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May 30, 2008

Weekly Update – 05/30/08

Elton John at Mohegan Sun on Fri. Nov. 14. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $100 – $167.

The Fab Faux at Radio City on Sat. Sept. 20. Tickets on sale next Sat. June 7 at noon. $45 – $125.

Paramore at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park on Sat. Aug. 16. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $31.

David Crosby and Graham Nash at Capital One Theater in Westbury NY on Tues. Rocktober 14. Tickets on sale Sun. July 13 at 12:30 p.m. $51.50.

New Kids on the Block at Madison Square Garden on Mon. Rocktober 27. Pre-sale tickets on sale Mon. June 2 at 11:00 a.m. to Sun. June 8 at 10:00 p.m. for American Express cardholders. General public on sale Mon. June 9 at 11:00 a.m. $41 – $79.

Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat and Vanilla Fudge at the Capital One Theater in Westbury NY on Fri. Sept. 26. Tickets on sale this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. $41.50 – $51.50. \m/ \m/

Black 47 at Jenkinsons Pavilion in Point Pleasant NJ on Mon. July 7. Tickets on sale Wed. June 4 at noon.

Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd with Rev. Run at PNC Arts Center on Sat. Aug. 30. Tickets on sale next Sat. June 7 at 9:00 a.m.

I know its early for Christmas but Raul Malo will be playing at the Highline Ballroom on Fri. Dec. 12 and tickets are on sale now. $35. His Christmas album released last year was by far the best one in a long time.

Other items:

If you are a fan of Al Green (and who isn’t?) take a listen to his new CD released this past Tuesday “Lay It Down.” He still sounds the same after all these years. This CD sounds like the “classic” Al Green we all know and love. “Take Your Time” is the most popular song (according to I-Tunes) and it is a duet with Corrine Bailey. He also does a duet with John Legend with “Stay with Me.” This sounds like an instant classic already.

Check this one out, the Red Rocker- Sammy Hagar– has formed an All-star band called Chickenfoot and he has grabbed Michael Anthony (formerly of Van Halen) for bass, Joe Satriani on lead guitar (and what a lead, huh?) and Chad Smith (Chili Peppers) on drums. Talk about talent? I’ll give it a listen if the album comes out.

Usher has released his 5th studio album- Here I Stand- and the average rating from I-Tunes is 4 stars. Seems like every one of his CD’s has at least 15-20 songs, so if you are a fan-you get your moneys worth.

Cyndi Lauper has released a new CD “Bring Ya to the Brink” and it received an average rating of 4.5 stars. CD is a techno / dance type and should have a couple of songs that will hit the radio, a la Z-100 type.

New favorite song of the week is “Surrendering” by Candlebox. This is the second single released this month- “Stand” was the first- and if these two songs represent what the whole album is going to sound like-then watch out- these guys will be back in a big way.

My other favorite song of the week- a country tune – is “Off the Hillbilly Hook” by the Trailer Choir. Just a fun song, period.

My new favorite video of the week is a tie between Maroon 5 with Rihanna with “If I Never See Your Face Again” and “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood. Both of them are very cool and the songs as well.

Totally missed this one, back on May 6 Shinedown released a single called “Devour.” Sounds heavy man. I totally love this band and you should too. (“Us and Them” is a friggin’ phenomenal album).They have lost half their original band members but this new single sounds like it has a little “Disturbed” in it. The new album “The Sound of Madness” hits on June 24. Can’t wait.

Headbangers listen up.. you want a totally rocking song for your collection? Download “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory. Enough said.

Steven Tyler is in rehab because of his pain in his foot. According to Tyler, the move was necessary after a series of surgeries to correct long-standing foot injuries aggravated by years of physically taxing live performances. “The doctors told me the pain in my feet could be corrected but it would require a few surgeries over time,” Tyler says. “The ’foot repair’ pain was intense, greater than I’d anticipated. The months of rehabilitative care and the painful strain of physical therapy were traumatic. I really needed a safe environment to recuperate where I could shut off my phone and get back on my feet.”

I-Tunes always has some cool songs for their commercial- the most recent is “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay but I finally tracked down the other cool song they had going for a while and it is “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by the Ting Tings. Love it.

OK came across Boston this week on my I-Tunes shuffle and at last week’s Van Halen concert we talked about what a classic their debut album is. Unfortunately Brad Delp passed away last year but his legacy remains with us all. And that legacy is their first album. I know I say this all the time but can you find a better album? This is without a doubt a desert island disc. Shame on you- if you don’t have this album in your library.“More Than A Feeling” kicks it off and I love the beginning, middle and end. No matter how many times you hear it, just a great song. By the way every song on this album is a classic and also a hit on the radio. “Peace of Mind” – how many times have you heard this one? I’m listening now and it is cranked up. Friggin’ love it. “Now you’re climbing to the top of the company ladder…Take a look ahead.. Wooh.” This one has to be a song in the air guitar contest coming to BB Kings next month. How cool is the beginning of “Foreplay Long Time”- love the bass and drums as it makes its grand entrance to the part where everyone recognizes the song and says “Oh yeah I love this song.” Delp’s vocals are so solid in this song, I always wished I could sing this song up on stage the way he does.

