with their sound, you will think that you have heard this melody before-it is very catchy and Lisa is there again to make this work so well. Sully and Lisa are a perfect match and I would venture to say that their vocals together are some of the best duo performances of the last five years or so. What also stands out is the percussion-hey it just hit me, this song reminds me a little of “Voodoo.” The pace slows down again with the tender-“Eyes of a Child.” It is a gripping tale of what our crazy world endures on a daily basis and how it affects us, especially through the eyes of a child. It builds to a crescendo and then there is a climaxing guitar solo which should bring down the house if you see him perform this song live. It quickly settles down and ends on a beautiful acoustic pace. The last two songs on the album are instrumental and if I am being totally honest with myself I have to say that I am not so crazy about “In Through Time.” I’m not sure why the same melody is played over and over-it sounds like it is part of a movie soundtrack and something that would be played behind a gripping movie scene. The last track-“Cast Out (Spirit Ceremony)”-literally sounds like the title- I couldn’t think of a better title as it has this middle eastern flavor to it where the pounding percussion summons up images of people dancing around in the desert sand and the guitar comes in and out to give it that extra kick. It gets rough a bit and the funky groove keeps your attention as well as Lisa’s screams throughout the song. Again I am reminded of Soundgarden and I can picture Chris Cornell doing something like this. Excellent ending song.

“Avalon,” except for one song, is a near masterpiece-yes I say masterpiece. After reading all the “pre-game” material on its release I was expecting almost “church” like songs and yes there are tunes on this album that one might hear in church-soft and exquisite. But there are also some songs that have an edge to it, albeit not as sharp and pounding like his work with Godsmack but I think something for all to enjoy. If the word gets out to a mass audience (hopefully many people talk about this album like myself) I really think he will pull in a brand new audience who are totally unfamiliar with his work with Smack and will be hooked. There has not been too much to “holler” about in the world of new music releases in 2010 but I need to get on a rooftop with the world’s biggest “bull-horn” and let everyone know how phenomenal Sully Erna’s solo album is. Folks I am begging you-please buy the album and if you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money. That’s how good this album is.



“Moving Pictures” was my introduction to Rush (yes eventually I went back to “2112” and others, take a deep breath) and I felt that I had become part of an organization that was sort of labeled “educated” rock. (You know like the band Radiohead now, right?). Here were only three guys making this unbelievable sound which sounded totally different from any other rock bands out there during the late 1970’s and 1980’s. So here it is 1982-one of my favorite years (because I was 17 and my favorite number has always been 17)- and Rush releases their follow-up to “Moving” with “Signals.” Now this album was a pretty dramatic switch from “Pictures” as there is a whole bunch more of synthesizer/keyboard sounds as Alex Lifeson seemed to take a step back with his guitar. Ok it wasn’t like he disappeared but there seemed to be a different course of direction. (Rush did that on many different albums and it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the formula appeared to be the same when they put out something new). Now a newly christened fan I liked “Signals” but even back then I would really have to be in the mood to listen to all 8 songs-that’s another thing-when this album came out there were four songs on each side. Rush had the propensity to make long songs so it wasn’t like the album was done in 20 minutes, no each side was about that long. I had always wanted to mention this album in some respect-I wanted to go with a “perfect album” side but (in my opinion) there was not a perfect for either side. Then I wanted to do a whole album review but knew my heart wasn’t in it. Like I said I can listen to the entire album, if I am in the mood. But without a doubt there are some show stoppers on this album (or golden nuggets), so I finally have a spot to talk about some of the songs on this album. Here are some of the golden nuggets off of “Signals” by Rush:

Digital Man – The song rips off with the extraordinary drummer-Neil Peart- (who my youngest son is constantly telling me that he is better than John Bonham-remember I told you that he is taking shots at the Mighty Zep every chance he gets? Well yes his main focus is Bonham as I always maintained there was/is never been a better drummer than Bonham. Oh well I digress). So I mentioned above that the guitar seemed to disappear but yet on this track Mr. Lifeson is blazing on his work. This song has a driving beat at points and then turns real soft (sign of progressive rock, right?). Rush always seem to talk about far away places (“…love to spend the night in Zion…”) and there music seem to take you there. I love the way the song changes pace almost right in the middle and then Geddy Lee’s bass takes over as Alex is like the storm clouds that are approaching and you never know when it will rain. But then he makes it rain with a nice solo. This is a head snapping song that has an addicting groove that keeps your interest for the entire six plus minutes.

