Errols Weekly Music Update.

January 23, 2009

Weekly Update – 01/23/09

Paul Simon at the Beacon Theater on Fri. & Sat. Feb. 13 and 14. Pre-sale for American Express Cardholders only starts this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and runs through Sat. Jan. 31 at 10:00 p.m. General public on sale Sun. Feb. 1 at 10:00 a.m. $89.50 – $254.50.

Fall Out Boy at Mohegan Sun on Wed. April 29. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $31.

The Killers at Mohegan Sun on Sat. May 9. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $40.50 – $59.50.

Van Morrison at the WAMU Theater in Madison Square Garden on Sat. Feb. 28. Pre-sale on now through American Express cardholders only until Sat. at 10:00 p.m. General public on sale this Sunday Jan. 25 at 10:00 a.m. $90 -$350.

Tom Jones at Terminal 5 in NYC on Tues. Feb. 24- tickets on sale at noon today – $50; also appearing at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park NJ on Fri. Feb. 27-tickets on sale today at 10:00 a.m. $37.50 – $57.50.

Animal Collective at Terminal 5 on Wed. May 13. Tickets on sale today at noon.  $25.

Fab Faux at Terminal 5 on Sat. Mar. 14. Tickets on sale today at noon. $35. (American Express cardholder pre-sale through 11:00 a.m. this morning)

Rick Springfield at Nokia Theater on Fri. Apr. 3. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders only on sale now until noon on Sat. General public on sale tomorrow at noon. $39.50 – $89.50.

Queensryche at Starland Ballroom in NJ on Thurs. May 14 and Nokia Theater in NY on Fri. May 15. Pre-sale tickets for American Express cardholders only on sale now until noon on Sat. General public on sale tomorrow at noon. $45.

Ne-Yo with Musiq Soulchild and Jasmine Sullivan at Radio City Music Hall on Fri. Feb. 20. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $39.50 – $79.50.

The Ting Tings at Webster Hall on Mon. March 16. Pre-sale on now through 11:00 this morning for American Express Cardholders only. General public on sale today at noon.$25.

Kris Kristofferson at The Concert Hall (2 West 64th street NYC) on Fri. Apr. 10. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. $45 – $55.

Etta James and The Roots at BB Kings on Mon. – Wed. May 10-12. Tickets on sale now. $87.50

Other items:

Beyonce’s version of the Etta James classic “At Last” was spectacular on Tuesday night as President Obama danced with his wife. The entire “moment”, when they danced to the song, will be something that I will never forget. Beyonce’s performance, with all the pressure that had to be on her, will probably go down as the best vocal accomplishment for this century.

Iron Maiden’s feature-length documentary movie “Iron Maiden: Flight 666” will make its debut on April 21. It follows them on the first leg of their “Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 2008” which began in India in Feb. 2008 and ended in Toronto in March 2008.

Bruce Springsteen will make his debut on Guitar Hero next Tues. Jan. 27 when his nationally known “Born to Run” and his new single “My Lucky Day” will be available through download form at Guitar Hero World Tour. His new album “Working on a Dream” will also be released next Tuesday.

Shinedown’s “Second Chance” has really started to pick up steam and is now played on the typical “classic” rock stations, such as I-95 in CT, and the video was released a few weeks ago. I know I love this band but this video is really cool. Check it at

