Errols Weekly Music Update.

September 3, 2010

Weekly Update – 09/03/2010

Godsmack at the Mohegan Sun on Sat. Rocktober 9. Tickets on sale now. $40

Tobey Mac and Skillet at the Izod Center on Sat. Dec. 18. Tickets on sale next Tues. Sept. 7 at 10:00 a.m. $19 – $75.

Aaron Lewis at Nokia Theater on Mon. Rocktober 11. Tickets on sale now. $29.50, $39.50, $49.50 and $54.50.

Other items:

Last Friday marked the 20th year since the world lost Stevie Ray Vaughn to a plane crash and as always the question(s) is (are): What if? My oldest son has a sincere appreciation of guitarists’ and SRV has to rank up there as one of the best ever, my oldest found a video clip of when Stevie performed for MTV unplugged. Check out this amazing video of Stevie playing the song-“Rude Mood”- (as my son pointed out he is playing a 12 string guitar, simply amazing)   Update: It looks as is MTV must have pulled the video off of You Tube. Maybe you can find it there. Sorry.

Joe Satriani’s new album-“Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards”- is due out on Tues. Rocktober 5 and his first single-“Light Years Away”- is on his website for all to listen. (It will be released for download next Tues.) Check it out for yourself, he still has “it” –

Bon Jovi will release a “greatest hits” album on November 9 which will include 16 songs such as “Living on a Prayer,” “Dead or Alive” and “It’s My Life.” (Don’t they already have some “greatest hit” albums?) Anyway they have also added two new songs-one which is released on their website-“What Do You Got?” To make things even more complicated, they will also release a “double album” of greatest hits that will include 28 songs with an additional two new songs. Are you keeping pace? Whew… talk about making money??!!

Disturbed has released their fifth studio album-“Asylum”- and by all accounts from reviews and listening to the 30 second samples on I-Tunes, I say if you are a fan-you will love it. If you are a casual fan, this may also draw you in. “Warrior” and the album title seem to be the most popular songs so far.

Heart has released a new album-“Red Velvet Car”- and many are saying this is just like the early Heart days of the 1970’s. The song “WTF” is a knock-out and there is also a video for this one. Check out “Wheels” as a matter of fact I say buy this album and realize the talent these Wilson sisters still have. Incredible!!!

My favorite “Country” song of the week is “Front Porch Swing Afternoon” by Jamey Johnson. This is absolutely stellar music, so even though I labeled it “Country” do not shy away-this is awesome. This guy is good.

Sully Erna will release his first solo album-“Avalon”- on Sept. 14. He feels it is the best music he has ever worked on in his life. But don’t expect a “rock” record he says-“This is something to put on when you are on the couch, dim the lights, light the incense and listen to this hypnotic music and have the painted pictures in your mind”-says Sully. There is a preview on You-Tube of the album and I have to say I like it. This reminds me of when the Foo’s did side two of “In Your Honor.” I’m in. Again it seems weird that his solo album will be released just as Godsmack is gearing up for a national tour in support of their latest album-“The Oracle.”

Axl Rose is still at it. Just the other night in Dublin Ireland, Guns & Roses had a planned concert and of course he was late attending the party. Fans waited for more than 90 minutes for him to take the stage and by the time he came out the fans were irate and started to chant some four letter words. Then someone threw a bottle up on stage and he implored them that he wanted to stay but wouldn’t if the bottles were tossed at the band. Unfortunately, the bottle throwing did not stop and Axl and the other band mates had to leave. I do not condone the bottle throwing at all but he really needs to act like a responsible adult. You have a job to do, do it!!!

Album Review: “Eat a Peach” by the Allman Brothers released on February 12, 1972

Eat a Peach

Since my oldest son is already back in school this week, I asked him to help out one last time this summer before he concentrates on the 10th grade and boy did he ever. He is getting into so many cool bands and the latest is the Allman Brothers. I have always played them around the house but sometimes it takes a while to click but it has and here is his review of “Eat a Peach.”

As a young music fanatic I am constantly trying to expand my musical tastes and discover new kinds of music. About two years ago is when I started this love and appreciation for music which I got from my father. I don’t know anyone else who knows so much about music or has such a passion for it than my dad, and some of it has rubbed off on me. So because of this trait I now posses I am constantly craving new music and to discover all the great music that was made before I was born.

