Errols Weekly Music Update.

March 20, 2009

Weekly Update – 03/20/2009

Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday will be celebrated at Madison Square Garden on Sun. May 3. Artists to perform are Pete himself, Richie Havens, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder, Joan Baez, Warren Hayes, Dave Matthews and many more. Pre-sale tickets for American Express Cardholders only begins Mon. Mar. 23 at 9:00 a.m. and goes to Sun. Mar. 29 until 9:00 p.m. General public on sale Mon. Mar. 30 at 9:00 a.m. $19 – $250 (with most being $90, his age)

Nine Inch Nails with Jane’s Addiction at PNC Arts Center on Sat. June 6 and Jones Beach on Sun. June 7. Tickets on sale today at noon. (Live Nation Event)

Chicago with Earth Wind & Fire at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City on Fri. & Sat. June 12 & 13. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event) Also appearing at Madison Square Garden on Wed. June 17. Pre-sale tickets begin this morning at 10:00 a.m. on go until 10:00 p.m. this Sun. Mar. 22. The password is HEEWF. General public on sale Mon. Mar. 23 at 10:00 a.m. $35 – $99.50

Kenny Chesney at Jones Beach on Wed. June 24. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. (Live Nation Event).

Andrea Bocelli at Madison Square Garden on Thurs. June 18. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders only begins on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and runs to Fri. Mar. 27 at 9:00 p.m. General public on sale on Mon. Mar. 30 at 10:00 a.m. $79.50 – $354.50

Patty Smyth & Scandal at BB Kings on Sat. June 13. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $30.

Al Green at BB Kings on Sat. Rocktober 17. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders only begins next Wed. Mar. 25 at 10:00 a.m. until the following Wed. Apr. 1 at 10:00 a.m. General public on sale Wed. Apr. 1 at 10:00 a.m. $175. (Al- Are you kidding me? $175 per seat Do you know we’re in a recession? I love the guy but $175? I’m stunned).

Taylor Swift at Mohegan Sun on Fri. Aug. 28. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $49.50 – $59.50.

Other items:

Coldplay has announced a summer tour and the closest they will be to the Tri-State area (so far based on the announcement) is The Meadows in Hartford (Sat. May 23) CT, Hershey Park in PA (Sun. May 24).

Lynyrd Skynyrd is headed back to the studio for the first time since 2003 and will tour again with Kid Rock this summer. The “Rock and Rebels” tour will be coming to a town near you. Speaking of Mr. Kid, he is currently in the studio and is “hot” in his words as he says he will probably release a new disc very soon. I’m in!!

The music of Pearl Jam will be featured on the CBS show “Cold Case.” The show’s producers will choose 16 songs from their entire catalog for the two-part season finale to be shown on May 3 and May 10. This is the first time any one has had free reign to choose from PJ’s catalog.

VH1 is reviving the show “Behind the Music”- a show that I watched religiously when it use to be on Sunday nights. Scott Weiland and Lil Wayne have agreed to tell their stories. I will be watching again.

Last week I told you about Carrie Underwood covering Motley Crue and supposedly Nikki Sixx has stated that he wants to collaborate and write songs with her. “She’s a pop singer and I’m a pop writer” says the Sixx man.

Prediction: U2’s song “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” off of their new release “No Line on the Horizon” will be the biggest song during the upcoming summer season.

These are my new favorite songs of the week, in no particular order: “I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood featuring Randy Travis. It is a beautiful song with the perfect mixture of that high and low pitch blending into something smooth. It’s mind boggling to me on how big a star Miss Underwood has become, already a member of the Grand Ole Opry and now singing a duet with a Country legend. They did a wonderful job performing it together live for the first time on American Idol, she really has an amazing voice and I just get mesmerized by her every time. “Then” by Brad Paisley is destined to become a first dance wedding song from a gentlemen’s point of view. This song will tug at your heart and has a pleasing melody. He also did a nice job on American Idol. “Manhattan from the Sky” by Kate Voegele has a catchy hook and is a nice pop song. It will be all over the radio very soon. Sounds like Michele Branch.

