Errols Weekly Music Update.

September 9, 2010

Weekly Update – 09/09/2010

(Due to scheduling conflict, I had to release today)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Nassau Coliseum on Fri. Dec. 17 and the Prudential Center on Sat. Dec. 18. Tickets on sale Fri. Sept. 10 at 10:00 a.m. Nassau: $25, $42.50, $55 and $65. Prudential: $25, $37, $47, $62 and $72.

M.I.A. at Terminal 5 on Mon. Sept. 27. Tickets on sale Fri. Sept. 10 at noon. $35 ($40 day of show)

Emmylou Harris at Wellmont Theater on Sat. Nov. 13. Tickets on sale Fri. Sept. 10 at noon. $35, $60 and $75

KT Tunstall at the Terminal 5 on Wed. Dec. 1. Tickets on sale Fri. Sept. 10 at noon. $27.50 ($32.50 day of show)

Tony Bennett at Wellmont Theater on Fri. Dec. 3. Tickets on sale today at noon. $75, $100 and $125.

Chicago  at Wellmont Theater on Fri. May 20, 2011. Tickets on sale Fri. Sept. 10 at noon. $45, $85 and $125.

Other items:

Stone Sour has released “Audio Secrecy” and I have to tell you I like what I am hearing. Now you all know that I like the heavier side of things but when it comes to bands like Slipknot and the such, I usually stay away because that is way too heavy for me. Corey Taylor has struck a balance for me with Stone Sour- they have their moments of the hard hitting action but there is also a “listen-ability” factor for me here (as opposed to a majority of songs by Slipknot). Check out the song-“Hesitate”- and see what I am talking about-this guy can sing. I’ll equate it to Kid Rock-remember when he use to just rap and then he sang “Only God Knows Why” and people went-“Hey this guy can sing??!!!” Same thing here. I have a good feeling with this album, sounds like it will land near the top in 2010 of the best albums released. Totally check this out!!

Michael Buble has released a new single-“Hollywood”- and again I have to say that I really like this as well. I know I’m nuts right? Stone Sour to Michael Buble? But I have to keep it real-that is why there is a “menu.” Check this tune out-if you are a Buble fan you probably already have it.

Jerry Lee Lewis“Mean Old Man” was finally released this past week and this could definitely end up being in the top ten albums of 2010. Check out how many people he has collaborated with on this album. Slash, Kid Rock, Keith Richards, Shelby Lynn, Jagger, Haggard, Clapton, Ringo, Fogerty, Tim McGraw and lots of others. The man still has it- this album rocks-check out “Roll Over Beethoven” with John Mayer on guitar-lights out!! Or “Whiskey River” with Willie Nelson. Wow two living legends making beautiful music together. This collaboration is “over the top” good.

Train has done an “I-Tunes Session” with six songs done acoustically. I am so glad that this band has been picking up so much steam the last few years, I was afraid they were going to be a “one hit wonder” but I also knew that they were too talented to let that happen. Awesome songs on this one, check it out.

My favorite “old school” song of the week is “One Toke Over the Line” by Brewer & Shipley-now all of you should know by now that I have never taken any drugs in my life-yes never smoked pot (or a cigarette for that matter)-so I don’t condone the lyrics but I just love this song. This is so “1970’s” and the main reason why I like it.

I guess I have been touting the Mighty Led Zeppelin too much around my house because my youngest son has turned on me and bashes them every chance he gets. (It’s like getting hit with darts) I did get my oldest son to see the light with the Mighty Zep and hopefully there is still time to change my younger sons’ viewpoint, so I will lay low so that this young rebellion phase will pass. I said hopefully.

I thought “Alter Bridge” was done because Creed “reunion-ized” but that is not the case. I also thought that Myles Kennedy would become the new singer for Velvet Revolver because he has been touring with Slash promoting their two songs from his solo album but no-Alter Bridge will release a new album-“AB III”- on Rocktober 8. A new single –“Isolation”- was released this week. Who knows this gig with Slash may attract more fans to Alter, I know I will be checking out the new tunes.

So much for Duff McKagan’s stint with Janes Addiction. It’s over already. After 5 months together they have parted ways-I knew this was not a match. Duff needs Slash and vice versa. Concentrate on getting Myles Kennedy to be the new lead singer for Velvet.

Remember the Madison Square Garden shows for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year? If you missed it, there will be a three disc DVD release of highlights from the shows. It will include Metallica, U2, Ozzy and many more. Look for it on Sept. 28.

