Errols Weekly Music Update.

August 29, 2008

Weekly Update – 08/29/2008

Chuck Berry at BB Kings on Sat. Nov. 22. Tickets on sale now.$98.

Levon Helm, David Johansen, Hubert Sumlin and other guests at BB Kings on Wed. Nov. 26. Tickets on sale this coming Tues. Sept. 2 at 8:00 p.m. (yes it says 8:00 p.m.) $32.50

Staind with Seether and Papa Roach at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Tues. Nov. 18. Pre-sale starts next Tues. Sept. 2 at 10:00 a.m. and ends Fri. Sept. 5 at 10:00 p.m. General public on sale Sat. Sept. 6 at 10:00 a.m. $40.

Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden on Fri. Dec. 5. Pre-sale for fan club members start next Tues. Sept 2 at 10:00 a.m. and ends Thurs. Sept. 4 at 5:00 p.m. General public on sale Mon. Sept. 8 at 10:00 a.m.$67 – $120.

Pepper at The Fillmore New York on Sun. Rocktober 26. Tickets on sale now. $25.

Shwayze at Blender Theater on Wed. Rocktober 8. Tickets on sale now. $22.50. Also at the Nokia Theater on Wed. Rocktober 29. Ticket info to follow.I have to admit the video for “Corona and Lime” is cool and the song is growing on me.

Alejandro Escovedo at the Bowery Ballroom on Thurs. Nov. 13. Ticket info to follow.

Carly Simon at the Borgota Event Center on Sat. Rocktober 18. Tickets on sale this Sat. Aug. 30 at 10:00 a.m.

David Byrne at Borgota Event Center on Sat. Nov. 1. Tickets on sale this Sat. Aug. 30 at 10:00 a.m.

Dragonforce with Turisas at Roseland Ballroom on Tues. Nov. 25. Tickets on sale next Fri. Sept. 5 at 10:00 a.m. $26.

Other items:

Have you heard the new single from AC/DC “Rock and Roll Train” yet? (more on the boys from Australia down below) If not, you can listen right here

I like it a lot. The song will be used as a promo for the CBS show Criminal Minds. Can’t wait for Rocktober 20 when “Black Ice” is released. (But on the other hand I just realized that only Walmart is selling it….)

Talk about a stand up guy- Neil Diamond has offered fans that attended his Aug. 25 show at Ohio State University a refund. Turns out his voice was rhaspy and he has acute laryngitis. He apologized to his fans on his web site and offered up the refund.

I-Tunes and Metallica are releasing songs each week before the whole album becomes available on Sept. 12. This week’s single is “My Apocalypse” and it takes me back to “Battery” off of Master of Puppets. Have to tell you I’m getting PSYCHED for this release. \m/ \m/

Dare I say that I am thisclose to purchasing the new album from Slipknot– “All Hope is Gone?” My wife is scared and I have to admit I’m a little scared myself. My kids ran away when I sampled the 30 seconds from I-Tunes. I probably won’t but it has peaked my interest- especially “Psychosocial,” “Gehenna”-which sounds like AIC, and “Snuff.” I know what you’re thinking- Stone Sour.

My new favorite song of the week is “If You’re Out There” by John Legend. You need to purchase it RIGHT NOW. This guy is great and this song is as well. This is the second single released from his upcoming album- Evolver- to be released on Rocktober 28.

My favorite “old school” song of the week is “Crazy Love” by Poco. How great is this song?

How busy is T. Bone Burnett? He seems to be everywhere and he has produced the latest album from B.B. King called “One Kind Favor.” Have to tell you it sounds great from the 30-second previews on I-Tunes and has received 5 stars as the average rating. If you have yet to see him in concert- You are MISSSING OUT BIG TIME!!!! Check out this album if you love the blues and no one sings the blues like BB.

Another release this week that has caught my attention is from a band from San Diego called Delta Spirit and the album is called “Ode to Sunshine.” Sounds good to me. Check it out.

Motorhead has released “Motorized” and if you’re a fan you’ll like it. I-Tunes for some reason is only selling the “clean” version. How can you sell a clean version from Motorhead- just on principal you have to buy the CD as opposed to buying it from I-Tunes. What’s up with that?