OK this week’s I-Pod shuffle landed on “The Band Wore Blue Shirts” from Mr. Joe Jackson and you know I had to go and listen to a heavy dosage of “I’m the Man” but also “Look Sharp.” Now I have never done this but I can’t really call either album a “classic” and I also can’t do a perfect album side for either because there is at least one song on all four sides that I can’t call “perfect”; I have to remain true to my standards. However, combining these albums together, there are more than enough songs to say that he put out some “classic tunes” in 1979. Both albums were released in 1979. “Look Sharp” in April and “I’m the Man” later on in Rocktober. Can you imagine that? The closest anyone does these days is maybe a year in between albums. Any way, this week I will tell you what songs I have put on my I-Pod from these two albums. I own the original albums (back in 1979) and then later on purchased the CD’s, so you know I am a huge fan for both. I am telling you right now folks, Joe Jackson has made some really cool music in his career. He has done most everything from rock, punk, new wave, big band & swing (“Jumpin’ Jive”-which I love also) jazz and anything else you can think of and he’s still performing. My love of his music was the beginning of his career when he exploded on to the new wave (or whatever you want to call it) scene and he was the first person that I went to see in concert at the age of 15 in New York’s Central Park. Joe- “You Da Man!!”

Look Sharp

“One More Time”-The opening guitar (Mr. Gary Sanford) and bass (Mr. Graham Maby) lines will hook you right in. You slide right into the drums (Mr. Dave Houghton) as Joe’s distinctive voice rolls in and before long you are dancing around the room. “Say you’re more time..” It has a funky sound and I typically “air-guitar” the bass part. Great way to start off the album.

“Sunday Papers”-This was my first introduction to Mr. Jackson. When I first heard it on the radio back in 1979 I had to find out who produced that kind of sound. How freakin’ great is this song? Again the bass part shines on this classic tune. Joe had a way of expressing himself and his lyrics tell a story in almost every song he does. “Well I got nothing against the press, they wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true…” I can’t get this song out of my head once I hear it, what about you?

“Is She Really Going Out With Him”- This song hit home for me at the time and this is one of my personal favorites from Joe. “Pretty women out walkin’ with gorillas down my street” Again how cool are the lyrics? The arrangement of this song is top notch and sounds as fresh today as it did 30 years ago. (did I just write that? 30?? OMG)

“Throw It Away”- This is the punk, new wave I was talking about. This song explodes from the beginning and stays that way until the end. Joe’s piano work puts the touch on this tune as you will have to listen to it again as it is only 2 minutes and 49 seconds long.

“Baby Stick Around”-This song is pure fun, like most of his early compositions. This is a hand clapping song as you form a circle on the dance floor and everyone takes turns doing something silly in the middle- you know what I’m talking about.

“Look Sharp”- FRIGGIN’ PHENOMENAL SONG!! It is cranking right now and this could be the coolest and slickest song he’s ever written. Mr. Houghton’s drum skills shine brightly and the song takes many different twists and turns, especially the part when Joe and Dave duel each other with the piano and drums. “Big Shot, thanks a lot… got to go it’s getting late.” There is no other way to listen to this song: LOUD!!

“Pretty Girls”- Another cool song, the man exudes coolness, what can I say? This song flat out rocks, rolls and has to get you out of your seat. This is perfect song when you are cleaning around the house. Sorry Joe I know that ain’t cool but at least I stop when I’m cleaning to dance around the room when I hear it.

“Got The Time”- This could be considered a “thrash” song as you will be head banging in no time. Actually the thrash metal band Anthrax covers it on their “Persistence of Time” album. The bass work is fantastic. I usually jump around in a circle like I am in a mash pit. This was a boot camp song for us back at MBIA-thanks Nick!!

I’m The Man

“On Your Radio”-Now when this song hit the airwaves it was right around the same time that Donna Summer had a song with the same title and of course when I was 14 disco was out, so you know who had the better song, right? (Of course I like her version now).This ranks up high as one of my favorite Joe Jackson song. The chorus is addictive and I can’t stop singing it. The lyrics are so good that I feel like putting down the whole song right now but I won’t bore you. When’s the last time you have heard this song? Put it on now baby!!

“Kinda Kute”- This was purposely done to be a ‘pop’ song and it definitely worked for me as this is a super solid tune. “You make a guy feel humble I make a fool of myself again.” The bass work will have you sliding across the floor while moving your shoulders up and down. “I’m the guy with the big feet but plenty of nerve..” Joe’s work on the piano is flawless and you can feel his passion as he belts out the song.

“It’s Different for Girls”- this low key, almost sullen song has a way of hooking you in, especially when his voice rises to get your attention. “No not love she said.. you’re all the same.”

“I’m the Man”- THIS IS MY FAVORITE JOE JACKSON SONG!!! I know every lyric and this would be my pick to sing at a karaoke bar. I can’t get enough of this song. It has it all for me- drums, guitar, passion and head banging at its best!! “Kung Fu well that was one of my good ones…” This song drives my wife crazy as I always play it as loud as I can and she says all he says is “I’m the Man”. I admit that this song can make you mad if you are not in the mood for it. But I am always in the mood for it!!! I usually get dizzy by the end of the song as I am just constantly dancing around in a circle and bouncing my head up and down. This was a boot camp classic as well.

