Errols Weekly Music Update.

June 20, 2008

Weekly Update – 06/20/08

Coldplay at the Izod Center on Sun. Rocktober 26. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $49.50 – $97.50

The Black Crowesand Patti Smith at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City on Sat. Rocktober 11. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Bob Dylan at the Borgota Event Center in Atlantic City on Sat. Aug. 16. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Other items:

Warrant fans will have to wait to see the original band members for the foreseeable future as the lead singer for Cinderella, Tom Keifer, hemorrhaged his left vocal chord and had to pull out of this summer’s tour with Warrant. Warrant is now scrambling looking for an opening act.

According to British newspaper The Observer, the Stones were considering transferring all rights to their back-catalog and future touring rights to the Live Nation. But the group insists talk of a Live Nation deal is false. In a statement, they say: “We are not in talks with Live Nation in connection with any record deal.”

Foreigner has released a new single “Too Late” this past Tuesday with a new singer Kelly Hansen. The album “No End in Sight” will be out later this summer. Mick Jones is still on lead. Jason Bonham on drums. I can’t go back, my allegiance is to Lou Gramm. They may have the same name but it will never be Foreigner.

Led Zeppelin has confirmed that there will be a DVD release of their performance last December in London. I guess if they don’t tour the U.S.- this is the next best thing, right?

CD review: “Evil Urges” by My Morning Jacket. OK as I mentioned last week I had a feeling that I was going to be drawn to this album. This is my first album from MMJ (their fifth) so I know from reading the I-Tune reviews that there a lot of unhappy MMJ fans who do not like the fact that they have “changed directions.” From my point of view, if they didn’t I’d still be watching from the sidelines. This will now entice me to look back to their first four CD’s, so if they are a “sellout” or I’m a “wannabe” MMJ fan, so be it. This is a super solid CD and dare I say the best new release in 2008. The CD starts off with the title track and it’s a song that will be hard to get out of your head. The chorus of “evil urges baby they be- part of the human way” will resonate in your brain and you will be singing it all day. Many of the songs on the album sound like something that Prince would record and this is one of them. “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1” is a cool song that kind of reminds me something that Squeeze would record now if they were just starting out. “Highly Suspicious” is the lightning rod song of this CD that has people quickly taking sides- you either hate it or you love it. I’ve seen things written that have made me fall over with laughter on why this song should have never been recorded. I like it and this has Prince’s influence all over it. (Although Jim James vocals when he wanes “highly” can be a tad annoying but its part of the reason why the song works).

Track # 4 “I’m Amazed” is one of my favorites and the lyrics hit home. “I’m amazed by a divided nation… and I’m amazed what we accept in its place.” The guitar work and the overall production of this track is top notch. “Think You Too” slows down the pace but it is a nice song. It sounds similar to something the Eagles would perform and the lyrics are perfect if you want to dedicate it to someone who is close to you. It’s a perfect dance song with your significant other. This could be my favorite song on the CD, don’t know yet. Track #6 “Sec Walking” definitely sounds like Mac Davis to me. (Listen to “Baby, baby don’t get hooked on me” and tell me that’s not Mac Davis singing Sec Walking). I like this song as well, the background vocals are cool. “Two Halves” speeds things up a bit and sorry to keep comparing but it sounds like something U2 could do. It’s a very catchy tune and again the background vocals are solid.

Track # 8 “Librarian” reminds me of something that Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermit) could record now. Another beautiful song- listen with your head phones on and you will be off somewhere in a haze. “Look at You” is a slower song that is good. Tracks #10- “Aluminum Park”and #11- “Remnants” pick it up in tempo and are guitar driven songs with great backing vocals.Things slow down from there with the last two tracks- “Smokin from Shootin” and “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2.” I really like “Smokin” and the lyrics really make you think. Part 2 of “Touch” is alright, I have to let it grow on me. It starts off real psychedelic and then kind of goes “disco” a bit.

Again MMJ has grabbed a new fan because of this CD and I highly recommend it. There are so many different influences on it that there has to be something that will catch your ear. I say buy the whole CD but if you want to pick and choose, go to I-Tunes and down load away. Total thumbs up and as of right now it sits up on top as one of the best recordings this year. Have fun at the show tonight at Radio City!!!

This weeks I-Tunes shuffle landed on “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour and I had to go back and listen to their debut album- Vivid. This album hit in 1988. I remember the first time I heard “Cult” I was blown away, I love Vernon Reid’s solo in the middle of the song and this song needs to be on Guitar Hero (if it is not already).“I Want to Know” is a phenomenal song and just kicks butt. Will Calhoun’s drumming is so upbeat in this song and throughout the whole album. “How you feelin’?” What about the groove in “Middle Man?” And the vocals of Corey Glover are spot on for this song. “Desperate People” starts off with a frenzy head-banging effect and then kicks in with that slow groove with Glover screeching out. Then it’s on to one of their most popular songs “Open Letter (To a Landlord). “ This song received heavy airplay throughout the summer of 1988 and listening to the lyrics, it’s obvious that Living Colour was making a specific social point of view.

“Funny Vibe” is a song that has the walls shaking in my house and I just jump and dance all around in a circular motion. Again this is another song that gets right to the point lyrically. And how cool is it to have Chuck D. and Flavor Flav from Public Enemy contribute to the song? Then its on to my personal favorite of the album “Memories Can’t Wait.” Mr. Reid’s work on the song is just flat out fantastic while Calhoun keeps the train rolling on the skins. “Other people can go home.. I can never stop, I can never quit.” This song was actually written by David Byrne and Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads. “Broken Hearts” is a mix of a funky beats and then cools down. Great song. Track # 9 –“Glamour Boys” which I believe Mick Jagger helped write is a pure fun song and great for parties or backyard BBQ’s. (Jagger actually had a hand in landing these guys a deal with Epic Records- he actually hired Reid and Calhoun to play on his solo album- Primitive Cool). Then its on the familiar screech of Glover “Eeee yaaa.. what’s your favorite colour?” This short song packs a powerful punch and then lashes into the final song of the album “Which Way to America.” This song should also be on Guitar Hero. This is head-banging at its best. “Go West Young Man… Go West.”

Living Colour is an excellent band and they had some good songs & albums after Vivid but for me this is the one. Top to bottom there is not a bad song on the whole disc. If you don’t own it, run out and buy it now!!! Assaulting riffs throughout.

Lots of Birthday’s today. Cyndi Lauper turns 55, Lionel Richie turns 59, Anne Murray turns 62 and Brian Wilson is 66 today.


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