Scott Weiland is currently working on a full length Christmas album complete with strings, upright bass and many other cool instruments that is usually not associated with his style of music. No word on the release date. I’m in.

“And 5, this is most important Rat…comes down to making out…whenever possible…put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV”

Southern Harmony & Musical Companion (Reis)

Side 1 of “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” by the Black Crowes

The year is 1992 and the buzz-saw called Nirvana was just about done clearing out the field of all the “hair-bands” that had enjoyed a good run (at least 5 years)-aided by a thing called Music Television Video, otherwise known as MTV. How many times did we see the video “Cherry Pie” by Warrant? Or any song by Poison? Winger? The list is extensive. But here was this band that kind of entered the back door a few years before 1992 with their blockbuster debut-“Shake Your Money Maker”-right before the 1991 hurricane came in and turned the music world on its ear. When the dust settled, the Black Crowes wiped their eyes and just continued on their musical journey most likely not even paying attention to this thing called grunge. They had their own music to make and nothing was going to stand in their way. Call them a throw-back or whatever label you wanted to put on them, they wouldn’t care-the Black Crowes just wanted to make the music that was in them ready to come out and share with their fan base. Their sophomore album-“Southern Harmony”-put to bed the notion of any “slump.” As a matter of fact many people that I know who loved the Crowes when they first hit the scene wondered why they strayed away from the sound that put them on the map in the first place. Anyway while the rest of the world went to flannel shirts and not bathing for days at a time, I left my options open. I was now knee deep into Metallica (including all their earlier albums) but I was enthralled by the Black Crowes and made sure that I bought into their second album. Sometimes you need a variety on your dinner dish, so I always went for a second helping of this super cool blues, rock playing band with a front man who I believe is second to none. I can’t say it enough- I would love to morph into Chris Robinson for a tour or two, he is the epitome of a rock star who seemingly doesn’t even try to be such that. He has one of the most distinctive voices in all of music-you know instantly who is “at the mike” when he sings any song. His brother Rich is an excellent guitarist and despite their “head-banging,” they have been together more than they have not. The rest of their lineup has always been filled with gifted musicians no matter who is switched in or out. Their second album is very good and the first side is “perfect.” So it’s been a while but here is another perfect album side.

Side one starts off with a bite as the rocking “Sting Me” incorporates a fusion of blues accompanied with a twist of rock and roll highlighted by the electrifying Rich on guitar and beautifully backed up with Chris’ phenomenal vocal style. In 1992, this was so different from anything out there- a breath of fresh air for the older generation of rock fans who maybe followed the Allmans. This song has soul and has to make your body move with gyrations you probably didn’t even know you could do. Oh and what about the background vocals supplied by those lovely ladies? Who does better background vocals? (I think Kid Rock followed the Black Crowes lead with his backup singers). The guitar solo is righteous and when Chris comes back into to sing I can just picture a whole congregation in long robes clapping and singing along-“Can you sting me…wanna…wanna…wanna even try…” As this blazing song ends you can hear the pulsating bass crash end with the drums, whew what a way to start off an album. Then it really kicks into gear with the ever popular-“Remedy”-don’t you just love the beginning of this tune? I know I do, I immediately feel like something has entered my body and I dance uncontrollably while flailing my arms like when one takes a pencil and shakes it to seem like this straight pencil is now like taffy or something gooey. I can picture Chris up on stage at the Beacon Theater with no shoes or socks dancing in a circle on the psychedelic carpet they threw on the stage singing like there is nobody in the room. This arguably could be their best song ever recorded (but let’s not go there)-no- just enjoy this masterpiece for what it is- a straight up rock and roll shake with some blues toppings. When Chris wails towards the end of the song-“I need a remedy”- it makes the song that much better. How does he keep singing-“remedy, remedy, remedy”- like that?-freakin’ amazing.Track # 3-“Thorn in My Pride”- takes the pace down a bit but not in quality as the keyboard beginning is something to behold and sets up your expectation for this song to be a classic. The chorus is addicting and I know I can’t stop singing along to this tune. “My angels, my devils…thorn in my pride…lover, cover me with your sleep…” The guitar solo(s) are lights out as Rich and Marc Ford are a blazing duo on the strings. Eddie Harsch’s playing on piano/keyboards takes this song to another level-there is a reason why this song reached # 1 on the Billboard chart- because it is great. Believe me before you know it, six minutes has passed in a blink of an eye-that’s how you know a song is excellent. “Bad Luck Blue Eyes” really takes the pace down to a bluesy melody which conjures up memories of Hendrix as you will thrust your head back and forth real slow as Chris’s vocal style bleeds with conviction. You can feel his passion as he belts out-“Bad Luck, Blue Eyes…Goodbye.” I love it when he screams and then constantly repeats “Goodbye…ahh Goodbye…” The last song on side 1 is-“Sometimes Salvation”- and this song just flat out rocks. It reminds me of something that the Rolling Stones would perform. Chris’s vocals are nothing short of spectacular. Love the way the “high hat” sounds on the drums throughout and Rich’s guitar is just dripping with the sweaty blues. It keeps me coming back for more, what about you? I love this friggin’ tune.