“Rock and Roll Band”- c’mon now how great is this song? My walls are shaking right now as I am typing (my wife is telling me to turn it down). How can you not listen to this song loud? This was a boot camp classic back in the day. I get pumped up every time I hear it. Then it’s on to my all time favorite Boston song “Smokin’” Oh man I’m grooving right now, its in over-drive. Talk about a classic head banging song? This was another boot camp classic- how can you not move to this song- this is a great exercise song, period! Then it cools down with “Hitch a Ride.” Love the background vocals throughout. This song brings me back; way back to my teenage years- I love going back, don’t you? “Something About You” starts off real quietly and then the classic Scholz/Goudreau guitar riff, which is so distinctive, kicks in and you’re off singing along again. “When I get angry I say things I don’t want to say… well there was something about you.” The last song “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” is my second all time favorite Boston song. Love the drums in this one (I can see Sib Hashian’s afro flying in the air as he’s pounding away) and again Delp’s vocals just bring me home. Then with about a minute left in the song it really speeds up and as you bounce your head faster, you have to ask yourself- why couldn’t I write this song?

The more I think about this album, the more I am convinced that this has to crack the top 10 “first” albums of all time. I can’t say enough about this album. For those of you who are not familiar with this album, please I beg of you- Buy it now!!! You will not be disappointed. If you have it, go back and listen again and again. LISTEN TO IT LOUD!!!! By the way this album is the best selling debut album of all time with over 17 million copies sold.

Back on this day in 1963 Lesley Gore had a #1 hit with “It’s My Party” and back on this day in 1973, Paul McCartney had his first non-Beatles #1 hit with “My Love” (with Wings- great song).

May 25, 2008

Concert Review – Van Halen at MSG – 05/23/08

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Van Halen at Madison Square Garden on Friday May 23, 2008.

OK so everyone who attended the Garden on Friday night had to wait a little more than two months for Van Halen to make its’ triumphant return to the greatest stage in the entire world. I like to think that even though the boys are from California, that they consider New York their home. No one loves Van Halen more than the Madison Square Garden fans. They were originally slated to play on St. Patrick’s night back in March. I had friends who were so looking forward to that show because they missed them back in November. I told them an extra two months was nothing compared to waiting almost a quarter of a century to see them again. The best thing was that we were not being refunded our money; the show would still go on. And talk about a show? One word: Amazing. When one looks up the definition of this word you’ll find the following synonyms: Astonishing, Astounding, Remarkable, Wonderful, Incredible and Startling. You get the picture? For all of you who have not seen this reunion tour (this was the 2nd stop in NY) I am begging you (pleading, imploring, praying- another word with many meanings) to please go see them when they come back. This is the closest thing to a Led Zeppelin reunion; no one comes close to this band for live entertainment.

Again let me take you through the night’s events- my good friend Paul and I headed down to the Garden all the way from Connecticut and Upper Westchester. Paul had never seen Van Halen with Roth at the helm. I had no worries that he would not enjoy this show, wasn’t even a concern. I knew it was going to be a treat for me because I love seeing the expression of friends who have never seen Eddie, Alex, Wolfgang and Diamond Dave. Paul and I have seats in section 331 and we’re sitting there awaiting greatness and then I hear a voice a few rows ahead of us. I say to Paul- “Is that Jon?” And he says yes. We leave our seats and sure enough it is Jon and three other “family” members. What are the chances?

Seeing their enthusiasm just put me into another level of excitement. This was also their first time. I was feeding off of their energy and told Paul we were not going back to our assigned seats; we are here for the entire show. There is a buzz in the air, then the lights go down, there is milling around on the stage and from our vantage point I can see the legends right in front of me. A few minutes go by and then there it is, the opening riff to “You Really Got Me”- It’s on!! Friday night at the Garden, for a holiday weekend- one can’t ask for a better start. There’s Alex behind the skins with his trademark white headband tied around his head pounding away. Eddie is in front of his brother’s drum set and without me knowing it- this was to be his best night ever playing the guitar at the Garden. As Jon rightfully stated- his solo (and Alex’s) are worth the price of admission. Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, is far to the left of the stage and this kid is going to be a stud just like his dad, it’s only a matter of time. How lucky is he? Being a teenager on stage with arguably the greatest live band ever? Then to top it off – is there a better front man than the electrifying Diamond David Lee Roth? Does this guy know how to work a room or what? As the first song ends, Dave thanks the audience for waiting a few extra months for the show. No Dave- Thank you!!!

