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June 19, 2009

Weekly Update – 06/19/2009

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The B-52’s at Governor’s Island on Tues. Aug. 18. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders go on sale next Wed. June 24 at 10:00 a.m. until Sun. June 28 at 10:00 p.m. General public on sale Mon. June 29 at 10:00 a.m. $38.50 for GA ($45 day of show) $65 VIP reserved seating.

Britney Spears at Madison Square Garden on Mon. Aug. 24. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $39.50, $59.50, $99.50, $154.50, $179.50, $199.50, $354.50, $499.50. (You have to be out of your mind to pay $500 and not just for her, any artist).

Barry Manilow at The Mohegan Sun on Sat. Aug. 15. Tickets on sale this Monday June 22 at 10:00 a.m. $125-$175. Also appearing at the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ on Fri. Aug. 14. Tickets for this show on sale this coming Mon. June 22 at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event for this show-no pricing info).

Collective Soul at the New York Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Tues. Aug. 25. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $29.50 ($33 day of show). Also appearing at Starland Ballroom in NJ on Thurs. Aug. 20. Tickets on sale today at noon. $27. In addition, they will be at The Ives Center in Danbury CT on Mon. Aug. 17. Tickets on sale at 10:00 a.m. $27.50. (Saw them in Danbury a few years back and it was one of the hottest days ever on this planet but I loved it).

Lil’ Wayne at Jones Beach on Sat. Aug. 1. Pre-sale tickets for Citi card members on sale now. General public on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.$39.75, $69.75, $89.75 and $125.75.

Blink 182 at Jones Beach on Sun. Aug. 9. Pre-sale tickets for Citi card members on sale now. General public on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.$35, $55, and $69.

Static-X at the New York Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Mon. July 27. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. (Live Nation Event).

Katy Perry at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City NJ on Thurs. July 30. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. (Live Nation Event).

Tommy James and the Shondells at The Capital Theater in Westbury NY on Sat. Rocktober 17. Tickets on sale this Sun. June 21 at 12:30 p.m. (Live Nation Event).

Paul Anka at The Capital Theater in Westbury NY on Sat. Rocktober 24. Tickets on sale this Sun. June 21 at 12:30 p.m. (Live Nation Event).

Mitchel Musso (for you parents out there) at New York Fillmore at Irving Plaza on Sat. Sept. 12 @ 1:00 p.m. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation event). Also appearing at the Chevrolet Theater in Wallingford CT on Fri. Sept. Sept. 11. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $20, $50.

Quicksilver Messenger Service at BB Kings on Mon. Aug. 10. Tickets on sale now. $25.

Christopher Cross at BB Kings on Thurs. Apr. 15, 2010 (yes 2010- I know very weird right?). Tickets on sale Wed. July 15 at 10:00 a.m. (again, weird) $30.

Other items:

Last week’s graduation ceremony was great!! I found out from my son that ABBA’s “I Have a Dream” beat out Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” and Carrie Underwood’s “Whenever You Remember.” I have to tell you that these songs would have also been perfect and I have to admit that I actually like “The Climb” by Miley. Go ahead and laugh or say what you will but the song is actually very good. And Carrie’s “Whenever You Remember” tugs at your heart strings and with her voice you kind of just kind of freeze and listen in awe. So if you are looking for a graduation song, keep these songs in mind. And I would also throw in “Note to God” by Charice. The song that was picked by my son’s class to sing at the Graduation ceremony last Friday (ABBA’s song was performed on Mon. June 8th) was “Do I Make You Proud?” sung by Taylor Hicks. I have to tell you I didn’t know about this song but it is perfect for children singing to their parents asking “Do I Make You Proud?”- Well you know the answer to that. I’m a sap for uplifting songs. Last Friday and Monday nights will forever be etched in my memory.

Last week I informed you that Aerosmith will be performing “Toys In the Attic” in its entirety for their upcoming tour. Joe Perry has stated now that they will replace “Toys” in a few weeks and begin doing their 1976 classic “Rocks” album in its entirety. That is still a good thing.

Megadeth has a title for its upcoming 12th studio album and it is “Endgame” which is scheduled for a September release. The early skinny on this album is that it is Mustaine’s best work in two decades. So if you are a fan of “So Far.. So Good.. So What?” and “Rust in Peace” the rumor is that you are going to love “Endgame.” The quote is “It’s early old school Megadeth.”

My favorite “old school” song of the week is “Tuesday Afternoon” by the Moody Blues. (And I seriously hope that you don’t know it because of that TV commercial). This song is pure perfection, the singer sounds like he is right in your ear as the song picks it up a notch.

