Errols Weekly Music Update.

January 11, 2008

Weekly Update – 01/11/08

Joe Jackson at the Apollo Theater and The Town Hall on Tues. & Wed. April 15 and 16. Pre-sale on now and password is: Davidian (there is an 8 ticket limit). General public on sale next Friday at 10:00 am. $50-$75. Joe has a new CD coming out on the 29th- Rain. His original band members- Graham Maby on bass and vocals and Dave Houghton on drums and vocals- will be on tour with him. Joe Jackson was my first concert ever. Saw him in Central Park many moons ago.

Black Crowes at the Fillmore New York on Tues. March 4. Ticket information to follow.

Def Leppard, Styx and REO Speedwagon at Music Box at Borgota in NJ on Friday, April 4 and at Mohegan Sun on Tues. April 8. Tickets on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. $45-$70.

Santana at the Mohegan Sun on Saturday, April 5, The Garden on Tues. April 8 and the Borgota in Atlantic City on Fri. and Sat. April 11 and 12. Tickets for Mohegan go on sale next Sat. at 10:00 a.m. $48-$68. (most likely for the Garden and Borgota as well but nothing public yet).

Other items:

John Paul Jones has just fueled the speculation of the BIGGEST REUNION TOUR EVER with acknowledgment that he, Plant and Page are getting together later this month for a “band meeting.” 2007 was for Van Halen and I can feel it-Zeppelin will be back in 2008!!! “Holy crap”- how hard is it going to be to get tickets for this one?

OK remember when I said I was going to purchase Blake Lewis‘ Audio Day Dream as a stocking stuffer for my youngest son for Christmas after listening to the 30 second previews for each song on I-Tunes sounded pretty good. Well, I was wrong- I did purchase the CD for my son and am looking for the highest bid for whomever wants to buy it from us. You know I like most everything but I give this CD a big thumbs down. I know the “be-bop skeet scatchin” is what ignited him on American Idol but does it have to be on every song? The pop (and I mean bubble gum pop) world will eat this CD up but I listened to it once and I’m done. Though I will say that it appears that the song “How Many Words” has a chance to be a hit. My review is totally opposite of what is seen on I-Tunes-most everyone gave it 5 stars. Oh well maybe I don’t get it.

Radiohead has announced a tour later this year. The band will hit 22 North American destinations in two tour segments, one prior to the group’s scheduled summer tour of the UK and Europe, and one following that trek. I will provide more info as it comes in.

Marilyn Manson and estranged bassist Twiggy Ramirez have buried the hatchet and will travel together on the shock rocker’s upcoming “Rape of the World Tour.” Bassist/ multi-instrumentalist Tim Skold has amicably split with Manson but future collaborations aren’t being ruled out. Manson’s touring band will be rounded out by keyboardist Chris Vrenna, guitarist Rob Holliday and drummer Ginger Fish.

Panic at The Disco has been chosen to headline the 8th Honda Civic Tour which will run March thru June. There next album will be released on March 25 which will be titled “Pretty Odd.” The album’s first single, “Nine in the Afternoon,” is due on radio airwaves later this month.

Wow I was asleep at the wheel on this one–back in November I-Tunes released a 7 song EP from Tesla, one of my favorites, called “Peace of Time.” (They are also kicking off another tour in Feb.- No NY dates as of yet). They must have recorded a whole bunch of covers because this has 3 (these are not on Real to Reel) and then its 3 stripped down songs of theirs and the last is an acoustic version of Silent Night (no vocals). The 3 covers are “I Love You”- by the Climax Blues Band, “Everything I Own” by Bread and “I’d Love to Change the World” by Ten Years After. Again I know these are covers but they again knock the cover off of the ball. Awesome. The acoustic version of their song “The Way It Is” is…well all I can say is just please listen. Give these guys a chance. Buy the songs for $6.98 you won’t be disappointed.


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