Subdivisions – Well here is the synthesizers/keyboards I was talking about. This, in my opinion, was a stark departure from “Pictures” but this is one of my all time favorite Rush songs. The few times I have been at a karaoke bar/lounge I always ask the DJ for the list of songs and it is never there. I know, I know-who wants to hear this song at a crowded lounge? I get it but if I were with a room full of people “in the know” then I could complete my mission of singing this song word for word, even today I still know it like I did back in 1984. I think I have told you this before but I remember being in a crowded car back in the 1984 or 1985 with friends-who all listened to “ house music” or whatever was being played on pop radio at the time- but this time the driver happened across this song on WNEW-FM and actually left the station on. As they were all talking I was quietly singing along to every word and then more than half-way through the song, they all looked at me and said-“What song is this? How do you know all the words? I never heard this song?” I thought to myself-“yes I know that” but also knew that they were not going to run out and buy the album-maybe if they are reading this today, maybe they will. (Ok I can dream, right?) Anyway I played this song for my older son and he seemed completely bored. Oh well I love it and that’s all that matter, right??!!!

New World Man – Love the way this song starts off with the electronic sounding synthesizer, sounds like one of those cool early video games where there always seemed to be a target of some sort to try and destroy. This is another cool karaoke song, no?-“…he’s a rebel and a runner…he’s a signal turning green…he’s a restless young romantic…wants to run the big machine…”- come on sing along. I love when Peart picks up pace with his drumming as we all await the chorus-“he’s got to make his own mistakes…and learn to mend the mess he makes…He’s a neeeewwww woooorrllldd man…” I truly believe that Geddy’s vocals are one of the best he has ever recorded. There is no way one can not like this song, it is impossible. The chorus is too addicting.

The Analog Kid – Sort of reminds me of a faster version of “Red Barchetta” and this song really has some “giddy-up” to it, supplied in part by Geddy’s awesome bass lines as well as Peart’s phenomenal drumming. Love when the song shifts gears and Mr. Lee sings- “You move me…You move me…open sea and city lights…” but you know the pace will pick up again. If you listen very closely you can hear how good Geddy is on the bass, simply amazing. And not to be out done, Mr. Lifeson has a blazing guitar solo that can melt the paint off your walls. I forgot how much I love this tune. You have to own this track!!!


Image of Godsmack

Since I reviewed Sully’s first solo album above I figured I might as well make it an “Erna” week and go with his other band-Godsmack– with my top ten songs. For me, Godsmack is like flicking on a switch and I am immediately polarized as I can feel the adrenaline flow through my veins while feeling my whole body changing. (Remember when the nerdy TV character Steve Urkel took that potion to become the cool “Stephon Ur-kel” and his body gyrated and transformed? That’s how I feel). Ok yes it has to be the heart pounding bass lines accompanied by the seemingly massive drum sound that seems to be played by 50 foot drum sticks, as well as the blazing electrifying guitar, accompanied by Sully’s amazing “heavy metal” voice which combines the screeches with the commanding vocal presence. This band punches you right in the gut-but don’t go down-because they keep coming at you and that is the number one reason I love this band. They keep coming at you. I have seen them more than a few times live now and I have to say that they make me want to see them every time they are in the Tri-state area (but you all know that I typically only go to see all bands in NYC because there is something different in the air than anywhere else). Case in point- a few Metallica tours ago, Godsmack was the opener (congrats boys I knew that was an ultimate goal of yours to open for them), it was a Friday night in Rocktober (or maybe beginning of November-still considered Rocktober for me, I like to squeeze every last drop of Rocktober) and my brother Rich & I along with Paul and Sal went to the Izod Center in New Jersey. And guess what? The vibe was totally not there. At one point of their set, Sully looked up at the crowd and said what I would have said-“Friday night with Smack and ‘Tallica and this is all you got?”-no noise, no nothing from the crowd. Fast forward to New York where we saw them at the Hammerstein a few years ago (and yes we my brother and I will be attending their show in a few weeks at the Hammerstein on Rocktober 5th) and you would have thought the roof was going to come off. (granted the Hammerstein is much smaller than the Izod, which is an arena-but you get the picture). Anyway, this band is like a jolt to your system-they are not for the faint of heart but at the same time, I find them very melodic. OK I am on an island-given a boom box and told that I can have only 10 songs by Godsmack-“These are Them:”

10.     Bad Religion– I am a “soft-tee” when it comes to heavy hitting metal (metal in my world not the “death” metal scene) and this song had me on the opening driving drum beats. It feels like you are being pelted with something-maybe like hail size golf balls coming down from the sky- as you look up and try to run for cover. “Get back” exclaims Sully as his growling like voice is getting ready to take no prisoners-“see you quiver like the dogs on the streets…looking down as I beat you…”- I told you to take cover, right. This driving head banging song will have your neck feeling pain in no time as the obsessive beat is hard to get out of your head. The tempo slows a bit at the two minute mark but the pounding comes back with 30 seconds left and his scream takes the song to its blistering end. Caution: there are “F” bombs in this song as well as others.

