Errols Weekly Music Update.

April 4, 2008

Weekly update – 04/04/08

The Eagles at the Prudential Center (Rock) on Sat. & Sun. May 24 and 25 and at the Garden on Wed. & Fri. May 28 and 30th. Tickets on sale Mon. April 14 at 10:00 am.

The Raconteurs with the Black Lips at Terminal 5 on Friday May 30. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40.

The Stone Temple Pilots (see below in other items) back at PNC Arts Center on Sat. May 31. Tickets on sale this morning at 10:00am. $20.25-$59.50.

Death Cab for Cutie at McCarren Pool Park in Brooklyn on Tues. June 10.  Tickets on sale today at noon. $41.50. Lots of buzz on their upcoming album “Narrow Stairs” due out on May 13. Getting rave reviews.

R.E.M. with Modest Mouse and The National at Jones Beach and MSG on Sat. June 14 and Thurs. June 19. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 9:00 am. $25-$79.50.

Steve Winwood at the Blender Theater on Sun. May 4. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Ringo Starr and his Allstar Band at Radio City on Tues. June 24, at PNC on Fri. June 27th and Capital One Theater in Westbury (formerly North Fork) on Sun. June 29. Pre-sale is today from 10am to 9pm and password is HELIVERPOOL. General public on sale tomorrow at 10am. $44.50-$84.50.

Stevie Nicks at Borgota in AC on Fri. & Sat. June 20 and 21. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Yes at the Borgota on Fri. July 25. Pre-sale on now and general public on sale tomorrow at 10:00am.

Gnarls Barkely performing their new album “The Odd Couple” at the Highline Ballroom on Thurs. April 10. Tickets on sale today at noon. Very limited seats.

Camila at Nokia Theater on Fri June 13. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40-$75.

King Crimson at Nokia on Thurs., Fr. & Sat. Aug. 14-16. Tickets on sale today at noon. $60-$85.

Chris Issack at Nokia on Wed. Aug. 20. Tickets on sale today at noon. $40-$55.

Poison, Dokken & Sebastian Bach at Mohegan Sun on Sun. July 27. Tickets on sale now. $35-$45.

Linkin Park with its annual Projekt Revolution Tour with Chris Cornell & The Bravery at Jones Beach & PNC Arts Center on Tues. & Wed. July 22 & 23. Ticket info to follow.

John Mayer with Colbie Caillat and Brett Dennen at PNC Arts Center on Tues. July 15. Pre-sale begins Mon. April 14 at 9:00 am and ends Fri. April 18 at 10 pm. General public on sale Sat. April 19.

Snoop Dogg & 311
at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn (home of the Cyclones) on Wed. July 16 and at PNC Arts Center on Sat. July 19. Ticket info to follow.

Other items:

Finally, the world is tilting back to its correct axis- Velvet Revolver has kicked Mr. Weiland out of the band and now we can go back to the future and have the Stone Temple Pilots again. I love it. For me VR never really worked, sort of like Cornell with Audioslave. Now all we need is for Cornell “to recognize”- and regroup with the boys from Soundgarden-(though they will need another drummer as he is with Pearl Jam). It’s too bad Axl will never get GNR back to its original form-that would take a miracle. Even Sorum should head back to the Cult and start drumming up quality tunes like “Wild Flower.”

The Stones have released their live album to go with their new movie- “Shine A Light” and it has many of their classics on it. I have downloaded two songs where they had special guests and they are “Loving Cup” from Exile on Mainstreet with Mr. Jack White-song suits him just fine. The other is a classic  “Live with Me” from Let It Bleed with help from Christina Aguilera. I can’t say enough about this woman- she kicks butt- she is by far the best female vocalist today. Listen to this duet between her and Jagger-pure fun!

Big buzz on the latest release from The Black Keys– “Attack and Release”- this CD has received an average rating of 4.5 stars from listeners on I-Tunes. Give it a try.

Another new release that sounds pretty good and its from the band Theory of a Deadman called “Scars and Souvenirs.” The single “So Happy” is getting big air time on WCCC 106.9 out of Hartford CT.

Chris Daughtry really making some noise, his album keeps producing hits and he’s been opening for Bon Jovi across the country and now he has contributed to a song with Sevendust and the song is called “The Past.” Its off of Sevendust’s new CD- Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow- don’t kid yourself with this slow song- totally different direction for Sevendust- except for one other song the album headbangs/screeches throughout.

Joe (Satch) Satriani has released “Professor Satchafunklius and the Musterion of Rock” and his cult follwers are giving it a thumbs up.