About a week ago I went to the store trying to expand my blues library by looking for an Albert King album (that’s right I’m 15 and I know who he is) but to my dismay they did not have the one I was looking for so I started looking around for something else to get. I spotted the legendary live album “At Fillmore East” by The Allman Brothers Band and without hesitation just bought it. I’m not sure why I bought it because I had never really listened to them before but I knew that were famous for being a great blues/rock band and I just had a feeling that I was going to love it. My instincts were dead on I fell in love with the album and was listening to it 24/7 for a few days straight. Since I loved it so much I decided to get more material and went out and bought their famous double album “Eat A Peach.” My first listen through and I was instantly hooked. This is a truly fantastic album and could be even better than “At Fillmore East.”

“Eat A Peach” immediately starts off on a good note as “Ain’t Wastin’ No Time No More” comes on. What a phenomenal way to start off an iconic album. This song has a little groove to it that makes you start moving and you just get lost in the music. What stands out in this song for me is the piano and Greg’s spot on vocals combined with excellent song writing. This song along with the next two are the only tracks that do not feature Duane Allman on guitar because of his tragic death.  Even though the first three songs are great they do sound different compared to the songs with Duane playing on them. The album starts getting really good with the impressive instrumental “Les Brers In A Minor.” Musically this is a great achievement for the band; all the instruments are amazing the organ, drums, and the bass are played at their best. However for me this song is where Dickey Bett’s guitar playing takes center stage and he does shine. His guitar solo in this song is really good and he proved that he’s got just as much chops as Duane. Personally I think he was constantly in the shadow of Duane and didn’t get to show off his talent as much as Duane did but in this song and on other tracks he proves what a great guitarist he is.

After that crazy instrumental the gem of the album comes on which is none other than “Melissa.” I think it is honestly impossible to not like this song, if you actually don’t like it – I don’t even know anymore. This is one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve ever heard; whenever I hear that opening acoustic guitar I just close my eyes and freeze. This is such a peaceful song and a wonderful tribute to Duane Allman. Greg sings this song with so much passion he has the music in him, when you listen to him sing you can tell he’s got it.This song is the last one on the album without Duane playing and the next three are live songs that were recorded at the Fillmore East Concerts but did not make the live album “At Fillmore East.” The first of the three live cuts is the epic “Mountain Jam.” I don’t think there is a single word out there that could describe the sheer greatness of this 33:41 minute masterpiece. I could write a novel just on this song alone. I will do my best to be brief about the description of this song.

“Mountain Jam” is without a doubt the centerpiece of the album, and as a matter of fact could be the centerpiece of “jam music” in general. All jam bands should take notes when listening to this song because this is how it’s done. This is improvised jam music at its very best. I think that even if you are not a fan of jam bands this song will still entertain you because despite its long length there is not a dull second in the whole song. It is a surprisingly easy listen and keeps you entertained the entire thirty three minutes.  With great guitar solos from both Duane and Dickey, an organ solo from Greg, a fantastic drum duet from Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson, and face melting bass solo (one of the best bass solos I’ve ever heard-seriously it’s so awesome) from Berry Oakley, this song has it all! The last ten minutes are the best Duane and Dickey going all out on the ending solos and the way the song ends is just pure genius. It’s pretty amazing that a band can make a 33 minute song that’s completely improvised sound great. That’s why the Allman Brothers are one of the best live bands ever.

The live jams continue with the popular “One Way Out.” This song just makes you get up and start dancing it has a great upbeat sound and Duane and Dickey completely own this song with their dual guitar playing. Dickey plays an amazing first solo then Duane comes in with a bottleneck solo and shows everyone how it’s done. Greg Allman’s vocals are the best part of the song I love the ending when he sings “Lord it just might be your man, oh baby I just don’t know.” Overall just a great feel good song. “Trouble No More” ends the live tracks and is a great way to close them. A very upbeat song with Duane jamming on that slide guitar, what else needs to be said? His solos are just out of this world no one can play that bottleneck guitar like he did.

