Errols Weekly Music Update.

December 19, 2008

Weekly Update – 12/19/2008

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John Legend at the Apollo Theater on Mon. Feb. 9. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $52 – $72.

Adele at Roseland Ballroom on Tues. May 5, 2009. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. $32.50

LL Cool J at Nokia Theater on Thurs. Feb. 19. Pre-sale tickets on now for American Express cardholders only. General public on sale Sat. Dec. 20 at noon.$39.50

Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden and Izod Center on Tues. & Wed. Apr. 14 and 15. Tickets on sale on Sat. Jan. 17, 2009. More information to come.

Cold War Kids at Terminal 5 on Fri. Apr. 3, 2009. Tickets on sale today at noon. $22.

Other items:

Here is my list of the top 10 albums of 2008:

10.         Warpaint– The Black Crowes– The Robinson Brothers have the music in them and let’s be grateful that they are still sharing it with all of us. This is their best effort in years and I believe their finest work since “Amorica.” When one mixes a concoction of R&B, folk, blues and southern rock all into one, you get the Black Crowes. How can you go wrong with that? Key Tracks: Wounded Bird, There’s Gold in Them Hills, Gods Got It, Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution

9.           Learn to LiveDarius Rucker– Yes that’s right, Mr. Rucker makes the list this year and probably the only way is due to the switch he made to country music. I am not a big Hootie fan but I am a big fan of his first solo effort in the country genre. This fits him like a glove. Key Tracks: Forever Road, All I Want, History in the Making, It Won’t Be Like This for Long

8.            Forever MoreTesla– OK go ahead and say I’m putting this here because I love this band. Well you’re right but they deserve it. This album also took me a few turns but then it clicked and boom!! This band is relevant today and their sound proves it. The hardest working band rocks the house with this solid effort. Key tracks: In A Hole Again, Pvt. Ledbetter, Just In Case, All of Me

7.            It’s Time for a Love RevolutionLenny Kravitz– Mr. Kravitz is all about peace & love and his music is the way for him to express those attributes. This man can flat out rock with the best of them but in the next breath he can pour his heart & soul into a song that will move you like no one other singer can. He keeps getting better. Key Tracks: I’ll Be Waiting, Will You Marry Me, Bring It On, Love Love Love.

6.            Lay It DownAl Green– Mr. Green is back (although for many he never left). This is a super solid effort with his old sound that resonates in your system and keeps you coming back for more. This legend pulls in some of today’s artists to help him along with his stellar performance. Key Tracks: No One Like You, Take Your Time, Too Much, You’ve Got The Love I Need

5.            Attack & Release– The Black Keys– It took me some time but the more I listened the more I realized the talent these two guys have. This garage band socks a solid punch with rock, blues and R&B all rolled into your “wrap” to digest. Key Tracks: I Got Mine, Oceans & Streams, Strange Times, Things Ain’t Like They Use to Be.

4.            Weezer (Red Album)Weezer– Like fine wine, this band continues to get better with each release. This album also had me from the opening lick, “Troublemaker” which rocks the whole house and sets the tone for a ride with different turns & twists. Rivers Cuomo lets others take a shot at the song writing as well as singing and it all works. Key Tracks: The Angel and the One, Troublemaker, Dreamin’, Everybody Get Dangerous

3.            Death MagneticMetallica– This album had me at the “heart beat” on the opening track “That Was Just Your Life.” I am not picking this third just because I love Metallica- they are here because they deserve it. This album is rock solid despite all the cries for reprints and the usual complaints from the never satisfied “haters.” The true Metallica fan knows this album is the real deal and just like Stella, they have their groove back. Key Tracks: That Was Just Your Life, The End of the Line, Judas Kiss, Broken Beat & Scarred

2.            Evil UrgesMy Morning Jacket– From the opening track I knew I was hooked. As previously mentioned, this was my first journey into the music from the boys from Kentucky (this is their 5th studio album).The track “Highly Suspicious” is the lightning rod track of the album and for our family a source of good fun as we rode up to Cape Cod for our annual summer trek, this was the song that was the most entertaining. I will always remember my kids singing the chorus in the backseat and bouncing up & down to the infectious beat. Key Tracks: Librarian, Highly Suspicious, I’m Amazed, Thank You Too.

1.            The Sound of MadnessShinedown– When this album first came out I knew it was good. Then I started to listen to it more & more. I can honestly say that I do not skip over one track on the entire CD and I haven’t stopped listening to it since it came out. Each song is passionately produced. Again it amazes me that I do not see this on anyone else’s list, but you know what? Everyone else is missing the boat, these guys are top notch. Each album they have made is excellent and they continue to grow. By long miles, this album is the BEST of 2008!!! Key tracks: ALL OF THEM!!!