And like the show in November- they head into “I’m the One” off of their first album and the air-guitaring starts around the Garden. Then without warning they pay homage to Led Zeppelin and The Who and they wind up playing most of ‘Magic Bus” for the Garden faithful. I don’t remember them doing this back in November but then again I was so out of my mind seeing them for the first time in a while that I may have missed it. Anyway- who cares- they are at the top of their game and it’s only the second song.The third song begins with the unforgettable bass riff from Wolfie “Running with the Devil”- Jon’s brother Chris almost jumped to the ceiling. And in unison we all sang the opening lyrics “I live my life like there’s no tomorrow.” It was one big party that was just getting started. The bass and drumming were identical to the original recording. Wolfgang and Alex are the meat and potatoes of this organization with Eddie adding all the delicious toppings. With the big screen behind the boys you could see the up close work of the hands of the guitar magician. Then as the song ended you had about 17,000 hands in the air matching the bass and drum pounding, along with our heads banging in unison. Fourth song of the set was “Romeo Delight”- classic tune from Women and Children First. Wolfgang’s work here again was spot on. There is a heavy bass line in this song and he hit every note along the way. They made it look easy and you can tell that they have been playing together for a real long time. They make each other better because they are so good individually.

At this point the Garden is in a frenzy and Alex starts off the classic “Somebody Get Me a Doctor” from Van Halen II (my personal favorite VH album). I love the “Woo Woo” part that turns Eddie loose with the energetic solo that should have everyone bowing saying “We’re not worthy.” Then it happens again, a familiar song but not one of theirs, they morph into another legendary guitarist classic -“Crossroads”- from Eric Clapton. At this point my jaw is dropping and I can’t believe Eddie is playing Eric’s song. Talk about lightning in a bottle? David’s vocals keep the song moving along like a locomotive, they turn back to “Doctor” and end with a thunderous ovation. Eddie keeps it going with the unforgettable beginning riff of “Beautiful Girls” and can the Garden get any more excited? The background vocals on all the VH albums are legendary and Wolfie & Eddie received help from the 17,000 plus singing in unison “Special Plans…” “Of the Sand”…”Oooh La La”.. Great summer song and could be their most popular song ever. Keeping with the VH II theme, they launch into “Dance The Night Away” and the karaoke atmosphere continues, as Dave doesn’t even have to sing. “Have you seen her…”

The eighth song of the set is a dream come true for all the Van Halen fans that have been with them from the beginning- “Atomic Punk”- “Nobody walks these streets at night except for me- the Atomic Punk.” The screeching combination from Eddie and Alex gets me so pumped- I am shadow boxing into the night. Dave ends it by screamimg “The Atomic Punk.” Everyone is trying to catch their breath, even the boys, as the next song takes a while to kick in. “Everybody Wants Some” has the stops and go just like the original and every time the chorus kicked in, the lights would hit the crowd. By this time I am convinced that this show is topping the show in November (which is no small feat). Next up are again Alex and Wolfgang playing together and the dancing in the aisles continues as “So This Is Love” comes out blaring over the speakers. How friggin’ great is Alex’s drumming on this song? He keeps this train moving and Eddie’s guitar solo is phenomenal. He’s on his game and again the screen spotlights his hands. Then it’s on to my favorite of the night- “Mean Street”- how does Eddie do that opening riff? Even live, it’s a sound that you think cannot be duplicated. At this point I can’t wait for David to scream “At night I walk these stinking streets past the crazies on my block.” I am as close to euphoria as anyone can be. The everlasting “Pretty Woman” keeps the memory of Roy Orbison going as the crowd again serves as backup singers throughout.

David, Eddie and Wolfgang take a breather and sit back with the rest of the crowd as Alex begins his solo. Have I mentioned the word amazing? At times it seemed as if there were a few other drummers playing along with Alex because one man couldn’t create this sound, could he? Damn right he did. No way anyone goes to the restroom when he plays. I am no drummer but even I can tell that there are too many alive on the planet that can match his prowess. After the solo it is just a hit fest. “Unchained”, “I’ll Wait,” “And the Cradle will Rock” (where they again morph into another classic tune- “Smoke on the Water” from Deep Purple). One of the highlights after the drum solo was “Hot For Teacher.” I don’t know about you, but every time I hear this song I wonder to myself.. “How does one play the drums to this song?” It seems so difficult. Alex and Eddie played it to a “T”- note for note. Spectacular. “I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad…” “Little Dreamer” is tight and the groove is infectious. “Jaime’s Crying” is another crowd favorite. Things settle a bit and Dave comes out with his acoustic guitar and you know “Ice Cream Man” is on its way. I can’t say enough about Diamond Dave- if you have not seen him live-you are missing out. He’s 55 now and is in phenomenal shape as well.

