Errols Weekly Music Update.

July 30, 2010

Weekly Update – 07/30/2010

Lady Antebellum at the Beacon Theater on Tues. Sept. 28. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $45 – $59.50.

Amos Lee at the Hiro Ballroom on Tues. Sept. 28. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $30 – $35.

K’naan at Webster Hall on Sat. Rocktober 9. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25 ($30 day of show)

Jimmy Eat World at Terminal 5 on Thurs. Rocktober 14. Tickets on sale today at noon. $32.

Michael Franti & Spearhead at Terminal 5 on Thurs. Rocktober 28 and at Wellmont Theater on Fri. Rocktober 29. Tickets on sale today at noon. Terminal: $35 ($40 day of show); Wellmont: $30 ($35 day of show).

Big Head Todd & The Monsters at the Nokia Theater on Fri. Sept. 24. Pre-sale tickets available now until 10:00 a.m. this morning if you are a American Express cardholder. General public tickets on sale today at noon. $29.50.

Trey Songz with Monica at the Beacon Theater on Sept. 17. Tickets on sale this morning at 9:00 a.m. $55 – $75.

Bullet for My Valentine at Roseland Ballroom on Fri. Rocktober 1. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $26.

Other items:

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Mr. Al Goodman who unfortunately passed away on July 26 at the age of 67 after his heart failed during a surgery. He was part of the R&B band-“The Moments”- who had the monster hit-“Love on a Two Way Street”- what a fantastic song. The Moments turned into Ray, Goodman and Brown and their other monster song was –“Special Lady”. Rest in peace Al.

One and Out: Ellen DeGeneres is leaving American Idol after one season because of her busy schedule. She said it was also hard for her to judge and sometimes hurt the contestant’s feelings. She wants to go back to being a fan of the show. She wasn’t that great but she wasn’t that bad. This just in: Kara was fired and they are bringing aboard Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to sit along side Randy Jackson. Wow, should be interesting.

Vince Neil was arrested this past Wednesday night in Las Vegas for suspicion of driving under the influence. Man this is a tough one to figure out, he just released a solo album, he’s touring with his band and then is set to kick off the Ozzfest tour with Motley Crue on Aug. 14. At some point, reality has to set in and he has to make the decision to go sober and enjoy the fruits of his labor. You’d think by now he would know not to get behind the wheel-with all the cash he has-someone could have picked him up.

Linkin’ Park will release their first single-“The Catalyst”- this coming Monday Aug. 2 off of their Sept. 14 release of-“A Thousand Suns” but you can get a 30 second preview of it right here- – the song will be used for the game –“Medal of Honor Tier 1.”

Godsmack frontman- Sully Erna- will release his solo album-“Avalon”- on Sept. 14. The first single-“Sinner’s Prayer” will be delivered to radio stations next week. I find it a bit odd that his solo album will be launched so close to Godsmack’s fifth studio album-“The Oracle”-which just came out a few months ago. That album rocks!!! \m/ \m/

The Cult will release a new single-“Everymand and Woman is a Star”- exclusively through I-Tunes and is part of a four song package that will be released in the fall. I believe you can look for the new single this coming Tuesday.

Tom Jones has released a gospel album-“Praise and Blame”- and listening to the 30 second samples on I-Tunes, I’d have to say this is a winner. Check out the cover of the John Lee Hooker-“Burning Hell”-and tell me this doesn’t rock and blues out? Totally rad!! Or check out the most excellent-“Did Trouble Me”- a total knockout of a song. This is a must buy!!!

One of my favorite bands-Little Big Town– just released a new single-“The Reason Why”- and I defy you to find me a better harmonizing vocal band out there today. This band is second to none in that department. It seems like everything they record is a hit.

