Errols Weekly Music Update.

August 22, 2008

Weekly Update – 08/22/2008

Neil Young with Wilco at Madison Square Garden on Mon. Dec. 15. Ticket information to follow.

The Black Crowes with the Patti Smith Band at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Thurs. & Fri. Rocktober 30 and 31. Tickets on sale today at noon. $50.00

The Academy Is and We The Kings will be at Roseland Ballroom on Wed. Nov. 19. Tickets on sale tomorrow Sat. Aug. 23 at 11:00 a.m. $23.

TV on The Radio at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (317 Clermont Ave) on Thurs. Rocktober 16. Tickets on sale now. $25. (No seats-all standing)

Drive By Truckers and Hold Steady at Terminal 5 on Thurs. & Fri. Nov. 6 and 7. Tickets on sale now. $30.

Sevendust with Taproot at New York Fillmore on Tues. Rocktober 7. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $23.50.

Bad Brains at New York Fillmore on Thurs. Nov. 6. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $26.50

Other items:

Metallica has released a single through I-Tunes from their upcoming album “Death Magnetic” and it is called “The Day that Never Comes.” The sound is crisp and Hetfield vocals are very clear. The song starts off slow and builds up speed towards the end of the song, with Hammett and Ulrich jamming old school style. For whatever reason there are all these Metallica haters out there and I’ve seen all the negative comments already. Give me a friggin’ break, if you like Metallica- you will like this song- period- end of story. For all the complaints that Hammett did not have any solos on St. Anger- he’s back in a big way on this song. I have to admit I am worried about the sound of the next album because it was produced by the Zen man, Rick Rubin, but if this single is any indication on how the rest of the album will be, then I will be happy. Trujillo is a monster on bass as well and they seem to be a tight unit right now. They should “ride the lightning.”

Glen Campbell has released a new album “Meet Glen Campbell” and it’s a list of his favorite songs done by other artists and I have to tell you the songs sound real good. If you visit his web page there are a few songs you can listen to in its entirety. The song “Sing” is very good. He does a cover of the Foo Fighter’s “Times Like These” (he sort of turns it into Rhinestone Cowboy a little bit) and also a cover of Green Day’s “Good Riddance.”

Black Stone Cherry has released “Folklore and Superstition” and the reviews on I-Tunes are very positive. I saw these guys a few weeks ago and walked away impressed. “Blind Man” seems to be the most popular song from the disc so far. This band has lots of energy.

Pink has released a new single “So What” and I have to admit I like it. She has an edge to her that I find intriguing and for you parents out there- she’s not for your younger children (maybe not even your older children). Her lyrics are very to the point and not meant for younger ears. Her new album “Funhouse” will be released on Rocktober 28.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family members of LeRoi Moore and also to the members of the Dave Matthews Band. Mr. Moore, 46, died this week from complications from an all-terrain vehicle accident, which occurred back in June. Mr. Moore was already an accomplished jazz musician when Dave Matthews asked him to record some songs he had written. Moore, a talented arranger, later received writing credits for the hits “Too Much” and “Stay.” He was not only a saxophonist but also an accomplished flute, bass clarinet and a wooden penny whistle player.

This week’s I-POD shuffle landed on “The Chain” from Fleetwood Mac and of course I had to go and listen to the classic album “Rumours.” Now I am not a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and by the time they made Rumours, they already had a long history. But I love this album and it was part of my teenage years. Rumours was the 13th studio album recorded by Fleetwood Mac and released in 1977. The band started out in 1967 and had so many different members that there was not a period longer than two years (up until 1974) that the band had the same personnel. The only member present in the band from the very beginning is its namesake drummer-Mick Fleetwood. (Did you know at one time he and George Harrison were brother-in-laws?) John McVie the second half of the name joined in 1968 and has been there since. Christie McVie, who was married to John, joined the band in 1970 and left in 1998. Two other members, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band in 1975 and both left and rejoined the band in 1997 for their reunion. Without a doubt, Rumours is their signature album and similar to the White Album by the Beatles, this compilation has songs written by individuals, except the aforementioned “The Chain” which was written by all the members of the group at the time. The album won a Grammy in 1978 and is number 22 on the best selling albums of all-time, it has sold over 30 million copies. (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is number one by the way with over 108 million copies sold). Rollingstone magazine had it ranked number 25, in their top 500 albums of all-time issue back in 2003.