9.     Whatever– As I mentioned above when I first heard this song, I was in-“hook, line & sinker.” Now I know this band is an acquired taste and it always amazes me when I see other people’s reactions when I play this song for them. I figure, how can anyone not like this song? But then I see their scared face and I wait until I am alone in my car or my I-Pod to “rock out.” I can remember the day I drove my friends and colleagues at MBIA back in 2002 to a lunch locally at an Armonk NY. As we were driving along Route 22 I threw this song on and both Sue and Gregg immediately put their fingers in their ears and said-“what the heck is this? Turn it off!!!” After putting it louder and letting 30 more seconds roll by, I then hit the eject button knowing that I need to make sure that I play songs like this around “people in the know.” Multiple “F” bombs all over this song. Sorry.

8.     Greed– Anger. Yes I know a lot of their songs are filled with that “anger” pulsating in your face. And boy this one is seemingly filled with heavy venom while the bass guitar sounds like it is going to burst. I am holding on to my chest as I listen to this “Two faced…I feel you crawling under my skin…sickened by your face…” not exactly The Carpenters, huh? I can’t get enough of the bass-it is so out of control. This song is pure bass pulsating in your head. It rocks!! \m/ \m/

7.     The Oracle – This song in my opinion is how much Godsmack has developed into one of the better metal bands out there. This is progression forward back to their original sound but with such maturity. Sort of like watching your children go from grade school to high school years. There is no singing in this song, it is all instrumental (except for the usual sounds they put in their earlier albums). This will remind you of Metallica or Rush and to say that about Godsmack, again in my opinion, tells you how far they have come because most would not even utter their name in the same breath as those two bands when it comes to instrumentals but I am here to tell you this is their masterpiece to date.

6.     No Rest for the Wicked – I don’t know about you but I absolutely love “IV” and sometimes don’t understand critics (or fans) who always complain when a band tries to move away from the formula a little bit. C’mon we are talking about Godsmack here, they didn’t stretch that far off what they are known for, so they tried to “melodize” their tunes with some hints of blues, albeit it-heavy blues. Anyway- this tune is one of their “coolest” sounding songs they have ever recorded. You can sort of hear that Richie Sambora like guitar when he puts some device in his mouth to make the guitar sound like it is from outer space. A 21st century version of what Frampton was famous for in the 20th Century. The song is a slow trudging head banging song with a real sweet guitar solo towards the end of the song.-“Gonna fly…take my time…gonna try…but there’s no rest for the wicked…” \m/ \m/

5.     Hollow – I think this song was sort of a prelude for what was to come out of Sully’s solo album released this past week. I can imagine most of the Smack fans hearing this for the first time and complaining, not me. What a beautiful tune. I’m telling you folks, this is not “heavy metal”- this is a song that could be played on “Lite FM” I’m not sure if Lisa is helping Sully out on vocals but the combination of their voices is pure magic. “One more step and I could fall away…if it happened, would it matter?…” Again a prelude of what was to come as far as deep lyrics. The arrangement of this tune is top notch as the melody is infectious. If you don’t know any songs by Godsmack, (because you are not into the heavier side of things) try this one out for size and then head straight for “Avalon”-his solo album. This may be right up your alley.

4.     Voodoo – C’mon you know you were hooked when Sully starts to sing-“I’m not the one who is so far away when I feel the snake bite enter my ve-ee-eins, never did I wanna be here again and I don’t remember why I came.” Then it’s on to the cool drum part as one feels like he or she is walking down into a dungeon. To me this was always a great song to play around Halloween, I don’t know why but I just picture bats flying around the wicked witch of the east and those flying monkees getting ready to bring back Toto. The chorus is hauntingly addictive and I know I have been singing it this past week incessantly- you can’t get it out of your head-“I’m not the one who’s so far away…” Not sure why Smack doesn’t end the song properly-meaning they let the song linger on for like 4 minutes and 25 seconds with no sound. Can’t really make a mix of songs and add this one because there is dead air for that long. Weird but the song is great!!