Ok here it is, my list of the best songs of 2008:

15.          Inside the FireDisturbed. I become disturbed when I hear this. I’m pumped.

14.          Saints of Los AngelesMotley Crue– C’mon this is their new anthem song!!

13.          DisturbiaRihanna– I know it was released in 2007 but it really took off in 2008. “Bum Bum Be’um, Bum Bum, Be’um ‘um..”

12.          Second ChanceShinedown– “My eyes are open wide” and so are mine-there had to be at least two songs in the top 15 from the best album of 2008.

11.          LibrarianMy Morning Jacket– No matter what my kids say, this song belongs on this list. It might put you to sleep but you can’t ignore the beauty to this song.

10.          There’s Gold in Them Hills– The Black Crowes– Ditto for this song, it may put some to sleep but this is my favorite Black Crowes song ever!!! I float away and that’s when you know something is good, when it takes you away.

9.          AddictedAce Young– This song has a great hook and it hooked me in. I can listen to this song over and over.

8.          If You Only KnewShinedown– Even though it hasn’t been released on the radio, this is my favorite song from their impeccable “Sound of Madness.” “It’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep without you next to me I toss and turn like the sea…”

7.          Rock N Roll TrainAC/DC– Play this loud and tell me you don’t like it? I defy you!! Rock on my friends… \m/ \m/

6.          4 Minutes Madonna with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland- Yes I love this song!! I love the beat, the hook and the chorus. Not enough time to save the world but long enough to dance all around the room!!

5.          TroublemakerWeezer– Pork & Beans seems to be on everyone else’s list but not here. This song is a blast and the video is even better!! Pure fun!!“How’s this for arts and crafts?”… “air-guitar away”

4.          Pocketful of SunshineNatasha Betingfield– This song is infectious and reminds me of the summertime. I went on a school trip with my oldest son’s class and they sang this song repeatedly on the bus ride all the way up to Boston. I love it!!!

3.          All Summer LongKid Rock– Even though this came out in 2007 (I know I’m breaking my rules) this song really took off in 2008 (like I told you it would). Kid was every where with this song and even “parents” like it (except for the “smoking funny things” and “whiskey” parts).

2.          I’m YoursJason Mraz– My wife usually doesn’t like the new stuff out there but this is probably her favorite song right now and I have to agree. This is a wonderful song that takes you “away.”

1.          If You’re Out ThereJohn Legend– There are songs that come along, once in a while, that hit you over the head and makes you realize that you are listening to something really special. The first time I heard this song I knew it was going to be one of my favorite songs of all time. This is by far the best song of 2008. Listen to words and hear his passion, this is what captured my undivided attention. “Tomorrow’s starting now.”

I know this looks out of place but my oldest son gave me a new idea for the updates going forward. He suggested naming my favorite ten songs from an artist and/or band. So this week I decided to pick Rod Stewart, don’t ask me why but for some reason he was the first to pop into my head. (I think because he has so many great songs). Well here they are, my favorite ten songs from Rod Stewart: (please note his stunt with “Faces” also counts) (by the way this was done before someone asked me to name my top 10 Christmas albums):

10. Stay with Me-friggin’ rock & roll at its best

9. (I Know) I’m Losing You-One of the first of his great “covers.”

8. Miss Judy’s Farm– The Black Crowes had to be listening to this one and decided to be rock stars.

7. Cut Across Shorty– To me his signature sound from the great “Gasoline Alley” album.

6. You Keep Me Hanging On– Ranks up there as one of the best ever musical arrangements in a song. I like this cover better than the original.

5. Hot Legs– Kick ass rock and roll song (sorry kids no other way to say it) no matter how many times you hear it; reminds me of my mother.

4. You Wear It Well– you know how they say there is “comfort” food? Well this is a “comfort” song for me.

3. Every Picture Tells A Story-Could arguably be the best song he ever recorded.

2. Born Loose-This song gets me so psyched every time I hear it. This should be on “Rock Band.”

1. I Was Only Joking– This tune cracks my top ten songs of all time. I immediately stop whatever I’m doing when I hear this song and have to sing along.