The final three songs are the last studio cuts with Duane Allman and are some of the best songs they ever recorded. The first song of the three is “Stand Back” and is a personal favorite of mine. I saw a lot of reviews that basically overlooked this song or claimed it was filler. Do not listen to them! This is not a filler song and although it’s not the best track on the album it is a good song! It has a great riff and a killer bass line combined with Greg’s vocals makes it an awesome song. Don’t over look this one. The country influenced “Blue Sky” follows and contains one of the best solos on the album. Duane and Dickey trade off solos and each of them play so well. The tone of their guitars is so smooth and when Duane hits those soaring high notes it feels so good. This is one of those songs that can make you feel so great, it puts you at peace. This is a milestone song in Southern Rock.“Eat A Peach” ends with an extremely beautiful acoustic piece called “Little Martha.”This is the only all acoustic song on the album and since every song before it has had loud blistering electric guitars it’s a good song to calm down the listener and let them enjoy one of the best instrumentals in the bands catalogue. Even though it is a bit short this song has some of the best acoustic guitar work from Duane and Dickey. What an amazing duo they were and what an amazing way to end an album that has stood the test of time and has become one of rock and roll’s greatest achievements.

Overall this is without a doubt a 5 star album and any fan of the band or of rock/blues music needs to own this album right now. There isn’t a bad song on here and is probably the Allman’s best album. From the piano intro to “Ain’t Wastin’ No Time No More” to the ballad “Melissa” to the monster jam “Mountain Jam” to the country flavored “Blue Sky” and the acoustic “Little Martha” this album has got it all. This album must be in any music collector’s library; it proves that The Allman Brothers Band are one of the best blues/rock bands of all time.

Key Tracks (even though you should get all the songs): Melissa, Mountain Jam, Blue Sky


Breakfast in America

1979 was a great year in music. Think about it- you had Cheap Trick in Budokan released, The Cars with Candy-O, The B-52’s debut album, Styx with Cornerstone, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, I’m the Man by Joe Jackson and so many more. One that clearly stood out during that year was “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. This was the pinnacle of their storied career. I loved parts of this album (some of the songs I have to admit I skipped over) but the some of the parts is enough for you to buy the whole. I definitely wore out this album while I was 14 and 15 years old. They are one of the few bands that I have never seen in concert and “Breakfast” was the only album I owned of theirs up until I purchased “Even in the Quietest Moments” a few years back. But any way here are some of the golden “nuggets” on “Breakfast in America:”

Lord Is It Mine – This is my favorite track on this album and my most favorite Supertramp song ever. This song puts me in a trance. I am immediately back in my bedroom of my parent’s house lying on the floor in front of the speakers with a pillow underneath my head to offset the hardwood floor and swaying back and forth to this majestic song. Even though the song was made over 30 years ago the lyrics still apply today, for example-“…I never cease to wonder at the cruelty of this land…but it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand…is it mine…oh lord is it mine?…”The woodwind solos are impressive and takes you on a ride to the softest cloud where you can kick back and let you mind wander. Beautiful song.

Goodbye Stranger – How great is this song? When is the last time you have heard this classic?The electric piano is real cool, right? And then when they hit those high notes-“…hope you find your paradise…hope your dreams will all come true…”-it makes the Bee Gees proud as this is probably the closest any band has come to sounding like them. I like the finger snapping part before Rick Davies sings-“now some they do… and some they don’t…with some you just can’t tell…now some they will, some they won’t…with some it’s just as well…” And of course the obligatory whistle in the middle gives the song character, right? I have tried to sing this song with my headphones on and when I take them off my ears slightly to hear what I sound like- I hear all the dogs in my neighborhood barking in disgust-this is a hard song to sing. But I love the organ/guitar solo towards the end-this is something else, the guitar work is spectacular.

Breakfast in America– The title track is so impressive. How many times did you hear this on WNEW FM during its heyday? It was played constantly because it is fantastic. “Could we have kippers for breakfast…mummy dear, mummy dear…” This has to be one the best sing along songs ever recorded, no? C’mon you know you find yourself singing along to every word, don’t try to deny it. “See the girls in California…I’m hoping it’s going to come true…” Love this song top to bottom and just like that it is over.

The Logical Song – Could be the best song on this album and has to rank up there as one of their best songs ever. In a weird way, I feel like Squeeze could have made this song, I don’t know why but I do. The chorus is dreamy-“there are times when all the world’s asleep…the questions run too deep…for such a simple man…”This is another song that is too hard to not sing along to. And the saxophone solo is blazing with character, I love it!!! Then I love the way the sax follows the vocals the rest of the song-the vocalization has to rank up there as one of the best songs of 1979. Love the part “…one, two, three…five!!!”

