Errols Weekly Music Update.

November 21, 2008

Weekly Update – 11/21/08

BB King with Buddy Guy at the newly renovated Beacon Theater ($15M original restoration started in Sept. and will finish up in Feb. 2009) on Sat. Feb. 21, 2009. (This is a “can’t miss” show if you have never seen either of these legends and to boot it’s a Saturday night-so no excuses). Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $62 – $139.50

Holiday Bash ‘08 at Nassau Coliseum on Sat. Dec. 27. Show features performances from T.I., Ludacris, Young Jeezy and more. Tickets on sale tomorrow, Nov. 22 at 10:00 a.m. $35.50 – $125.50.

Emmylou Harris at the Beacon Theater on Sun. Feb. 22, 2009. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.  $39.50 – $79.50.

Saliva at The Highline Ballroom on Mon. Dec. 15. Tickets on sale today at noon.Somewhere between $25 and $35. (Get your ear plugs ready for this one- right Sal?)

Snow Patrol at The Bowery Ballroom on Mon. Dec. 1. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. $30.

Tribute to R.E.M. at Carnegie Hall on Wed. Mar. 11, 2009. Over 20 acts set to perform the music of R.E.M. Pre-sale on now at Ticket prices range from $38 – $275. All proceeds will go to fund music education programs for under-privileged children.

Steve Winwood at the United Palace Theater on Thurs. Jan. 15, 2009. Tickets on sale todayat 10:00 a.m. $40 – $110.

Chris Brown at the Mohegan Sun on Sat. Dec. 27. Tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.$65 – $85.

Other items:

Ok folks I know that I am a fan of AC/DC and may have been a little biased in my positive review of their show last week but I am still scratching my head on the review given by the NY Times that appeared in last Friday’s edition. It was a “luke warm” review at best. I seriously don’t know what show he was watching. I can guarantee you if you polled those who attended, 98% would say it was a fantastic show. I again defy you to find a show that can match the level of energy & intensity from both the artist and the fans. So what if “it’s the same old stuff recycled?” Does that mean that they can’t put on a great show? As I mentioned, they have had many years of experience to mold and scope their live & stage show, which has become an undeniable spectacle. Why does AC/DC get criticized for staying true to their form? I can think of plenty of other artists whose “sound” rarely ever changed; the Ramones and Chuck Berry quickly come to mind. So are we not to listen (or attend a Chuck Berry show) to these acts because they have not “moved on” in the mind of some of these “reviewer’s” minds? Music artists’ have it tough as they aim to please both the critics and the fans. Metallica has the world’s best “haters” because they dared to try and change their sound. (see “The Black Album”). Chris Cornell is now going through his toughest criticism in his career just because he has done a new album with the most popular producer out their today- Timbaland. And I know critics laugh because AC/DC is still doing the same things after all these years but you know what, the fans are the ones laughing at them because of what they do not know. I’ve said it all along folks, music needs to move you; it is a passion and those who don’t feel it should not cast dispersions on those who do feel it….. And I stand by my review.

Last night I was walking near the Waldorf on the corner of 49st & Lexington when I noticed a man and a woman. As I passed by them I said to myself, man that guy looks familiar. Then it hit me, it was Joey Kramer– the drummer from Aerosmith. Well I had to turn around and I asked “Are you Joey Kramer?” He nodded yes and I was so stoked I didn’t even know what to say after that, I just shook his hand and kept on going. Now how cool is that? I finally met a rock star on the streets of NY!!

Speaking of meeting rock stars, Twisted Sister will be appearing at J&R Music World (lower Manhattan) tonight at 5:30 p.m. to sign their new CD release, “Live at The Astoria” which was recorded in London and supposedly was one of their greatest performances. Also appearing at J&R at noon is the legendary Brian Wilson who is there to sign copies of his latest release, “That Lucky Old Sun.”

If you’re like me and drive in your car a lot to get around, you know when you hear a song on the radio and you just CRANK IT up as loud as you can take it. C’mon you know you do. Well I heard “The Rover” last night on the way home and you know the feeling when you haven’t heard a song or a band in a while? Well I think I transformed into Robert Plant for the 5 and a half minutes. How friggin’ great is that song? Forget it, the friggin’ best!!!

This week’s Rolling Stone magazine is a special edition, naming the top 100 singers of all time. The voters include artists, music producers, Members of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, MTV, VH1 and obviously members of RS. The top 10 are the following:

1.     Aretha Franklin

2.     Ray Charles

3.     Elvis

4.     Sam Cooke

5.     John Lennon

6.     Marvin Gaye

7.     Bob Dylan

8.     Otis Redding

9.     Stevie Wonder

10.    James Brown

Now look I am not taking anything away from the impact both Bob Dylan and James Brown have had on the history of music. They are probably two of the most influential people in all of music. What would the world be without Dylan or Brown, it’s unimaginable, right? I would say that they should crack the top 10 “artists” of all time, but as singers? C’mon now, Dylan as a pure singer? … “Yooooouuuu got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend….” Great song no doubt, but you know you have imitated him singing it and made fun of the way he sings it. Take most James Brown songs and tell me if you understand what he is saying? (Remember those Eddie Murphy skits on SNL?) Again I’m just talking about singing.

