Errols Weekly Music Update.

December 18, 2009

Weekly Update – 12/18/2009

Alicia Keys at Madison Square Garden on Thurs. Mar. 18 and at the Prudential Center (The “Rock”) on Fri. Mar. 19. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders until 9:00 p.m. tonight. General public tickets on sale tomorrow morning. $49.50, $69.50, $89.50 and $125.

Carrie Underwood at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport CT on Tues. Mar. 16, 2010. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $35, $45 and $55.

George Clinton & The Parliament-Funkadelic All-Stars at BB King Blues Club on Sun. Feb. 21. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $37.50.

Umphrey’s McGee at the Nokia Theater on Thurs. Feb. 25. Pre-sale for American Express cardholders on now until noon today. General public tickets on sale at noon today. $28.50

Timbaland presents the Shock Value II Tour at The New York Fillmore on Wed. Jan. 20. Pre-sale tickets for Citi card members on sale now. General public tickets on sale today at noon. $37.50.

Killswitch Engage at New York Fillmore on Thurs. & Fri. Mar. 18 & 19. Pre-sale tickets on sale now if you own a Citi credit card. General public on sale today at 10:00 a.m. $29.50 ($33 day of show).

Chevelle at New York Fillmore on Tues. Feb. 9. Tickets on sale today at noon. (Live Nation Event).

New Found Glory at New York Fillmore on Thurs. Feb. 18. Tickets on sale today at 1:00 p.m. (Live Nation Event).

Julian Casablancas at Terminal 5 on Fri. Jan. 15. Tickets on sale today at noon. $31 ($35 day of show).

For Parents: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Nassau Coliseum on Sat. Feb. 20 starting at 2:00 p.m. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $35 – $85.

Other items:

Rumor of the week: John Frusciante has quit the Red Hot Chili Peppers band and that the band is already auditioning to find a replacement. His replacement is also rumored to be Josh Klinghoffer. John wants to do his own thing and is tired of the whole “rock band” thing. Huh?

My favorite “classic” rock song of the week belongs to The Police and their song-“Message in a Bottle”- from their second album-“Regatta De Blanc.” I heard it the other day and forget how phenomenal that song is. Ahh that’s when the Police were the Police before Sting went and screwed everything up.

Earlier this week in Albuquerque New Mexico, my good friend Dianne and her husband, Trevor, decided to make it a night out (They have two young children and as all parents know, that is a “big” night out) and went to see Brian Setzer in concert. Well it turns out the altitude didn’t bode well for Mr. Setzer as he collapsed during the show (and couldn’t finish) from dehydration. And poof just like that, Dianne and her husband were on their way back home. Sorry guys. Brian is doing just fine now and is headed to Arizona for the next stop on his tour.

Congratulations to the five new entrants into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the inductees were announced this past Tuesday: ABBA, Genesis, The Stooges, The Hollies and Jimmy Cliff. Now I know to the “rock and roll purists,” a band like ABBA getting in is insulting and someone I know went a step further a said that Genesis with their pop songs created by Phil Collins when he was at the helm was more “offensive” than ABBA. (I laughed when I read that). Now as we all know from the past five years or so, the Hall has “expanded” the meaning of “Rock and Roll” and the executives should really think about renaming it to maybe something like the “Music Hall of Fame,” right? Nah, it doesn’t sound right-it has to be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But anyways, I know many out there are upset with the fact that the Chili Peppers and Kiss did not make it home, while ABBA slides in safely but… take a deep breath for what I’m about to say… I think ABBA should get in. Hear me out. Did their music have a major impact on people’s lives? I would think the answer to that is “yes.” Were they a huge act at some point in their career? Another “yes” answer. Think about songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo”- these songs were played around the globe back in the 1970’s and still today those songs are played on every “oldie” station across America. (I know what you are thinking- “Who listens to oldie stations?”- You will see soon enough my friend, I use to think just like you and all of a sudden I am now referred to as “Mister.”)