Album Review: “Midnight Souvenirs” by Peter Wolf released on April 6, 2010

Midnight Souvenirs

Every once in a while there is an album that gets some very good press, then there is the “buzz” and when it is released there are positive reviews all over the place but something holds me back from taking the plunge. So this is exactly what happened to me with this album-“Midnight Souvenirs”- by Peter Wolf (most know him as the lead singer of the J. Geils Band). I had read so many good things about this album but as time went by, it kind of slipped my mind but then just last month it hit me that I have not done too many “new” album reviews over the past year or so and that is when I decided to just blindly buy this album to see for myself. I am here to tell you folks that I am glad that I made this decision and if you are looking for an album that can be played at your next dinner party or house get together, look no further than this seasoned veteran as he has pulled out all the stops by producing of fusion of R&B, blues, country, rock and of course that “funky” seasoning which spices up this delicacy of accomplished adult music. I will use the old adage-“just like fine wine, Peter gets better with age.” This album is a breath of fresh air that has been let into that musty room of that similar sound that seems to have permeated the air waves which has been dominated by pop and rap. I am not saying that those genres are not good-just that it seems to be a bit overcrowded-and here comes Peter with this brand of American “grown-up” rock & roll where the musicians are crisp and the help he gets from Shelby Lynne, Neko Case and Mr. Merle Haggard on vocals has created some of the best duets in the past few years. I’m pretty sure by the end of this year, this album will land in my top five of 2010.

The disc starts off with a duet with Shelby Lynne and right off the bat you can feel that certain “vibe” that Peter seems to spread in his words and music. He exudes pure confidence in his style while seeming doing it with very little effort, it comes naturally. I can picture sitting out in front of any restaurant in New York City and having this song piped outside for all the patrons to enjoy. Ms. Lynne’s higher octave vocals are the perfect complement to Peter’s voice and when they sing in harmony, it is very enjoyable. This entire album would be perfect to see at BB Kings where one could enjoy a nice dinner with some awesome music. “Tragedy” is a finger snapping and hand clapping song with a flavor of that old R&B sound complete with the many women supplying the background vocals toward the end of the tune. “I Don’t Wanna Know” picks up the pace a bit but nothing too heavy as the key word throughout this album is –“enjoyable”-this kind of reminds me of something that John Mellencamp would have done back in the 1980’s. It has that “Pink Houses” feel to it, albeit with a much faster pace but you’ll be strumming the acoustic air-guitar in no time. I can picture people getting out of their seats at BB’s and start dancing all around the place-and just like that the song is over. (I bet at a live show there would be a long jam to keep the feet moving). Then the flow really grooves with the eccentric –“Watch Her Move”- and you will feel like you are in a smoky club room and as you make your way to get a good spot on the dance floor you come across that woman who just seems to be floating a la Michael Jackson moon walk style. The infectious beat will make you get up and dance like you are by yourself in a room (like I am doing right now) meanwhile it is a crowded place. Just like that-“three-for-three” out of the box. “There’s Still Time” will conjure up memories of “the Band” as the pace slows down a bit but not the “feel good” part because before long you will learn the words to this song and this will become one of your favorites to sing along to. As the song approaches the bridge, the blues kick in and makes it that more pleasing to the ear and then the tempo really slows down as I can picture laying down on a grassy hill on a nice summer day looking up to the pure blue sky as you ask-“can it get any better than this?” Like Peter says-“there’s still time” to chase your dreams-What are you waiting for? Track # 5- “Lying Low” really reminds me of a song that Bruce Springsteen did on his “We Shall Overcome” album because I feel like I could sit around a campfire and sing this song with a whole bunch of friends. The musicianship is excellent as the banjo “hits the spot” and it sounds like the bass is one of those “old school” bass where it stands upright with the pointer being like a really good umbrella. Very cool song. “The Green Fields of Summer” is an absolute stunner of a song and I especially love the lyrics because I get older I love summer more and more while actually hoping that “winter never comes.” This song depicts those summer days you have had-either as a kid or maybe recently-where you never want the day to end-c’mon you know you have had those where you are having the time of your life and it could be something simple like being at a beach or having a pool party where the day is so spectacular that you don’t want it to come to its final destination. I know I have had many of those days in the summer, isn’t the summertime just the best time? Like I said, as I get older I really enjoy the summer days and nights. “Thick as Thieves” is a real “old school” blues sounding song which has some “giddy-up” to it. Larry Campbell is the guitarist and he has some righteous licks throughout, this is a tasty dish complete with some really nice drum work.

