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October 8, 2008

CD Review: Forever More- Tesla

CD Review: “Forever More” by Tesla released on Tues. Rocktober 7, 2008:

By now every one of you out there should know how I feel about this band, there is not a harder working band out there and they have been doing it for 20 plus years now. Since reforming again in 2000 after a six-year hiatus, the boys from Sacramento, California have been touring almost every year and have been releasing new material, some classic tunes-along with some never released tunes (just this past August) and of course some covers- Real to Reel. “Into the Now” was released in 2004 and they blew the cover off the ball with that album. Now in 2008, they have exploded on to the scene again with the super solid “Forever More.” I seem to gravitate to bands that have passion and love the music they create. Tesla fulfills this criterion and just like fine wine, they only get better. One can not easily define this album to a certain musical style; it has it moments of softness (“Pvt. Ledbetter” “The First Time”), muscle (“One Day at a Time,” “The Game”), encouragement (“I Wanna Live”) and determination (“Falling Apart”). Now some might say that this album is not as “heavy” as prior albums (see “Psychotic Supper”) but if you listen carefully even the softer songs pack a nice punch.

Jeff Keith’s vocals are as strong as ever and the band has always been tight, this album is no exception. This is the first album with new guitarist, Dave Rude, who replaced Tommy Skeoch a few years back. He is the only “newcomer” on this album but he fits right in with the traditional heavy power chords that all Tesla fans are familiar with. If you are a Tesla fan (and how can you not be is the first question that enters my mind) this is a “must have” album. If you are a casual fan or not even a fan, give it a try- I promise you there are songs that you will enjoy.

As with most Tesla albums, they come right at you and the first four songs off of this album really spotlight how far this band has come together as they mix the sing-along choruses, great solos, along with their traditional melodic up and down arrangements that make them sound as fresh today as they did back in the 1980’s. Tesla has gone through many different music environments during their long career and yet in 2008 are still very relevant. There are very few bands that have survived but this band has persevered and it appears they still have a lot left to give. “I Wanna Live” is already on classic rock radio and is destined for stardom. The video is now available on their website . The title track kicks it off with a heavy bass groove that will have you bopping your head up and down. “One Day at a Time” is a “kick it into gear” song that is perfect for working out. It’s a hard driving song with a great solo in the middle. “So What” will be a fan favorite at live shows, I can tell already. It is pure fun with a chorus that you will not be able to get out of your head. “Who cares? You’re telling everybody that the world turned bad.. So What?”

The next four songs turn to the softer side of Tesla but the arrangements in each of the slow songs rise as the chorus comes to the forefront and you find yourself swaying back and forth imagining yourself up in front of many fans belting it out like Mr. Keith. “Just In Case” and “Falling Apart” should be classic rock radio friendly and really are great sing along songs. The background vocals on “Falling Apart” really adds a nice touch and makes the sound more complete. The stand out in the middle of the album is “Breaking Free.” It sort of reminds me of “Changes” from Mechanical Resonance with its slow groove and the bridge in this song is fantastic that leads to the guitar solo. “All of Me” is a fast moving song where I can picture a mash pit forming quickly at their shows- not that this occurs at their shows but the pace of the song is what makes me think that this could happen.

The last four songs of the album capture the essence of what Tesla is all about. The songs are thoughtful, passionate, emotional and an uplifting ride that proves the growth of this band, both musically and lyrically. “The First Time” is a catchy rock tune for anyone who has that someone special in their life. “Be everything you want to be, you’re extraordinary.” I have so many ideas for a video for this song, so Tesla if you’re reading this I can direct it for free if you want. This is my favorite song on the disc. “Pvt. Ledbetter” is a beautiful song that really tugs at your heart. This could be the best song on the album. The song is a sad tale about all the brave men and women who are fighting this war, it may be tough for some families to listen to but again it’s a touching salute to the American soldier. “In a Hole Again” has a phenomenal bridge to solo that should really impress everyone. This song is an epic journey as the hooks in this song will grab you, pull you in and make you realize how talented this band really is. The album ends on a high note with “The Game” as Brain Wheat’s bass lines really stand out on this track. As usual, Troy Luccketta keeps this Telsa train rolling along with his mad skills on the drums. Frankie Hannon and Dave Rude are a one-two punch on guitar and I have to say they are one of the best duos out there today. Just see them once live and you will know what I am talking about. And what about Jeff Keith? He is the man and to me, the perfect frontman for this rock band called Tesla. There is an additional song on I-Tunes and it just says “Bonus Track.” I will go out on the ledge and say the name of the song is “My Way” and it’s the shortest track but it rocks as Troy’s drumming will have your head snapping up and down in no time.

Tesla has done it again, they have put out another high quality album and as a fan you can’t ask for anything more. This band is so consistent and has always been one of the best live bands out there for many years. It amazes me how they seem to fly under the radar but it doesn’t matter because the people who appreciate their body of work know what they are getting. I say “So What!!” “Forever More” is a superb follow-up to “Into The Now” – which is no small feat because a six year hiatus meant that they had so much new material waiting to come out of them. This new album has passion and it’s real. Feel it and buy it now!!! I can’t wait to see them at the Blender Theater on Rocktober 28.


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  1. Forever More is a good record. I dig “The First Time,” “Forever More,” and “The Game.” I wrote a track by track review on Gears of Rock the other day. Tesla can still rock the house.

    Comment by gearsofrock — October 9, 2008 @ 5:43 pm

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