“Panama” almost brought the house down with Dave pointing at a “look a like” in the crowd and told him that he would get… well you know. Eddie then had his guitar solo and had everyone shaking their head in disbelief that someone can play like he can. Again “we are not worthy.” The show ended with the ever popular “Ain’t Talking About Love” and my favorite part of every Van Halen show is when everyone raises both arms in the air -in unison- and screams “Hey, Hey, Hey.” The encore is their only # 1 radio hit “Jump,” as David rides an over sized blow up microphone. Another staple of their shows is an endless supply of confetti that swirls over the stage and falls on everyone. A snowstorm of cheer that makes the show that much better. At this moment you cannot help feel that you have just witnessed the best show of your life. I am heading to many more shows this year but I know that this one will not be topped…unless it’s Van Halen again. Thanks again Dave, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang!!! \m/ \m/

May 23, 2008

Weekly Update – 05/23/2008

Janet Jackson at Izod Center on Friday Rocktober 17. Ticket info to follow.

Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte and Metro Station at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Tues. Aug. 12. General public on sale next Sat. May 31 at 10:00 am. $29.50 (pre-sale is through fan club –started already and Z-100 – next Thurs. May 29).

The Legends of Country rock tour featuring Poco, Little River Band and Pure Prairie League at the Brookhaven Amphitheater in Farmingdale NY on Sun. Sept. 6. Tickets on sale next Friday May 30 at 10:00 am. $27.50 – $48.50

The following shows are in Atlantic City at the Borgota Event Center (BEC) or the Music Box at the Borgota (MBB):

John Legend Sun. July 6   BEC   Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon.

Aretha Franklin Fri. July 25  MBB   Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon.

The Killers  Fri. Aug. 1  BEC   Tickets on sale today at 10:00 am.

Jill Scott   Sun. Aug. 3  BEC    Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon.

Maroon 5  Fri. Aug. 8  BEC   Tickets on sale tomorrow at 11:00 am.

KT Tunstall  Fri. Aug. 8  MBB    Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon.

Stone Temple Pilots  Sat. Aug. 9  BEC   Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am.

The Residents at the Blender Theater on Thurs. Rocktober 9. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40

Other items:

OK you have to check out my favorite new song of the week, you’ll will absolutely like this song “Strawberry Street” from a young woman named Lili Haydn. It’s off of her album “Place between Places” which was released this past March. I’m telling you….check it out.. Awesome violinist and singer. The rest of the album sounds pretty good (from the 30 seconds you get from I-Tunes).

Shock of the week (for real)- Steven Tyler supposedly checked into rehab this past week. I’m stunned, he’s been clean for years. Hope he is back on his feet soon!!

The Buzz: A news blog on Canadian music TV channel’s Much Music website reports that Led Zeppelin will play 4 dates in August at the Skydome/Rogers Center stadium and this will officially be announced shortly. No other shows will be announced, according to the report, and the band will not tour the U.S. Bummer. Field trip to Canada in August. Who is in?

3 Doors Down have released their 4th studio album this past Tuesday, self titled and I have to admit these guys were at the top of my list back in 2000 and 2001 when they released “The Better Life” but they kind of slipped off the chart for me. This just may be the album that pulls me back. I love the opening track-“Train”- a hard rocking tune. These guys have mastered today’s rock ballads and “Let Me Be Myself” will be a radio hit, no doubt.

Green Day has put out a new CD but you wouldn’t know it by Green Day. The boys have disguised themselves as the “Foxboro Hottubs” and released “Stop Drop & Roll.” Really not that much different from what you are use to from them. This is not “American Idiot”- which is a classic- this is an album of short songs and just think of ‘Bill Haley & The Comets’ on steroids.

Judas Priest is back again, they have released two singles this week- “Nostradamus” (name of new album) and “Visions.” Sounds friggin’ awesome!! This is heavy metal at its best!! New album hits June 17. Big buzz on this album- with many already calling it an “Epic” and instant classic. \m/ \m/

Don’t want to brag or anything but I did tell you all back on the weekly update on April 25 that David Cook would be the next American Idol. He became better and better as each week went on. I will say that Syesha seems destined for stardom. Archuleta also has a career in front of him.

The final “Idol” shows have always been flawless and Wednesday night’s was no different. You have to admit, the show is done very well and now the exposure you can get is un-real. That is why I don’t blame Bryan Adams and Donna Summer for going on the show to promote their latest albums. I though both did a great job and you can’t tell me you don’t like Donna Summer- she has a song for everyone- pure fun.

