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October 2, 2009

Weekly Update – Rocktober 2, 2009

Note: The “Fame Kills” Tour with Kayne West and Lady GaGa has been cancelled. (No reason given). If you bought tickets already, refunds are available at the point of purchase. If you bought on-line or via phone, you will automatically be refunded.

Weezer at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Sat. Rocktober 31. Tickets on sale now. $37.50.

Jimmy Buffet at the Mohegan Sun on Sat. Nov. 21 and at Madison Square Garden on Tues. Nov. 24. Tickets for the Mohegan show go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.$126 – $181. (Ooh Faa pretty expensive Jimmy!!). Tickets for the Garden show on sale next Monday Rocktober 5 at 9:00 a.m. $51 – $201.50.

The Beach Boys at the Mohegan Sun on Sun. Nov. 29 for a Christmas show. Tickets on sale this Monday Rocktober 5 at 10:00 a.m. $25.

Stevie Wonder at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City on Fri. Rocktober 30. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event).

Don Henley at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City NJ on Sat. Nov. 14. Tickets on sale now. $95, $125 and $150.

Govt. Mule at the Beacon Theater on Wed. & Thurs. Dec. 30 and Dec. 31. Tickets on this morning at 10:00 a.m. Prices for the Dec. 30 range from $49.50 – $69.50. Prices for New Year’s Eve range from $59.50 – $84.

Def Leppard with Cheap Trick and Man Raze at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City NJ on Sat. Nov. 21. Pre-sale tickets for Citi card holders only on now. General public tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. $55 – $75 and $99.

Furthur featuring Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Jeff Chimenti and others at Hammerstein Ballroom on Tues. & Wed. Dec. 8 & 9. Also appearing at Chevrolet Theater in Wallingford CT on Fri. Dec. 11. Tickets on sale next Sat. Rocktober 10 at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event). $65 for Hammerstein.

Maroon 5 with K’naan at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT and at Bucknell University as part of their “Back to School” tour on Thurs. & Sat. Nov. 12 and 14. Tickets on sale now. Go to their website to buy tickets.

311 at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Fri. & Sat. Nov. 27 & 28. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $49.50.

Other items:

AC/DC is set to release “Backtracks” on Nov. 10 and it is a collection of live and studio versions of some of their most popular songs. (Sounds like a greatest hits to me, no? Say it ain’t so boys..) Anyway the “regular” version will have two CDs and one DVD. The “deluxe version” will have 3 CDs and 2 DVD’s.

Neil Diamond will release a new Christmas album on Rocktober 13 and it will include some well known classics, two new songs as well as a cover of Adam Sandler’s “The Chanuka Song.”

“Blabbermouth” writer-Ryan Ogle- has given the new Alice-In-Chains album-“Black Gives Way to Blue” a rating of 8.5 out of 10 and unbelievably the readers (which are usually very harsh) gave it an even higher rating- a 8.9. So I would have to say if you are an AIC fan I would go with the “metal” reviewers as opposed to the very lukewarm rating from Rolling Stone magazine.

Collective Soul was recently inducted into Atlanta Georgia’s Music Hall of Fame. The celebration was on Sept. 19 with Collective Soul closing out the Georgia Public Broadcasting show with their new single “You” and then their classic “Shine.”

I came across a singer and songwriter that I had never heard of before, a Mr. Landon Pigg, who was born in Tennessee in 1983 while doing my normal search through I-Tunes looking for new music. He has released his third album called-“The Boy Who Never”- and I have to say that I am impressed by this young man’s talents. His most popular song for the album-“Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop” – is very good and listening to the 30 second samples for the rest of the CD, I’d have to say that this album will do very well. I have a feeling that this guy is going to grow in popularity very soon.

On Nov. 17, Rush will release a new DVD-“Working Men”- which will feature some of its greatest hits over the years plus an unreleased song-“One Little Victory.”

My favorite “new” song of the week is “Fools Thin Air” by Patty Loveless from her new album “Mountain Soul II” which was just released this past Tuesday. This tune will have you mesmerized and you will continue to hit the replay button. Check it out and the whole album as well.