Everyone knows that I am a huge Kiss fan and I also like the Chili Peppers but as I mentioned back in September, I don’t think these bands should get in just yet when there are bands like Rush, Yes and Deep Purple that are sitting on the outside looking in, wondering what they need to do just to get a nomination? So then how can I say that ABBA deserves to get in? Well as I mentioned, the Hall is “expanding” (see “Run-DMC”) so ABBA is not rock and roll as we all know. It’s “pop” or “soft rock” and believe me there are many others out there before ABBA that are in the same genre as them who also deserve to get in now that ABBA is in-but at least the Hall “opened the door” for a band like ABBA. I don’t understand why bands like Yes or Deep Purple get shut out. (And you all have a favorite artist that is being left out) The Hall needs to maybe expand the nominations and make this like a bi-annual or quarterly event so that they many other deserving acts get in as well. I completely understand that nominating 5 bands at one ceremony makes for a long night (especially if Eddie Vedder is presenting) but there are so many bands that need to get in, that they should really explore having more ceremonies in a year.

I am surprised that Donna Summer did not get voted in as I think she was right at the forefront of the disco genre and if they are expanding the Hall, why not Donna? She is still relevant today and just because her genre basically ended during the early 1980’s (don’t tell that to Brooklyn though) doesn’t mean she hasn’t made a huge impact on the music scene. I am not surprised that LL Cool J did not make it on his first cut, as I mentioned back in September he was definitely there during the beginning of the rap years but did he distinguish himself the way Run-DMC did? I think not. And what about Darlene Love? I go back and forth with this pick as I can see why folks don’t think she is deserving but then again she was a major contributor and was also at the forefront of the “girl band” revolution during the 1960’s. If I had a vote, I would say yes.

Album Review: “Marshmallow World & Other Holiday Favorites” by Raul Malo; released on Rocktober 22, 2007.

Ok for the past two holiday seasons I have been letting you know that the best new Christmas album that has been released in the last decade or so belongs to this man- Raul Malo. This album, in my opinion, is worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as dare I say the holiday albums made by Elvis, Phil Spector, Dean Martin and Burl Ives. Yes folks I believe it is this good. Now I’m not saying it is better than the classics we have all grown up with but I will say it is this is the “new classic.” And it was an instant classic the day it was released, as you can see I can’t say enough about it. So here are the tracks on this album:

Marshmallow World– This has become a staple for our family during our annual “day after Thanksgiving Day” where we put up our Christmas tree (yes, it’s artificial-I like the holiday season and have been trying to convince my family to put it up before Thanksgiving but they want to stick to our tradition. I’m OK with that and want this tradition to last forever-so boys when you have your family you still have to do it). The boys and I line up around the table in the living room to take ornaments from my wife as she unpacks them while our job is to hang them on the tree then head back to the line and this song is perfect for swaying, skating or just plain dancing as I usually cut the line to grab the ornaments from my boy’s. Perfect beginning to an album.

Not So Merry Christmas– A non-traditional song but none the less a beautiful composition which will definitely grab your attention as his voice will remind you of the “old school” crooners like Dean, Roy or Elvis. His band mates really remind me of The Jordanaires- the band that backed Elvis as their musicianship is top notch. Sometimes you need new classics and this track is one of them.

Jingle Bells– Talk about a cool rendition of Jingle Bells, wow I think this is the best version of this song ever. The grove is so much fun and you can not help but dance around right in the spot that you currently occupy. When Raul says “Ahh let’s swing it now..” well the song kicks it up a notch and I can’t get enough of it. I want more and don’t want the song to end. Folks I’m telling you this is the best!!!

Silent Night– There is a nice acoustic guitar beginning with the sound of bells and when Raul starts singing you won’t believe your ears. How good is this guy? The vocals are spectacular and this version of the song is mesmerizing. I think this is one of the best Christmas songs ever written and he does the song with such class and grace. This is some powerful stuff.

White Christmas-This is the “Dean Martin” version as the finger snapping starts right away and his voice will remind you of Christmas’ past. He has the perfect voice for a capella singing. It’s on Raul, his finger snapping and a flute-very raw sounding-perfect.

Santa Claus is Back in Town-Trying to replicate an Elvis Christmas song is very daring and you open yourself to a lot of criticism. But you know what? He pulls it off with his blues laden spin on this “not so traditional” (back in the day-my grandfather was appalled when it first came out but my Dad loved it) Christmas song. The piano playing is one of the highlights of this track and you can definitely hoist a libation to this song. Very cool song.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas– Raul takes it down a bit with this unbelievable rendition of this holiday classic. I don’t even move when I hear this track, please don’t make any noise when this song is on (Ok it’s acceptable if there is a holiday party going on) because you don’t want to miss the beauty of this tune. Spectacular.