Now how can the list of 100 greatest singers not include Frank Sinatra but include Axl Rose at number 64? Tony Bennett, no where on the list but you’ll find Iggy Pop at number 75? Are you kidding me?… I’m taking deep breaths…Bjork is listed as # 60 and Barbara Streisand can’t crack this list?…Or how about Kurt Cobain at number 45? (Have you heard his great vocals in “Smells Like Teen Spirit?”) Number 45??!!! and Diana Ross is no where to be found on this list. Again no offense, but Neil Young at # 37 and Crosby, Stills or Nash are invisible? Gregg Allman voted number 70 and Dean Martin can’t even get an appearance? No Dean, No Frank, No Tony… I thought this was for all time? Hey what about Bing Crosby? Nat King Cole? Englebert Humperdinck? Barry, Maurice or Robin Gibb? George Harrison? Ann Wilson? Billie Holiday? Judy Garland? Ella Fitzgerald?

I commend RS for doing this because it definitely gets the juices flowing and that is what they wanted to do. But for my two cents, the voters did not listen to the instructions. They were asked to list their favorite 20 singers, not artists.

RS also gave Chinese Democracy a four star rating and stated that “it was worth the wait.” The big day is this Sunday. The second single “Better” can be heard at and again it sounds pretty good. I’m most likely going to take the plunge.

Rumor has it Kiss will team up with the new Queen (with Paul Rodgers) and tour in 2009. I’m in!!

Nickelback has released its sixth studio album- Dark Horse. I like some of their songs, I’m not a huge fan and I have to tell you with some of the juvenile lyrics to some of these new songs, it’s almost embarrassing. Not sure what they were thinking when they recorded it or by releasing it.

Rod Stewart has confirmed The Faces reunion after 30 years and supposedly they will tour in 2009. Aah it will be good to have the rock and roll Rod back!!! Faces was a solid band, check their music out anyway you can.

My favorite video of the week is Weezer’s “Trouble Maker.” How cool is this video? If you have not seen it, you need to check it out. This song will definitely crack the top 10 songs of 2008.

And 5, now this is most important, Rat…comes down to making out… whenever possible.. put on side 1 of Led Zeppelin IV

I’ve decided to add a new section to other items and that is the “perfect album side” so now you should know where the quote above is from, right?…. yes… the 1982 classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High.. so from now on when and if you see this quote you know it’s a recommendation for a perfect album side. (yes, the old WPLJ and WNEW FM stations use to play these all the time, so this is not new). So this week’s recommendation is “Side 2” of The Cars debut album back in 1978. Now don’t get me wrong the whole album was and still is an instant classic but side 2 is phenomenal. (And it also includes a song that was included on the soundtrack for Fast Times).

Side two starts off with the unforgettable “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight.” The “outer space” drum effect gets me all the time when I hear it and I immediately have to turn it up loud. And how about when the great guitar work of Elliot Easton kicks in? “I don’t care if you even the score.. well you can mock me and I don’t care… cause you’re all I’ve got tonight…” The first time I heard the song I thought it was ending and then BOOM one of the best guitar solos on any song you can find keeps it going and you want more. I’m telling you right now a good set of headphones and you’re are set!! The next song-“Bye Bye Love” features the drum work from Mr. David Robinson and the keyboard work from Mr. Greg Hawkes. (And of course the solo again from Easton). What I love about the last 3 songs on side two is the vocals from Benjamin Orr. Again don’t misread, Ocasek is so solid on vocals but I’m partial to Orr songs because I think he had a passion that shined through loud and clear. (And his bass work on this particular song ain’t too shabby either). “It’s an orangey sky, always with some other guy, you’re just a broken lullaby… bye.. bye love.” I can’t get enough of this song and how great is the ending that flows right into the classic “Moving In Stereo.” When I hear this song I still get that notion that it is something like I have never heard before. How different is this song from any song you’ve ever heard? You can’t dismiss it, it’s infectious and it grows and grows on you. My favorite part of the whole song is when Orr sounds like he’s singing out a bullhorn after the song reaches its crescendo. “Life’s the same, I’m movin’ in stereo.. life’s the same except for my shoes…” The song actually includes Hawkes as the co-writer and of course is featured in the pool scene in Ridgemont High. That outer space feeling comes back as you enter the last song “All Mixed Up.” This song cracks my top 20 songs of all time without a doubt, whenever I hear it; I am reminded of that fact. This song has it all- great lyrics, vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and a brilliant saxophone solo.“She said to leave it to me, everything will be allright…” How about the “Queen”-like vocals with “It’s all mixed up” using the high soprano effect along with the baritone aspect.

I can’t say enough about this album and The Cars and if you want to give them a chance, why not start off with this album side (and the whole album of course). This was voted the # 282 out of 500 albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Back on this day in 1991, Aerosmith appeared on the animated show “The Simpsons” for the episode titled “Flaming Moes.” Can you believe that was 17 years ago?

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with Dr. John. (Right Place, Wrong Time- pretty cool song, right?).

Back on this day in 1990, Mick Jagger married Jerri Hall, the marriage would last 8 years.

Don’t forget to get your free can of Dr. Pepper this Sunday. Go to to redeem your coupon.


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