“The Band Wore Blue Shirts”- This song takes you back down to earth after the exhilarating “I’m the Man” but it doesn’t mean that you can’t like it. This is the “dark horse” song on this album and if you listen closely you will be amazed on how good it really is.

“Don’t Wanna be like That”- traditional Joe Jackson sound and hand clapping is a must!! I would love to perform the video for this song. This is one of his best songs, period end of story!!

“Friday”- How many times did WNEW FM radio station in New York play this song back in the day? Yes, especially on Friday’s!!It has an infectious groove that starts, stops and turns in so many ways that it is hard to keep up. It even has a “disco” part in the middle. Listen LOUD!!!

Ok now I know some of you maybe thinking that if I had thrown “Happy Loving Couples” on the “Look Sharp” album I could have a “perfect” album side and I can’t argue with you, but something held me back on proclaiming that side one is indeed perfect. Joe Jackson has his foot steps planted in rock & roll history and his library is extensive, so do yourself a favor: familiarize yourself with this man and his music- you will not be disappointed.

I had a heavy rotation of Alice In Chains this week in my car and I-Pod. I like their albums but many of the songs by Layne were just too weird for me to call one album a total classic. “Dirt” comes the closest in my opinion. (easy now AIC fans). My favorite album from them is “Jar of Flies.” Here are my top 10 songs from AIC:

10.     We Die Young– Ironic song title isn’t it? After I saw these guys open for Van Halen back in the day, I ran out to the store and bought Facelift. This song kicks off the album and flat out rocks.

9.     It Ain’t Like That– Heavy grunge with that distinctive guitar work from Jerry Cantrell. Funky groove with a slow driving beat that will have you doing a slow “head-bang” motion and then Jerry explodes with the guitar solo.

8.     Angry Chair– Yes I know this is a Staley song-I didn’t say all his songs were weird- well yes this one is to but I love it. The vocals are what pulls me in and of course Jerry’s guitar playing is spot on. The arrangement of this song is very good, listen to it.

7.    Whale & Wasp– When Jar of Flies came out I couldn’t believe it was AIC and I immediately fell in love with the CD and this is one of my favorites. This instrumental only song really hits the spot!!

6.     Down In A Hole– Even though I have heard this song millions of times, I still have to put it in my top 10. Layne’s passion bleeds through the speakers-that is the best part of this song. AIC background vocals are always good and especially in this song.

5.     Would– This heavy rocker can compete with anything. Listen to this in your car with the windows down and of course blasting your ears off, you won’t be disappointed.

4.     Them Bones– You want to talk about heavy? Phew this song kicks my ass every time I hear it. I can’t get enough of it. Saw Jerry do this at Giants stadium way back when he opened for Metallica.

3.     Dam That River– Have to have this right here because “Them Bones” & “Dam That River” are the best one-two punch to ever kick off an album. Now of course the lyrics are not too nice but this song flat ROCKS!!!

2.     Again– Every time I hear this song all day long all I say is “Hey.” I think this is one of Layne’s best piece of work with his vocals. The driving beat with his distinctive voice reels you in. “Yeah!!”

1.     Don’t Follow– I stop in my tracks whenever I hear this song. The pure beauty of this tune gets me and now unfortunately it makes me think of Layne and what a shame it was to lose him at such a young age. But at least we can listen to him and think of the good times.

Now I know there are more songs to pick from but that’s why lists are great in my opinion because it gets you thinking and some will agree while others will vehemently disagree. I like to hear the dissenting views. The band is still relevant today and hopefully they will continue the catalog so we can do a top ten list with their new material with Mr. DuVall on vocals.

The New York Dolls have reunited with Todd Rundgren-who produced their debut album- and they will work on a new collection of work to be released hopefully this year.

Sadly back on this day in 1991, Eric Clapton’s four year old son, Conor, died when he fell out a window and inspired the song “Tears In Heaven.”

Back on this day in 1990, Gloria Estefan injured her back when the bus she was traveling in was hit by a tractor. I remember that, I can’t believe that was 19 years ago.

Back on this day in 1969, John Lennon married Yoko Ono and a year later on the same date David Bowie married Angela Barnett.

If it is your birthday you share it with the following: Chester Bennington (Linkin’ Park); Nick Wheeler (All American Rejects); James McDonnell (Stray Cats); Jimmie Lee Vaughn (you should know); Carl Palmer (ditto)


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