My favorite “classic” rock song of the week belongs to Humble Pie and their “Natural Born Woman.” This is classic rock mixed with a boogie stew that will keep you coming back for a second helping and more. Steve Marriott, who was the main front man for them, is one of the best voices in rock and roll history and flies so far under the radar, it’s scary. I have been really getting into these guys lately, check them out.

My favorite “old” school song of the week is “Want Ads” by Honey Cone. Again “they” do not make music like this any longer. How great is this song? And where does it take you? It takes me back to my childhood days growing up on 46th street in Sunset Park Brooklyn NY. This song was a staple during those great days and WCBS FM has always played this classic. When is the last time you have heard this song?

Have you heard the new song –“Wheels”- by the Foo Fighters yet? I know I am a freak of a fan of this band but they just keep getting better. This is the “pick” of the week for the best new song out there.

Album Review: “Mad Season” by Matchbox Twenty released on May 23, 2000.

The I-Pod shuffle landed on “If You’re Gone” by Matchbox Twenty and I had to go back and listen to the entire “Mad Season” album-which I consider their best work to date. I know lots of folks love the first album but for me, this is their most excellent recording. Now I do have to give credit where credit is due- a long time friend introduced me to this band and opened my eyes to a broader version of music. We were colleagues at MBIA in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and I was riding high in the “metal” mode especially after seeing Metallica with the orchestra at Madison Square Garden in November 1999. We were all sitting around having lunch (probably talking about “my rules”) and she mentioned that she really liked Matchbox Twenty’s sound and lent me this album to see if I would like it. At first I wasn’t so crazy about it but little by little I would start singing some of the songs from the album randomly and said “I need to by this album.” And then that was it, I soaked this album up like a sponge and I would say that by the end of 2010, this album will definitely be up there in my all time favorites of the decade from 2000 – 2010.I can remember going to see this band in concert at Madison Square Garden and of course they were great but the one thing that stood out in my mind was the crowd. They seemed to know every word of every song and I didn’t realize how popular this band really was. Anyways back to the album. Dianne-thank you for introducing me to this band and ultimately Rob Thomas as well because I like his solo stuff too.

This classic album starts off with “Angry” which begins off with some acoustic guitar but then kicks into gear after Thomas sings “ang- gree- errr” almost a minute into the track. The thing about this band that caught my attention right away is what good musicians they are and this song captures all their talents: drums, piano, guitars and vocals. This is a finger and hand clapping song that will ultimately lead into dancing around the room trying to remember all the lyrics-like all of their die-hard fans.“Black & White People” has a funky groove complete with a horn section. “Fall on real life, is anybody left there sane?” The lyrics are right to the point and the horn solos are friggin’ phenomenal. Believe me, these songs will creep up on you because the first pass may not get you right away but give it a chance and before long you will be singing this song all day long- the chorus is addictive. “Crutch” is a totally cool song that switches gears throughout and Rob kind of “raps” on parts of this song before it breaks into the chorus. There is a really nice guitar solo in the middle of the song that will blow you away. Before you know it, the song is over and you’re like “damn that was good.” “Last Beautiful Girl” just may be the best song on the album- the musicianship is at its finest. There is a driving bass line that keeps the song moving along and Thomas’ vocals are spot on. The melody along with the background vocals are really something to admire, this band has some talent and I would point to this song if people wanted to know what Matchbox Twenty is all about. “If You’re Gone” is my favorite album on the track, the opening guitar licks along with the orchestra in the background gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. When this song was “hot” I was at a wedding and asked the DJ to play this song and remember dancing with my wife in the middle of the dance floor while everyone was eating. I couldn’t sit down and listen to it; I had to dance with my bride. I love the horn solo again. The arrangement is pure perfection and it’s really hard not to like this song, I’m sorry. Track # 6- “Mad Season”- is so hip, so good, so funky and really different from any song that I can think of. I love when Rob screeches “So why ya gotta stand there looking like the answer now?..”Talk about a song that you can not stop singing throughout the day, the chorus in this song is so easy and likeable to sing along to but then you can also “air-guitar” to the nice short solo. This also could be the best song on the album- I’m having a hard time deciding. Ok another favorite of mine- “Rest Stop”- took some time for me to like it but according to my I-Tunes library it is one of my “most played” songs from this album. It is a really calm song-just picture when you are in a waiting area in a doctor’s office or any other place that you have to wait- this could be the “poster” song for your wait. The American Idol contestants should check this song out, I could see the front rows swaying back and forth with their arms held high.