This weeks I-POD shuffle landed on John Mellencamp and I had to go back and listen to my favorite album of his- “The Lonesome Jubilee.” Again it is hard to pick with him because I do like “American Fool” and “Uh-Huh.” (also love last year’s release- “Freedom’s Road”). By the time this album was released in 1987 I felt that Mellencamp was hitting his stride. He had come out of the “Cougar” shadow and was his own person and the Lonesome Jubilee really spotlights his lesser known-but quality songs- as well as some of his all-time greatest hits.

The album starts off with the explosive “Paper In Fire”- what a way to start off an album- makes me want to dance around with a fiddle. “She had a dream and boy it was a good one…” Then its on to the funky “Down and Out In Paradise” and the lyrics really hit home for many of us now. Track # 3 “Check It Out” is one of his most memorable songs and just a flat out superb groove. This is a “round the camp fire” sing –along- song that never gets old. “Forgot to say hello to my neighbor…” The “Real Life” is an upbeat song that will have you tapping your feet throughout. Again the lyrics throughout this album are so real and they relate to what is going on today. Side one ends with my favorite of the album- “Cherry Bomb.” This is another sing out loud- sing along song- and no matter how many times you hear it you just have to say- man what a great song!!

Side two has some of his most solid songs but lesser known to many. “We are the People”- “You know our thoughts are with you..” Please folks listen to what the man is saying. “Empty Hands” and “Hard Times for an Honest Man” are right up there as the best songs that he has ever recorded and no one seems to know them. “Hot Dogs and Hamburgers” is a goofy title a la Jimmy Buffet but again a real solid tune that doesn’t get much air time. The album ends with another silly named song- “Rooty Toot Toot”- but it will get you out of your seat and start dancing, play it loud at your summer BBQ and everyone will be dancing, I guarantee it.

The Lonesome Jubilee is narratives of what was going on back in 1987 when Reagan was President and with John you get the hard-hitting lyrics that describe the Middle American man’s pain. This album applies today but not just to Middle America. It has a little bit of everything- you will find yourself dancing, playing “fiddle”, singing out loud and listening to poignant lyrics. If you don’t have a Mellencamp CD (I find that hard to believe but…)- this is the one for you. Perfect summer album and PLAY IT LOUD!!!

On this day back in 1979, the Who’s “Kids are Alright” premiered in NYC. Tomorrow will be Bob Dylan’s 67th birthday.

May 16, 2008

Weekly Update – 05/16/08

Coldplay at the XL Center in Hartford CT on Thurs. July 3. Pre-sale on now through Best Buy until 10:00 p.m. tonight. Generalpublic on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $47.25 – $95.25

Coldplay at the IZOD Center on Rocktober 26. Tickets on sale June 14 at 10:00 a.m. More info to come.

Extreme at the Brookhaven Amphitheater in Farmingdale NY and the Fillmore New York on Fri. Aug. 1 and Mon. Aug. 4. Tickets for the L.I. show go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. – $27.50 – $43.50. Tickets for the Fillmore show on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. – $36.

Collective Soul, Live and Blues Traveler at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Wed. July 30. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $47.50

Dave Stewartat the NY Fillmore on Thurs. Sept. 18. Tickets on sale today at 10:00 a.m. $52.50

Peter Frampton at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City on Sat. Aug. 2. Tickets on sale Sat. May 31 at noon. $35 – $65.

Ashley Simpson at the NY Fillmore on Thurs. June 24. Tickets on sale Sat. May 17 at noon. $51.50

The Faint at Terminal 5 on Mon. Aug. 18. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25

Built to Spill with Dinosaur Jr. and the Meat Puppets at Terminal 5 on Thurs. & Fri. Sept. 25 and 26. Tickets on sale now. $32.

Spiritualized at Terminal 5 on Sun. July 27. Tickets on sale today at noon. $30 ($35 day of show).

T.I. at the United Palace Theater on Thurs. June 12. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $69.75

Other items:

This past Tuesday Rhino Entertainment released “Nothing But the Best” from Frank Sinatra. It’s been 10 years since his death but his legacy will live on forever. I implore you to purchase this CD if you do not have any Sinatra in your library, I did. I know the songs but admittedly did not own any Sinatra, except for Christmas tunes. Now that I did it, you can too. C’mon you cannot ignore this man’s contribution to music and we all need to keep these songs going and pass it on down to the next generation. There are 22 songs on the CD. It is at its cheapest price right now-all new releases have its best price the first week it is out and then the price kicks up. Think of all your favorite Frankie tunes- it’s on this CD. Buy it now!!! 5 stars.

The Cure have released a new single called “The Only One” which has received an average rating of 4 stars from the listeners on I-Tunes.

