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October 30, 2008

CD Review: Evolver – John Legend

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CD Review: Evolver by John Legend released on Tuesday Rocktober 28, 2008.

Well the wait is finally over and I don’t know what you are thinking but it seemed like a very long time for this album to finally touch down. I guess this was due to the fact that several different singles were released sporadically over the past few months. This new approach of getting the message out on an artists’ upcoming release could be positive or negative. (This is all due to web-based downloading of music). Take movie trailers for example, sometimes the best parts of the film are just that-the trailer. Other times, long term promotions work. For Mr. Legend (actually this is his stage name as his last name is Stephens) this methodology worked because this is a splendid release. As I have been saying for some time now, this man could be the top artist out today. This album is a nice collection of songs that showcases his vocal talents and it mixes in some hip-hop, pop, soul and of course R&B. He has a few friends who collaborated with him on a few songs but I like it better when the songs are just his.

The album starts off with the sound of birds chirping and for most of us this is pleasing to the ear. It’s a seamless way to launch it off because it sets the tone for the entire album. The first tune, “Green Light” has a cool sophisticated feel to it that should get most people off their feet and on to the dance floor. John gets an assist from Andre 3000 on this tune. (Some of Andre’s raps confuse me but hey the song kicks). “It’s Over” sort of reminds me of what a modern day Earth, Wind & Fire song would sound like. This is one of the songs that highlight his singing ability. It has a nice jam to it as Kayne West eases his way in nicely with his rap and except for one word, he keeps it clean. “Everybody Knows” is one of my favorite tracks on Evolver. The chorus will creep into your head and you’ll find yourself singing this all day. This is a perfect song for a house party (as most of the songs are).Mr. Legend has a way of emitting a joyous feeling within, similar to what one might experience around the holiday season. This song is a “cup of cheer.” Track 4 “Quickly” has a groove that will have your head, shoulders and feet moving at the same time. Brandy fills in nicely with her vocals and their harmonization is top notch. “Cross the Line” is a romantic song that tries to get that someone special to want more than a friendship. (This song is not for the kids). Gentlemen: ideal song for a candlelight dinner.

“No Other Love” featuring Estelle has a fine reggae groove and my guess will be played at many wedding receptions very soon. The pulse is infectious and you’ll wish that you could sing like him. Track 7, “This Time,” is a beautiful song about someone realizing that they made a mistake on losing out on a relationship. If you want to get that someone special back into your life, memorize the words to this song and lip sync with the same passion as Mr. Legend puts into it. The background string arrangement adds to the grandeur of this song. “Satisfaction” is a little rougher than the prior songs but it’s a nice transition. The sound is real fresh and sort of reminds me of Lenny Kravitz at certain points in the song. “Take Me Away” really does take you away, I picture myself walking the beach on Turks & Caicos with my I-POD and just chillin’ out.

“Good Morning” is a song for couples, if you get my drift- not for the children. I’m still on the beach listening to this song as well. This is a great song to set your alarm to. “I Love, You Love” starts off with his voice sounding just like Dave Matthews. Again this is a charming song for couples. My favorite track on the album is the 12th song and that is “If You’re Out There.” I can’t stop listening to this song, I can’t get enough of it and this will definitely crack my top 5 songs of the year. The words are full of passion, inspiration, love, peace and determination. Isn’t this what the world needs right now? “Floating Away” is my second favorite track on the album. This is “old school” R&B at its best. In a weird way, I can see Amy Whinehouse performing this song, don’t ask me why. The last track “Set Me Free” is a raw sounding song that evokes memories of Otis Redding. Once you hear it, you will be immediately drawn in and will tell everyone else around you to be quiet & listen. If you purchase off of I-Tunes there is an additional version of “Green Light” that features an Afroganic mix.

Well folks what are you waiting for? You need to purchase this CD. You can play it at parties or in your living room in front of the fire place with your significant other. John Legend is certainly solidifying his legend in music. He has the gift of music in him and I’d like to thank him for sharing it with all of us. Are you listening?


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  1. john legend has such a great voice, hes such a great artist, i really love that he worked with estelle, thats one badA chick. 2 artists that make great music still, and not falling to corporate crap, i found a video of estelle doing the theme song from snoops fatherhood show and its really good, here it is if u wanna check it

    Comment by Liah — November 5, 2008 @ 9:08 pm

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