Take the Long Way Home–Is this their “Stairway to Heaven?” I would say so but the die-hards out there may disagree. The harmonica part is absolutely stunning. “So you think you’re a Romeo…playing a part in the picture show…well take the long way home…” My best man Johnny loves this song and I can picture him singing along (even though he never knows the right lyrics-it’s the passion that gets me). Folks if you have kids pass this song on to them, they have to like this. Don’t let them tell you it’s old, just remind them that one day they will be old as well. This is a perfect jam between the piano, harmonica, guitar and the spectacular background vocals. This song has to rank up their as one of their all time best. Love it.


Image of Steve Winwood

This week’s Top ten list actually came to me when I woke up in the middle of the night (yes I had to go to the bathroom) and for some reason Steve Winwood popped into my head as the artist to choose for the list. Now since I am a bit younger than most of his “die-hard” fans, of course I had to “go back” and research this amazing man’s career which I have been doing over the past four years or so. Of course as a teenager, I knew of Steve during the 1980’s when he was at the peak of his solo career. (“Back in the High Life Again”). I also knew that he was in the legendary band-Traffic- but also came to realize that he basically started out he career as a teenager as a lead vocalist in the Spencer Davis Group. He was (and still is) so well respected “back in the day” that everyone wanted Stevie Winwood to be in their band as a vocalist but also an unbelievable musician. He ended up with Eric Clapton to form “Blind Faith” but they only put out one album together. (Yes I went to their “reunion” concert a few years back). This man has given his gift of music to so many people around the globe and is a living legend that is showing no signs of slowing down.

It all “started” for me back in Rocktober 2006 when my wife & the kids took a trip down to Washington D.C. for a week as my oldest son was taking part in a junior scholastic event and he stayed with school mates from around the U.S. at a separate hotel. During one of our “tourists’” trips around the D.C. area I came across a theater and the lettering across the white background said-“Steve Winwood Tonite”- I looked at my wife and she rolled her eyes and said “go ahead.” So I ran to the box office to see if there were any tickets left. The woman behind the glass stated that she had a seat in the orchestra section-right smack in the middle and not too many rows back from the stage. I was in. This was my chance first of all to see him for the first time as well as attending a show outside the Tri-state area. Took the “red line” and I was there. I was very fortunate as I was seated between two Steve Winwood “die-hard” fans. The guy to my left drove two hours one way to see him and the guy to my right knew every song that he has ever recorded. As I watched in amazement, it almost seemed that Winwood was playing every instrument but the drums. Everyone knows him as a superb keyboardist but he was actually playing the bass parts with his feet while playing piano. Then when he strapped on the guitar to play, I was completely blown away on how great he was and came away with an education that can only be experienced by showing up to one of his shows (especially if it is an “intimate” setting such as the theater I was in).

Then a few years back, Chris, Tricia and I went to the Garden to see him play with Clapton as they performed songs from Blind Faith as well as their own personal library of solo tunes. I stated it back then and I will say it again-Steve Winwood made Clapton play better- because he knew how good Steve is and didn’t want people thinking he was being outshined. I betcha if you asked most of the fans who attended those shows they would say that Clapton was “out of this world” on top of his game those nights and might barely even mention Winwood (no offense Steve just trying to make a point). But you know what? Steve had something to do with that-he pushed Eric’s game to another level-and probably pushed his own game up a few notches as well. The result-spectacular show(s). About a year or two ago, Mr. Winwood opened for Tom Petty and I convinced my brother to come to see Steve and for whatever reason, Mr. Winwood had a “mulligan” that evening. Who knows why? You know how the openers are never given the same sound system (or it seems like it) as the volume and clarity just wasn’t there. I am convinced if we were not in an arena and instead at a small venue, it would have been different. Mr. Petty did bring out Steve to play a couple of his songs and my brother liked those two songs, so I sort of redeemed myself. Hey everyone has an off day, so what?!! I still maintain that you should run at any chance you have to see him perform live because it really is an incredible evening to witness a living legend such as Steve Winwood. Ok I am on an island and told that I can only have ten songs by Steve Winwood (which can include the numerous bands he has played in)-“These Are Them:”

10.     Goodbye Stevie– I discovered this swinging rock and roll song while doing my research on the Spencer Davis group and this instantly became one of my favorites. It’s unreal on how much he sounds exactly the same on every recording-including this one. I believe he was only 19 or so when he made this almost “rockabilly” tune. Boy this song moves and it will have to get you out of your seat to dance around the room-at least snapping your fingers and head. His piano playing is flawless and kind of reminds me of the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis-you can feel his influence. This is a phenomenal song.