This classic album, something everyone should own, starts off with a song written by Buckingham- “Second Hand News.” Starts off with acoustic guitar and has a finger snapping beat. Mick’s drumming in this song really stands out and keeps this song moving along nicely. Perfect warmup song for a “Spin” class for all you spinners out there. The second track, “Dreams” could arguably be one song that I have heard the most times in my life, either by the album or on the radio. This song was on the radio incessantly during the summer of 1977. I have to say I love the chorus “Oh Thunder only happens when it’s raining… players only love you…”(This is a great song by Ms. Nicks).“Never Going Back” is my second favorite song on the album. (written by Buckingham) Very short and simple but I love it, especially the part “been down one time, been down two times… never going back again…” The acoustic guitar work is mesmerizing and I can listen to this song over and over again. Track # 4 “Don’t Stop” written by Christie McVie about her divorce from John. I really like her songs most on the album and this is the first, we all know that Bill Clinton used this as his campaign song in 1996. This is another song that is right up there as a song that I have heard more times than any other song in my lifetime. “Go Your Own Way” a song written by Buckingham was actually released as a single before the album was, is the most “rockin’” song on the album and is another great spinning song. Stevie Nicks thought the song was written about her and their relationship together. Christine McVie remarked that they were all writing songs about each other, hence the title of the album. They didn’t realize this immediately, but later realized that they had created such a good album together that it lifted them out of their misery. This song was also used in the movie “Forrest Gump” when Forrest was doing his around the country run. The last track on side one is my favorite song on the album – “Songbird.” Christie’s voice is mesmerizing and the background piano has a soothing effect that makes you go off into another stratosphere.

The Chain starts off side two and how can you not love the bass drum beat? This is an infectious song that keeps you coming back for more. It has a way of building up the tempo and in a way becomes very forceful as Mick’s drumming turns it from being a soft song to one that rocks. Track two of side two is another great Christie McVie song- “You Make Loving Fun.” This was another song that received endless radio play back in the day. “Don’t.. don’t break the spell..” I love the part when the guitar kicks in after she says “You make loving fun.” “I Don’t Wanna Know” is a fun song written by Nicks. How can you not love the hook in this song? This song makes me want to play guitar. “Finally baby the truth has been told…” Play this song LOUD!!! Sorry to keep harping on spin songs, but this is another good song to use as a warm up.“Oh Daddy” song written by Christie is a reference about Mick and how he kept the band together during their turbulent times.

“Gold Dust Woman” written by Nicks is a song that to me epitimizes the sound of what Fleetwood Mac is all about. When you hear it, you know instantly that it is Fleetwood Mac. The background vocals are spot on in this song and the quality of the recording is near perfection. “Did she make you cry, make you break down…” Nicks voice fades out over the guitars as the song ends and you have just witnessed greatness.

Now as I mentioned, I was not a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. In fact this is the only album I own of theirs, but what an album. More than 30 million people can’t be wrong, can they? This is a timeless classic album that was never really topped by Fleetwood Mac themselves. So if you have it, go back and listen to it now. If you don’t own it, you need to run out and purchase it. This time the whole album, you can’t go wrong.