Bryan Adams has released a new album this week and it is his eleventh studio production appropriately named “11.” Average ranking of 4 stars from I-Tunes reviewers. Looks like the most down loaded song from that CD is a track called “I Thought I’d Seen Everything.” This guy has been so consistent, a “pro’s pro.”

Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears are getting rave reviews for their new sophomore effort “Flight of the Night” and is the “editor’s choice” from I-Tunes.

Not a big fan of Coldplay but will admit that their new single “Vida La Vida” is a decent tune. The new album with the same name will be out on June 17.

Have to admit I am a little scared to purchase the new CD from Death Cab for Cutie called “Narrow Stairs” but as previously mentioned there was such a buzz about this album and the reviews so far average 4.5 stars out of 5. Indie rock is something that takes a while to grow on me. But who knows? I have a feeling I will be taken in.

The Toadies have announced that they will tour this summer (first time since 2001) in support of the release of their third studio album- “No Deliverance” set for release on Aug. 19.

Dokken’s “Lightning Strikes Again” is out now. If you want to go back to 1988- this album is for you. \m/ \m/

I’ve been getting some grief for not writing enough about Country music. Now if you have been following along the last couple of years, I have started to become more into this genre of music. It has always been a part of my life, a small part, and my mother always had country music playing in the house and I became familiar with the classic stars of country music.

As I have stated in prior updates, I love the band Little Big Town and I am also a big fan of the Dixie Chicks. So what I am getting to- is a review of one of the all-time country greats- Patsy Cline. What better place to start, right?

For people who really know me, they know that Karen Carpenter is my all time female vocalist. However, I can now say that Patsy Cline is right up there. Karen is 1A and Patsy is 1B.

Since there is no one particular album to point to because back in the ’50’s many artists released singles, so I will say that any collection of Patsy’s greatest hits is a must have for everyone. One of her first hits “Walking After Midnight” is a very recognizable song and her voice is perfect. My mother’s favorite song from Patsy is “Sweet Dreams” – a song of heartache from a broken relationship. There have been others who have sung this song- but none as good as Patsy’s version. Then how can you forget the incomparable “Crazy?” Wow what a song, for those of you who don’t know whom she is- start off with this song- and then tell me you’re not hooked? Many of her songs deal with relationships and my guess is a lot of it was personal to her. “I Fall to Pieces” is a beautiful song even though you can hear the pain in her voice as she sings it. My favorite song from Pasty is “So wrong,” every time I hear this song I stop what I am doing and am mesmerized by her vocals. Love the whole song top to bottom.”Back in Baby’s Arms” is an upbeat song that will have you singing along with her. “She’s Got You” is a song of hurt from a lost love and you will not be able to get the chorus of -“The only thing different, the only thing new” -out of your head. At different points of the day this song will come back to you and you will find yourself singing the chorus. My next favorite song from her is”Faded Love”- another song of a love gone astray. “I miss you darling more and more everyday.” Great song, period! OK I can have a third favorite, right? “Why Can’t He Be You” is another mesmerizing song that stops me in my tracks to make sure I listen to all the words. “Leaving on Your Mind” is another one of her classic tunes.

What can I say about Patsy Cline? It took me a long time to recognize her contribution to music, not just country music, and shame on me for that. So don’t make the same mistake that I made. Buy some of her songs and realize that this woman is an American classic and you will have a hard time finding a better voice anywhere. Thanks again Mom!

And staying with the country theme, I did purchase the new single, release this past Tuesday, from Chris Young called “Voices”- check it out, you will like it.

Ozzfest this summer will be a single day event on Tues. Aug. 9 in Frisco Texas. The Ozz man just finished an 11-month tour and wife Sharon says he deserves some time off. So it will be a one-day show. Tickets for this show go on sale on May 31. Metallica has been added.

Back on this day in 1990, the world lost one of its greatest entertainers of all time, Sammy Davis Jr. passed away on this day after his long battle with throat cancer.

Today is Janet Jackson’s birthday. She turns 42.

May 9, 2008

Weekly Update – 05/09/08

Madonna at the Izod Center on Fri. Rocktober 3rd. Also at Madison Square Garden on Mon. & Tues. Rocktober 6 and 7. Fan club pre-sale starts this Monday May 12 at 10:00a.m. and goes to Thurs. May 15 at noon. Pre-sale tickets for Citicard members starts this Tueday May 13 and goes to Sat. May 17 at noon. General public on sale is Monday May 19th at 9:00 am $55 – $350.