9.     Medicated Goo – The first time I heard this song in my life was at the show in D.C. and the guy to my right almost had a coronary as he started to sing and dance even in our tight quarters. When I came back home that weekend I immediately purchased this track off of I-Tunes (I know… stay with me). The groove in this song is so cool and you can’t help but sing and dance. The bass line is killer and for all I know it could have been Stevie on bass (with his feet) and the keyboard playing is stellar. You need to own this track.

8.     Had to Cry Today – I love Steve vocals on this track, his pitch is so super high (almost “Bee Gee” like) as the music behind him is so representative of the year 1969. It is psychedelic with long lasting solos and then in walks Steve with “I’m taking the chance to see the wind in your eyes as I listen…” – What?? See I told you it was psychedelic. Anyway this classic from Blind Faith was performed to perfection by both Clapton and Winwood at the shows in Madison Square Garden in 2008. Incredible song.

7.     Back in the High Life Again – Weird thing about this song is that my brother Rich actually owned this album (and he didn’t buy too many albums when we were younger-it was mainly me that went to the Record Factory on 86th street in Bay Ridge Brooklyn to buy new albums) and the title track I kept hearing on the radio, so I used to take the album from his room and play it in my bedroom. The blend of acoustic guitar with the keyboards makes this one of his most recognizable songs and the chorus is so infectious that you can’t help but sing this all day long-“…and we’ll drink and dance with one hand free…and have the world so easily…and oh we’ll be a sight to see…back in the high life again.”

6.     Valerie – There has always been something about this song that I absolutely love. It makes me drift off to another stratosphere. Sort of reminds me of something that George Harrison might have recorded. It’s not an exciting sort of song but again what does it for me are his vocals. I love the whole arrangement of the song, especially the way it ends-“I’m the same boy I used to be!”

5.     Low Spark of High Heeled Boys – Ok I admit that this song may take a while to get used to. I remember hearing this song on WNEW-FM as a teenager all the time and the one thing I recalled was how long it was as well as it seemed to take a while to get going. I will state that if you see him perform this live you will have a better appreciation for this tune-sometimes you have to hear a song in a different setting and then when you go back to where you normally listen to music-you can have the memory and place it on the song at that moment. This is what I have done with this track. When I saw him perform this in D.C., I was so impressed with the arrangement and blown away with the musicianship from him and his entire band. Traffic had to be considered at the forefront of “jam” bands and I would say that this song has to be considered one of the best of this genre.I love the piano before the chorus-“The percentage your paying is too high priced…while you’re living beyond all your means…and the man in the suit has just bought a new car…” When Steve stops singing about five and a half minutes into the track-the musicianship takes over. The solos as when they all jam together are fantastic (again I can picture them performing it live). The piano solo is lights out. Has to be considered one of the best songs in rock and roll history.

4.     Can’t Find My Way Home – This could arguably be his most recognized song-everyone from Grandma (although I know she is not going to go for the line-“I’m wasted and can’t find my way home”-just don’t point it out to her) down to the grandkids can enjoy this unbelievably pure tune. I guarantee you that during the 1970’s when garage bands started out that they would take the time to learn this song. It is a beautiful ballad-“Come down off your throne and leave your body ‘lone…somebody must change…” This song is legendary and also has to be considered one of the best rock ballads of all time. ‘Nuff said.

3.     Presence of The Lord – I have to thank Chris for introducing me to this song-he threw this on one of his awesome Spin classes back in the MBIA days. Folks let me tell you this song came on probably midway or towards the end of the class and when you are giving it your all, (Chris will make sure of that) feeling great and then this song comes on. It was like a light that was streaming towards the sky taking me again to another stratosphere. I turned the bike and headed for the light and really felt like I was in the “presence of the lord.” This is a masterpiece plain and simple. When the pace changes as Clapton gets ready to play his righteous guitar solo (that’s when you stand on the bike and try to keep pace). As I was pedaling to the guitar solo I was completely enthralled with this song and I had to have it (this time I ran home and bought the entire album instead of the song off of I-Tunes). Clapton has stated that this is one of the best songs he has ever written and I agree-as long as Stevie is singing it. Thanks Chris!!!