Have you heard the song (or seen the video) for the Weird Al Yankovic song “Craig’s List?” I’m not a big fan of him but his parody of the Door’s classic “When The Music’s Over” is really good. (Actually Ray Manzerak helps him with the keyboards on the song). You have to check this out- look at this .

Twisted Sister is releasing a new single called “30” and it will be included on their reissue of “Stay Hungry” which was released 25 years ago. (The song is not bad). Dee and the boys will make an “In-Store” appearance to sign copies of “Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary Edition” at 12:30 p.m. on Tues. June 30 at J&R Music located at 23 Park Row in lower Manhattan. Twisted will appear on the “Regis and Kelly” show on Thursday July 16.

Scott Weiland says that he and the boys from Stone Temple Pilots have written 18 new songs and should be out around December of this year. I can’t wait!! He’s back where he belongs!!

Last week I gave you my top 10 songs from Bad Co. and this past Tuesday their music went digital for the first time. You can now purchase their classic albums from I-Tunes. Now there is no excuse, you can do it from your computer.

A couple of weeks ago I gave you my top 10 George Harrison songs and this past Tuesday his estate released a “greatest hits”-if you will, that features some outtakes on some of his most popular songs. The album is called “Let It Roll-Songs of George Harrison-ReMastered.”

Pete Yorn’s new album “Back and Forth” was released this past Tueday and listening to some of the samples-it sounds good. If you are a fan, no doubt you have it already but if you are a casual fan looking to dip your toe into the water-this album may be for you.

Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden” was also released this past Tuesday and I have to tell you (maybe because I’m older now) but this album is something I would purchase. This guy is “old school” classic just like Harry Connick.

I caught the video for “100 Little Curses” by Street Sweeper Social Club and will admit that I kind of like it. (Obviously I can do without the curses, so parents beware: if your kids are listening to this it should have the “explicit lyrics” warning). They sort of remind me of P.O.D. meshed with the obvious comparison- Rage Against the Machine- as this band contains Tom Morello, the original guitarist of Rage. Their debut album hit this past Tuesday.

“Back from the Dead” by the legendary Spinal Tap was released this past Tuesday. They received some help from some heavy hitters such as Steve Vai, John Mayer, Phil Collen (Def Leppard) and Keith Emerson. Looks like the most popular song from the album so far is “Big Bottom.”

Back in April 2005, Motley Crue stated that they would match the $10,000 reward for a missing Baltimore County woman, Tracey Tetso, 32, after she disappeared on the night of Mar. 5, 2005 as she headed to see The Crue in D.C. Yesterday, her husband Dennis, 44, was arrested and charged with her killing. Her body has still not been found.

Album Review: “Amorica” by The Black Crowes released on November 1, 1994.

While listening to my I-Pod shuffle this week, the song “Descender” by the Black Crowes popped up and I said to myself-“damn this song is good,” so you know I had to go back and listen to the entire album from which this song emanates-“Amorica.” (Note: The album cover is very offensive but again the focus here is the music). Now being honest here, after the more popular albums “Shake Your Money Maker” and “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” were released-this album almost became a “throwaway” for me. I was more comfortable with the first two albums which produced songs that The Stones, Faces, Free and Led Zeppelin would perform. (Actually the boys did hook up with Mr. Jimmy Page years later and made some nice tunes together). “Amorica” went in a totally different direction and I would say that their musical appreciation really veered towards the Allman Brothers, The Band, and Little Feat. If you are fans of the aforementioned bands, then you have to like the Black Crowes. I would say that this band was “born too late” because these guys are “throwbacks” to old time rock and roll, blues, gospel and whatever type of music that moves you. So for the “older” generation who love(d) bands like The Band and/or Little Feat and missed out on the Black Crowes-this is the album for you. (If you like “jam” bands, then this album is for you too). This was their third album released and although it did not have the commercial success that the first two had- this became my all-time favorite Black Crowes album. Now in 1994, “Grunge” had taken over with the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden- so it might have been an oversight on your part but you do have time to redeem yourself.