Toms River Fest 2008 featuring Carrie Underwood, Lifehouse, Push Play and more at the Toms River North Campus in NJ on Sat. Aug. 2 at 2:00 pm. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $35 – $75

Toms River Fest 2008 featuring Daughtry, Collective Soul, Live, Avril Lavigne and more at theToms River North Campus in NJ on Sun. Aug. 3 at 2:00 pm. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $35 – $75.

Sheryl Crow at the Mohegan Sun on Sat. July 26. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. $45 – $60.

Tina Turner at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ on Wed. Nov. 28 and the Nassau Coliseum on Wed. Dec. 3. Pre-sale tickets on sale through tonight at 9:00 p.m. via the Oprah Winfrey show which gave a password. General public tickets on sale Mon. May 19th at 10:00 a.m. $59.50 – $135.

Projekt Revolution featuring Linkin Park, Chris Cornell& The Bravery at Jones Beach & PNC Arts Center on Tues. & Wed. July 22 and 23. General public on sale is Sat. May 17 at 10:00 a.m. $30 – $80.

Third Day, Switchfoot, Robert Randolph & The Family Band and Jars of Clay at PNC Arts Center on Thurs. Sept. 13. This is a tour to benefit for the Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity. Tickets on sale next Fri. May 16 at 10:00 a.m. $24 – $119.

My Bloody Valentine at Roseland Ballroom on Mon. Sept. 22. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m.$52

Smoking Popes at the Blender Theater on Sat. July 5. Tickets on sale today at noon. $16

Kittie & Dope at the Blender Theater on Tues. July 8. Tickets on sale today at noon. $20

Jakob Dylan at the Blender Theater on Tues. June 10. Tickets on sale Sat. May 10 at 10:00 a.m. $26

The Fratellis at Webster Hall on Fri. June 13. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25

Mindless Self Indulgence at Terminal 5 on Fr. June 27. Tickets on sale today at noon. $25

Hot Water Music at Terminal 5 on Sat. July 12. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. $22

Chaka Kahn and Musiq Soulchild at Nokia Theater on Tues. Aug. 12. Tickets on sale today at noon. $55 – $70.

Daryl Hall at the Highline Ballroom on Tues. July 10. Tickets on sale today at noon.

Other items:

Bon Jovi will apparently play a free show at Central Park on Wed. July 9. The show will be sponsored by Major League Baseball. (3 days before the All-Star game which will be hosted by the Yankees)

Donna Summer is back and her new album Crayons will be in stores on Tues. May 20. Back in March she released a single called “I’m a Fire” and it is currently #1 on billboard’s hot club dance chart. She also released another single on April 22 called “Stamp Your Feet”. Both songs are worthy of a purchase and I give both a thumbs up. She’s touring this summer all over the Tri-state area, including Atlantic City now. She will be performing at Bryant Park in NYC for the concert series for the “Today” show on Friday May 30.

Speaking of the concert series for the Today show, Mary J. Blige performs this morning at Bryant Park. The B-52’s will perform Mon. May 26.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters have released a new album called “Momofuku” and I-Tune listener’s are giving it an average rating of 4.5 stars. Listening to the 30 second samples, I have to say it didn’t sound too bad. If you like him, you’ll like the sound.

The Offspring will release their first CD in 5 years with “Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace” will hit on June 17. The first single “Hammerhead” was released this past week. Sounds pretty good. You’d be surprised by how many songs these guys have. Check out their greatest hits album. Solid effort.

Pearl Jam is starting work on their 9th studio album and it will be produced by Brendan O’Brien- first time since 1998’s “Yield” CD. That CD is really good- a must have for PJ fans.

Candlebox (remember them?- “Far Behind”) will release their first album in 10 years. “Into The Sun” will be the name and the first single is “Stand” and can be heard on their “My space” page.

Rihanna has hooked up with Maroon 5 and have re-recorded 5’s hit from their second album “If I Never See Your Face Again.” Available on I-Tunes now, I picked it up. Rihanna is already “big” and is poised to become a superstar. Maroon 5 are super solid.

My younger son told me to get with it and download “Wall to Wall” by Chris Brown and I have to admit I like it. He also turned me on to Natasha Bedingfield’s “ Pocket Full of Sunshine.” I like both of these tunes. I returned the favor by playing “God’s Got It” from the Black Crowes, off of their Warpaint CD, and he loved it and put it on his I-POD. That made my day- A 10 year old liking the Black Crowes, how psyched am I?

I’m “luke-warm” on the new single from Weezer– “Pork & Beans.” Turns out they were pissed off that their record company wanted a “hit” and they recorded this. Sounds OK.

New favorite song of the week is “Give It To Me” from Madonna off of her new CD “Hard Candy.” A definite hit-mark my words.