“The Southern Harmony” had four number one hits for an album in the rock category and dispelled the notion that there was a sophomore slump for the boys of the Black Crowes. As mentioned above, I know some friends (and probably more fans) often wondered why the Crowes went away from the harder, edgier sound which was evident in their first two recordings. Some bands veer off the beaten path and sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. I personally love this band, so I have no complaints either way. I admit that some of their songs/albums are an “acquired” taste but everyone should be able to “drink the coolaid” from “Harmony” especially the first side, which is perfect. Folks this band deserves your attention and knowing that they are planning another exile for a while (after this year) makes it more important that you get yourself to one of their many planned shows at the Nokia Theater at the end of Rocktober and early November. I will be there on Nov. 5 with my buddy Andy and hopefully we hear some songs from this perfect album side.


Escape (Exp) (Dig) (Spkg)

1981 was also a great year for music and one of the highlights was “Escape” which was released by Journey on July 31st of that year. There are some bands where I like some of their material and don’t have everything they put out. (Billy Joel for instance- the only album I ever owned by him was “Glass Houses”). Escape was the lone album that I owned by Journey (yes I have their “greatest hits” but I typically don’t count that as a separate item). The album’s vocals were done by Mr. Steve Perry who has always had one of the best voices in rock. Sadly the guys couldn’t get it together and now the band is fronted by Arnel Pineda whom I saw a few years ago in concert and he was fabulous, so there probably is no need to bring back Steve but I would love to see one last go at it. Here are some of the golden nuggets from “Escape:”

Stone in Love – I remember hearing this song again for the first time back in 2008 after not hearing it for at least 10 years when I went to see them perform live at Jones Beach with the new lead singer Arnel and I was blown away because I had forgotten how much I loved this song. As a matter of fact, this is my favorite song on this album. This is the perfect “guitar hero” song (or “Rock Band”) as Neal Schon is light’s out throughout but especially on the solo. How about the opening licks? Does it get any better? There is no other way to listen to this song but LOUD!!! Crank it up, roll down the windows before it gets too cold and sing away. I will do the air-guitaring. Awesome tune!!! \m/ \m/

Open Arms – Ok so it is a “power ballad” but this was a power ballad before the label would come after Aerosmith has resurrected their career. Is it sappy?…well maybe.. Is it “pop?”..well maybe. But who cares? This is a beautiful song and the original recording still gives me goose bumps-Mr. Perry sings it like none other. This is the perfect love song for that someone special in your life. Doesn’t get much better in the “love song” department than this. Pick this one up as soon as you can. Pure perfection.

Don’t Stop Believin’– Now I know many of you out there associate this song now with the “Soprano’s” series ending episode (it quickly became the most downloaded song in I-Tunes history) but this song was very popular before that. Admittedly it has now become bigger but again there was a reason that the producers of the show picked this song- because it is a stunning classic song that will always stand the test of time. This arguably could be their best song (and not because of the Soprano’s). This is a song of hope and of course “believin’.” Has to rank up there as one of the best songs of the 1980’s and of all time in the rock countdowns that were all over the radio last weekend.

Who’s Crying Now – Steve Perry had this way of making these “power ballads” sound so different from all the other power ballads, his vocals are so crystal clear and pure. The song sounds as if it was recorded last night. When is the last time you have heard this great tune? “And in a lover’s rage…they turned another page”- I love it. Another timeless classic that may be lesser known from the other classics.

Mother, Father–This is one of their most underrated songs ever. “Hey Mother, Father…don’t you know that I’m alive for you…”-this is an “epic” song and sort of in the same genre as “Come Sail Away” by Styx. The guitar and piano work are flawless and sound as one-listen closely. It has a dramatic feel to it as Steve is so passionate in his words, you can feel it through your speakers. Neal’s guitar solo is super solid-this is an all round great tune-check it out.