Album/CD review: “Already Free” by The Derek Trucks Band– As I mentioned last week I was impressed with the 30 second samples on I-Tunes and made the plunge. I have to say that I am quite impressed by the sound and quality of this album. This is Derek’s sixth studio album but my first venture into one of his albums. I have seen him perform with the Allman Brothers more than a few times and have mentioned that the one-two punch that he & Warren Hayes provide is something that needs to be witnessed to know what I am talking about. Back to the album, he does a couple of covers as well as some new material. The album kicks off with a cover of Mr. Dylan’s “Down in The Flood.” He pulls it off as the guitar work is crisp and it sounds like its singing at the end of the song. “Something to Make You Happy” is an upbeat cover that has the feeling of an “Allman Brothers” song and will definitely turn into a jam band special at his live shows. “Maybe This Time” has a Clapton feel to it and is a finger snapping song. “Sweet Inspiration” is an epic gospel song which has a contagious beat and yes you will be swaying your arms back and forth singing “sweet inspiration.” The guitar work is smooth and flawless- give it a listen- the man has talent!! “Don’t Miss Me” has a bluesy twist that keeps you coming back for more. I picture walking into a smoky bar (obviously “back in the day”) and asking yourself- “man who is this?- this band is good.” “Get What You Deserved” is a jukin’ rocking song that will have you dancing in no time. Think Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV). “Our Love” is my favorite track on the album. This definitely sounds like The Allman’s but its actually Doyle Braham II on vocals (he played with SRV and is the son of Doyle Braham who played with Jimmie Vaughn). Mr. Braham II appears throughout this album.

“Down Don’t Bother Me” kind of reminds me something that the Black Crowes would do. It has that funky blues sound that slowly surrounds you and lifts you off the ground. “Days Is Almost Gone” continues the blues portion of this album as Mr. Trucks skills on guitar are highlighted again. “Back Where I Started” was written by Derek and Warren Hayes and features the beautiful voice of Derek’s wife, Susan Tedeschi. This could be the best song on the album. Her voice will hypnotize you, it’s amazing the talent that this young couple has. They are “old school” at its best. “I Know” goes back to that Allman sound and reminds me of when Dickie Betts was in the band. “Already Free” is flat out phenomenal. This man has skills beyond his age. The bonus track on I-Tunes is “Goin’ Home” and this song is the perfect ending to the album.

When it’s all said and done, this is a super solid album and deserves your attention. If you get a chance to see him perform live, you need to jump on it- either his band or the Allman Brothers. The man has massive skills on guitar and has to definitely be mentioned as one of the best new guitarists out today.

I received a request to name the top 10 “train” songs of all-time. Ok here they are, based on my opinion:

10.     Waiting for a Train – Jimmie Rodgers- The man “who started it all.” He was a brakeman on a train at the age of 14. Top that!!

9.     Train of Consequences – Megadeth- This is the metal train to the land of head-banging. Enjoy the ride.

8.     Love in Vain – Rolling Stones- Slowing it down a whole bit, this bluesy twist will have you waiting for the train to come into the station.

7.     Rock N Roll Train – AC/DC- a newcomer but already a classic. ‘Nuff said.

6.     Loco-Motion – Grand Funk Railroad- c’mon what does a train ride on? Why a “Railroad” of course and “loco” is part of the locomotive.

5.     Crazy Train– Ozzy- Unforgettable “All Aboard..ha, ha, ha, ha, ay, ay, ay” This song has now turned into an anthem at most sporting events. Phenomenal.

4.     Train Kept a Rollin’ – Aerosmith- their classic cover appears on “Get Your Wings” an under-rated album in my opinion.

3.     Peace Train – Cat Stevens- Boy do we ever need to listen to the words of this song. This is a beautiful song that hooks you in and my wish is for these words to come true.

2.     Midnight Train to Georgia– Gladys Knight & The Pips- How cool is the groove in this song? Do they make songs like this anymore? I think not!!

1.     Love Train – The O’Jays- It kills me that this song is now associated with a beer commercial but one can not deny the greatness. This is another song where we all need to listen and act on the lyrics.

(now I know some of you will be screaming for “Night Train” by G’N’R and “Long Train Running” by the Doobie Brothers- solid songs but they make my top 15 as opposed to top 10)

“And 5, now this is most important, Rat…comes down to making out… whenever possible.. put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV

Side 1 of “Double Vision”-Foreigner.