This past week I was listening to a heavy dose of Kiss on my I-Pod and as many of you know I am a huge Kiss fan. Now I know for many people, they really don’t take them seriously. Now for all you Kiss fans please don’t freak out from what I’m about to say: My favorite album from them is “MTV Unplugged.” Now don’t get me wrong I’m ‘rightthere’ with their debut album, ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and ‘Dressed to kill.’ I love all of those albums from top to bottom. Also love ‘Rock N Roll Over’ and ‘Love Gun.’ But hear me out. MTV Unplugged showcases their musical talents (which most don’t give them credit for) and it will also pull in the people who say they are not fans of Kiss.

For the people who say they don’t like Kiss, please- just listen to this CD once (put it out of your head that it is Kiss- and listen) and I’ll bet you’ll play it for your friends. That’s what happened with me, I played it for my brother but did not tell him who it was and I believe it is now one of his favorites as well. This CD hits all the “Kiss-story” from their beginning to another one of my favorites- “Revenge” (which came out in 1992). Back on Aug. 9, 1995 Kiss performed at the MTV studios for this un-plugged session and the buzz back then was that the original band was getting back together for a reunion tour (which is still going on). This was the only time that Peter Criss and Ace Frehley-original drummer and lead guitarist- shared the same stage with Bruce Kulick (lead guitarist in 1995) and Eric Singer (drummer in 1995-who is now back with the band after Criss & Frehley were kicked out). The show starts off with “Coming Home” from Hotter than Hell (their 2nd album) a song written by Paul Stanley & Ace. From the “opening bell” you can tell that they were on their game. Singer’s drumming is tight and Kulick’s guitar strumming is on target and you’ll be bopping and weaving your head to this one. Tune #2 is from Love Gun and “Plaster Caster” rocks the house with an upbeat tempo that will have you turning up the volume.It slows down a bit with another one from Hotter than Hell with “Going Blind” and I have to say Gene’s vocals are spot on; it’s a sing-a-long song. Then it kicks up with Stanley’s “Do You Love Me?” from ‘Destroyer.’ I know the lyrics are kind of silly but the song rocks and the volume will be up again on this one. Track # 5 “Domino” is a cool cut from ‘Revenge’ and Gene’s lyrics deal with his favorite topic- women. (Again I like the music). Kulick’s guitar solo is phenomenal.“Sure Know Something” from “Dynasty” will surprise you and you will not believe this is a song that Kiss would do. This is one of the songs that will pull you in. Track # 7 –“A World without Heroes” is an obscure song from one of their most unknown albums “The Elder” but again Gene’s vocals are spot on for the softer side of Kiss. The beginning of “Rock Bottom” stays soft in the beginning and then as Paul states “now it gets rough” and it kicks in and the volume has to be at full force as they blast their way through this “Dressed to Kill” classic.Track # 9 is another sing-a-long song with “See You Tonight” which is the “new” song performed that night.

Track # 10 “I Still Love You” from Creatures of the Night is the gem from this CD and Stanley’s passion pours through this song, the guitar and his voice on this song will mesmerize you.Then it’s on to my favorite track of the disc and that is “Every Time I look at you”- I know a sappy commercial love song but I love it. This is another song that you probably would not believe it is Kiss, if you didn’t know it. The last 4 songs is where they bring out Peter Criss and Ace Frehley and they jam to the cover of the Rolling Stone’s “2000 Man” off of “Dynasty”. A side note on this one is that when Ace came out, supposedly they had to do this song over and over and Stanley was pissed because Ace couldn’t get it right. And if you listen closely you can hear a little screw-up in the song- but you have to listen closely!!“Beth” – the classic from Peter Criss sounds like the original from “Destroyer.” Another side note- I saw Kiss for their 1996 reunion tour and Criss was suppose to do this song for the encore but the music started too early for him so he refused to sing the song. Weird just the music with no vocals- but they’re all here on this one.“Nothing to Lose” from their first one has everyone chipping in on vocals and with both drummers and two guitarists- this is the best version of this song period!! You have to like this song. The disc ends with the incomparable “Rock and Roll All Nite” and no matter how many times you hear this song- it never grows old- especially this version. This song is a “blast out- back yard” party song for this summer and any other summer. There’s no denying their space in music history. It may be a small part for many… but a huge part for the Kiss Army- a dedicated army to say the least. \m/ \m/

Coldplay will tour this summer into the fall and will stop at the I-ZOD center on Sun. Rocktober 29. Ticket info to follow.

Happy Birthday to Billy Joel, who turns 59 today. Other having a birthday today are Richie Furay of Buffalo Springfield / Poco (64) and Tommy Roe turns 66 (“Dizzy”).

Back on this day in 1998, Puff Daddy performed with Jimmy Page on Saturday Night Live to do his song “Come to Me” which borrows heavily from “Kashmir.” Collaborations are cool and this one is a great song.











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