Last week while cleaning the house I had my I-Pod on “shuffle” and “Goodbye to Love” by Karen Carpenter (or The Carpenters as I don’t want to leave her brother Richard out of the picture) and I looked at my wife and said-“I need to put down my favorite ten songs by The Carpenters” but I know that I would probably have to deal with ridicule from family, friends and people that I don’t even know who read this page (although it isn’t that many as my e-mail distribution list is larger than the number of hits I get each week). But then I thought, why not? As I have mentioned numerous times on this page, my favorite all time female singer has always been Karen Carpenter. So save your breath with comments on how there are many more female singers who are better. Again it is what I like. Karen can do no wrong in my mind and I usually melted when I heard her sing-there is just something so special about her voice that “puts me at the top of the world.”Another reason why I admired her so much is due to how much she always reminds me of my mother, she knew how much I loved to sing along to Karen’s songs when I heard them on the radio when I was a kid. My mother knew that Karen was my favorite but she kept it quiet as she knew the teasing I would get. As I said I can’t deny what I like to listen to and the Carpenters are a big part of my I-Pod collection, so go ahead and laugh or whatever. But I’m on an island and am told that I can only have ten songs by the Carpenters-“These are Them:”

10.     Rainy Days and Mondays– C’mon you know it always seems to rain on Monday’s more than any other day of the week, doesn’t it? I know this is a sad song but it stuns me, I can’t move when I hear this song. It’s a sad tune but I love to listen to her voice, it’s just something that I can’t explain. “Hanging around…nothing to do but frown…” and the saxophone solo just adds the icing on the cake. Like every song she has ever done-this is just beautiful. And the question will always remain-“What if….”

9.     Superstar – Just like many of the early Bee Gee songs, the feel to most of her songs are sullen or sad but yet I can’t stop listening to her songs (as well as the early Bee Gees). This is another example of just that notion and this song does pick up the tempo in certain spots but the vibe is down trodden. “Loneliness… is such a sad affair…”-wow words that really hit home with her circumstances, right? For some reason I think of what happened to her whenever I hear this song because in my mind she was a superstar.

8.     Sing – I think our fourth grade class at P.S. 169 in Sunset Park Brooklyn sang this song in a play or something (or it could have been the 5th or 6th grade) and I always remember when the part when on her recording the kids sing in the background as our class tried to emulate the same sound as the record. Some would sing the “la, la, la la” part as the others would start with “Sing a song.’ This is fun memories and she “sings of happy and not sad” on this tune, so you can’t beat that. When is the last time you have heard this song? Wow, I love it!!!

7.     Christmas Waltz – Is there anyone better to listen to than Karen during the holiday season? I can’t think of anyone else who I’d rather listen to (Ok yes Roy Orbison on the male side). This song always puts me in a good place as I can picture lots of people skating underneath the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center or sitting in front of the fireplace with just the Christmas tree light on and nothing else. Fantatsic song.

6.     Top of the World – “Such a feeling coming over me…there is wonder is most everything I see”- she had me on the opening notes. This is such a great sing along song and how does anyone not know this song? C’mon admit it, you have to like this song. “I’m on the top of the world…looking down on creation…and the only explanation I can find…” I can remember hearing this song on WCBS FM or WABC radio stations as a kid growing up-this brings back childhood memories. Ahhh to go back to the way it once was for a day or two- I would do it in a heartbeat. To be with my mom again, if only just for one day, I’d do it-then I’d be at the top of the world.

5.     For All We Know –I sit here in complete silence and can’t move because of the eloquence of her vocals. In my opinion, their songs will always stand the test of time-especially this one. Richard always contributes with his excellent song writing abilities and of course his stellar background vocals. The only bad part about this song is how short it is, in a blink of an eye it is over. As I said that is the real test on how good a song is-think about all the great times you have had in your life-maybe vacations-don’t they go by so quick? Same with songs, especially this one. I can’t say enough about her voice.

4.     Merry Christmas Darling – Typically during the holiday season there are certain songs that I need to hear right away (“Pretty Paper” by Orbison; “Happy Christmas” by John & Yoko quickly come to mind) to get me in the spirit- and this song is at the top of that list. Now I know it gets severely over played (even during that 5 or 6 week period) but again there is a reason for that- the song is spectacular. I can’t think of one holiday season where I have not heard this tune and it always puts me in a “dream state.” I drift off and think of all the great times in my life including family & friends including many of you out there reading this right now.