Blue Christmas-It’s back to the rocking blues music as Raul kicks it up and the finger snapping is back in full force. You will be swaying back and forth as soon as you hear the opening notes. This is another favorite of mine while we get in line to take the ornaments from my wife. When the background singers sing in unison, it makes the song that much better. Almost as good as Elvis’s version…. I said almost.

Silver Bells– Raul adds a twist to the song as I can picture a belly dancer using her castanets to dance along to this tune. The song changes pace beautifully as the drums turn it into sort of a 1950’s dance song accompanied by a perfect saxophone solo-this is definitely “old school” rock and roll. Then it’s back to the castanets. This version is so different from any I have ever heard.

Feliz Navidad– Talk about a different version of a Christmas classic. If this song doesn’t get you moving- you need to check yourself at the door. If you are looking for some holiday songs to add to your next Spin class list, this is the one as you will peddle away and bounce in the seat (but don’t let your instructor see you do that). And just when you think the song is over, it comes back. Excellent version.

Raul then signals the end of the album by whistling the tune “Winter Wonderland” for about a minute. There is also a live version of “Blue Christmas” that is an “add on” bonus. I want Raul to put out another Christmas album but he has set the bar so high for himself that I wonder if he’ll let this one build up the accolades (as well as number of units sold) for a few more holiday seasons before attempting another one. I know I would, some artists only put out one whole album for the holiday season anyway, so this may be his swan song…. But hopefully not!!!


10.     A Diamond and a TetherDeath Cab for Cutie– OK so here goes my “obscure” song and my kids said this song is worse than last year’s pick when I included “The Librarian” by My Morning Jacket. They said this song puts you to sleep but there is something about this track that keeps me coming back for more. I admit this is a slow song and not to lively but there is a certain beauty to it, the vocals are crystal clear and the chorus will creep up on you and before long you will enjoy this song just as much as I do.

9.     SomedayRob Thomas– This guy continues to impress and is someone that can be looked up to and idolized by the younger generation. He slides from Matchbox 20 to his solo career with such ease and there really seems to be no tension with the guys from Matchbox which may enable Rob to become that much stronger musically and lyrically. This song is very uplifting and I would say that the video for this song is in the top 10 as well. Each year Mr. Thomas continues to grow and grow, he will eventually get to that icon status as his name will forever go down in music history and one of the best artists in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

8.     I Dreamed a DreamSusan Boyle– Call me crazy but if we look back on 2009 how can Susan Boyle be left off of any list for the category of top music stories? This is a real life Cinderella story and it is still going on. Remember the first time you saw this on You Tube? C’mon you know you were blown away. I get chills down my backside when I listen to this song, so she deservedly rests in my top ten for 2009.

7.     Know Your EnemyGreen Day– Wow how many times was this song played during the summer?, so much so that I had to turn it off when I heard it but as I looked through the songs in 2009, I again have to give credit where credit is due and put this song on the list. Green Day, in my opinion, is really hitting their stride and I think they still have it in them to produce an album better than “American Idiot” or “21st Century Breakdown.” This song rocks and I love the drumming throughout.

6.     Staring DownCollective Soul– Even my oldest son-who is not a fan of this band (yes it does drive me crazy but I’m working on it)- says that this is one of the best songs of 2009 so it’s not just me putting them down on this list because I love this band. The boys from Georgia are finally free of all the misery that held them back for so many years as they struggled (and succeeded) to get what they deserve-their freedom to do things on their own terms and songs like this is proof positive that knew what they were doing. This is already a classic song and deserves a spot on their future “greatest hits” part two. Beautiful song, period end of story!!!

5.     She’s A GeniusJet-This is by far the most rocking song of 2009. This is rock and roll 2009 style. Love the way he says “That girl is a Genie-Us.” I honestly think that I have listened to this song the most in 2009 out of all the songs I have in my music library. For some reason I don’t get sick of it, I love the guitar riff and especially the solo-man I wish I could play guitar because I think I would start out with this song.