Track # 8- “The Burn” is a really short lyrical song but again the melody is very addictive. Rob plays a nice piano while Brian Yale’s bass line is what really stands out, there is a certain “funk-ness” that this band knows how to deliver and this song exemplifies this fact. “Bent” I believe was the first single released from this album and again it did take me a while to get use to, but came to realize why it was released as the first single- it’s dazzling. “Bed of Lies” is another classic tune that ranks up high as one of the best songs on the album. The background percussion compliments Rob’s vocals so well that you will find yourself making the sounds with your mouth to try and emulate the sounds of the drums that lightly trail his voice. Rob puts his all into this song and you can feel his passion and how much the words of the song mean to him (or meant to him at one point in his life). “Leave” is a really low key song and you will have to listen closely as you can hardly hear Rob when he starts out the tune. This is a definite mellow song and is perfect if you are having a dinner party just for two. “Stop” kicks it back into gear and is the “fastest” song on the album and really takes off as Rob sings “But you gotta give it up to get off sometimes…”This is a perfect song for your next Spin class and you will be on your bike screaming the same lyrics as Rob as he belts out “You better stop, stop, stop using me up.. you’d better stop cuz I’ve had enough!!!” Excellent tune and it wakes you right up. The last tune “You Won’t Be Mine” is something that the band Maroon 5 must have listened to before they hit it big because I could definitely see them doing a song like this. It takes you to a smoky room (well Ok no more smoke) with just a piano in the middle of a small stage with the audience just totally mesmerized by the whole aura of the song that just surrounds you slowly and takes you away. This is an “old school” song that conjures up memories of Frankie, Sammy and Dean. What a way to end a classic CD, something you wouldn’t figure for a 2000 album, but it works. If you hang on long enough you will hear a “secret” ending buried at the back of this song and it actually sounds like a classical tune with a complete orchestra.

So there it is folks, “Mad Season” is a definite album that you should have in your collection. It is filled with grace, musicianship, gripping lyrics, excellent vocals and top-notch arrangements.


This past Tuesday Madonna put out a massive “greatest hits” collection called “Celebration” and had me thinking that I should coincide with my top ten list for her songs. Now for people who know me a long time, they are probably scratching their heads right now and saying to themselves- “He’s not a Madonna fan.” Well- yes and no. Admittedly, I have become a fan of her music in the last 10 years, so if you knew me way back when, Madonna was not on my list of music I listened to. But as I have been pounding away on this page, age is a big factor in doing nonsensical things, especially a “young” age. The older I get, the more accepting of all music genres is something I like to do now and have been doing so for some time now. I have always respected her ability to make some of the greatest pop and dance music ever recorded as well as reinventing herself every month, it seems. I remember a trip that our family made up to Cape Cod about 8 years ago and I always make CD’s for a road trip and this particular trip I had at least 6-8 songs (out of 20 or so) that were Madonna songs and my wife looked at me like I had two heads and said “Madonna?” Yes Madonna, there is no denying her impact on music and is a living legend. I will say that there will not be any “obscure” top ten songs on my list, most-if not all- you should know. So here are my favorite Madonna songs: (And by the way, she’s way up there in the best videos ever made in the history of MTV)

10.     Material Girl– Now back in 1985, I was 20 years old, knee deep into hard rock music (no, not metal-that actually came in my late 20’s) and had built up this wall that I could not like disco/dance music but had always like this song. When I worked with my uncle at this time, at a wholesale butcher house in Brooklyn, this song would always be on in the store and it grew on me-of course I would never admit it back then. But hey, it is a great pop song and like most of her songs- you can not get the chorus out of your head.