3.     We’ve Only Just Begun – The one thing that has always stuck with me on this song is the incredible background vocals of Richard Carpenter and of course what else can I say about Karen? I sit here listening to this song and at points I have to stop typing and just listen to her “incredible-ness”-I know that’s not a word but you understand what I am trying to say. “What if?…” I know I definitely would have attended many of their concerts. I was too young when she passed but I know that I would have gone to see her many times (almost as much as I have seen Metallica) and hopefully she would have sung this song. How can anyone not like this song? I find it impossible.

2.     Yesterday Once More – “When I was young, I’d listen to the radio…waiting for my favorite songs…when they played..I’d sing along, it made me smile..”C’mon these lyrics defined my every being as a young person growing up. This is what I did, it’s like I could have written those lyrics-thank you Richard. This song is so incredible that it brings tears to the eyes-another sign that a song is spectacular. Go ahead try and make fun but I don’t care-“All my best memories…come back clearly to me…it’s yesterday once more.” Like I said earlier, I wish I could have yesterday once more for a day or two. Hug the people you love right now!!

1.     (They Long to Be) Close to You – My wife immediately knows when this song comes on to look over at me and smile because she knows that this is probably my most favorite song EVER (really out of any song ever recorded) because this is the song that I shared with my mother. Tears are streaming down my face as I can remember so many times that my mother would sing the part to me-“On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true…”The piano part is earth stopping for me, I just freeze because I know Karen is going to knock the ball out of the park. I can recall sitting in the back seat of my Dad’s “Vega” and this song would come on and my mom would turn around and look to me in the back seat. It was always our song, a beautiful one at that. Thanks to Richard and Karen for making this song a major part of my life. (I know Mr. Bacharach wrote it but their version is the best by far, yes even better than Dusty Springfield’s, sorry Dusty no disrespect meant).

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Chris Robinson

2.     John Mellencamp

3.     Heart- Ann and Nancy Wilson

4.     George Harrison

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     Our greatest hits album is one of the best selling albums in music history and it has outsold any of our other studio recordings by a lot. What is the name of our band?

2.     I made my first album with a guy who was not like me at all but our “team” connection resulted in one of the greatest debut albums ever. Even though I have made it back a few times now with follow-ups to this mega album, most people consider it my best work. I am a perfectionist and many of my songs are typically longer than 5 minutes. What is my name and the name of my legendary debut album?

3.     Our debut album came out in the mid to late 1970’s and each and every song has probably been played on classic rock radio format since the day it was released. We became too perfect in the studio which led to a wide gap between album releases. This debut album has to rank up as one of the best of all time and at least we have that on our resume. Our subsequent albums spawned some hits but nothing like our first. Who are we?

4.     Our debut album came out in the late 1980’s and we exploded on to the scene like none other as we wedged our selves between the “hair bands” and the “metal” bands with our version of “hard rock.” We became dysfunctional after the huge success of this album and were never the same. Who are we?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     American Pie – Don McLean

2.     And When I Die-Blood Sweat & Tears

3.     Another Day- Paul McCartney

4.     Another One Bites the Dust– Queen

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that…Oh nooooo…”

2.     “…Home in the valley…home in the city…home isn’t pretty…ain’t no home for me…”

3.     “…those cats were fast as lightning…in fact it was a little bit frightening…”

4.     “…mother told me, yes she told me…I’d meet girls like you…she also told me, stay away…”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1956, Elvis made his debut on the Ed Sullivan show. Kind of changed rock and roll forever, huh?

Back on this day in 1971, John Lennon released his second solo album-“Imagine”- and it cracked the top spot on Billboard top 200 albums.

Back on this day in 1987, Pink Floyd embarked on their first tour without Roger Waters.

Back on this day in 1992, Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain engaged in a heated discussion after Courtney Love jokingly asked Rose to be the godfather of their daughter. Axl was heard screaming at Cobain telling him to keep his wife in check.

Back on this day in 2003, Simon & Garfunkel announced a reunion tour together, their first in 20 years.

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with the late great Otis Redding and the late great Billy Preston and Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield).


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  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love this week’s Top Ten of the Caprenters !

    I grew up listening to them, and even quoted lyrics from We’ve Only Just Begun in my high school yearbook…

    They are still on my top rated on my IPod – I never tire of listening to Karen’s amazing voice…

    Thank you so much !!


    Comment by Donna Schirloff — September 17, 2010 @ 2:12 pm

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