4.     Empire State of MindJay Z (featuring Alicia Keys)- I only recently was turned on to this song but I knew the first time I heard it that it had to be one of the best songs of 2009. Now you all know by now I don’t like all the silly cursing in many of the songs today-so buy the clean version of this song. The melody is perfect for snapping your fingers, moving your head back and forth over your head while you dance around in circles while your eyes are closed. This is the best “chorus” of 2009 and no one does it like Alicia- her voice is so perfect for this song. Both of them are so smooth and this song will be a classic for years to come.

3.     Note to GodCharice Pempengco-I don’t move when I hear this song. This song grips me in a way that no other song has ever done. She sings with so much passion, so much grace, with such spirit it over takes me and when the background chorus joins in, I really feel like I’m being “lifted” in so many ways. Folks, this is one of those songs that is a “once in a lifetime” achievement in music history. Way to go Charice, my hat is off to you. This is a spectacularly amazing song!!!

2.     I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy TonightU2-Ok for those of you who know me, you know that I was a “modest” fan of U2. I was on board with this band back in the 1980’s and then kind of fell off the wagon during the 1990’s up until this year. I could never understand the fuss that was made about them but what happens? They go and make one of my all time favorite albums-“No Line on the Horizon”- and this song has to be included as one of the best songs of 2009. It kills me, now I finally jump back on board and it seems as if everyone else jumped off as the “popularity” of this album is not that good. I can’t understand it. This song is so friggin’ good that I blast it that much louder because I know many others scoff at it. “It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain as you start out the climb…” Love this song, perfect arrangement.

1.     I Gotta FeelingBlack Eyed Peas– If someone a few years from now asks me what was the best song of 2009, I honestly have to admit this is the first song that would come to mind. It’s like remembering who won the World Series or the Superbowl, do people remember the opponent? (Sometimes, especially if it is your team that was on the losing end). But most remember the “best” and this song, in my opinion, is the “best” of 2009.Is it “played out?” Yes but again there is a reason that a song is “played out”…because it is usually a very good song (of course there are exceptions). I don’t want to dismiss the other members of the band but in my opinion, Fergie puts this group over the top. She is also sky rocketing to the top and every time I see her, she gets better. Music is suppose to take you out of your everyday troubles, it is suppose to make you feel better and this song definitely does this and more. I know it puts a smile on my face and it really is a song for the whole family to enjoy. This band is also hitting its stride.

These are my youngest sons’ top ten songs for 2009 He added some color to his picks:

10.     “Satellite Skin”- Modest Mouse-I’ve been obsessed with Modest Mouse for some time now. I bought theie new album “No One’s First and Your Next” and I thought it was great. I specifically play this song over and over again because I thought it was the best song on the album and then I thought it could be on my top 10 songs of this year.

9.     “Down”- Jay Sean (featuring Lil Wayne)- This new artist has been on the charts for a long time and still is. My best friend told me that this was her favorite song and when I heard it I was hooked. Jay Sean Gets my vote for best new artist.

8.     “Gives You Hell”- The All-American Rejects-I remembered the first day I heard these guys play Move Along (on a Bionicle commercial) and I had a feeling that these guys were going to make a big song one day and I was right. After looking at the albums and songs after listening to this song, it seemed to me that these guys were really talented and could have big hits in the future.

7.     “Right Round”- Flo Rida-I have to say this, first there was LL Cool J. then there was Snoop Dog and now there’s FLO RIDA!!!!!!!!! He is probably the coolest guy of this year. If I was in control of the Grammy Awards, he would win artist of the year in my book.

6.     “Good Girls Go Bad”-Cobra Starship With there new album “Hot Mess” Cobra Starship made top 10 in the charts for about 3 months. CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!! This song is one of my favorites for this year and even my dad likes it!

5.     “You Belong to Me” – Taylor Swift– This song is very, VERY good. I heard some people singing and I asked “who sings this song?” When I was told it was Taylor Swift, I said to myself “typical”, but when I listened to the song some more it started to grow on me.

