Errols Weekly Music Update.

May 30, 2008

Weekly Update – 05/30/08

Elton John at Mohegan Sun on Fri. Nov. 14. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $100 – $167.

The Fab Faux at Radio City on Sat. Sept. 20. Tickets on sale next Sat. June 7 at noon. $45 – $125.

Paramore at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park on Sat. Aug. 16. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $31.

David Crosby and Graham Nash at Capital One Theater in Westbury NY on Tues. Rocktober 14. Tickets on sale Sun. July 13 at 12:30 p.m. $51.50.

New Kids on the Block at Madison Square Garden on Mon. Rocktober 27. Pre-sale tickets on sale Mon. June 2 at 11:00 a.m. to Sun. June 8 at 10:00 p.m. for American Express cardholders. General public on sale Mon. June 9 at 11:00 a.m. $41 – $79.

Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat and Vanilla Fudge at the Capital One Theater in Westbury NY on Fri. Sept. 26. Tickets on sale this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. $41.50 – $51.50. \m/ \m/

Black 47 at Jenkinsons Pavilion in Point Pleasant NJ on Mon. July 7. Tickets on sale Wed. June 4 at noon.

Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd with Rev. Run at PNC Arts Center on Sat. Aug. 30. Tickets on sale next Sat. June 7 at 9:00 a.m.

I know its early for Christmas but Raul Malo will be playing at the Highline Ballroom on Fri. Dec. 12 and tickets are on sale now. $35. His Christmas album released last year was by far the best one in a long time.

Other items:

If you are a fan of Al Green (and who isn’t?) take a listen to his new CD released this past Tuesday “Lay It Down.” He still sounds the same after all these years. This CD sounds like the “classic” Al Green we all know and love. “Take Your Time” is the most popular song (according to I-Tunes) and it is a duet with Corrine Bailey. He also does a duet with John Legend with “Stay with Me.” This sounds like an instant classic already.

Check this one out, the Red Rocker- Sammy Hagar– has formed an All-star band called Chickenfoot and he has grabbed Michael Anthony (formerly of Van Halen) for bass, Joe Satriani on lead guitar (and what a lead, huh?) and Chad Smith (Chili Peppers) on drums. Talk about talent? I’ll give it a listen if the album comes out.

Usher has released his 5th studio album- Here I Stand- and the average rating from I-Tunes is 4 stars. Seems like every one of his CD’s has at least 15-20 songs, so if you are a fan-you get your moneys worth.

Cyndi Lauper has released a new CD “Bring Ya to the Brink” and it received an average rating of 4.5 stars. CD is a techno / dance type and should have a couple of songs that will hit the radio, a la Z-100 type.

New favorite song of the week is “Surrendering” by Candlebox. This is the second single released this month- “Stand” was the first- and if these two songs represent what the whole album is going to sound like-then watch out- these guys will be back in a big way.

My other favorite song of the week- a country tune – is “Off the Hillbilly Hook” by the Trailer Choir. Just a fun song, period.

My new favorite video of the week is a tie between Maroon 5 with Rihanna with “If I Never See Your Face Again” and “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood. Both of them are very cool and the songs as well.

Totally missed this one, back on May 6 Shinedown released a single called “Devour.” Sounds heavy man. I totally love this band and you should too. (“Us and Them” is a friggin’ phenomenal album).They have lost half their original band members but this new single sounds like it has a little “Disturbed” in it. The new album “The Sound of Madness” hits on June 24. Can’t wait.

Headbangers listen up.. you want a totally rocking song for your collection? Download “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory. Enough said.

Steven Tyler is in rehab because of his pain in his foot. According to Tyler, the move was necessary after a series of surgeries to correct long-standing foot injuries aggravated by years of physically taxing live performances. “The doctors told me the pain in my feet could be corrected but it would require a few surgeries over time,” Tyler says. “The ’foot repair’ pain was intense, greater than I’d anticipated. The months of rehabilitative care and the painful strain of physical therapy were traumatic. I really needed a safe environment to recuperate where I could shut off my phone and get back on my feet.”

I-Tunes always has some cool songs for their commercial- the most recent is “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay but I finally tracked down the other cool song they had going for a while and it is “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by the Ting Tings. Love it.

OK came across Boston this week on my I-Tunes shuffle and at last week’s Van Halen concert we talked about what a classic their debut album is. Unfortunately Brad Delp passed away last year but his legacy remains with us all. And that legacy is their first album. I know I say this all the time but can you find a better album? This is without a doubt a desert island disc. Shame on you- if you don’t have this album in your library.“More Than A Feeling” kicks it off and I love the beginning, middle and end. No matter how many times you hear it, just a great song. By the way every song on this album is a classic and also a hit on the radio. “Peace of Mind” – how many times have you heard this one? I’m listening now and it is cranked up. Friggin’ love it. “Now you’re climbing to the top of the company ladder…Take a look ahead.. Wooh.” This one has to be a song in the air guitar contest coming to BB Kings next month. How cool is the beginning of “Foreplay Long Time”- love the bass and drums as it makes its grand entrance to the part where everyone recognizes the song and says “Oh yeah I love this song.” Delp’s vocals are so solid in this song, I always wished I could sing this song up on stage the way he does.

“Rock and Roll Band”- c’mon now how great is this song? My walls are shaking right now as I am typing (my wife is telling me to turn it down). How can you not listen to this song loud? This was a boot camp classic back in the day. I get pumped up every time I hear it. Then it’s on to my all time favorite Boston song “Smokin’” Oh man I’m grooving right now, its in over-drive. Talk about a classic head banging song? This was another boot camp classic- how can you not move to this song- this is a great exercise song, period! Then it cools down with “Hitch a Ride.” Love the background vocals throughout. This song brings me back; way back to my teenage years- I love going back, don’t you? “Something About You” starts off real quietly and then the classic Scholz/Goudreau guitar riff, which is so distinctive, kicks in and you’re off singing along again. “When I get angry I say things I don’t want to say… well there was something about you.” The last song “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” is my second all time favorite Boston song. Love the drums in this one (I can see Sib Hashian’s afro flying in the air as he’s pounding away) and again Delp’s vocals just bring me home. Then with about a minute left in the song it really speeds up and as you bounce your head faster, you have to ask yourself- why couldn’t I write this song?

The more I think about this album, the more I am convinced that this has to crack the top 10 “first” albums of all time. I can’t say enough about this album. For those of you who are not familiar with this album, please I beg of you- Buy it now!!! You will not be disappointed. If you have it, go back and listen again and again. LISTEN TO IT LOUD!!!! By the way this album is the best selling debut album of all time with over 17 million copies sold.

Back on this day in 1963 Lesley Gore had a #1 hit with “It’s My Party” and back on this day in 1973, Paul McCartney had his first non-Beatles #1 hit with “My Love” (with Wings- great song).


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