Keeping with the theme of lists going, someone asked to name the top ten Christmas albums of all-time (no compilations included) and in my opinion they are:

10.          Christmas with the Chipmunks-The Chipmunks-that’s right the Chipmunks, you know you grew up with it and now your children love it. This album is a timeless classic that brings great holiday cheer. Key tracks: The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Chipmunk song, Up on the House-Top, Deck the Halls

9.          A Charlie Brown ChristmasVince Guaraldi: This is the perfect album for a holiday gathering with family and friends. It elicits a sense of happiness. Key tracks: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Skating, Linus & Lucy, O Tannenbaum

8.          Marshmallow World & Other Holiday FavoritesRaul Malo– As I have been harping on this site for some time now, this is the best Christmas release in the last ten years. Mr. Malo is a “throw-back” to the good old days of past Christmas’ vocal styles. Key tracks: I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Marshmallow World, Silver Bells, Feliz Navidad

7.          Ella Wishes You a Swinging ChristmasElla Fitzgerald– How can this list not include one of the best female vocalists ever? Her voice sends you “away.” Key Tracks: Let It Snow, Sleigh Ride, Frosty the Snowman, Winter Wonderland

6.          White Christmas Bing Crosby-Only the best selling single of all time in music history but the rest of this album is stellar as well. I am so glad that once a year, the younger generation is reminded or introduced to a true legend. His work is also timeless. Key Tracks: White Christmas, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Adeste Fideles

5.          Christmas with DinoDean Martin-This is “comfort” music. His effortlessness in singing just shows you how much talent he had. His voice is so distinctive and his version of Let It Snow is fantastic. Key Tracks: Let It Snow, A Marshmallow World, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Silver Bells

4.          The Christmas SongNat King Cole– This man is a national treasure. His version of the Christmas Song is probably the most recognizable song in the history of Christmas music. He has the perfect voice and it is a beautiful album. Key Tracks: The Christmas Song, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, The First Noel, O Holy Night

3.          Have a Holly Jolly ChristmasBurl Ives– There are a few songs that I need to hear that will automatically get in the mood with the holiday spirit and “A Holly Jolly Christmas” is one of those songs. Each holiday season, I sit in front of our Christmas tree and listen to this entire album. Key Tracks: ALL OF THEM!!!

2.          Elvis Christmas AlbumElvis Presley-I thank my father for “raising me” up with Elvis and this album is a keeper until the end of time. His version of “Silent Night” gives me the chills. Hard to believe this is not my top Christmas album but… Key Tracks: ALL OF THEM!!!

1.          A Christmas Gift for YouPhil Spector– Mr. Spector produced this album and in my opinion this is the greatest Christmas album of all-time. Darlene Love, The Ronettes, The Crystals and Bob B Soxx & the Blue Jeans offer up their best and the results are spectacular. Key Tracks: ALL OF THEM!!!.

Oh well, might as well continue with my top 10 Christmas songs of All Time and they are:

10.          Christmas IsRun DMC– I friggin’ love this song!!! It is blasting right now as I am writing.. “Give up the doe, give up the doe.” I wish I knew how to dance.

9.          I’ll Be Home for Christmas– The Beach Boys– Most go for “Little Saint Nick” but for me, this is their best Christmas tune.

8.          White Christmas-The Drifters– How cool is this version and I am immediately drawn to Macaulay Culkin lip syncing this great song in “Home Alone.” This was also a family sing-a-long song on every Christmas Eve, where my mother and aunt stole the spotlight!!

7.          Silver BellsBurl Ives– What a voice this man had and his version of Silver Bells knocks me right off my chair

6.          If Every Day was Like ChristmasElvis Presley– Talk about pure perfection, this song has it all. No one else can do this like the King himself. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever.

5.          Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Dean Martin– Wow every time I hear this song, I just wish it would snow. If it ever snows before Christmas, or on Christmas, you know I take this song out and smile away.

4.          Happy ChristmasJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band with the Harlem Community Choir– This is the one song I need to hear each Christmas season to get me into the holiday spirit. There have been many takes on this song but no one does this like John can. This is a “spine-tingling” classic.

3.          Blue ChristmasAnn and Nancy Wilson– Ann’s voice gives me the chills on her spectacular take on this timeless classic.I can’t get enough of this song.

2.          Sleigh RideThe Ronettes– “Ring-a-ling-ling-ding-dong-ding” ‘Nuff Said!!!

1.           Pretty PaperRoy Orbison-You can ask my wife and children how many times they have heard this song over the past 14 years (longer for my wife). Each Christmas season I have to listen to this song at least two times in a row, if not more. This song puts me in a trance and I can’t move until it’s over. To me this is the most beautiful song ever sung.

Back on this day in 1978, ABC aired the following Christmas special: “The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait.”

Back on this day in 1996, Lubbock, Texas named a street after their homegrown son, Mr. Buddy Holly.

Sadly back on this day in 2000, Pops Staple of the Staple Singers (remember my old school favorite song of the week last week- “Respect Yourself”) passed away after suffering a concussion.

If you were born today, you share a birth date with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Reminder: Rock Band 2 is out today for the Wii system. Good Luck trying to get one!!


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