Track # 8-“Always Asking for You”- is my favorite song on the disc. (When I listened to the album the first time, I just threw it into the car and did not follow the liner notes, etc. I just listened and when this song came on I looked down and saw this was track # 8). This is a beautiful song and the women who supply the background vocals make it that much better. This is mildly surprising for me because sometimes when I think of Peter, I think of “Centerfold” when he was with J. Geils Band and this is a completely different sound-obviously much more mature. It makes me drift off and kind of makes me think of my mom because I know I’m always asking for her. Perfect sing along song. “Then It Leaves Us All Behind” is another poignant track which reminds me of something that Bob Dylan might do. It is a soft and heartfelt track and could be Peter’s best vocal performance on the disc and the keyboards add a very nice touch while the string arrangement is stellar. “Overnight Lows” will remind you of that old funky style that Peter employed back in the day and it really sounds like classic R&B-something like Al Green would do. He does that “fast talk/singing” which made him famous, especially with the live version of “Musta got Lost”-remember that song which is always played on the classic rock format. Peter does his best Barry White jam here folks, you will think you are back in the 1970’s. “Everything I Do (Gonna Be Funky)” is a remake of the classic by Allen Toussaint and you know its funky if the word funky appears in the title, right? This is some good down home cooking right here complete with the Billy Preston sounding like keyboard work. You will be bopping and weaving while snapping your fingers. ‘Don’t Try to Change Her” has a country flavor to it and I can picture being in one of those country clubs with hay on the ground (Ok yes a barn) and dancing with that someone special. Peter plays a nice harmonica on this track and he sings this song with heart and soul and when one does that you know the result is always good. Track # 13-“The Night Comes Down”- starts off like “You’ll Accompany Me” by Bob Seger but then the pace picks up a bit and again it turns into a finger snapping, hand clapping fun song. The more I listen to it, I could picture Mr. Seger helping him out on this one at one of his shows. It gets kind of loud toward the end of the song and probably is the “heaviest” on your ears at that point. The last track is “It’s Too Late for Me” and this is my second favorite track on the album. It is a duet with Merle Haggard and I have to be honest before I heard this song I didn’t get the pairing but learned my lesson that you can’t be quick to judge until you listen to it. This is a show stopper of a song and is done with class, grace and passion that can’t be matched. I have to listen to this beautiful heart-felt song again as I am completely stunned on how great this tune is-Mr. Haggard is a knock out and Mr. Wolf is spectacular as well. This will bring down the house where ever they decide to perform this, I just hope I’m there when it happens.

“Midnight Souvenirs” is a souvenir to savor at any time of the day or night. Peter Wolf has redefined himself with this stunning body of work. There is not a bad track on the entire disc and it would behoove you to run to your computer to purchase from I-Tunes or wherever you purchase your CD’s. I actually have the CD with the cover, liner notes and all. This album has lived up to the hype that was set forth when it came out just a few months ago, so become one of the people “in the know” as this is an excellent album which probably doesn’t have the “popularity” of all the other stuff that is out there today but as we all know-sometimes we find our own little treasures in the most unsuspecting places-this is one of them!!


Taking the Long Way


Ok for some time now I have been stuck with trying to figure a way to highlight some albums that I really love but they either have some “fillers” (in my opinion) that have cause it not be a “perfect album side” or I could not review the entire album because my heart wouldn’t be in the right spot because there are probably more than a few songs that I skip over-so I how do I “recommend” an entire body of work if I don’t even listen to every song? My apologies to the artist who will make this list if they are offended but I figured I would get your name out there and who knows it may make me go out and explore their entire library of work and find that perfect album side and/or great albums. In some instances I have the entire album-(“pre-I-Tunes”) or since the invention of I-Tunes I have purchased “nuggets” from some of these albums. And then it hit me, maybe I could present material from the album as “nuggets” of information so that you can decide on whether to take the plunge and buy the whole CD or buy just the songs I am pointing out. Now for the most part I have always been on the side of the fence that encourages to buy the entire disc but it’s obvious that I have bought “singles” from I-Tunes-something I never thought I would do and there is a part of me that is still bothered by this but then I figured an artist would rather have some songs bought by the general public as opposed to not buying their full body of work for that particular album at all. And then it hit me while I was listening to my I-Pod “shuffle” and the great song-“Everybody Knows” by the Dixie Chicks came on and I immediately thought of the word-“nugget”- and thought I would present some songs from their very popular album-“Taking the Long Way.” This album was released on May 26, 2006 and I honestly like all the songs but sometimes have to be in the mood to listen to the entire album but without a doubt these are some of the best songs on the albums- So out of the 13 tracks I am having a side dish of nuggets and here they are in no particular order:

Stepping Out – Wow what a perfect song. This is a wonderful song to sing-along to and I absolutely love Natalie Maines vocals as you will drift off into “never never land” as you wonder how these artists create these types of songs. Love the chorus-“stepping out everyone can see my face…all the things I can’t erase from my life…everybody knows…” This is “comfort” music as it will make you feel good inside, it gives you the nice warm feeling. These ladies can sing.

Lubbock or Leave It – This song has the most “giddy-up” to it and I’m telling you to grab a pair of headphones (Bose if you can splurge on yourself) and squeeze your hands into your ears and listen to this track. It will blow you away as you will not believe that this is the Dixie Chicks rocking out to country music and when the “bango sounding like” guitar solo marches in, well I have to put the volume even higher. They had a lot of help with this entire album and the musicianship is stellar throughout. This is actually country head-banging at its best. Put this song on your next Spin class CD and see how fast your legs will have to move to keep up with this pace. This deserves a \m/ \m/!!!

Favorite Year – Natalie’s vocals actually put me in a trance with this tune as I drift away. This is an exquisite song and the background vocal that trails Natalie is so perfect as you can see why this album received all the accolades because they truly deserve it. This is a wonderful song that will make you want to play acoustic guitar and take up singing lessons, where do I sign up because this is an unbelievable tune-pure perfection.

Voice Inside My Head – Another brilliant effort which again displays the awesome singing talents of Natalie. After going through what they went through, to make an album with great songs like these must have took a lot out of them and I can understand why Natalie still wants some time away. Songs like these should be able to hold us over until she decides to make some more music. Folks this is great stuff right here and I would put it up with any genre during the decade of 2000 and make the argument that they made some of the best songs during the entire 10 years just from this album alone.

Not Ready to Make Nice – This song is totally written from the heart and you can feel the pain and passion in Natalie’s voice. The lyrics that always amaze me are –“it’s a sad, sad story when a mother will teach her daughter that she ought to hate a total stranger” and then-“that they’d write me a letter telling me that I better shut up and sing or my life will be over”-can you imagine that these women went through this all because of their opinion? I usually don’t move when I hear this song-it hits you right over the head with its starkness-“I’m through with doubt, nothing left for me to figure…and I’ll keep paying…” People who suffer get advice from other people and sometimes they say time will help and heal but in some cases that may not be true. This is a majestic song and something that will live on in my heart forever. I well up with tears to think of the pain they suffered and wonder why and how people in this world can be so cruel sometimes.

So Hard – If I had to pick my favorite song from the album this would have to be it. I wish I could morph into Natalie and perform this song live. I can’t believe how great this song is, totally amazing. I would have loved to be in the recording studio when they completed this song, there had to be “high fives” and “back slaps” all over the place. “It’s so hard when it doesn’t come easy…it’s so hard…” When Natalie hits those high notes toward the end of the song it makes the tune that much better.


Greatest Hits

Over the past few weeks while listening to my I-Pod shuffle, my library of Guns & Roses songs seemingly kept creeping into the playlist no matter how many times I hit the “shuffle song” button so I figured it was a sign to put down my top ten songs by them. (By the way this list will not include any songs from “Chinese Democracy” as this is really Axl Rose as opposed to Guns & Roses). Now I have had a love-hate relationship with this band for some time. I sung their praises to everyone within ear shot of my voice from the golden years of 1987 – 1990-I could have been their publicist, spokesperson, “freak of a fan” or whatever label you want to lay on me despite the fact that during those years every time I went to see them in concert Axl pulled one of his temper tantrums and did not emerge to the stage in many cases for well over two hours than what was expected. Looking back in retrospect, maybe they should have followed the Beatles mantra of not touring after a certain time (like a month after “Appetite” was released) and just met each other in the recording studio to record, maybe they’d still be together (Ok I know- “wishful thinking”).