Ok, another I-Pod shuffle song where I had to go back and listen to the entire album. My favorite classic album this week goes to Billy Squier‘s “Don’t Say No.”  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I listened to this album as a 16 year old in 1981. (ask my brother). Totally wore out the album sleeves and had to be careful that the record wouldn’t fall out and hit the ground. I knew (know) every word to every song on this album. Classic 5 star album which kicks off with “In the Dark”… “Life Isn’t easy from the singular side.” Oh I love it!! Billy’s vocals are clean and crisp throughout and a solid tune to start off the ride. Then it steps into probably one of his most known hits with “Stroke Me.” (starts off with the same drum sound as “Love Stinks” from the J. Geils Band). Do you remember this video? Probably one of the first on MTV. And then its the simple guitar chord that comes piercing through the speakers with the unforgettable hook on track # 3 -“My Kind of Lover.” Check out the drumming from Bobby Chouinard on this song and then how he blasts into the fourth song on the first side-the rockin’ “You Know What I like”- the best part of that song comes with a little more than a minute left and the bridge before he starts the last verse. Then crank it up for the final song on side 1 with “Too Daze Gone”- great bluesy rock song that you just can’t stop singing. “Gone through the games that you want me to play.”

Then its on to side 2 and in my opinion the best song he has ever made “Lonely is the Night”- 4 minutes and 42 seconds of pure joy. This one usually shakes the walls in my house and air guitaring is a must- I just need the long hair.. How can you not love the crashing cymbal through out this song? Chouinard then drums his way into the rockin’ “Whadda you want from Me?”…. “I can’t see no maybe” …friggin’ awesome.. then its on to my favorite track that Squier has ever written and that is the beautiful “Nobody Knows”- a song dedicated to the life of John Lennon. (This album came out less than a year from when Lennon was killed on Dec. 8, 1980). Listen to that soft guitar in the beginning and tell me you’re not hooked? Hear the words, deep. Best part of song for me is when his voice changes in the words “timeless friends.” There are some songs that you can listen to over and over again and this is one for me. Then Mark Clarke starts off with a big bass guitar riff for “I Need You”- another song that I crank all the way up. This classic album ends up with the title track- cool acoustic/electric tune.

This is by far Squier’s best studio album, not even close. He doesn’t really get the accolades he should. Everywhere you turned in the early 1980’s- Billy was there- either on MTV or classic rock radio. He has re-emerged and will join Ringo again this summer on his annual trek with his “Allstar” band. One of the best shows (I know I always say that) I have seen was with Squier opening up for Queen at MSG back in 1982 or 1983, if I’m not mistaken. It was me, Slats and the McGregor brothers in a van driven by Mr. McGregor for a night we will never forget. Totally rocked. Give Mr. Squier a listen, especially this album- you won’t be disappointed.

Listening again to com the other night with the 80’s at 8 (did I mention this is the best rock radio station ever)? and what did I hear? Kingdome Come– yes that’s right you forgot about those guys right? I know how you’ll remember them- (but its not fair)- they were the Zeppelin “sound alikes.” I could never understand why they took so much grief for that? (if that’s the case, why not STP when they first emerged- everyone thought it was Pearl Jam- remember?) Go back and listen to “Get it On” and tell me that is not good. Other solids are “Pushing Hard” and “Living Out of Touch.” Saw them at Giants Stadium way back in 1986 when they opened “The Monsters of Rock Tour” with Dokken, Metallica, Scorpions and Van Haggar. \m/ \m/

Speaking of Metallica, they were crowned the champion of 92.3 K-Rock’s bracket brawl contest. I had 3 out of the final 4- which included Zep and Pearl Jam vs. Tool. Metallica crushed Zep- very surprising and PJ beat Tool (finally- come on no offense I know Tool is good- but to be the best of “today?”). I had Zep taking the whole thing. Metallica barely edged out Pearl Jam for the crown.

Interesting to see how Live Nation is going to make a profit after reportedly signing Jay-Z to a new $125M contract, this after signing Madonna to a $120M contract back in October. They are really trying to make a splash in the music industry, when it appears album sales are dying by the year. I guess concerts and other “products” is what they are thinking how they will make their money back and more.

Have you seen or purchased the DVD for the movie August Rush? What are you waiting for? Great movie and soundtrack. If music moves you, you will like this movie.

Back on this day in 1964, The Beatles accomplished something that will never be equalled. They held the top 5 positions on the Billboard singles chart. “Can’t Buy Me Love” was number 1 for its first of 5 weeks, “Twist and Shout” was at number 2, “She Loves You” dropped to number 3, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” held at number 4 and “Please Please Me” stayed at number 5.

Today is Gary Moore‘s birthday (Thin Lizzy) and he turns 56. Did you know he had the lead guitar part in the Traveling Wilbury’s hit “She’s My Baby?”


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