Ok the year is 1978 and at this point I considered myself a “rocker” at the young age of 13. To be more specific, it was the summer of ’78 when it was released and having been introduced to the world of Foreigner the year before, I couldn’t wait for what was to come next. Foreigner was put together in 1976 by Mick Jones (lead guitar) and Ian MacDonald (guitar, keyboards). They pulled in a young lad by the name of Lou Gramm (by now all of you know I wanted to be Lou Gramm) to sing-Al Greenwood on synthesizer-Ed Gagliardi on bass-and Mr. Dennis Elliot on drums. These six men put out some great music in their day and side 1 of Double Vision is without a doubt- a classic album side.

From the opening licks of “Hot Blooded” to the unknown rocker-“Love Has Taken It’s Toll,” this album side goes by in a “blink of an eye” because it’s that good. Put on “Hot Blooded” and tell me you don’t get pumped? I can’t understand why this song is not on Guitar Hero or Rock Band? They need me to make the set lists for those games. Are you kidding me? Mick’s guitar solo is the icing on the cake for this tune as I am in full “air-guitar” motion. And you have to listen to this song LOUD!!! Tell me Lou Gramm is not one of the best rock and roll vocalists ever? Track #2 “Blue Morning Blue Day” is the sleeper on this album. This song creeps up on you and it stays in your brain. You think back and say to yourself “man that song is good!!” “Well honey don’t telephone because I won’t be alone…” How good is Mr. Elliot’s drum skills on this song? Listen carefully and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Then it’s on to one of my all-time favorite songs by Foreigner- “You’re All I Am.” I sing this song to my wife always!!! Talk about passion? This could be Lou’s best vocals ever on any song that they recorded. The guitar work on “Back Where You Belong”, especially the beginning, is top notch. This is another infectious song that you can not stop singing. “And I started wondering, as I picked up the phone… you treat me like a fool but you’re so wrong.” Mick Jones actually does the vocals on this song- I know the “Foreigner” fan knows that- but I just wanted to point it out. (He sings on at least one song on every album they made).Then the last track “Love Has Taken It’s Toll” has one of the best rock and roll grooves ever. I just picture myself singing the lead (if Lou would let me) in a crowded bar as I know every nook and cranny of this song. Or I could lip sync this song next to Lou and not disappoint. And poof just like that, side one is over. (side 2 has some good tracks as well- “Double Vision,” “Tramontane” and “Lonely Children.”).

“Double Vision” has sold over 5 million copies since its release. Foreigner has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide, including 57.5 million in the U.S. alone. (stick that in your pipe and smoke it). Now I know Mick Jones is still touring and making albums, but like Axl, he’s using the name as he is the only one left. It’s cool but no matter who he gets to sing, nobody can come close to Lou Gramm. When Lou left, there really is no reason to call it Foreigner. I digress, please if you want great rock and roll- purchase Double Vision. (and of course their debut album as well as Head Games).

Hey let me know what you think about this, I think The Cult may be in a position to take Theory of a Deadman to court. Listen to “Fire Woman” (by The Cult) and then listen to “Bad Girlfriend.” I think Theory may have ripped off more than a couple of riffs from “Fire Woman”- listen to the main guitar part in “Girlfriend” and tell me that doesn’t sound like the main guitar part in “Fire?”

Rod Stewart has denied that there will be a “Faces” reunion tour this year. Rumors are flying that Flea will be the bassist on the tour.

Country group Little Big Town is looking for opening acts for its forthcoming headlining “A Place To Land” tour (I’m definitely in) and is using events Web site Eventful to help choose the winners. Fans and musicians can log on to to participate. The competition runs through 5 p.m. Feb. 27. The winning bands will be announced later that night. The top four acts will perform at different stops on the tour during March. Once the bands are registered for the competition, the rest is up to the support of their fans, who can bolster their favorite acts’ chances by using Eventful’s Demand service.

Back on this day in 1986, the first inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were introduced and included Elvis, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino.

Sadly back on this day in 1978, Terry Kath (lead guitarist of Chicago) accidentally and fatally shot himself.

Back on this day in 1962, Tony Bennett recorded his classic “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”


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