4.     “Party in the U.S.A.”- Miley Cyrus– I was never a Miley fan, but when I heard this at one of my school dances it was just a song that you could listen to over and over and not get sick of it. It’s just so lively and fun. It makes you want to be with your friend, forget all your troubles, and just dance to the beat of the song.

3.     “Empire State of Mind”- Jay Z (featuring Alicia Keys)- Just the beginning of this song gets you pumped up. I love this song because the rap and the piano together sounds just like a calm New York City night (if there is ever a calm night). I like how he says this is Sinatra at the Opera

2.     “I Gotta Feeling”- Black Eyed Peas– First I have to say to the Black Eyed Peas: you totally out did it this year and you guys pounded the charts with this song. You guys are the BOMB!!!!! This song was the number song on Billboard, on iTunes, everywhere you looked it was “I Gotta Feeling.” They “do it all again” with there massive hits and their new albums, oh and by the way: the energy will never die.

1.     “Use Somebody”- Kings of Leon– I remember the day this song came out and my brother said “This song stinks!!” I’ll tell you what… he was dang wrong. This song is just the perfect song to listen at any time. When you’re sad it will cheer you up. When you’re happy it will make you joyful and will show you to never give up your dreams. To not miss any opportunity you have and that there will be help from everyone who loves and cares about you. It was so funny one day my whole class just randomly sang this song at the same time and that’s how I knew that all my classmates cared for each other and that if one of us falls others will help them up. We will stand strong and together. We are all equal and we love each other so much. I was devastated to hear that one of my best friends had to leave next year, but I know that there is a new person coming for us to share our happiness with him or her. That’s what this song means to me and that’s what it’s about.

These are my oldest sons’ top ten songs for 2009:

10.     “Constellations”- Jack Johnson (featuring Eddie Vedder)

9.       “I Gotta Feeling”- Black Eyed Peas

8.       “Know Your Enemy”- Green Day

7.       “She’s A Genius”- Jet

6.        “D.O.A.”- Jay Z

5.       “Under Control”- Parachute

4.       “Staring Down”- Collective Soul

3.       “Half of My Heart”- John Mayer (featuring Taylor Swift)

2.       “Someday”- Rob Thomas

1.        “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”- U2


OK my intention was to present you my favorite top ten albums of the year. However, as I look through my music library there are barely ten complete albums that I bought by artists that released material in 2009. So I have decided to narrow it down to the top five albums of the last year for the first decade of the 2000’s. Now I will acknowledge –“The Blue Print”- by Jay Z as one of the top albums of 2009 but I can’t review it because I do not own it. From what I can tell all the write-ups that I have seen on it, it deserves a place as one of the best albums this year.

Maybe it is me (for the reason I only had 10 new albums this year) as sometimes I can be very picky in what I purchase and then in a blink of an eye I love stuff that no one else seems to listen to. So of course you know there are a couple of “obscure” artists even in my top five, so without further adieu here are the five albums that are deserving of your hard earned income-if you don’t already own them.

5.      White Lies for Dark TimesBen Harper & The Relentless7– As I mentioned back earlier in the year, this was my first experience with Mr. Harper. Of course I had heard of him and actually may have seen him a few times live-he is good friends with Pearl Jam and I know at least one of the times I saw PJ, he was the opener. Now for his “die-hard” fans please go easy on me because as I said I have “discovered” him in 2009 and most times I either keep an eye out for future albums or head back to the catalog of the artist. In this case, it could be both. This album has no “fillers” at all-when you put this on you will see how easy you glide from one track to the next. “Number with No Name” is a perfect way to start off this album and the one thing that will jump out to you is the musicianship of all the players in this band. They are tight, cohesive and I get the sense that they love to jam with each other as much as they can. “Shimmer & Shine” is straight up rock and roll that I can picture being played in a small pub as people try to get closer to the action. (and there may be some “mash pits” that could break out-I said maybe-though I don’t think that is what Ben and his bandmates intended). There are so many different music genres on this album- you can hear classic R&B, Rap, Blues, Rock, Rock N Roll and even a bit of Country & Folk-think of the of “The Band.” Folks you will not go wrong by picking this stellar piece of work up.