9.     Lucky Star– Ditto for this song and this actually came out the year before-1984- on her debut album. This has an addictive beat and the arrangement is actually quite excellent. It’s not like I can dance, I mostly sit in my seat move side to side and snap my fingers, what can I say? “I’m the luckiest by far…”

8.     Give It 2 Me Now of course we all know that Madonna “pushes the envelope” (and probably has more than any pop star in the history of pop music) and this recent song lets everyone know that even though she is now a mother, don’t think she’s “gone soft.” The video is well….Love the groove in this song, except the part in the middle where she says “Get Stupid” but once it comes back, I’m back on the bus as it grooves towards the finish line.

7.     Beautiful Stranger – Most would recognize this song from the 1999 movie-“Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and this is the song that made me stand up and pay attention to her and I started to go back to her catalog (as well as continuing to follow her career). I love this song, the arrangement is spectacular.

6.     Express Yourself –Another admission right off the bat for this song is that the video pulled me in, “hook, line and sinker.’ I wish I could dance because this is one of the best songs she has ever recorded-everything is perfect: the beat, the vocals, the background vocals and of course the video. “You know, You know, You Got to.. so if you want it right now…”

5.     Music– The groove in this song is so infectious that I wish the song was longer than the 3:45 that it is. The only way to listen to this song is LOUD!!! If you’re cleaning the house you probably won’t get much done if you have this on in the background, you’ll be dancing too much and will not get to your chores. Oh well, drop the cleaning products and dance around the room, you’ll have plenty of time to clean later. Yes, another great video.

4.     Santa Baby– Ok this is a holiday tune but there is something about this song that puts me in a good place and this has been moving up the list of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. My wife, till this day, does not believe that this is Madonna singing-she made this for the first “A Very Special Christmas”series of compilation albums that supported the “Special Olympics.” I know, I know- listen to Eartha Kitt’s version- I like both.

3.     Vogue – This could be the song of the 1990’s. How many times did you hear this song on the radio or see the video on MTV? If I had to pick one song from the 1990’s, this just might have to be it. Come on you know you’ve done the arm motions to try to make a square or box, don’t even try to deny it. I love this song at weddings or banquets and you see everyone on the floor having fun dancing to the song. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Having fun!!!

2.     4 Minutes– The first time I heard this song I was hooked, this could end up being the song for the 2000’s. Everything about this song is perfect: the groove, Justine’s part, Timbaland’s part and of course Miss Madonna’s part. Freakin’ phenomenal, ‘nuff said.

1.     Don’t Tell Me –This is by far my favorite Madonna song, this song just has “it.” Do you know what I mean? It’s probably not one of her more popular songs but you know that doesn’t matter to me. The groove is highly addictive and I love it when the song really slows down-almost like in slow motion- then click you hear the acoustic guitar. I think this song is totally different from anything Madonna has ever done. Again for me it was: hook, line & sinker. Yes, of course I love the video as well.


Since ROCKTOBER is my favorite month of the year I decided to try and come up with something different especially for this month only. I’m thinking a “Rock and Roll Juke Box” with some of the best rock songs for your next party or I-Pod playlist. This week’s list is what I would call the “B” list of tracks from some of rock’s best performers (meaning not necessarily the first song that would come to your mind). So here goes in no particular order:

1.     “Stranglehold”- Ted Nugent (most would think “Cat Scratch Fever” but this slow guitar driven eight minute classic will have you head banging in slow motion. I friggin’ love this song!!).

2.     “Black Night” – Deep Purple (most would say “Smoke on the Water” but as I look on my I-Tune playlist I have played this song the most out of any Deep Purple song. Freakin’ rocks. They should be in the Hall just based on this song).

3.     “Hole in the Sky”- Black Sabbath (most think “Paranoid” or “Iron Man”- this classic from the “Sabotage” album-a freakin “staple of rock and roll” by the way- just blows the door off the hinges. Came out in 1975 and the opener for that tour was none other than KISS).

4.     “Shine On” – Humble Pie (most think “30 days in a Hole” but this song with Frampton on vocals will make you realize that this is what rock and roll was the way it was intended to be).

5.     “The Rocker”- Thin Lizzy (most think “Boys are Back in Town” but this unbelievable classic from “Vagabonds of the Western World” has one of the greatest guitar solos in a song EVER!!! Blazing solo- you will see smoke come out of your speakers or headphones).