2.     Freedom Rider – I was immediately hooked on the opening notes of this classic and instantaneously knew that this was going to be one of my all time favorite songs by Mr. Winwood (and Traffic-I don’t want to take away from the other guys in the band). I have always been partial to the saxophone as that was the one and only instrument that I played while growing up. I should have stuck with it but once I went to high school I sort of let it slip away. Now on this song it is the tenor sax, I played alto but again it’s in the family so I love it. And what about the phenomenal flute playing? Can it get any better? The jam session in the middle of the tune is lights out-highlighted by the great flute solo (do you hear the pulsating bass lines in the background?-unreal). This has to be considered one of the best flute solos ever (with no disrespect to Mr. Tull). Again has to be considered one of the best songs in rock and roll history.

1.     John Barelycorn (Must Die) – Right off the bat this album has to be one of the best in the history of music and specifically for me-this song gives me chills down my spine every time I listen to it. I can’t have any distractions around me when I hear this, so there can’t be any talking because it will ruin everything. I believe this is Steve’s finest recording vocally. I wish I could have been in the studio when this song was recorded, I think I would have been near tears. I absolutely lovethe way the flute trails his every vocal move- it is so perfect, so enchanting that you have to gush in amazement on how special this song is. And when Jim Capaldi joins in to provide “parallel” singing, well it makes the song that much better. I want to suggest that the next time you are at your local pub and there is someone taking “requests” from the audience to shout this song out but thinking about it-I take it back because no one but Steve should ever do this song– he is just too good.  This will be one of the best six minutes and twenty second experience you will ever have. Pure perfection.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Elton John (I knew you would know Chris)

2.     David Bowie

3.     Madonna

4.     Mary J. Blige

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     My brother and I have been part of a ground breaking band and have lasted a long time despite having our ups and downs. We split for a while and are planning to take another break at the end of this year. I am one of the coolest rock/blues singer out there today and was once married to Goldie Hawn’s daughter. Who am I?

2.     I have been rocking since the late 1970’s and have always marched to a different tune. I am defiant but also have a soft spot for farmers and started aid to them 25 years ago. Recently I have stated that I am no longer a rock star and will make music that I want and if people buy it-then so be it, if not-then so be it. The first few years of my career I couldn’t have my real name. Who am I?

3.     My sister and I have commanded the respect of hard rock fans out there since the early 1970’s. We love the music of Led Zeppelin and folks have said that I am the “female Robert Plant.” We just put out a new album of songs that many consider like our early albums from the 1970’s. What band are we from and what are our names??

4.     I embraced Indian culture and Hinduism. I also was a founder of a production company that worked with such members of Monty Python. My best friend married my wife. Who am I ?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     Levon – Elton John

2.     Life on Mars?-David Bowie

3.     Holiday- Madonna

4.     Just Fine – Mary J. Blige

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…now do you believe in rock and roll…can music save your mortal soul…and can you teach me how to dance…”

2.     “…I’m not scared of dying and I don’t really care…if at peace you find in dying…well then let the time be near…”

3.     “…slippin’ into stockings…stepping into shoes…dipping in the pocket of her raincoat…”

4.     “…how do you think I’m gonna get along… without you when you’re gone…you took me for everything that I had…”

Back on this Day .

Back on this day in 1966, NBC aired the last episode of “Ozzy and Harriet” which included their son-Rick Nelson.

Back on this day in 1970, The Dave Clark 5 broke up.

Back on this day in 1977, Heart’s “Barracuda” peaked on the charts at number 11.

Back on this day in 1991, Ike Turner was released from prison. After his release he stated that he had spent over $11 million on cocaine before his prison term ended his addiction. First, can you imagine $11 million? Second-Ike Turner made $11 million?

Back on this day in 1999, Nikki Sixx was arrested in Raleigh, N.C. after he started a riot two years earlier in Greensboro N.C. They were just waiting for you to come back Nikki.

“It was the third day of September, the day I will always remember, yes I will…Cause that’s the day my daddy died.” The lyrics to “Papa was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations.

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with Al Jardine (Beach Boys) and Don Brewer (Grand Funk Railroad).



  1. The records I mainly purchased were Eric B and Rakim / Run DMC / 3rd Bass…this hip hop was something my brother Eggroll not would listen to

    Comment by Brother Rich — September 3, 2010 @ 9:09 am

    • correction…would not listen to 🙂

      Comment by Brother Rich — September 3, 2010 @ 9:09 am

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