Errols Weekly Music Update.

June 27, 2008

Weekly Update – 06/27/08

Bob Dylan at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park NJ on Wed. Aug. 13. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $50 – $75.

Squeeze with James at Radio City Music Hall on Friday Sept. 19. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $39.50 – $99.50.

O.A.R. with Ozomatli at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City on Thurs. July 31. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Michael Buble at the Mohegan Sun on Tues. Dec. 2. Tickets on sale Monday June 30 at 10:00 a.m. $45 – $60.

Stars at Terminal 5 on Sat. Sept. 20. Tickets on sale today at noon. $30.

Ice Cube at Fillmore NY on Sun. Sept. 21. No ticket information as of yet.

From The Jam at the Blender Theater on Fri. Sept. 26. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $29.50.

Tantric at the Blender Theater on Sat. Aug. 2. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $16.

Other items:

Matt Sorum is fueling the fire of a possible Guns & Roses reunion by stating that talks are “already underway.” Supposedly the tensions between Axl and Slash have eased recently. Sorum may not even be part of the reunion as Steven Adler, original drummer, is slated to be, assuming he can keep clean.

Unfortunately I was not at the two Pearl Jam shows this week at the Garden. Without even being there I know the shows were great. And as an added bummer for me, Ace Frehley, joined the boys on stage for a version of “Black Diamond.” Now that must have been totally cool.

Check out a new song by Alejandro Escovedo “Always A Friend.” I like it, very cool. Sort of a cross between Springsteen and Costello. It appears on his new release “Real Animal.”

Supposedly the report that had Amy Winehouse already having emphysema at the young age of 24 is false, according to her publicist. (Oh yeah her publicist). The original report stated that if she doesn’t stop smoking cigarettes (and other un-mentionables) she will be confined to a wheelchair and have a permanent oxygen mask by the end of July.

Candlebox has released another single “A Kiss Before Dying” from the upcoming album “Into The Sun” to be released on July 22. Sounds good but are you kidding me with the bleeding of the customers? This is the third “single” released and when the album comes out, you have to buy the whole thing and you won’t get credit towards the album and you’ll have three repeat songs. Give me a break.

Really like the new song released by Buddy Guy “Skin Deep” with Derek Trucks as special guest on guitar. Excellent tune. Download it now!!

Foo Fighters have released a EP- Let it Die on I-Tunes. Four songs- two old/two new. Seems reasonable at $3.96.

Staind has released a new single “Believe.” Now I understand that each artist has a similar sound in their songs but this band takes the cake. In my opinion, this song sounds exactly like “Its Been A While” which sounds exactly like “So Far Away”.. which sounds like “Outside.” If he released all these songs together he had have a record for the longest song in history. C’mon do something different.

CD Review: “The Sound of Madness” – Shinedown released June 24, 2008. (3rd studio)

OK I jumped on this group’s bandwagon after the release of their second album “Us and Them.” Actually I made the mistake a few summers ago by blowing them off as the opener for Rob Zombie & Godsmack at Jones Beach. Paul and I caught the tail end of their set and I have to tell you I was blown away by their sound. I was so mad at myself for missing their set and have waited patiently for their next release as well as the opportunity to see them live. And now with three albums under their belt, they should be a headliner from now on. For many of their fans,“Leave a Whisper” –their debut album- is still their favorite disc. I have to say that this is one very consistent band and all three CD’s are super solid. But I’m here to review their new one.

Like I said, I have been waiting for what seems an eternity for this new CD to come out. Part of the reason for this is the band was going through some tough times and parted ways with their original guitarist, Jasin Todd and original bassist-Brad Stewart. Nick Perri and Eric Bass have replaced them on lead and bass, respectively. The CD starts off with the single released a few weeks back “Devour”- it begins with a sound like a marching high school band is coming at you, then the guitar and piano kick in and then WHAM!!! A pure head-banging sound screaming out of your speakers with a rage. Wow it’s freakin’ loud, fast and furious. Brent Smith, in my opinion, now holds the current title of best vocals for a rock band on the planet. “Yeah I get it you’re an outcast” starts off the second song which is the title track. I love the bass and drums in this song. Crank it up baby!! My walls are shaking. Smith’s voice sounds different on this song than any other song that Shinedown has done. Then it slows down with “Second Chance” which will most likely end up on the radio soon. (WCCC of course out of Hartford CT).Take a listen to Smith’s vocals and tell me you are not hooked? “Cry for Help” is another blastoff which will have you either turning up the volume or running out of the room, depending on your mood. Right now I’m turning up the volume. So far for me this is the heaviest sound they have produced and if you are into it- you will love it. Whoa, as you catch your breath, track # 5 is there to slow things down a bit, although “The Crow & Butterfly” is still very heavy, especially with the chorus. Sort of reminds me of what Soundgarden would do these days, if they were still together.

OK for those of you out there who will not listen to me and purchase this whole CD because of the fear of listening to heavy music, then take my advice and download the best song on this album “If You Only Knew.” If you don’t like this song, then I give up. This would be the song that I would pick to represent what this band is all about. Not too heavy but very melodic and the vocals are top notch.Then its back too real heavy beats with track # 7 “Sin With a Grin.” Whoa man this stuff kicks butt!!! The “yo-yo” effect continues as it slows down again with “What a Shame.” Then back up again- off your feet- with “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide”- OK admittedly a weird song title but it will rock your socks off. This is the shortest track on the disc at 3:11 but with a lot of pop. This album is unreal for all you Shinedown fans out there, this is something totally different. This album sort of reminds me when Skid Row surprised everyone back in 1991, with its’ sophomore effort “Slave to the Grind” which was harder and heavier than anyone expected. (Personally my favorite album from the Skidsters). Track # 10 “Breaking Inside” is my second favorite track on the disc and this will be on WCCC in a few weeks. “Call Me” is a striking track, which is destined for stardom, and since it has a lot of piano, more appealing to the general public. This ends the CD but if you purchase from I-Tunes you get three more tracks from this incredible band.

Now I hope that all of my praise for this band doesn’t fall on deaf ears (or eyes in this case). Please do not dismiss this band on me, like all of you have done to me with Tesla. Take heed, this is the best new band out there today!! The proof is in this album and their other two as well!!

Metallica’s new album has been named and it is “Death Magnet.” Are you kidding me? Come on now boys, you’re all over 40 and this is what you come up with? Of course you know I’m buying it when it comes out in September.

Back on this day in 1971 The New York Fillmore East concert hall closed down with performances by J. Geils, Allman Brothers, Beach Boys and Mountain.

Back on this day in 1964 the # 1 song “A World Without Love” was sung by Peter & Gordon but written by Paul & John- It is the first time a McCartney-Lennon song tops the pop chart for a group other than the Beatles.


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