The album starts off with, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, opening songs for any album, ever- that’s right I said-ever. “Gone” is a song that ignites something inside of me that I can’t explain. It’s like putting a plug into an outlet and the light comes on. I feel like my fingers are in a socket and the music is so very different but I can not help move in so many different, contorted ways that it’s almost like I’m an octopus because I’m constantly moving my eight different arms. (This is all natural folks so don’t even go there…) There is a part in the middle of the song where it sounds like they have those metal triangles that you use to play in band class when you were in the second grade that sounds so cool that I have to constantly rewind it to that part (c’mon you know that you do that on some of your favorite songs). The groove is “funk-a-fied” to the millionth degree. I wish I could be Chris Robinson (singer) when I hear this song because it is way too cool. I would do the whole thing- no shoes on stage dancing around in a circle on a psychedelic rug just letting the music run through my veins. I think I’m going to grow my hair long and a beard just to do this song. If the drums in this song don’t get you out of your seat, I don’t know what will. Then the “funk-a-fied” vibe keeps going with the electric “A Conspiracy.” How friggin’ good is this song? Rich Robinson’s work on the guitar is flat out phenomenal. “Look here…Did you ever hear the one about last year.. said it was all a lie..” C’mon this is so good-I’m having a hard time describing it. The “stops and starts” are just incredible throughout the whole song. Musically it sounds complicated but yet it moves you, you can’t help but move. I absolutely love the slow down part where the organ solo takes over- it just works. And talk about passion? I think Chris’s middle name must be “passion” because this man exudes it on every track he performs. The music is in him- he was meant to do this-sort of like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays or Joe DiMaggio was meant to play baseball. He is another singer that I wanted to be. I wanted to be him up on stage because I want to know how it feels to have the music in me, the way it is in him. Track # 3- “High Head Blues” could be the best track on the disc. The musicianship between all six members who performed on this album reaches such a high level; it really makes you say to yourself-“Man these guys are so talented.” The jam session lasts only four minutes and leaves you wanting more-if they perform this live-you will surely get more than four minutes. “Cursed Diamond” slows down a bit but still you have the blues effect which makes you bop your head. Can anyone sing like Chris on a slow song? I think not!! He just has a way of wrapping you totally into what he’s singing about and before long you hear the heavy guitar riffs that slide right into your headphones as you float away. This is some heavy stuff, don’t kid yourself-the guitar solo will rip your ears off, it’s that good. “Nonfiction” is a beautiful ballad that shines the light on Chris Robinson’s vocal abilities. “I’m no builder, I’m no gardener.. I’m a singer.. there ain’t no other language I know how to speak..” (Was I right about how the music is in him?)

“She Gave Good Sunflower” reminds me of something that Stevie Wonder might perform. Now I know you’re thinking I’m crazy but if you listen to the keyboards, you could picture (at least I can) Stevie up there fingers flaying on the keyboards while he wails in his best Chris imitation “Say don’t pretend to me, I beg and I plead…” Again the guitar solo is really amazing on this song. This is a jam band song, period end of story. Rock on baby!!Track 7-“P. 25 London” has a real different sound to it, the guitar almost sounds like a harmonica. It’s a real funky groove and the chorus will have you head banging as you sing “There’s a hornet’s nest inside my head.” That’s it!!! Perfect explanation of how the music is.

The last four tracks of the album are super, super solid and cements my opinion that this is their best album. Track # 8-“Ballad in Urgency” starts off with Rich doing his best Eric Clapton impression with some nice guitar riffs. The thing that the Black Crowes do so well is that at some points in their song you may hear only Chris’s voice (or Rich’s guitar) but then this wall of sound engulfs you as every other band member kicks in with their own talent and all together they make beautiful music. Listen to this track to get my meaning. I love the way the piano takes the song out.“Wiser Time” is my favorite track on “Amorica” (and is right up there in my top ten Black Crowes songs of all time). The melody is phenomenal and when you add Chris’s passionate screams of “And on a good day, I know its not everyday, we can part the sea..” well that just does it for me. I can listen to this song over and over.The guitar work is so effortless and flawless that it can not be denied that Rich Robinson is one of the best guitarists out there today, it can’t be denied. “Downtown Money Waster” will take you back to the good old western days where you’d walk into a saloon with the flapping wooden doors as you stroll to the bar as the bartender already has a shot of whiskey waiting for you. As you listen to the song you realize that you’ve probably heard before on an episode of “Gunsmoke” or “The Big Valley”- the piano work will get you thinking that any second there will be a gun battle inside the saloon as someone is suspected of cheating at the poker table. The album ends with the aforementioned “Descender” and starts off sounding like an Elton John song but then when the guitar and drums rush in your back to the blues. This is a perfect song to end this classic album as you get everything- the passionate vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and piano- all the ingredients that make up the Black Crowes. Oh and I forgot another ingredient- Soul.

“Amorica” may take a few turns for you to get use to but believe me the light switch will turn on and you’ll be like “Is this is what I was missing all these years?” Again this is not one of their more commercial successes but does that matter? If the music moves you and you feel it-then that is all that matters. I highly recommend this album although I will understand if you want to test the water first by tipping your toes into “Shake Your Money Maker” and then gradually sink into this and their other albums. I really believe there is no other band like The Black Crowes out there today with their library of work, which includes last year’s spectacular “War Paint.” Have fun exploring. (By the way, a new DVD featuring the live version of War Paint comes out on June 30- the CD came out this past April).