3.     Speak – The beginning sort of reminds me of “Poundcake” by Van Halen with the “drill” sound and then the song blasts off. This track psyches me up like no other Godsmack song. I have to play this as loud as I can-of course no one else can be around because they would hate it- this song is a “beast.” I can also picture Skid Row doing this song (on their sophomore album which was real heavy). No I know Sully doesn’t like references to the hair bands, especially Twisted Sister but I think he has to like some songs on the Skidster’s “Slave to the Grind.” Oh well I digress, this track is like a Mike Tyson punch when Mike was Mike. This is Jordan nailing a bucket as time expires to win a championship. I love the ending where the background vocals and Sully scream “Speak” about five or six times. It is like a big dog ripping at a bone-that is how I could describe this song.

2.     Keep Away – I think this is their best song from the debut album (I also love the acoustic version). I can remember when I first moved up to Connecticut, I went into a local pub and made a bee line to the juke box to see what was in it. To my surprise, Godsmack’s first album was in there and I immediately threw some money in and selected this song first. Now it was a Friday night so I had to wait a few songs. And then when it came on there was all these kids (20’s-30’s) and they all looked up like who is this? They started to ask who played it. I came forward and educated them on the band called Godsmack. The beginning of the song with that guitar riff is so identifiable that you know you are on a trip with Smack. This song rocks!!! \m/ \m/

1.     Love-Hate-Sex-Pain – I had a funny feeling that this was going to become my all time favorite Godsmack song after purchasing “the Oracle”-it kept creeping up on me and I craved it more and more. This is the “melodic” metal that I was talking about earlier, right? It sounds like their “original” stuff but in my opinion, more mature, seasoned, established or any word that describes “hitting your prime.” Love the guitar work, awesome riffs and what else can you say about the pulsating bass lines? This band has gelled into to this machine that has picked up steam and will only get better in my opinion. The ending of the song sort of reminds me of “Epic” done by Faith No More as the piano takes this one out as well. And the best part about this song?- My oldest son actually likes this song, if I am not mistaken this is the first Godsmack song that he actually enjoys. If he likes it, you know it has to be a good song. And to boot he heard it on America’s best rock station WCCC out of Hartford CT on 106.9 on the FM dial.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     The Eagles

2.     Meatloaf- “Bat Out of Hell”

3.     Boston

4.     Guns & Roses

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I wrote a big hit in the 1970’s and I sang it with the Edgar Winter Band. I then made it big in the disco scene with a major hit which had a lot of “replay” on the radio. Who am I?

2.     I was the lead singer in the biggest hit for Elvin Bishop in 1976 and I was then asked by Grace Slick to join the Jefferson Starship as its lead singer. Who am I and what was the name of the Elvin Bishop song?

3.     I played lead guitar on a David Bowie song and was still working as a driver of a delivery truck before I made it big with my own band? Who am I?

4.     I accompanied another band with my vocals and was already part of one of the biggest bands on the planet back in the 1980’s. This song about MTV put this band on the map? Who am I and what band did I help out?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     The Tide is High – Blondie

2.     Burnin’ for You-Blue Oyster Cult

3.    Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas

4.     Surrender– Cheap Trick

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…Bill…I love you so and I always will…I look at you and see the passion eyes of May…”

2.     “…Cruising down the motorway…got my girl by myside…we’re both a little anxious…”

3.     “…I’ve been bad…I’ve been good…Dallas Texas…Hollywood…”

4.     “…What’s your name (What’s your name)…Who’s your daddy? (Who’s your daddy?)…Is he rich like me?…”

Back on this Day

Sadly back on this day in 1991, Rob Tyner, lead singer of MC5, died of a heart attack at the young age of 46 while sitting in his car in his hometwown of Berkley, MI.

Back on this day in 1967, The Doors performed on the Ed Sullivan one and only time as they did not head the words of Mr. Sullivan who did not want Morrison to sing the words-“Girl we couldn’t get much higher”- but even though Jim promised not to, he did and they were to never again appear on the show.

Back on this day in 1967, The Who appeared on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and Keith Moon set explosives to his drum kit so that when they came to the end of “My Generation” it exploded. Poor decision as it permanently damaged Pete Townsend hearing as well as burning his hair. Keith cut his leg.

Back on this day in 1975, The Guess Who were honored in Winnipeg Canada as it was “The Guess Who Day.”

Back on this day in 1991, Guns & Roses released “Use Your Illusion I & II.” I will never forget that day, music stores (yes boys & girls there were stores that actually sold albums, tapes & CD’s) were open at midnight for the planned rush to the store. I can remember walking into the music store located at 2 Broadway in lower Manhattan and they were selling the discs out of cardboard boxes, that’s how fast they were selling.

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with the late great Hank Williams.


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