After taking the path of the band –“Boston”- where they took forever to put out an album after “Appetite”-(not including “Lies”) time just seemed to disappear which made them “less relevant”- I guess. Add to this the fact that Axl just couldn’t get his stuff together and the huge riot that ensued after he walked off the stage in Canada after Metallica had to stop their set to attend to Mr. Hetfield-who was almost burned alive- was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in my mind because I became so disenchanted that I walked away from this band. (And I didn’t think “Use Your Illusion I or II” was that great…but not that bad either). So you see the dichotomy here? I absolutely loved this band but over time I started to dislike the fact that they could never seem to get on the same page (and I won’t blame it all on Axl-as the others had some issues of their own- but I do think he was a big part) so I moved on and will always have “Appetite,” “Lies” and parts of “Illusion” that I can go back to and think of the positives-these guys were flat out the hungriest band I think to ever come out and it showed in their energy, “rawness” and flat out ability to “light up the sky” with their songs. They defined rock and roll to its essence when they first hit the scene and one can never take away “Appetite” for them as it is arguably the greatest debut album in the history of music (in any genre). So here they are-my favorite top ten songs from the often dysfunctional but legendary band called Guns & Roses: (By the way-“Welcome to the Jungle”-which could arguably be the best song ever-will not be on my list and that is due to the life threatening experience I had when I went up to New England to watch my beloved NY Jets play against the Patriots in a playoff game during Mangini’s first season as coach as it was the most hostile environment I ever experienced and every five minutes the stereo system in the stadium played the opening licks to “Jungle” and this forever tainted my love of this song. Sorry folks I recognize and respect this song but if I’m on an island and had to listen to just 10 songs, this song can not be on my list because of that experience):

10.     Dead Horse– “Sick of this life…not that you care..” That’s the way the song starts off and maybe a strong clue for what was to come- the beginning of the end. The track starts off acoustically and it sounds nice enough but then it kicks in and that driving hard rock that so defined them shines through and to me is one of the bright spots on “Illusion I.” Slash’s guitar solo is on the money. This is a hard rock head-banging song that always makes me wonder why they couldn’t make more songs like this on Illusion but it is what it is. The acoustic part makes it way back at the end of the song again with the lyrics-“…sick of this life…not that you care…”

9.     Move to the City – Again this is when Guns & Roses were Guns & Roses. They could rock out with the best of them and for this song you can hear that blues shine through as I would throw this song up against any pure rock and roll song. This is totally different from most of their songs and maybe because Izzy probably wrote it but if you haven’t heard this song in a while, go back and listen to what I am trying to tell you. This is almost like the Rolling Stones if they came out in the late 1980’s instead of the 1960’s. It even has a horn section, c’mon a horn section for G&R in 1988? I love this tune!!!

8.     You’re Crazy (from “Lies”) – I remember the first time I heard the acoustic version of this song from the EP-“Lies”- and instantly I knew that I liked this version better than the electric version that appears on “Appetite.” In my opinion, this is when Guns were at the top of their game-they had released “Appetite” which exploded them on to the scene (like none that I had ever seen before or since-yes not even Nirvana) and quickly put out this gem of work that included some live tunes as well as some awesome acoustic tunes. If only they didn’t grow so big, so fast-I think there would have been more songs like this. Of course it contains some “F-bombs” so you may want to not play it around the kiddies.

7.     Patience – The moment I hear the opening whistle to this song it always takes me back to the weekend where I, Johnny-Boy and Slats went camping at North Lake in Upstate New York. I had the cassette and Johnny kept playing this song the entire weekend and it drove Slats crazy. He threaten Johnny with violence if he played it again. “Said woman take it slow…all we need is just a little patience.” Love the acoustic guitar work done by the boys as this has to sit high above their catalog as one of their most recognized songs ever recorded.