I am going to give you another classic album from 1977- “Point of Know Return” (or “POKR”) by Kansas. This was their fifth studio album and my personal favorite Kansas album. Now I know my older brethren would state that their first two albums are their best and I would not argue with that statement. They were known as a “progressive rock” band back in the 1970’s (akin to bands like Yes, Genesis and ELP) and on POKR they mixed in some “pop” on this album along with the instrumental arrangements that signified the early 1970’s sound. Long compositions were the norm back then and we all know that In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly was a whole album side back in the day. Now this album only has two songs longer than six minutes, so not your traditional “prog” rock. This album has sold over 4 million copies since it’s release.

The album kicks off with the title track and was one of the last songs to be added to the album. Steve Walsh sang most of the songs for Kansas with Kerry Livgren writing many of their songs. The difference for Kansas is that they had a viloinist in the band, Robby Steinhardt, and he stands out in their recordings as well as their live shows. (Tull had a flute, Kansas a viloin). I love the beginning of the songs as the cymbals crash with the guitar and violin. The violin really kicks in after Walsh sings “How long.” The bridge of “Your Father, he says he needs you” is my favorite part of the song and this song really brings me back to the good old days. I can’t get enough of it. Song # 2 is a kick-butt fusion of guitar and violin at its best- “Paradox” (another great “spin” song). Check out the dueling guitar and violin towards the end of the track- flat out phenomenal. It flows then right into “The Spider” and I have to tell you if any song sounds like a spider- this is it. The first 20 seconds of this song will make you feel like you see a spider crawling up a web. This instrumental is solid and these guys are “fluent in jamming.” Track # 4 – Portrait (He Knew) starts off instrumentally for the first minute or so and then Walsh’s vocals enters smoothly as he sings “He had a thousand ideas…” This song was written about Albert Einstein. You have to listen to this song LOUD and Phil Ehart’s drumming on this song is nothing short of spectacular. Rock riffs with viloin riffs, how cool is that? My favorite song on this album (and definitely cracks my top ten favorite songs of all-time) is “Closet Chronicles.” This song is a tale about Mr. Howard Hughes, maybe a strange topic for a PROG band but it worked. This song has so many changes and at times you feel like you’re relaxing on a cloud and then the next minute you feel the anger of a storm. I love the beginning when Walsh sings, “Once carried through the current” while the organ plays in the background.This is six minutes and thirty-one seconds of pure genius. Listen to the guitar solo about three minutes into the song and tell me this doesn’t get you psyched? Again listen LOUD and OFTEN!!! The back and forth between guitar, organ and viloin is perfect and like oreo cookies with milk- it hits the spot!!

Side two kicks off with the electric “Lightning’s Hand” and Robby Steinhardt takes over on vocals. I’m not sure anyone can match their prowess when they are jamming because their timing changes are endless and every time you think you have the jam down, they go ahead and change it on you. The soft and beautiful “Dust in the Wind” is arguably their best-known song (I know you are screaming “Carry On Wayward Son”) because it was played on all types of radio formats back in 1977. It was played on WPLJ (before it went Pop) and on WCBS-FM (oldies station)and Lite FM. My parents even liked the song when it came out (and they were stuck in the 1950’s). This is a time-less classic song, which will live on forever. “Sparks of the Tempest” is a funky song that explodes with power as Steinhardt and Walsh share the vocal spotlights. It’s a colossal fusion of vocals, guitars, violins and organ. It leads right into the majestic sounding “Nobody’s Home” – another ballad that really spotlights the vocal range of Steve Walsh. The violin work of Mr. Steinhardt really stands out in this piece. This classic album ends with the epic-like “Hopelessly Human” and if you are a fan of “Leftoverture” this song is exactly something that could appear on that album. Just as in Closet Chronicles, this song has calmness along with a frantic pace.

1977 was a very good year (sorry Frank) for music and includes these two classic albums that I have pointed out for you. If you do not own either, trust me run out and buy them now; You will not be disappointed.

Back on this day in 1968, Cynthia Lennon sued John Lennon for divorce, citing his relationship with Yoko Ono.

If you were born on August 22, you share a birthday with Tori Amos.


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