This week my oldest son said to put down my favorite top 10 songs from an “obscure” band or artist. He suggested “Offspring”-now I know what you’re thinking- they have sold over 32 million albums worldwide- so how are these guys “obscure?” Please, I mean no disrespect to the band or their fans as I would not say they are “obscure,” I would say that they are not as mainstream as lets say “Green Day” but are probably more nationally known than “Rancid.” Now I will say that their songs are definitely “PG-13” and probably lean more towards an “R” rating and please excuse some of the song title names but again the focus here is on the music, so without further ado, here are my top 10 songs by Offspring:

10.     Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)– Probably their first well known hit and when it first came out I was hooked. This song brings me back to the S&P Corp. Records holiday party in 1994 when the DJ played it and everyone cleared the dance floor, as most people just made this face like “what is this crap?” I, on the other hand, was rocking it out.

9.     Self Esteem– Have to admit the “La, La La” in the beginning can be very annoying but this song is solid. Sometimes I listen to it too much but again overall one of their better songs.

8.     You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid-One of their more recent songs but it’s as good as their prior hits. This song really moves and is a perfect exercise song for either boot camp or Spin.

7.     The Kids Aren’t Alright– In my opinion, this is their most “socially conscious” song. The lyrics really hit you right over the head. “How can one little street swallow so many lives…” The chorus is addictive and I know you have probably sung different words every time you hear it. I know I have… but the correct lyrics are “chances blown, nothing’s free.. longing for what use to be.. still it’s hard, hard to see.. fragile lives, shattered dreams..”

6.     She’s Got Issues– I love the groove in this song, it is so catchy. These guys know how to make “punk pop” –if there is such a thing and I would put this track in that category. To use Randy Jackson’s words this song “has got it going on!!”

5.     Defy You– One of their best songs ever written as well as one of their heaviest. Most of their tracks are “alternative” in nature but this song has the best guitar riffs. You will be “air-guitaring” in no time as well as jamming in the air making believe you are the drummer. Pure rock and roll, this song is electrifying.

4.     Original Prankster– This track, like many of their songs, is pure fun with a hook that grabs you and doesn’t let go. (Parents beware- some curse and other adult words). I love the guy who just speaks “Original Prankster.” “You Can Do It…” Another perfect boot camp song or Spin song for your next exercise class.

3.     Hit That– OK this is one of those songs that you don’t want to admit that you like because of the “sophomoric” lyrics. You really don’t let anyone know that you like it and never talk about it. But now that I’ve opened up my big mouth with my top 10 songs, I have to tell you that I absolutely love this song. But again it is the melody and music only. So many times I was going to put this song on my “Spin” set list but just couldn’t because it definitely would offend someone. So hopefully you’re not offended but I do like this song a lot.

2.     Why Don’t You Get a Job?– Another song that I’m apprehensive to admit that I love but secretly have listened to this track more than any other song done by Offspring. Parents beware again: curses throughout. However, the chorus is so addictive that I find myself singing it all day. “Well I guess it ain’t easy doing nothing at all..” I can not play this song around the house at all-one time my wife heard it and her jaw hit the floor.

1.     Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)-. I remember the first time I heard this song, I thought it was Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages” because of the beginning. I absolutely love the girls singing in the background-and I know I sound like a broken record- but this is similar to liking Howard Stern with all his “fart” jokes. If you like this song you probably listen to Howard.But you know what? This song is so much fun and it will always bring me back to the days at MBIA in the “boot camp” class with Dave, Tricia, CIC, Nick, Celinda and Doreen. We had a blast and this song would pump me up like no other. Next time you are in a big exercise room with a good stereo system, slide this song on and tell me you can’t run around the room with pure recklessness? Dave and I use to throw the football around the whole room, man the memories-so good!!

Trivia Questions

Answers from last week:

1.     Montrose

2.     Gary Cherone from Extreme

3.     Joe Satriani.

4.     “I’ve Done Everything for You.”

This week’s trivia (Black Crowes)

1.     Who co-wrote the Black Crowes hit single “Hard to Handle?”

2.     Last year The Black Crowes sued an artist for alleged use of their song “Jealous Again,” who is that artist?

3.     What Bob Marley song did the Crowes cover?

4.     What band did the Black Crowes tour with in 2001 which was titled “Tour of Brotherly Love?”

Back on this day in 1965, The Kinks and The Moody Blues had their first U.S. concert at The Academy of Music in New York.

Back on this day in 1980, Donna Summer was the first artist signed to Geffen Records.

If it is your birthday today, you share the same birth date with Ann Wilson and the late Al Wilson.


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