Key Tracks: “Lay There & Hate Me”“Why Must You Always Dress in Black” “Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)”“Faithfully Remain”

4.     Baby Darling Doll Face HoneyBand of Skulls-This band from “across the pond” has my vote as the best new band of 2009. This threesome have some serious skills and this album is filled with so many good songs but my guess is probably not so popular-but again being “popular” doesn’t always mean that it is good. Yes there will be comparisons to the White Stripes but what’s wrong with that? Take a listen to “Death by Diamonds & Pearls” and tell me this isn’t a good tune? I love the way it picks up towards the end and has a blistering guitar solo to boot. Or listen to “Honest” and tell me this band has no talent? Wow what beautiful vocals to accentuate the enjoyable melody, very melodic. They can “kick it up” a notch with the electrifying “Patterns”-c’mon folks this is good stuff. Or what about the song “Bomb?” “I hear it… bomb.. I hear it..” I will stick with my assessment that this band is going to make some noise in the near future, an album that is this good just can’t fall to the way side.

Key Tracks: “Cold Fame”“Fires”“Honest”“Bomb” “Death By Diamonds & Pearls”

3.     21st Century BreakdownGreen Day– Ok I’ll be the first to admit that I may have overloaded myself with this album as I listened to incessantly when it was first released. I listened to it for a week before I did a review on it and then dove into it a lot more as I was preparing to see them at The Garden in July. Then you know how sometimes you throw something to the side and tell yourself that it’s going to be a while before I go back? (No?…well I do). I just recently went back to listening to the album again and I still am of the opinion that this is a very good album. (now after almost a half a year since it was released, I think that “American Idiot” remains their best effort to date, with this obviously a close second). “21 Guns” has really taken off and is a monster hit. I do think the album could have been a little shorter but other than that, this is worth buying.

Key Tracks: “Last of the American Girls” “Restless Heart Syndrome” “Before The Lobotomy” “East Jesus Nowhere”

2.     Monsters of FolkMonsters of Folk– After I did my review of this band and their debut album I kept seeing things written in many places that these guys are the new “Traveling Wilbury’s”- I paused and said “Nah I don’t think they have reached the status of a Dylan, Orbison, Harrison, Petty or Lynne just yet. That said, this could be one of the best compilations from individuals who were part of other bands that formed to create a new one since the Wilbury’s. The title of the band-as well as the album- is just what it says it is. This is “folk” music and if you are not a fan of “folk” music you’re probably dismissing this very easily. But I am here to let you know that you need to give things a try once in a while- and most peopleneed to “chill out” every once in a while, right? (Even I don’t listen to Metallica “24/7”). This is very cool album with songs that are pleasant, finger and feet taping as well as some that put you in a trance. The sound is raw, melodic and filled with passionate themes-some deal with religion- as they try to get you to dig deeper to look into your inner self to and to ask yourself- do you like what you see? (“The Right Place”). I have to say that this album is very tranquil and soothes the soul. Pick it up now.

Key Tracks: “Right Place”“The Sandman, the Brakeman and Me” “Say Please” “Goodway”

1.     No Line on the HorizonU2– OK folks this is “by far” the best album of 2009. There is no debate here-even Rolling Stone Magazine has declared it the number one compilation of the year. Years from now when history is re-written (meaning all the people that are panning this album will say years from now that they said it was great) you can always refer to my page and see that I have been screaming all year long that I think this is their best work ever!!! No disrespect to any other albums that they have made over the years but I can honestly say that I do not skip over any songs on “No Line on the Horizon”. I can not make that same claim on their others-yes even the heralded “Joshua Tree”- I know -a sacrilegious thing to say. (Sorry U2). This album is pure magic. I just read in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine that Lars Ulrich stated that his favorite song of the year is “Moment of Surrender.” Yes that Lars-from METALLICA!! This album is deep and isn’t that what a band like U2 is suppose to make at this point in their career? They’ve done every thing, won so many awards, played at the world’s biggest venues-made some of the greatest rock songs ever-so why don’t they get the accolades for this album? I can’t understand it, refuse to understand it and it burns me up that more people don’t give this masterpiece its due-especially the U2 fans themselves. Anyway now that’s off my chest- please I beg of you- you need to own this album-don’t listen to the hype-listen to me. Way to go guys, you have redefined yourself in 2009.

Key Tracks: ALL OF THEM!!!! Especially “Moment of Surrender” and “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight.”