6.     Don’t Cry – I know most fans are probably sticking their fingers down their throat on this pick but there has always been something about this song that I love- I think it has to be the melody. This was also our first introduction to Shannon Hoon as he provided the background vocals on this track and it was cool to see him in the video. Guns had the perfect outlet with MTV because when they were big – MTV was “MTV” and their videos were played endlessly. “Talk to me softly, there’s something in your eye…don’t hang your head in sorrow and please don’t cry…” Sappy?? Ok yes…but good???- yes!! I know Axl was trying to create these big “theatrical” songs which didn’t mesh well with the other mates as they also wanted to rock out but looking back if he didn’t try so hard to make everything a big production, I think there would have been more songs like this one which came in under the five minute mark but didn’t incorporate as much that “over-the-top” production of say a song like “Estranged” did and it does have some nice guitar work by Slash.

5.     Mr. Brownstone – It sounds like Adler is playing in a silo when the song kicks off, doesn’t it? How raunchy is this track? It feels dirty right? But that is what I think makes the song so great-they had this way of making it cool to like the crazy lyrics, ear splitting guitar riffs and the pounding of the drums-again almost like they are in an alley where there are garbage cans (you know the “old school” ones with the silver tops that you crunched down to get all that city garbage in?) and he is drumming away on top of those cans. Of course there are the explicit lyrics-so hold your ears as the big one is used. The groove in this song is so infectious and even though this is hard rock it makes me want to get up and dance (think Joe Piscopo doing Axl on Saturday Night Live) around in circles. Excuse me while I retrieve my red and white handkerchief so that I may wrap it around my head. “Yow-Zaaa!!!”

4.     Nightrain– How raw is this song? Slash’s guitar work is nothing short of spectacular. Every time I hear this song I get so pumped up I really feel “loaded like a freight train.” Steven Adler’s drumming is so phenomenal, it sounds like he set up his drum set in a grimy alley way and he just put on the burners. Axl had two voices back then- the high pitched squeals as well as that super cool raspy voice-almost “Louie Armstrong like”- albeit singing some hard rock songs. Folks I’m telling you right now when “Appetite” hit there was nothing like it. Songs like this were not being made by anyone out there-it wasn’t metal but it wasn’t that classic rock-this was raw, pissed off rock and roll (no not punk either) with an energy that never seemed to quit.

3.    You Could Be Mine – I thought this was their “gem” between the two album historic release of “Illusion I & II.” The song is filled with high voltage and energy that “Appetite” displayed and the musicianship is super tight. Matt Sorum is all over the place on the drums and Slash is well… just Slash-always super solid. “…cause I think we’ve seen that movie too…cause you could be my-ine…” Axl’s vocals are so high pitched (I could maybe see Jack White singing this song) but it fits so perfectly, especially with holding those “whhhhyyy’s…”- I love it. Then the part where he rages on-“don’t forget to call my lawyers with ridiculous demands…”- I get out of breath just listening to him-this is classic head-banging material.. And of course love the way he ends with “Yeeeaaahhh” as the Terminator slowly walks away from Axl-very cool video as well. Sorry did I mention how freaking phenomenal Slash is on guitar on this song?

2.     Sweet Child O’ Mine – I can remember playing outfield for our Sunset Park team in Brooklyn N.Y.- “All-Out” (taking ‘All’ from Allstars and ‘Out’ from Outlaws) back in 1987 and constantly singing this song that I didn’t know who performed it (at that time but quickly came up to speed) or didn’t know all the words but I kept coming back to “…where do we go now? Where do we go?…” I’d be in the outfield singing over and over-“Where do we go now?” Of course I was the only one on the team back then that cared about music-they knew I was the “rocker” and I was into something new every other week, so to them they wouldn’t know Guns & Roses from L.A. Guns. (Or cared for that matter). I kept trying to implore them to listen to the song and the entire album but again to no avail, it didn’t matter to me anyway-I knew there was this tidal wave called Guns & Roses and I waited there with the surf board to ride the wave of euphoria they brought between the years of 1987 – 1990. It amazes me how this song is now considered “classic” rock but I guess it has to be considered classic because it instantly became one of the best songs ever recorded in rock and roll history.