6.     “Empty Pages” – Traffic (most think “Dear Mr. Fantasy” but this funky groove gets me all the time, love the organ solo, the drums and of course Mr. Winwood’s vocals are top notch. Play this LOUD!!).

7.     “Love Ain’t For Keeping” – The Who (Ok there are a lot of songs from the Who and that is exactly why there are so many “lesser” known classics to choose from and this ranks right up there. Again play it LOUD!!).

8.     “Jesus Just Left Chicago” – ZZ Top– (most think “Sharp Dressed Man” but this blues laden slow rocker from their “Tres Hombres” album will put you in the right zone. The guitar solo is righteous).

9.     “No More No More” – Aerosmith (Most think… there are too many songs to choose from as well but this freakin’ tight song from their classic “Toys in the Attic” is when Aerosmith was… well.. Aerosmith. Perry’s guitar work is flawless).

10.     “Under My Wheels” – Alice Cooper (most think “18” but this rocking tune will have you scratching your head and saying “Is this really Cooper?” Rob Zombie definitely listened to this song growing up because this has him written all over this one).

11.     “Southbound” – Allman Brothers (most think “Ramblin Man” or “Statesboro Blues” but this friggin’ southern groovin’ song is one of my all time favorites. I can remember putting this tune on at the “Forge” Bar jukebox in Ringwood N.J. when the boys from the Orange Crush would hang out every once in a while and I always had to select this tune. I want my son to learn that piano solo-AWESOME!!!!!).

12.     “Rock Steady” – Bad Company (most think “Can’t Get Enough” but this is a bad ass song-sorry for my language but this song flat out rocks!!! The crushing bass line is something that knocks me right out!!).

13.     “Katmandu” – Bob Seger (most think “Old Time Rock and Roll” but this  lesser known classic appeared as the main song in the movie “Mask” with Cher and Eric Stoltz, this song has everything: great vocals, piano, guitar, drums and saxophone-pure rock and roll).

14.     “Poem 58” – Chicago (Ok they also have a lot of songs but you won’t believe your ears when you listen to this track, there’s very little singing and could be the most ultimate “jam” song ever made. It will conjurer up images of Jimi Hendrix on guitar but its Terry Kath).

15.     “Wait Until Tomorrow” – Jimi Hendrix (most think “Foxey Lady” and a whole bunch of others but this lesser known classic from his “Axis: Bold As Love” album is pure genius ).

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     True- He doesn’t want anyone to call him Steve

2.     Vinny Vincent

3.     The Yardbirds

4.     Linda Ronstandt

This week’s trivia (Random)

1.     What band did Peter Frampton play lead guitarist for before he went solo?

2.     What 1970’s sitcom star appears in Snoop Dogg’s video “It’s a Doggy Dogg World?”

3.     What show would start off by stating “this is the hippest trip in America?”

4.     Who did Bob Dylan hire when he went on his first “electric” tour in 1966?

Name That Tune

Answers from last week:

1.     “Life’s Been Good”- Joe Walsh

2.     “Lets Get Loud”-Jennifer Lopez

3.     “Lonely Teardrops”-Jackie Wilson

4.     “Love Stinks”- J. Geils Band

Can you guess the title from the following lyrics from part of the song?

1.     “If that’s what it takes me baby… to show how much you mean to me.. ”

2.     “Take it from my hands.. Cause I can’t do this on my own ..I’m letting go”

3.     “Am I strong enough to see it through?.. Go crazy is what I will do…”

4.     “Lotta people have an ego hang up cause they want to be the only one..”

Back on this day in 1971, Soul Train premiered in syndication for the first time and the performers for that show were Gladys Knight and Honey Cone.

On this day back in 1976, John Belushi sings a duet with the real Joe Cocker on Saturday Night Live.

Back on this day in 1954, Elvis made his only appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, the Opry manager told him to stick to driving a truck. (Talk about missing a prospect).

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Don McLean (wrote probably one of the top ten songs ever written in the history of music with “The Day the Music Died”).

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