Have you seen what Fred Durst has been up to lately? The former frontman for Limp Bizkit has directed the new movie “The Longshots” based on a true story of a girl who plays football. Wow, I was blown away on how good this movie is and was totally shocked when the credits rolled and I saw his name. Ice Cube was solid as well.

ZZ Top have signed with Rick Rubin’s American Recording label and plan on cutting an album with the Zen-man later this year.

Australian rockers Wolfmother have split up as the bass guitarist and the drummer left over musical differences with frontman Andrew Stockdale. Stockdale plans on using the Wolfmother name going forward.

OK I was in a real “head-banging” mood this week and had to listen to one of the all-time best albums ever made: “Back in Black” by AC/DC is a desert island disc and my all-time favorite with Brian Johnson on lead vocals. (Picking a favorite Bon Scott album is a little tougher). This album ranks second in the history of album sales and is still going strong at 42 million copies.From the opening bells on “Hells Bells” I am consumed with “psychness” (is this a word? oh well you get the picture). I immediately have to crank the volume to a wall-shattering factor that has my wife yelling at me to turn it down.“I’m a rolling thunder, pouring rain.. I’m coming on like a hurricane..” Now I know there is no in-between with AC/DC. You either hate them or love them and I LOVE THEM!!! You don’t know how many times have I put this album on by myself when no one is home and work up a sweat as I “air-guitar” and “air-drum” around the house- running from one end to the other. Then it’s on to the high energy “Shoot to Thrill” as Angus Young’s guitar work kicks it into gear. “I’m like evil just like a bomb that’s ready to blow..” We used this song once for boot camp back in the day at MBIA and I think I was the only one who was rocking out, oh well. My favorite part of the song occurs around three and half minutes into it as Phil Rudd takes over on drums and I love it when Brian screeches “Shoot you..” Track #3 “Honey What do you do for Money.” This is one song that will wear out your vocal chords (and the reason why they record a new album every five years or so). How friggin’ phenomenal is “Givin the Dog A Bone”- talk about head banging- this song brings me back to the Garden when I saw about 7 or 8 long hair dudes all in front of me in the next row banging their heads up and down in unison. They would have won a gold medal- synchronized head banging. The last track on side 1 is the classic “Let Me Put My Love Into You.” Man this song grooves. Cliff Williams bass work on this song is flat out phenomenal. “Let me cut your cake with my knife..” as Angus struts his stuff with a stinging guitar solo. The ending of this song is so good. You get a little breather with this song but then when you turn over to start side 2… watch out.

Side 2 starts off with the never say die song- “Back in Black”. How many times have you heard this song blasting from someone’s car as they drove by you. (It was probably me). No matter how many times I hear this song I have to CRANK IT!!! The song really gets going with about a minute and a half left and you can’t tell me you have never sang the words “Out of sight” just once? Then it’s on to arguably their most popular song ever- “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Again this is another song that I can’t get enough of. This song was the highlight of my wedding party and I can just picture Porgy “air-guitaring” his way down the wooden floor as everyone else jammed with him on the dance floor. (Yes I had headbanging songs at my wedding- what did you think? And the original tunes- no band should ever attempt this song).Track # 3- “Have a Drink on Me” slows it down a little bit but still kicks butt. “Yes my glass is getting shorter on whiskey, ice and water.. come on all the boys make a noise.” Again Phil Rudd’s drumming takes center stage on the next song, “Shake a Leg”- c’mon can I put the volume any louder? With this song you have to find a way to make the volume that much higher. Brian Johnson’s vocals are unrelenting on this song and I don’t know how he his voice box has survived. Angus’ solo makes me want to play guitar!!!Whew at this point I’m out of breath and I’m able to relax somewhat with the slow driving “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution.” I LOVE this song!!! The bass work is great and the duo of Brian Johnson and Angus Young just puts a smile on my face.

OK people did you see that this album has sold 42 million copies and is second only to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Please tell me that this is in your album collection? If not, I will say- as Ricky use to tell Lucy- “You have some explaining to do.” I was rather pissed at the time when Rollingstone magazine had this album listed # 73 in their top 500 albums of all-time back in 2003. This is a timeless classic album and has to be in the top 25 albums of all-time. Should be # 2 according to sales, no?

Back on this day in 1966, the Beatles performed their last live show at San Fransico’s Candlestick Park.

Birthday wishes today for Michael Jackson who turns 50 years old.


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