Personal highlights for me related to music in 2009:

·      This was the first year that I took both of my son’s to concerts. I took my oldest to see Bryan Adams and my youngest to see AC/DC. I took both of them to see Green Day. As you can tell by me writing all this stuff every week about music, this truly was one of my dreams coming to fruition-taking my children to a concert. Can it get any better?

·      The song “I Have A Dream” by ABBA. This song will now forever hold a special place in my memory bank as well as my heart as it was my oldest son’s graduation song performed by him as well as his classmates as they said goodbye to their Grammar school.

·     The song “Memories” by Elvis Presley. At my youngest brother’s wedding back in February, he would have danced with our mother had she still been with us, instead our Aunt danced with him and it was such an emotional moment, one that I will never forget.

·     The song “Amazed” by Lonestar. This song was my younger brother’s “first dance” with his wife at their wedding in February. My brother is the first person that I ever witnessed growing up before my eyes, his wedding day is something that I will never forget and I’m so glad we have his wife and her family in our lives.

·     Getting my review of the Metallica concert on their website (it’s still there by the way).

·      The November 14 Metallica show at Madison Square Garden-best show of the year.

Most Unbelievable and Tragic Story of 2009

·June 25, 2009 will forever go down in music history like Dec. 8, 1980. Michael Jackson’s death was the most shocking, the most unbelievable and tragic story of the music world since Lennon’s death in 1980. His funeral service is also something that I will never forget. “Gone Too Soon” Michael, there are so many people who have been affected by this tragic loss. Rest in peace.

Most Unbelievable Moment in 2009

·Kayne West taking the microphone from Taylor Swift while she was in the middle of making a thank you speech after winning the “best video” award.

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Matt Sorum

2.     Arnold Schwarzenegger

3.      Shannon Hoon

4.     “Live & Let Die”-Paul McCartney

This week’s trivia (Random)-

1.     What is the name of the band that Raul Malo used to be a part of?

2.     True or False: During 2009, Kayne West stated that the greatest pain in his life would be that he will never be able to see himself perform live?

3.     True or False: Ben Harper has won a Grammy Award?

4.     The Hollies were just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who left this band to form one of the most powerful threesomes (and sometimes “foursomes”) in rock history?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     “Black and White”- Three Dog Night

2.     “Black Coffee in Bed”-Squeeze

3.     “Black Country Woman”-The Mighty Led Zeppelin

4.     “Black Hole Sun”- Soundgarden

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “When I said I needed you… you said you would always stay..It wasn’t me who changed but you.. And now you’ve gone away…”

2.     “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.. you don’t spit into the wind.. you don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger…”

3.     “So let’s get to the point.. let’s roll another joint..let’s head on down the road..there’s somewhere I gotta go…”

4.     “I remember when you couldn’t wait to love me.. Used to hate to leave me..Now after loving me late at night..”

Back on this Day

Back on this day in 1964, fans rushed the limo of James Brown when he attended the funeral of Sam Cooke, forcing him to leave.

Back on this day in 1969, Tiny Tim married Miss Vicky on NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

Back on this day in 1975, Rod Stewart announced his departure from “Faces” due to Ron Wood joining the Rolling Stones. Stewart thought that he would be better off with a solo career. Good foresight, ya think?

Back on this day in 1978, the Mighty Led Zeppelin completed the recording of their final studio album “In Through the Out Door.”

Back on this day in 1992 a Toronto radio station removed the Beatles song-“Run for Your Life”- 27 years after its release stating that the song promoted violence against women. (The lyrics are a bit strange and harsh).

If it is your birthday today you share the same birth date with Chas Chandler (The Animals) Keith Richards and Elliot Easton. (I’m not telling you- you should know).



  1. Note to God by Charice. Truly one of the best performances for any era.

    Comment by Jade — December 18, 2009 @ 6:22 am

  2. 1. You Don’t Have to Say you Love me – Dusty Springfield

    2. You don’t Mess Around with Jim – Jim Croce

    3. You don’t Know how it Feels – Tom Petty

    4. You don’t Bring Me Flowers – Barbra Streisand

    Comment by Tricia — December 18, 2009 @ 11:31 am

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