1.     Paradise City – I love this song from top to bottom, love every second of this six minute and forty-six second song. It’s hard to find a song that gets me more psyched up than this bad boy. I am doing the “Wayne’s World- We are not worthy bow” right now as the arrangement of this tune has to rank up there as one of the best in the genre called “hard rock.” Axl digs deep down to sing this masterpiece and when I hear Steven on the drums I always wonder-“what if?” Man he owned this album-didn’t he? The greatest thing is that I did get to see this song performed when they were at the height of their career and have to say it was a mind numbing experience (in a good way!!). I will again always remember Chris using this song to torture us into getting into shape in his fantastic spin class. When the pace picks up I lose it even more- I am spinning and dancing around in a circle of my living room making believe I am up on stage playing in front of 40,000 maniacs. This is one of the greatest songs ever made, I don’t want it to end. Can it be almost seven minutes already? How friggin’ unbelievable is Slash on the guitar-could be the best song he has ever recorded. “Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Edie Brickell

2.     “Tighter and Tighter”- Alive and Kickin’

3.     “Spirit in the Sky”- Norman Greenbaum

4.     The Knack- “My Sharona”

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     I was the lead singer for one of the biggest band during the 1980’s but an unfortunate health situation caused problems with my singing voice. I am still touring on my own these days playing lots of songs I help compose with that band and of course my solo stuff. Who am I?

2.     I am one of the world’s greatest R&B singers of all time and one of my quirks is that I don’t like air-conditioning in the venues that I play. Who am I?

3.     I am known as the “Father of Rock and Roll” and countless bands-both from England and America- have stated that I was the reason they wanted to play rock and roll music. Who am I?

4.     I promised Ed Sullivan that I would change the lyrics to my song and would not sing it to the TV audience but being the rebel I was, I did not change the words and sung it like it was originally written. My band and I were never asked back on his show again. Who am I?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week: (nice job Tricia)

1.     How Much I Feel – Ambrosia

2.     How Can I Be Sure-The Rascals

3.     How Can You Mend a Broken Heart- The Bee Gees

4.     How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)- Marvin Gaye

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “…do you need some time?…on your own…do you need some time all alone…oooh everybody needs some time…on their own…”

2.     “…Does she walk?…Does she talk?… Does she come complete?…my home room home room angel…”

3.     “…everything here is so clear…you can see it…everything here is so near…you can feel it…and it’s real…so real, so real, so real so real…”

4.     “…never knew more than I really need…my mind is racing but my body’s in the lead…tonight’s the night I’m gonna push it to the limit…”

Back on this Day .

Back on this day in 1968, The Beatles closed their clothing store in London due to people stealing from the store and because it did not make money. Employees of the store were told to take people off the street and give them the merchandise in the store.

Back on this day in 1977, Peter Framptons “I’m In You” peaked at number 2 on the billboard charts, which was his highest recording.

Back on this day in 1991, Axl Rose’s limousine made a wrong turn in L.A. and was pulled over by police. The officer ripped up the ticket after Axl threatened to not show up to the concert (big surprise, see above) if the ticket was written.

Back on this day last year, Matther Fischer, a former organist for Procol Harum successfully sued and won for future royalties on “Whiter Shade of Pale” which he wrote the organ melody but was never credited as a writer. This is their biggest song and it’s a shame it took this long to give him the credit he deserves but hopefully our generation (and older generations) will pass this song on down to our kids and grand kids, so he’ll receive his fair share.

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with Paul Anka, Buddy Guy and Jeffrey Hammond (bassist for Jethro Tull).



  1. Dude Vince Neil should already know better, he already killed someone driving drunk.

    Comment by Graig — July 30, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

  2. No welcome to the jungle come on. I know it’s commercial and all but it’s one of the best rock songs of all time.

    Comment by Graig — July 30, 2010 @ 9:44 pm

    • I did mention it in the text, the reason I didn’t put it there is explained

      Comment by ea0217 — July 31, 2010 @ 8:37 am

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